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  • Namaste Farms - Friendly blue-faced Leicester sheep, luxurious fleece!
    Natalie Redding - Temecula, CA
    Phone: (951) 816-0938
    (Added:16-Apr-2008 Hits:1169)
  • Namaste Farms - Buy Champion and Grand Champion Bluefaced Leicester progeny. These are a very large and docile breed with an extremely soft fleece. We also breed Gotlands and Wensleydale Longwools.
    Natalie Redding - Temecula, CA 92592
    Phone: (951) 303-5031
    (Added:24-May-2010 Hits:952)
  • KpM Cornerstone Flock & Fiber - Bluefaced Leicesters and High-Percentage Hexham-X sheep (BFL crossbreds) in Southern California. Lambs and fleeces available occaisionally. Breeding for soft, fine, lustrous wools.
    Karen Malcor-Chapman - 2221 Corona Ave, Norco, CA 92860
    Phone: (909) 734-7307
  • Jehovah-jireh Sheep and Cattle - Range and farm sires, bred to work! Top lambs and yearlings available. Bred for: Sound conformation with more bone and muscle, unassisted lambing and nursing, optimal milk and growth, female performance and maintenance, longevity and consistency, parasite and disease resistance, fine, lustrous fleeces with more density, 90-day grass slaughter lambs @ 90 lbs, high yielding, ultra-premium carcasses, breed character and eye appeal.
    Jared Lloyd - Molina, CO
    Phone: (970) 487-0142
    (Added:15-Nov-2010 Hits:854)
  • Shady Brook Farm - Purebred and percentage cross Bluefaced Leicesters in the South East. Excellent production of market lambs and handspinner fleeces. Several nice high % crosses and a few purebreds available 7/1/04. VSFCP # GA 05; OPP neg.
    Jennif Chandler - Colbert, GA 30628
    Phone: (706) 742-7805
  • Skycastle Farms - Small hobby breeder of Blue faced Leicester sheep, focusing on preserving recessive natural colored fleece. BFL fleece is soft and lustrous, wonderful for hand spinning. Whole fleeces, roving and handspun yarn available. Lambs and adult sheep occasionally for sale, all pasture raised in an environmentally responsible manner. Our farm is in Northeast Iowa. Please visit our website or email us for current availability and pricing.
    Liz - Worthington, IA
    (Added:19-Jan-2013 Hits:768)
  • Cranberry Moon Farm - Registered purebred flock. Stock for sale year around, and take reservations for lambs year around. Raw fleece, washed fleece and handspun yarns for sale. Crossbred English Leicester Longwool/Bluefaced Leicester stock available as well.
    Lisa Westervelt - Cummington, MA 01026-9721
    Phone: (413) 634-5723
    (Added:20-Feb-2009 Hits:1122)
  • Trial & Error Acres - Trial & Error Acres is the home of registered purebred Bluefaced Leicesters. Our goal is to produce top quality Bluefaced Leicesters by utilizing semen from top UK rams. Founding member of the Bluefaced Leicester Sheep Breeders Association ( OPP tested negative and SFCP enrolled (MD-15) flock.
    Nancy Cox Starkey - 12895 Colonial Drive, Mt. Airy, MD 21771
    Phone: (301) 253-4732
    (Added:1-Jan-2006 Hits:1728)
  • Firesong Farm - Maryland farm raising purebred BFL and BFL crosses. BLUNA member.
    Diane Kelly - 14576 Monticello Drive, Cooksville, MD 21723
    Phone: (301) 854-4848
  • Cross Wind Farm - We raise a small flock of purebred Bluefaced Leicester registered breeding stock. White and natural color. Member of BLUNA and BFLBA. SFCP certified flock (MI-1493). We have purebred ram lambs and ewe lambs for sale as well as fiber products.
