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  • Rocky Head Rams - We raise Blackbelly sheep on our farm in south Alabama. They are parasite resistant and extremely tough. They are perfect to clean up an overgrown area. We have lambs, ewes, and rams for sale throughout the year. We also provide trophy ram hunts through our outfitting service. You can contact us at
    Terry Patman - 14622 Highway 51, Ariton, AL 36311
    Phone: (334) 762-3590
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  • Goldens Wolf Creek Farms - We raise Blackbelly sheep: ewes, rams, and lambs. Our sheep are maintenance- free. We have purebred and commerical herds.
    James Golden - 17890 Hwy 174, Pell City, AL 35125
    Phone: (205) 338-3002
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  • Buchanan Barbados - Raising beautiful American Blackbelly Sheep. Our flock sires are chosen for size, markings and trophy horns. Very low maintenance and easy to keep. They can clean up a jungle.
    Chris Buchanan - 52 Pleasant Ridge Rd., Decatur, AL 35603
    Phone: (256) 350-4701
  • TerraFirma Whitetails - Blackbelly and Hybrid Mouflon Trophy Hunts also Whitetailed deer hunts in the 130" to 180" class range.
    Ryan Wilson - Clayton, AL
    Phone: (334) 685-1775
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  • Double J Farms - Raising registered American Blackbelly sheep (horned) for breeding stock and freezer lambs. Scrapie Free Certified.
    John Carlton - 33507A US Highway 31, Spanish Fort, AL 36527
    Phone: (251) 625-2519
  • Wolf Creek Farms - We raise American Barbados Blackbelly Sheep. We have bred ewes, yearlings, and rams. Great maintenance-free sheep.
    James Golden - 17890 Hwy 174, Pell City, AL 35125
    Phone: (205) 338-3002
  • Coley Bears Critters - Registered Breeders of Polled Blackbelly Barbado rams. Barbado ewes for breeding and show quality purposes. Mainly raise sheep for showing. Also raise Katahdin sheep and Pygmy goats for show.
    Carla & Nicole Young - 515 Gregory Chapel Rd, Alma, AR 72921
    Phone: (501) 632-5952
  • RCMA Enterprises - RCMA Enterprises is a family operation in Southern Arizona that raises registered American Blackbelly Sheep. The 4 flocks and 8 bloodlines we breed produce different shades of tans, browns and reds in their coat as well as fast growing trophy horns. Our goal is to breed healthy hair sheep for top quality meat and prized trophy animals.
    Mark & Corinne Adkins - Sahuarita, AZ
    Phone: (520) 762-1900
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  • Old Saddle Ranch - Member BBSAI, ASIA, selling Barbados Blackbelly sheep to ranchers and the general public for development or consumption. Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification program enrolled flock for your safety and our peace of mind.
    Blake Smith - Laveen, AZ 85339
    Phone: (602) 237-4823
  • MAQ - We raise American Blackbelly sheep for breeding programs and meat. Nice horns on rams, good conformation, twins and triplets in most bloodlines. Most of our stock are registered with BBSAI. Contact us for photos of lambs for sale.
    Cheryl McLaughlin - Willcox, AZ 85644
    Phone: (520) 384-5332
  • C & L Paint Horses - We are a small operation on 5 acres within Riverside County, California. We enjoy raising lambs as a hobby. We have a herd of 8 ewes and a ram. Each year we have several lambs available.
    Cherie Blossfield - 29710 Watson, Sun City/Romoland, CA 92585
    Phone: (951) 928-0307
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  • Le Grand Ranch - I am looking for Barbados Blackbelly sheep preferably registered and two years or younger. I need a ram and four to six females. I live in Le Grand, California which is 1 hour North of Fresno and one house South of Modesto. I have a small herd of blackbellies (6 ewes) on 70 acres and am looking to increase the herd as I just recently lost my 16 year old ram.
    Pat Curto - 4280 Ipsen Avenue, Le Grand, CA 95333
    Phone: (209) 389-0609
  • Antelope Valley Ranch - We are located in the Antelope Valley area. We have a small flock but have lambs twice a year. Please call us for more info!
