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  • Rafter P Farm - Breeding Barbado, Mouflon, Mouflon Hybrid, and Black Hawaiian sheep. Our farm is in the rolling hills of NW Alabama where we strive to produce good genetic sheep for breeding, stocking your farm or hunting ranch. - 7794 Hwy 84, Russellville, AL 35653
    Phone: (256) 332-8226
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  • Ram-Rock Mountain Estates - We raise American Blackbelly Sheep. We use them to clear out unwanted brush on our 40-acre property. The sheep are beautiful, easy to care and the rams have beautiful horns.
    David and Dee Radzieta - 5074 Mountain Valley Road, Hueytown, AL 35023
    Phone: (205) 903-6451
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  • E&A Exotics - We are located in Travelers Rest, SC and Good Hope, GA. We proudly raise Painted Desert Sheep, focusing on horn and body size. We currently have a flock of close to 50 sheep, and have a variety for sale. Please check out our new website, which has a lot of good information and pictures.
    Eric Miller - Good Hope, GA 30641
    Phone: (864) 354-4584
    (Added:30-Apr-2008 Hits:1560)
  • Hammond Livestock - I own a small farm in Kentucky. All my ewes are Barbado/Blackbelly Barbados and my breeding ram is a trophy, Texas Dall ram. I am crossing the two for a quality set of horns with color. I also have access to a DoperxKatahidin ram with a trophy horn that puts horn and muscle mass to the lambs.
    Jacob Hammond - 181 McDaniel Rd, Nancy, KY 42544
    Phone: (606) 305-5410
  • Exotic Critters - We are a small farm located in central Kentucky.We raise Barbado, Texas Dall,Corsican and Jacobs 4-horns. Alot of our animals are used in petting Zoo's.
    Diane - Rt 2 Box 5B, Mt. Olivet, KY 41064
    Phone: (606) 724-5502
  • Dyer Livestock, LLC - Small family operation breeding American Blackbelly Sheep. Breeding for excellent muscle tone and horn structure. Please use subject line Fred&Daisy when emailing or texting.
    Josiah Dyer - Saint Francisville, LA 70775
    Phone: (225) 773-0102
  • C & H Exotics - We have a small farm in Howell, Michigan, and raise exotic sheep. We sell breeding groups and mature rams.
    Harry and Claudia Lybrink - 4485 W. Coon Lake Road, Howell, MI 48843
    Phone: (517) 545-1752
    (Added:30-Jan-2007 Hits:1783)
  • I Kin Ye Farms - Barbado black-bellied sheep and Dorset/Finn sheep. Farm Animal Rescue. Various animals available for adoption throughout the year.
    Katherine Young - Monticello, MN 55362
    Phone: (763) 295-8573
    (Added:27-Jun-2005 Hits:1742)
  • Shough Sheep - 4 Barbado ram lambs avaliable. Some photos available with more to come. Nice horns coming in,stout bodies, & raised on protein feed. Some ewes may be available.
    Chance Shough - 1050 Molina Rd., Belen, NM 87068
    Phone: (505) 864-8655
  • New Mexico Hay & Livestock Company, LLC - Our farm/ranch operation is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico, near the Texas and Mexico border. Our focus is on raising quality butcher lambs, as well as breeding stock that are for sale or trade with other breeders. We are also raising rams for exotic game ranches.
    Jeff Flores - 4620 Northwind Rd, Las Cruces, NM 88007
    Phone: (505) 642-6755
    (Added:5-Nov-2006 Hits:1569)
  • Flint Ridge Blackbellies - We raise American Blackbelly (Barbado) sheep. We breed for a more deep reddish colored coat in our sheep. Fast horn growth and a full thick mane for the rams. Our goal is to breed healthy hair sheep for quality meat and a prized trophy animal.
    Dave & Susie Kellough - Newark, OH 43056
    Phone: (740) 323-1500
    (Added:8-May-2006 Hits:1981)
  • Big Horn Exotics - I have Barbado and Mouflon sheep. I breed top quality ewes to a super nice ram (Rambo). I have just started with the Mouflon.I don't have a website yet, but hope to have one soon.All my sheep receive regular worming and are fed well.I try to trim all sheeps feet at time of worming.I've found that a ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. Feel free to e- me if insterested. WE can swap pics and info.
    Allen - St. Rt. 54, Mechanicsburg, OH 43044
    Phone: (937) 828-2312
  • Swiss Valley Farmette - We have six acres. We enjoy caring for our sheep as a hobby and currently have some exceptional yearling rams, nice and wide, raising Barbado and Texas Dalls at this time.
    Donald Hochstetler - 9739 Yoder Rd. S.W., Sugarcreek,, OH 44681
    Phone: (330) 852-2864
  • Lazy Bottoms Ranch - We raise exotic horned hair sheep including Painted Desert, four-horned Desert Dragon, Corsican (including American Blackbelly/Barbado), and Mouflon hybrids in southern Oregon. Our focus is on color, large and unique horns, and good body size.
    Lilian Jonas and Ray Brown - PO Box 2153, Cave Junction, OR 97523
    Phone: (541) 592-6256
    (Added:27-Dec-2010 Hits:698)
  • Halligan Ranch - We raise true black belly Barbado. Beautiful rams, great mothers, hardy youngsters. We use ours to train cutting horses. We run approximately 100 ewes. Stock available.
    Jim or Barb Halligan - 31257 213th Street, Pierre, SD 57501
    Phone: (605) 301-4920
  • Circle K Exotics - We raise a mix of horned hair sheep including some Barbados, Black Hawaiian, Corsican, Texas Dall, and Painted Desert.
    Timothy Kilby - 1307 Airport Road, Oakdale, TN 37829
    Phone: (865) 740-6450
    (Added:31-Oct-2010 Hits:770)
  • Oasisfarms Trophy Sheep - Raising pure European Mouflon, Black Hawaiian, Texas Dall, and Corsican (Barbado). Our breeding goals are for sheep with fast, uniform, and large horn growth, as well as impressive coloration and markings. Located on the South Plains of Texas. Check our web site.
    Cliff Babbitt - 15619 Fm 400, Idalou, TS 79329
    Phone: (806) 892-3485
  • Jenschke Rams - We currently run a base flock of 300 ewes. We do not buy and resell any sheep. All our stock is raised on our farm, where we have a strict program of keeping our stock free of disease and parasites. We pride ourselves in producing and selling top quality trophy rams.
    Stephen Jenschke - Fredericksburg, TX
    Phone: (830) 889-2837
    (Added:20-Feb-2011 Hits:672)
  • Texas Rams - Texas Rams is located about 45 minutes west of Ft.Worth, TX,in Mineral Wells and Poolville, Texas. We raise, buy and sell Mouflon, TX Dahl, Black Hawiian, Painted Desert and Barbadoe rams and ewes. We are now stocking some exotics. If we do not have what you are looking for, we can find it for you. All of the sheep we sell are wormed regularly and are healthy. We do not sell sick or injured animals.
    C.D. Parkhill - Mineral Wells, TX
    Phone: (940) 328-2286
    (Added:1-Apr-2009 Hits:1128)
  • Kimalot Ranch - Small breeding operation located in East Texas for Barbado sheep. We have babies available spring and fall. We try to breed for trophy production and have some awesome animals to look at. Please take a look at the website or email us to chat about our animals. Thank you, Kimalot Ranch
    K Christian - 401 Oxbo Ln, Cleveland, TX 77328
    Phone: (936) 767-4892
    (Added:3-Jan-2006 Hits:2350)
  • The Martin Family Farm - We have three small breeding and grazing areas for our sheep that include pureblood Mouflon, Corsican, Painted sheep, Barbadoe, Texas Dall and Black Hawaiian as well as some pygmy goats.Come by and see us!
    Craig Martin - Weatherford, TX 76087
    Phone: (817) 613-8126
  • Trotter Farms - Small farming operation specializing in maximum horn growth of mixed breeds of hair sheep including Barbado and Black Hawaiian. We focus on good health and excellent growth. Currently have many lambs to choose from.
    Jamie or Stacy Trotter - 4258 Lakewood Drive, Kountze, TX 77625
    Phone: (409) 246-3605
  • P.W. Rams - We raise and breed Corsican, Barbados, Texas Dall, and this summer we will begin raising purebred Mouflon. We have several rams available with horns over 30".
    C.D. Parkhill - Mineral Wells, TX
    Phone: (940) 328-2286
  • Rock Dove Ranch - We are located in the Post Oak Savannah of Texas. We started our herd on October 31, 2004 with 5 lambs. We now keep around 16 ewes for breeding, and currently have 2 rams. Of recent we have been breeding for lambs in May or June. We also have a beautiful St. Croix Ram who we are breeding with White Dorper Ewes. Contact us for availability.
    Maurene Bencal - Speaks, TX
    Phone: (361) 798-7140
    (Added:12-Feb-2013 Hits:354)
  • Shakey Tree Ranch - We raise Barbado and Texas Dall sheep. Our web address is The website is very primitive right now but my computer person should have it up to speed within a couple of weeks. Thank you for visiting.
    Tom Robertson - 2788 CR Loop 313, Glen Rose, TX 76043
    Phone: (254) 898-9024
    (Added:25-Mar-2004 Hits:3102)
  • Miles Allen Border Collies - We have Painted Desert, Black Hawaiian, Corsican sheep, Mouflon, Barbado, and Texas Dall. We are providing large horn genetics on quality rams. Our animals are bred for maximum horn growth.