    Steve and Carol Densmore - Webberville, MI
    Phone: (517) 468-3881
    (Added:23-May-2008 Hits:1075)
  • Beechtree Farm - Beechtree Farm is home to the USA's most extensive, imported UK genetic base of Bluefaced Leicester bloodlines. Our Champion flock of White and Natural Colored Bluefaced Leicesters are well represented at shows such as MSWF, MFF and WSWF. We are members of the BFLBA-USA, BFLSBA-UK, and BLUNA. The flock is VSFCP enrolled and OPP tested. Rams, ewes and starter flocks are available.
    Brenda Cannon-Lelli - 17496 88th Ave., Coopersville, MI 49404
    Phone: (616) 837-1872
    (Added:3-Dec-2004 Hits:1690)
  • Ward Farms - Purebred Bluefaced Leicester breeding stock. Also, 1/2 & 3/4 BFL x Romney crosses. Expanding the BFL genetic base through artificial insemination and embryo transplant using top quality UK rams.
    Kelly Ward - 760 West V.W. Ave, Schoolcraft, MI 49087
    Phone: (616) 679-5497
  • White Pine Bluefaced Leicesters - White Pine BFLs, part of Ramsay Farms is located on 320 acres in west central Minnesota. We run a small flock of registered purebred BFLs Our BFLs come in both white and natural colored, and we occasionally will have raw fleeces and breeding stock available. Also will sell ram lambs for crossing sires. All of our sheep are tested negative for OPP, Johne's, and CL. We are enrolled in the SFCP #MN71. Our sheep are fed on a grass-fed/pasture based idea.
    Garrett Ramsay - Perham, MN
    Phone: (218) 346-3471
    (Added:28-Jan-2009 Hits:1018)
  • River Oaks Farm & Studio - River Oaks Farm and Studio has been raising Bluefaced Leicesters since 2006. Our small, friendly flock includes white and natural colored stock, and it is certified with the SFCP, MN42. We sell breeding stock, fiber, handspun yarn and fiber art as well as grass-fed lamb.
    Becky Utecht - Mora, MN 55051
    Phone: (320) 679-4117
    (Added:24-Mar-2009 Hits:938)
  • Megli Farm - A small farm in SW Mo. raising the royal BFL breed of sheep! I have hand spinning fleece, locker lambs, and breeding stock available. I also co-own a small fiber business, A Twist In Time, and market roving and yarn thru it.
    Darlene Megli - Lamar, MO 64759
    Phone: (417) 682-5931
  • Bitterroot Ranch - We have raised Bluefaced Leicesters since 1999. Our flock is certified with VSFCP, MT18. We have added numerous UK bloodlines through artificial insemination. Nice selection of rams and ewes for sale.
    Judith Colvin - 55563 Kerns Road, St. Ignatius, MT 59865
    Phone: (406) 644-3042
    (Added:24-Jun-2009 Hits:1754)
  • Longhope Farm - Bluefaced Leicester and BFL/Border Leicester crosses. Located in the Greensboro/Burlington area of North Carolina. Breeding stock and fleeces available.
    Linda Phillips - 7137 Tickle Rd., Elon, NC 27244
    Phone: (336) 586-0612
  • Somerhill Farm - Since 1990. Purebred, registered breeding stock in white and natural colored. Founding member, BLU. VSFCP #OH31. OPP tested negative since 1999.
    Chuck & Lisa Rodenfels - 14048 T Ridge Rd, Caldwell, OH 43724
    Phone: (740) 732-7120
    (Added:7-Dec-2005 Hits:1412)
  • Liongate Farm - Award-winning Registered Bluefaced Leicester breedind stock, raised in beautiful southern Oregon. We have a really nice genetically diverse flock. Beautiful fleeces and roving for sale year-round. Farm visits welcome!
    Karen Szewc - 14314 East Evans Creek Road, Rogue River, OR 97537
    Phone: (541) 582-2431
    (Added:18-Mar-2015 Hits:186)
  • Tumble Creek Farm - Award-winning Bluefaced Leicesters, raised on the high desert of sunny Central Oregon, are available to add to your flock. My flock contains high percentage UK bloodlines and is certified scrapie-free, export monitored, tested OPP negative and all rams are codon 171 tested. Beautiful fleeces and roving for sale year-round. Member of Bluefaced Leicester Union (BLUNA).
    Robina Koenig - 65920 61st Street, Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: (541) 350-9205
    (Added:27-Dec-2010 Hits:841)
  • Rolling Hills Farm - Rolling Hills Farm has been raising sheep for over 10 years and has added a small flock of Bluefaced Leicesters in addition to Jacob Sheep. The BFL have so much to offer, and I am thrilled to have them! I have a first generation AI herd sire that I think is next to perfect and quality ewes so I can offer highly desired registered lambs and fiber products.
    Sue Schwab - 17215 NE Lewis Rogers Lane, Newberg, OR 97132
    Phone: (503) 537-0506
    (Added:10-Mar-2008 Hits:990)
  • Fox Hollow Farm - We are located just north of Elizabethtown, PA, and have a small flock of very nice quality registered Blue-Faced Leicesters. Our ram, Edward, has a true gentle nature. Lydia, Ainsley, and Ma have been wonderful mothers. We also have crossed the BFL with our Shetlands, for some excitingly fine colored and white fleeces. Our focus is on producing fine quality hand-spinners' fleeces and rovings, as well as well-bred BFL lambs.
    Nancy Landis - 3529 Harvest Rd, Elizabethtown, PA 17022
    Phone: (717) 665-5236
    (Added:17-Mar-2010 Hits:940)
  • Potosi Sheep Farm - Potosi Sheep Farm is located in York County, PA near the MD border. We have classic BFL lambs available from several breeding lines. Our products include yarn, roving and sheepskins.
    Kathleen Davidson - Glen Rock, PA 17327
    Phone: (717) 235-6036
  • Reveille - Breeding Registered Bluefaced Leicesters and high-percentage crossbreds. UK bloodlines. White and naturally colored. Member of BLUNA and BFLBA. VSFCP enrolled flock; ID: PA150. A special breed with something for everyone... the fiber artist and hobbyist, the purebred sheep breeder, and the commercial producer.
    Kristen Barndt - Kunkletown, PA 18058
    Phone: (610) 381-4048
  • Laingcroft Farm L.L.C. - We are a family farm raising registered Bluefaced Leicester and natural color Coopworth sheep. Visit our blog at to see what is happening.
    Tru. C. - Post Office Box 887, Powhatan, VA 23139
    Phone: (804) 403-3452
    (Added:5-Dec-2009 Hits:830)
  • Wits End Farm - On a family farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, we raise white and natural-colored Bluefaced Leicesters notable for their body volume and structural correctness. In Spring 2009, we will have lambs and yearlings for sale, including 3 outstanding rams ready for your purebred or mule flock program. One is natural-colored and is a show stopper. All will be at the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival in May.
    Dave & Cathie Shiff - 369 Hinson's Ford Rd., Amissville, VA 20106
    Phone: (540) 937-5438
    (Added:5-Jan-2009 Hits:871)
  • Sheep and Pickle Farm - Sheep and Pickle Farm is the home of the Dorward flock of Registered Bluefaced Leicesters. We seek to maintain the prolificacy, breed character and practical usefulness of the Bluefaced Leicester breed.
    Katie Sullivan - 630 Governor Chittenden Rd, Williston, VT 05495
    Phone: (802) 324-2039
    (Added:15-Jan-2017 Hits:36)
  • Cedar Fen Farm - Purebred BFLs, UK bloodlines. UK semen available.
    Heather Landin - Baldwin, WI
    Phone: (715) 684-4026
    (Added:17-Jul-2010 Hits:733)
  • A Grace Haven Acres - New this year to Grace Haven Acres is the start of our Bluefaced Leicester flock. Our foundation is being built upon some beautiful breeding stock from Beechtree Farm; home to the USA's most extensive, imported UK genetic base. We will have a limited number of ram lambs available as we are just building our herd.
    Tony and Cindy Schulze - 24420 County Hwy D, Richland Center, WI 53581
    Phone: (608) 647-4352
    (Added:13-Aug-2009 Hits:805)

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