    Carole Wyatt - 7834 Dinkey Ave., Rosamond, CA 93560
    Phone: 966-918-8601
  • Rancho El Jibarito - Barbados, Dorper and also crosses
    Jorge Rodriguez - 12392 Pear Lane, Witon, CA 95693
    Phone: (916) 208-0692
  • Double U Farm - Wanted: 4 ewes and a ram polled for weedeaters, we have ten acres in Riverside County, CA.
    J.R. Wells - P.O.Box 6500, Homeland, CA 92548
    Phone: (951) 926-4268
  • Haven Farms - Starting herd of Barbados Blackbelly sheep. I am looking for a registered ram lamb to be my herd sire. He must have a friendly disposion & good mind.
    Leslie Blacksher - 21510 Ellis Avenue, Perris, CA 92570
    Phone: (951) 943-4884
  • Mountain Ridge Ranch - We are breeders of registered American Blackbelly Sheep (horned). We have breeding stock available as well as market lambs. We also occasionally have hides, horns and skulls available.
    Jann Bach - Fountain, CO 80817
    Phone: (719) 382-6667
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  • Critterhaven - The U.S. has fewer than 200 purebred Barbados Blackbelly. The breed is polled (no horns) and is the foundation for many cross-bred flocks in the U.S. Critterhaven's Web site has the largest compendium of information on Barbados Blackbelly sheep on the Internet. Critterhaven sponsors a email group for all Blackbelly breeders and organized a Consortium of purebred breeders. Critterhaven sells breeding stock, freezer lamb, and over 70 gift items in its online store.
    Carol J. Elkins - Pueblo, CO 81006
    Phone: (719) 948-3773
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  • Black and White Paints - We are a small farm in Southern Colorado at an altitude of over 7400 ft. We raise Black-bellied sheep. We have young rams and ewes of all ages, horned and polled, for sale. They are raised as organic as possible. Ask for pictures if interested.
    M. Heredia - 4550 North County Rd. 5 West, Monte Vista, CO 81144
    Phone: (719) 852-0466
  • Big Thompson Farm - BBSAI member, scrapie-certified, raising registered Polled Barbados Blackbelly sale breed for breeding (twins production and mothering), show quality (conformation,and markings)and sheepdog training.
    Sherry Gacke - 4708 Jacks Ct, Loveland, CO 80537
    Phone: (970) 613-9900
  • Papa Bear's Plantation - We raise Barbados Blackbelly sheep with the goal of producing the largest most impressive Horned rams possible. Pictures available upon request.
    Mark Wagner - 899 NE 95th St, Ocala, FL 34470
    Phone: (352) 351-1010
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  • Eubank Acres Barbados Blackbelly Sheep - We are a small farm located in Dunnellon Florida that raises BBSAI registered sheep. We have the St Lucy blood line out of Virginia State University. Our sheep have been shown at the Florida State Fair, Southeastern Youth Fair in Marion Co Florida and the Citrus County Fair in Florida. Recently receiving Grand Champion and Reserve Grand Champion at the Citrus County Fair.
    Joan Eubank - 10396 N Ranch Hand Ave, Dunnellon, Fl 34433
    Phone: (352) 216-4225
  • ArrowHead Farm - Breeding American Blackbelly sheep in north Florida.
    John Pulles - Monticello, FL
    Phone: (850) 766-2870
  • SRS American Blackbelly Sheep - We Are located in Live Oak Florida. We raise American Blackbelly Sheep. Contact us for more information Find us on Facebook SRS American Blackbelly Sheep
    Mark Alvarez - Live Oak, FL 32060
    Phone: (850) 838-5423
  • Trinity Oaks Farms - Small family farm in North Georgia raising registered and purebred Barbados Blackbelly sheep. We are small and only have a few available sheep per year. E-mail for availability. Our son Charles handles all inquiries at
    Charles Franklin - Varnell, GA
    Phone: (706) 263-2008
  • Hawks Farms - Raising fullblood American Blackbelly/Barbados Sheep since 1995. Raise trophy sized rams with great genetics along with beautiful ewes for sale year around.
    Zach Hawks - 1215 Seagraves Mill Rd., Hull, GA 30646
    Phone: (706) 248-2856
  • Little River Farms - Little River Farms is a petting farm, where learning is fun for everyone! We have a trio of Barbados Blackbelly Sheep. They are not registered, but they are of good quality. When babies are born they will be for sale. Check our for sale page.
    Terry and Marisa Poarch - POBox 1141, Resaca, GA 30735
    Phone: (706) 629-9688
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  • Tritt Enterprises, Inc. - We raise American Blackbelly Sheep. We have adult bred ewes, yearling AB rams, and 2013 lambs that will be born within the next two months. Beautiful and easy keeper flock. All ewes will have twins and a few will have triples. Located in North West Georgia.
    CJ Tritt - 2019 Antioch Church Road, Talking Rock, GA 30175
    Phone: (706) 253-7778
  • Fuzz N Fluff Farm - We are a small family farm in central Idaho. We raise purebred and crossbred Barbados sheep. We are expecting lambs by March 2009.
    Garrett Family - Lucile, ID
    Phone: (208) 628-4196
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  • Bighorn Exotics - we are a small farm just starting out.we have a beautiful blackbelly sire and female. we have not had any lambs yet but we are expecting in the next few weeks. we also have painted desert sheep,bufflo,angora goat and catalina goats.
    rodney and tammy opell - 2025 Brushy Fork Road, Catlettsburg, Ky 41129
    Phone: (606) 686-2299
  • Cherokee Farm - Currently raising Barbados Blackbelly sheep. And soon, will be raising Texas Dall Blackbelly cross sheep.
    Dan Patty - 750 Cherokee Rd, Brandenburg, KY 40108
    Phone: (270) 422-3448
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  • Five Turkeys Farm - American Blackbelly ewes for sale! I probably have about 20-30 available. All big horn genetics. Make offer! 800-881-5204(day),502-738-0113(evening)
    Eric Swisher - 1430 Little Crooked Creek Rd., Lawrenceburg, KY 40342
    Phone: (502) 738-0113
  • Bighorn Exotics - We are a small farm in eastern Kentucky. We specialize in Blackbelly, Painted Desert, Dall, and Mouflon sheep. We now have our spring 04 lambs arriving. Please check our website for pics and more information.
    Rodney and Tammy Opell - 2025 Brushy Fork Rd., Catlettsburg, KY 41129
    Phone: (606) 686-2299
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  • Sulphur Trace Farm - Extensive flock of Barbados Black Belly Sheep. Excellent Mothers. High quality, organic meat. The perfect sheep for the small producer-the organic lawnmower.
    Penney Sanders and Francis Thiemann - PO Box 127, Sulphur, KY 40070
    Phone: (502) 743-5956
  • Lambsent - We have a small flock of Blackbelly and Painted Desert sheep. We strive for lots of color and good horn growth. Lambs and adults usually available since we have limited pasture.
    LaDon Rydberg - 21281 723rd Ave,, Dassel, MN 553252
    Phone: (320) 275-2917
  • Rex Blackbelly Ranch - American Blackbelly Sheep in central Missouri. Specializing in trophy horn growth and lean good tasting chemical-free meat.
    Lanny Rex - California, MO 65018
    Phone: (573) 301-8356
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  • Mossysprings Ranch - We sell quality ewe lambs and ram lambs. Also trophy horn stock. We raise Texas dall, Blackbellies, Black Hawaiians, Corsicans and Jacob 4 horns. We will be having hair Painted Deserts in the near future. We have bottle babies year around also. Check out our website.
    Tom Richardson - Santa Fe, MO 65282
    Phone: (573) 685-2299
    (Added:8-Jul-2006 Hits:2077)
  • Weimer Farms Barbados - Here at Weimer Farms we strive to provide you with quality horned Barbados Blackbelly sheep.We are scrapie certified and are lifetime members of the BBSAI. We also sell llamas,pygme goats,and a pretty wide variety of poultry and waterfowl.
    Joshua B. Weimer - 552 NE 100 lane, Lamar, MO 64759
    Phone: (417) 398-2526
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  • Russell Archery - I have 7 rams that will be a year old in Febuary, great looking rams. I would like 60 dollars each for them. Take one take all.
