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  • Unique Designs by Kathy - White and Colored border Leicesters, white and colored Angoras, and llamas. I specialize in handspun yarns and washed fleeces, as well as handknitted, and handwoven scarves, shawls, and blankets.
    Kathy Withers - 4010 W Palo Seco, Tucson, AZ 85742
    Phone: (520) 572-3758
    (Added:1-Sep-2004 Hits:1437)
  • Tulloch Farms - Located in north San Diego county. Run a registered show flock of 20 ewes from Canadian bloodlines. Over 15 years of selective breeding for fleece, lambing ease and showring success. Breeding stock and freezer lambs available.
    Janet Tulloch - Ramona, CA
    Phone: (760) 789-8163
  • Tulloch Farms - Located in north San Diego county. Run a registered show flock of 20 ewes from Canadian bloodlines. Over 15 years of selective breeding for fleece, lambing ease and showring success. Breeding stock and freezer lambs available.
    Janet Tulloch - Ramona, CA
    Phone: (760) 789-8163
  • Leicester Land Farms - Border Leicester sheep have been my passion since I began raising them over 20 years ago. Both black and white flocks have been state and national champions over the years. Mothering ability, good milkers, great conformation and breed character are all requirements for this flock. Breeding stock and show quality sheep are available here as are fleeces. There are usually a number of RR sheep to choose from as we have been breeding for this the last 10+ years.
    Diana Anson - 2599 Clore Jackson Road, Shelbyville, KY 40067
    Phone: (502) 845-2599
    (Added:18-Jan-2010 Hits:1126)
  • Windsor Wool Farm - Known for our award winning fleece and champion bloodlines, Windsor Wool Farm has registered Border Leicester sheep (white and black) available for breeding stock and fiber enthusiasts. We are a small family farm dedicated to raising quality wool, while maintaining excellent confirmation and good mothering characteristics. Please visit our website to view our champion pedigrees and learn more about our Border Leicester/BFL/Merino crosses.
    Hannah Nilsson - 5348 Merritt Ridge Road, Windsor, KY 42565
    Phone: (606) 787-4269
    (Added:7-Feb-2012 Hits:611)
  • Wandering Ewe Farm - We raise Border Leicester and Clun Forest sheep. Established in 1991, we sell breeding stock, meat, fleeces and roving.
    John Guffey - Hodgenville, KY 42748
    Phone: (270) 324-4359
    (Added:24-Oct-2008 Hits:1029)
  • What's UP Farm & Fiber - Located in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, we raise natural and colored Border Leicesters. Breeding stock and lambs available. We also have quality fleeces available. Contact me for more information.
    Kena Johnson - 1183 County Rd. 545 South, Skandia, MI 49885
    Phone: (906) 942-7647
  • Tranquility Lane - Hand spinner raising a small flock of Registered Border Leicester and cross bred sheep, black and white. I have lambs, fleece (some covered) and roving, natural and blended colors for sale.
    Marcia L. Arnett - 14359 Albain Rd., Petersburg, MI 49270
    Phone: (734) 279-2624
  • Ewe Sew Special Farm - Border Leicester Breeding sheep and fleece - directions for a wooly Love Ewe, a felted ewe made with wool and wool locks. Also offered are wooly ornaments and felted ewes.
    Katrina Benjamin - 129 E Grand River Rd, Owosso, MI 48867
    Phone: (989) 729-7387
    (Added:1-Jan-2009 Hits:732)
  • Quaker Hill Farm - Registered Border Leicester, lambs, fleeces, and breeding stock.
    Kimberly Anne Makela - Harrisville, MI 48740
    Phone: (989) 736-6583
    (Added:28-Jul-2007 Hits:1042)
  • The Wooly Sock - I raise natural colored and white registered Border Leicester, Lincolns, and Brecknock Hill Cheviots and crosses in Michigan's beautiful U.P. I have wonderful luxerious hand spinning wool available in white, light grey, med grey, dark grey and black. Some lambs wool in white and black. Quilt batts, felted bags and of course socks. Contact me for more information and additional wool products.
    Diana Jarnutowski - N7231 Butchli Dr., Stephenson, MI 49887
    Phone: (906) 788-4315
  • Green Acres Farm - We are a small family farm specializing in breeding purebred Border Leicester Sheep. Breeding stock, raw fleece in white and a variety of natural colors, and roving are available. Border Leicesters are a dual purpose sheep noted for high quality meat as well as lustrous long fleece.
    Bonnie and Jim Willcock - 529 State Hwy M94 West, Skandia, MI 49885
    Phone: (906) 942-7088
    (Added:27-Jun-2009 Hits:736)
  • Twin Willows Farm - Raising both white and colored Border Leicesters on Michigan's northeastern shore. We specialize in healthy animals with superior handspinning fleeces that are easy keepers, good mothers and low maintenance sheep.
    Pegg Thomas - Ossineke, MI
    Phone: (989) 727-4439
    (Added:13-Aug-2004 Hits:1235)
  • Beechtree Farm - Stock available for show and handspinning flocks. White and Natural colored. Member of the VSFCP. Domestic and UK lines available.
    Brenda Lelli - Coopersville, MI
  • Avalon Farm - We are a commercial sheep farm with over 300 ewes. I have many breeds, besides BL, Coopworth, Icelandic, Shetland, Lincoln, Hamp, Columbia, and Romanov, plus others. I have fleeces and washed wool for sale and also raise tiny sheep for fun.
    Karen or Rick Stormo - 17640 510th st, Clearbrook, MN 56634
    Phone: (218) 776-2223
    (Added:27-Nov-2006 Hits:1070)
  • Marsh Creek Crossing - Our registered Border Leicesters are from Canadian and New Zealand stock and are SFCP Certified and OPP Test-negative. 85 acres of pasture provide a healthy natural environment. We have white roving available, and yarn to follow soon. Disease free breeding stock is our top priority.
    Margo Hanson - 4333 County Highway 29, Twin Valley, MN 56584
    Phone: (218) 584-5545
    (Added:15-Oct-2009 Hits:638)
  • Windswept Hill Farm - Border Leicester, Lincoln, Corriedale, Coopworth, PolyPay -- We sell 4-H lambs; raw fleeces; processed spinning rovings; tanned lambskins; custom butchered lamb; and handmade wool angels (natural colors and special edition Breast Cancer pink to honor the survivors and angels in our family and elsewhere.
    Wen Wustenberg and Bill Wustenberg, DVM - 20828 Ahern Boulevard E., Farmington, MN 55024-8175
    Phone: (651) 460-8340
  • Barakel Farm - White and natural colored Border Leicester sheep for sale. Specializing in silver coloring. We know all our sheep personally. Hand spinning fleeces selected by a spinner. Angora/wool and l00% wool socks also for sale.
    Nancy Barnett - Route 2 Box 2360, Alton, MO 65606
    Phone: (573) 238-5961
  • Agley Acres - Agley Acres has registered and some cross bred Border Leicesters. Many colors white, and natural colored. Fleeces for hand spinning, and registered border collies, merels, and solids. A farm where we strive for guality not quantity.
    Jane Perkins - 20018 125th Road, Sweet Springs, MO 65351
    Phone: (660) 631-4507
  • Montana Aerie Sheep Ranch - Small flock registered Border Leicesters. Striving to produce sheep with good breed characteristics, excellent fleeces and mothering ability.
    Anne Key - 140 Russell Ranch Lane, Great Falls, MT 59405
    Phone: (406) 788-3264
    (Added:30-Jun-2010 Hits:642)
  • Humbug Farm - I raise sheep that are expected to do well on pasture and limited grain. They are expected to lamb out and mother well with minimal interference from me. I use only champion show rams on my girls. I also have some sheep from laporascopic artificial insemination (Australian bloodlines).
    Kate Shirley - 6512 Rex Rd, Holly Springs, NC 27540
    Phone: (919) 557-0471
    (Added:10-Mar-2004 Hits:1250)
  • Son Rise Farm - Small family farm in Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina. We breed for hand spinning fleeces, good temperament and breed standard.
    Joy Thomas - 2081Winston Rd, Creedmoor, NC 27522
    Phone: (910) 426-4690
    (Added:4-Aug-2004 Hits:1098)
  • Hays Sheep Company - We have been crossbreeding sheep for 10 years and now are in the market to start selling our lambs.
    Larry Hays - 30757 Hwy 71, Scottsbluff, NE 69361
    Phone: (308) 632-5324
    (Added:25-Jan-2004 Hits:966)
  • Gills Border Leicesters - We had 10 ewes this year lambing. Hopefully we can have 25-30 next year. This fall will be the first time we show our lambs at the Nebraska State Fair. Hope to see some of you there.
    Kyle Gilliland - 119 East 3rd Street, Shelton, NE 68876
    Phone: (308) 293-4318
  • Myrrhwood Farm - Purebred Border Leicester and Icelandic sheep. Hand spun, hand-dyed yarns. Woven, knitted, and felted products all on our website. Small well-cared for flock.
    Curt and Beth Splichal - 2430 Road 8, