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Thank you for contributing to this directory! Please fill out the form as best you can. The fields marked with a "*" are the only required fields, so even if don't have a web site yet you can still be listed here.  If you raise multiple breeds, or also specialize in club lambs, feel free to add your listing to multiple categories.  

To add your listing to another category:  after you finish adding this listing to a category and click on the "Add Listing" button, click on the "Add Your Listing" link at the top of the page again and repeat the add process for the other categories.

Before adding this listing, please check the breed category first and make sure you don't already have a listing in that breed.  If you do have a listing already, you should use choose to "Modify" that listing instead of adding a second one in the same category.  If you accidentally add a second listing please e-mail us at to remove the old listing.

If you are adding a "Sheep Show Judges" or "Sheep Shearers" listing please choose either from the "Category" list, fill out the rest as completely as possible, the "Business Name" can be a person's name.

Business Name:


(please do not use ALL CAPS anywhere in your business name or description)

Web Site URL:
(please include http:// in front of web site URL, if you don't have a web site leave this blank, DO NOT PUT ANY OTHER ADDRESS HERE, ONLY WEB SITE ADDRESSES PLEASE.)

(please scroll down through entire list to see all categories before choosing)



Some guidelines for creating your listing:

*Make the description more than just a "for-sale" ad, describe your farm and/or your flock.  For-sale ads will not be added.

*Do not include for-sale prices in listing, any for-sale prices will be removed.

*You can look at other listings in your breed category to get some ideas on what items to include.

*Do not use ALL CAPS anywhere in your listing, no exceptions.

*Avoid statements that include not-easily-proven claims such as "BEST", although statements about specific awards won are acceptable.

*A good rule of thumb is try to describe your farm/operation and what you focus on and offer.

*No breed association listings are being accepted at this time.

*Your description may be edited for content, and any objectionable words and/or phrases may be removed at our discretion.  If necessary, the entire listing will be removed.  If your listing was edited and you would like the listing removed entirely let us know and we will remove the listing for you.

Contact Name: *
Contact Email: * (please double-check that your e-mail address is entered correctly, listings without a correct e-mail address cannot be added.) 
City: *
State: *( listings from within the U.S. only, all other entries will be deleted. ENTER YOUR STATE IN ALL-CAPS, e.g.: TX )
Phone Number: Please include area code with phone number, e.g. (408) 555-1212
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