    Miles Allen - 901 County Road 229, Florence, TX 76527
    Phone: (512) 630-1074
    (Added:7-Aug-2005 Hits:1898)
  • 4s farms - Currently only have some young rams for sale but can get you what you want.
    PJ Starrett - Jefferson, TX
    Phone: (903) 562-1025
  • Rapid River Big Horns - We raise Barbado and Mouflon and also have Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian and Corsican. Rams available at all times. Located 50 miles West of Fort Worth.
    JH. Richardson - Santo, TX 76472
    Phone: (940) 682-1451
  • WeedWhacker Sheep - WeedWhacker Sheep ,We raise Barbado sheep. Located in Central Texas. If you are looking for a WeedWhacker to just manicure your place, trophy ram, unusual pet, something for that special BBQ, train your dogs, or just looking to upgrade your stock. We got it. Call, E-mail write, or come by. You will like what you see.
    Darlene Steele - 744 HCR 3254, Mount Calm, TX 76673
    Phone: (254) 993-4021
  • Rock Dove Ranch - Our Ranch is on 32 acres in the Texas Post Oak Savannah. Our mature Barbado flock stays at around 16 ewes, and 2 to 3 rams. Of recent years we have been breeding to lamb in May and June. We also have a beautiful St. Croix ram who we are breeding with our White Dorpers. These ewes will also lamb in May and June.
    Maurene Bencal - Speaks, TX
    Phone: (361) 798-7140
    (Added:9-Feb-2013 Hits:391)
  • R & J Painted Desert Sheep - Small family-owned and operated farm dedicated to producing healthy, colorful, relatively tame Barbado sheep. Conveniently located near San Antonio, Schertz, Seguin and St. Hedwig. Visit our website or call 210-557-1649 for availability of livestock.
    Joni - Converse, TX 78109
    Phone: (210) 557-1649
    (Added:30-Apr-2011 Hits:757)
  • Gene Lehmann - I have a 400-acre ranch that is overrun with WILD Barbado sheep. I need to thin them out. I am asking for suggestions.
    Gene Lehmann - PO Box 291589, Kerrville, TX 78029
    Phone: (830) 896-1044
  • 4G Sheep - We have Corsican, Mouflon, Barbado, and Black Hawaiian rams. We also have ewes available sometimes.
    Richard Garvin - 1551 Red Top Rd, Poolville, TX 76487
    Phone: (817) 599-0727
  • Scarborough farm - One adult ram with beautiful trophy horns, 1 yearling ram, 2 6-month old rams and 8 adult ewes. Wormed and immunized. Well cared for on small farm. Raising lambs for organic meat production.
    Anita Ricca - 27755 Dobbin-Huffsmith, Magnolia, TX 77354
    Phone: (281) 356-8975
  • Crown K Ranch - We specialize in gold medal class trophy Barbado Rams we also raise Corsican, Black Hawaiian, and Painted Desert Rams. Ewes, yearlings and lambs are also available.
    Drew Kennedy - Poolville, TX 76487
    Phone: (817) 757-9833
  • JL6 Ranch - We have a small ranch in North Texas, raising only Barbado. We currently have rams available with horn length between 4-26in. Feel free to contact us by phone, e-mail, or US mail, we will return your inquiry.
    Jeff and Kim Eastman - 820 Three Way Rd, Wichita Falls, TX 76310
    Phone: (940) 691-5337
  • Windy Gate Farm - We raise and sell Barbado sheep of all ages and colors. We breed our ewes with two beautiful rams that have horns that just don't quit. One of the rams is the traditional brown and black, while the other is white with a rust colored chest and saddle. All the baby rams from these studs have also grown large racks. Please contact us if you would like to talk "sheep".
    Walter Clark - Weatherford, TX
    Phone: (817) 613-1727
  • Flying G Ranch - Small family farm raising registered American Blackbelly (Barbado) sheep.
    Ted Green - Krum, TX
    Phone: (812) 249-6890
  • Falconwood Farm - Beautiful horned and polled Barbado and Painted Desert sheep. Excellent mothering ability and delightful to watch. Lean, tender meat. Easy to care for hair sheep.
    Sterling Kovak - Portage, WI
    Phone: (608) 566-9760
  • Uainhale Farm - Raising Barbado sheep in Central WI. No antibiotics or vaccinations for healthy, delicious meat. Lambs and adult sheep available for sale.
    Luke and Malinda Pepke - Athens, WI 54411
    Phone: (715) 257-1611
  • J & K Livestock - We raise hair sheep. We have Katahdin, Dorper, and Barbados. Have rams, lambs and ewes for sale.
    Jeff Bair - 286 Burn Bowyer Road, Mount Hope, WV 25880
    Phone: (304) 923-8645
    (Added:4-Jul-2009 Hits:908)

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