    Dusty - Warrensburg, MO
    Phone: (660) 909-4784
  • Morning Glory Farm - Here at M.G.F. we raise American Blackbelly Sheep. Our sheep are bred for parasite resistance, size, trophy horns and a darker color. Lambs and seedstock for sale when available.
    Louis Richards - Vancleave, MS
    Phone: (228) 218-4356
  • Sand Hill Farm - A two-man operation in South MS raising only (American) Barbados Blackbellies for breeding, slaughter and hunting. We have registered and non-registered stock. Registered with the North American Barbados Blackbelly Sheep Registry. All stock is true to breed standards. We strive for maximum trophy quality. Our sheep are organically pasture-raised and free of hormones. Pictures available upon request. Mike Bodisch - P. O. Box 9, Richton, MS 39476, Phone: (601) 788-2921/(228) 596-2173
    Mike Bodisch - P. O. Box 9, Richton, MS 39476
    Phone: (601) 788-2921
  • Tallahatchie Farm - We raise Barbados Blackbelly sheep on our farm in the beautiful hill country of North-east Mississippi, along with many other animals.
    Jeff White - Etta, MS
    Phone: (662) 534-5996
  • Intention Hill Farm -
    Tracy Wessel - Columbia Falls, MT 59912
    Phone: (406) 250-5539
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  • Enchantment Barbados Blackbelly - Breeding a limited number of purebred Barbados Blackbelly Sheep (polled) each year.
    Lyn Brown - PO Box 468, La Plata, NM 87418
    Phone: (505) 325-2837
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  • barkley's sheep farm - Call for more details.
    Aaron Barkley - Livonia, NY
    Phone: (585) 303-5437
  • Flint Ridge Blackbellies - We raise American Blackbelly sheep (Horned). We breed for a more deep reddish colored coat in our sheep. Fast horn growth and a full thick mane for the rams. Our goal is to breed healthy hair sheep for quality meat and a prized trophy animal.
    Dave & Susie Kellough - Newark, OH 43056
    Phone: (740) 323-1500
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  • Gun Song Barbados Of Ohio - Member BBSI. Will be having lambs in the spring that will be registered. Will be raising some beautiful rams for trophy hunting or breeding stock.
    A. C. Bernet - Mineral City, OH
  • Briar Brae Farms - We have a small herd of 40. Our rams are blackbellies, and our ewes consist of mostly blackbelly ewes with a couple painted desert ewes. We raise for breeding stock, trophies and meat.
    Mark Davis/Michael Henson - 208060 NE 150th, Luther, OK 73054
    Phone: (405) 823-6411
  • Mancuso Farm - We raise American horned Barbados Blackbelly sheep. Our sheep are good color quality. Please e-mail for list of sheep and lambs for sale.
    Fred Mancuso - Sulphur, OK 73086
    Phone: (580) 622-8886
  • Manucso Farm - Lambs for sale both rams and ewes. Ewes are very good color. Horned American Barbados Blackbelly sheep.
    Fred Mancuso - Sulfur, OK 73086
    Phone: (580) 622-8886
  • Lazy Bottoms Ranch - We raise exotic horned hair sheep including Painted Desert, four-horned Desert Dragon, Corsican (including American Blackbelly/Barbado), and Mouflon hybrids in southern Oregon. Our focus is on color, large and unique horns, and good body size.
    Lilian Jonas and Ray Brwon - PO Box 2153, Cave Junction, OR 97523
    Phone: (541) 592-6256
    (Added:27-Dec-2010 Hits:856)
  • Sierra Luna American Blackbelly Sheep - We are a small farm located in Central Oregon, in the High Desert farming community of Powell Butte. We raise beautiful, hardy, Am. Blackbelly sheep for entertainment, breeding, weed eating and meat consumption. We have registerable and unregistered rams, ewes and babies from 2006 available. Please e-mail for fun pictures and information. We are members of BBSAI and the USDA Volunteer Scrapies Program. Our sheep are UTD on vaccinations and dewormed as needed.
    Beth & Garland Stamper - 6645 SW Steffey Lane, Powell Butte, OR 97753
    Phone: (541) 447-0292
  • Blacklocust Farm Registered American Blackbelly Sheep - Blacklocust Farm is dedicated to the improvement and promotion of the American Blackbelly Sheep as a farm flock/artisan meat animal. We emphasize sound, desirable meat type conformation suitable to grass based farming, excellent mothering and growthy lambs.
    Barb Lee - 18555 S. Lyons Rd., Oregon City, OR 97045-8611
    Phone: (503) 631-2862
    (Added:15-Oct-2007 Hits:1844)
  • Luckie Acre Farms - Well bred Barbados lambs. Large horns and full manes on the rams. Beautiful markings on both rams and ewes. Registered upon sale. Feel free to e-mail for pictures.
    Mary Zalenski - Columbia Cross Roads, PA
    Phone: (570) 596-7678
  • Barking Rock Farm - Offering the finest in Blackbelly sheep since 1985! Healthy and vigorous, well-marked stock for sale.
    Colleen - 9241 Eureka Road, Girard, PA 16417
    Phone: (814) 474-3503
    (Added:10-May-2008 Hits:1895)
  • Gypsy WInd Farms - We have a strong foundation flock of BBSAI registred Barbados Blackbellies. We have lambs available.
    Brad Hoffman - 9200 Wilson Blvd, Columbia, SC 29203
    Phone: (803) 369-1078
  • jk - sheep & sheperds farm - We focus our operation on Barbado sheep and mini Aussie sheperds. we are a family farm and value our closness to the land and our critters. Our puppies are raised for their herding ability, instincts and companion qualities.
    Larry & Beverly Larsen - 23211 154th Ave. PO Box 149, Caputa, SD 57725
    Phone: (605) 393-4370
  • Keazy Hollow Farm - We raised Horned Barbados Blackbelly as naturally as possible. Diet consists of good grazing, hay and grains. Lambing is all year round. We have been raising these sheep for 7 years and we raise Horned Barbados exclusively.
    Claude & Lucille Bailles - Waynesboro, TN 38485
    Phone: (931) 722-7571
  • YesterYear Farms - We breed and sell American Blackbelly sheep from our farm in NE Tennessee. We do not buy or sell at "the markets". 90% of our ram-lambs are sold for consumption. Ewes are sold as breed stock. We have ram lambs, ewe lambs, and proven ewes for sale. All sheep are grain-fed daily, and have access to free-chioce hay and, of coarse, are on pasture. Sheep are wormed as needed.
    James or Stephanie Jones - 941 Helton Road, Bean Station, TN 37708
    Phone: (865) 767-3604
  • Lannon Farm - We are located an hour NW of Houston, TX. We raise reg. Polled Barbados Blackbelly sheep only. There's never a question of the horned status of our sheep, they do not have horns! We have reg. rams usually available and ewes by reservation, or call for availability. We are members of the BBSAI.
    Mike Lannon - 26926 Rice Road, Hockley, TX 77447
    Phone: (936) 372-3332
  • Goat City USA - Our Stud Ram is now 15 months old and he is a Pistol. So far he fathered 2 sets of handsome Buckings and one ewe kid. We startd with 3 beautiful Blackbelly Ewes. 3 Kids are a light golden brown color with less than 5% white markings, Badger face mrkings, Blackbelly patterns on face, chin, throat inside legs and ears. The other set of twins is a a darker brown with all the Blackbelly markings.
    Dotty Sanders - 4077 FM RD 709 South, Corsicana, TX 75110
    Phone: (903) 875-4886
  • Layton Family Farm - Parents have a small family farm in Lufkin, TX. They raise sheep for weed-eating and slaughter. I have pictures that I can e-mail to you. They are a very nice looking and healthy herd.
    Shirley Layton - 620 N. Coppell Rd #3407, Coppell, TX 75019
    Phone: (817) 320-9129
  • Circle RM Ranch - We raise beautiful Barbado Blackbelly & Painted Desert lambs. In business since 1997. Located in Medina, Tx., Bandera County. Scrapie #TX13435.
    Richard or Mary Myers - 2195 Benton Creek Rd., Medina, TX 78055
    Phone: (830) 589-2624
    (Added:19-Apr-2004 Hits:2448)
  • Lone Star Farm - We raise BBSAI registered polled Barbados Blackbelly sheep. We guarantee our rams to be scur free or we will replace them. We recently completed our five years participation in the USDA Voluntary Scrapie Free Certification Program and can therefore export to many countries outside the United States. We offer a 10% discount for purchases of four or more sheep. We are near Houston, TX.
    Becky Lannon - 26926 Rice Road, Hockley, TX 77447
    Phone: (936) 372-3332
    (Added:21-Oct-2010 Hits:786)
  • Rockin R Ranch - Raising quality American Blackbelly Barbado Sheep.
    Lisa Clements - Caldwell, TX 77836
    Phone: (979) 567-8480
    (Added:23-Dec-2008 Hits:1201)
  • Rolling M family farm - We raise blackbelly barbados sheep and have registered lambs and registerable lambs for sale at different times. We are in the scrapie program. We have healthy,well fed cared for sheep.
    Jesse Morgan - Big Spring, TX
    Phone: (915) 267-5818
  • STL Ranch - We have a small Ranch in Northeast Texas specializing in Charolais Angus Cattle and American Blackbelly Trophy Rams. All of our animals are raised naturally with intensive grazing practices. The entire herd is vaccinated yearly and dewormed as necessary. Please email for further information.
    Tamie Latham - 1037 County Road 2125, Ivanhoe, TX 75447
    Phone: (903) 664-9980
  • Trophy Hair Sheep of America - Trophy Hair Sheep of America registers Texas Dall, Desert Sand, Black Hawaiian, Corsican, Mouflon, Desert Dragon (multi horn) and other hair sheep breeds and crosses of this type, including Bighorn. Construction on the new website will be finished soon. Please contact the registrar for more information and registration forms. Ask about the "Gold Star Ram" award!
    Anita Garza, Registrar - 11819 Puska, Needville, TX 77461
    Phone: (979) 793-4207
    (Added:17-Sep-2009 Hits:1203)
  • Robinson Creek Ranch - We are a small mom & pop sheep farm located in north central Texas. We have been raising polled ewes and horned rams for 9 years. we have beautiful, healthy, and well-cared for animals. We have provided many people with their startup animals over the years.
    Sandra Smith - 13824 Fm 1954, Wichita Falls, TX 76310
    Phone: (940) 691-1811
  • EPeC Farms and Rocky Mountain Ranch. - Our company is striving for one thing, purifying the Blacky Belly Hair Sheep breed. "Life Time Members" of the BBSAI, all of our sheep are registered. We cull the undesirables immediately at birth. We feed high quality feed to bring out the largest horn growth possible. USDA/Texas Dept of Ag Scrapie Certification program.
    Edward Cardoza Jr. - 2596 Old Bonita Rd., Nocna, TX 76255-6058
    Phone: (940) 987-3338
  • SanaCerra Ranch - Emergency Liquidation. Pending surgery 12-13-07 prompts me to re-home some of my black bellied Barbadoes. Major health alteration that could end up being long term physical limitations. 3 ewes and 2 lambs. Flock is small, well-loved. Ewes young, strong and lovely. Lambs are 5 weeks old, Ram is tri colored, heavy "chrome" Ewe lamb is black and tan. no Reasonable offer refused. if calling please leave messege,
    Hollis Suzzanne Smyer - Aransas Pass, TX
    Phone: (361) 727-7230
  • J & D Rams - Specializing in high quality Painted Desert, White Dall, Black Hawaiian, & Barbado rams and ewes. Our animals are bred for maximum horn growth and body size, they are on high protein diets and wormed at regular intervals. You won't find better sheep anywhere! Give us a call for more details.
    Doug Heimer - 115 Koehler Rd, Marion, TX 78124
    Phone: (210) 872-6907
  • STL Ranch - 24 American Blackbelly Barbados sheep for sale in Ivanhoe, Texas. Ranging in age from 8 weeks to 5 years of age. Please contact Steve or Tamie Latham at 903-664-2506. If no answer, please leave a message. We will call you back.
    Tamie Latham - 1038 County Road 2125, Ivanhoe, TX 75447
    Phone: (903) 664-2506
  • The Welsh Shephard Ranch - Young trophy Barbado rams available. Heavily bodied with excellent horns and coats. Email for pictures and more information.
    Pat Mannix - 1049 Elm Creek Road, New Braunfels, TX 78132
    Phone: (830) 625-5159
  • Good Earth Organic Farm - Registered BBSAI and NABSR stock. Horned and polled rams. Some shipping and delivery. Livestock guard dogs/puppies.
    Lynn Magedson - Celeste, TX
    Phone: (903) 496-2070
    (Added:3-Dec-2000 Hits:2497)
  • Avary Farms - I raise Barbados Blackbelly sheep.
    Bob Avary - 2513 N. Jackson, Odessa, TX 79761
    Phone: (432) 332-4139
  • Lone Star Farm - Most of our (polled) Barbados Blackbelly are sold as breed stock. We specialize in selling rams over twelve months of age so that breeders can be certain of getting a ram with no scurs that will help to improve the polledness of their flocks. We breed spring and fall for quality, not quantity.
    Mike or Becky Lannon - 26926 Rice Road, Hockley, TX 77447
    Phone: (936) 372-3332
    (Added:12-Feb-2009 Hits:872)
  • The Crawford Ranch - We are a small, family-run, Blackbelly Barbados operation. We are lifetime members of BBSAI and sell our stock to ranchers, farmers, and others interested in the Barbados breed for consumption, breeding, weed & cedar eradication, or trophies. We do participate in the USDA's Scrapie Flock Certification Program (premise #TX10936). Registered and non-registered sheep in the operation.
    Dr. Stephen Crawford - 275 W. FM 93, Temple, TX 76502
    Phone: (254) 791-0084
    (Added:24-Oct-2004 Hits:2625)
  • SanaCerra Ranch - Small flock for sale. 2 rams, born May 2005 and 3 ewes. We bought our 5-acre farmette April 2005 and the sheep were a bonus feature. Our Flock of 3 grew to a flock of 12 very quickly and I would love to rehome the youngest. Please email me for photos and more information. All are sweet natured. I am located in Aransas Pass/ Rockport area of Texas. Would trade or small donkey or pony.
    Hollis Suzzanne Smyer - 2544 Armstrong Road, Aransas Pass, TX 78336
    Phone: (361) 727-7230
  • Burrington Barbados Ranch - Black belly barbados sheep. Some lambs available in the Spring. Herd sire: Domingo.
    Nancy Burrington - 15012 109th Street East, Puyallup, WA 98374
    Phone: (253) 841-3935
    (Added:21-Dec-2000 Hits:3274)
  • Burrington Barbados Sheep Ranch - We have a small selective Blackbelly Barbados sheep flock for about 15 years. We have stock available for sale. Contact us for pictures at
    Nancy Burrington - 27907 152nd Avenue East, Graham, WA 98338
    Phone: (253) 381-3935
  • Wildman farm - We raise Barbado Blackbelly and Painted Desert sheep.
    Elizabeth Wildman - Gleason, WI
    Phone: (715) 873-3489
  • Via Farm - Raising American Blackbelly's for quality breeding stock. Registerable animals with required markings. Rams have very good horn growth and good curl. Also raise Painted Desert, Texas Dall and Black Hawaiians for breeders and shooter. Feel free to call or visit any time.
    Jeff Noble - Warrens, WI
    Phone: (608) 343 5020
  • Double B Ranch - We raise Barbado Black Belly and Black Hawaiian sheep. Lambs and adults for sale. Excellent tasting meat. Tastes like beef with a touch of venison.
    Al Wilker - 15601 County Road O, Merrill, WI 54452
    Phone: (715) 539-0428
  • Cottenwood German Shepherds - We raise sheep to herd with our German shepherds. These sheep are parasite and disease resistant and have great tasting meat. We are increasing our herd size yearly and offer only rams and ram lambs for sale right now. All our sheep can be registered.
    Linda Ruhl - N 6109 Kent Road, Bryant, WI 54418
    Phone: (715) 627-1780
    (Added:11-May-2006 Hits:1430)

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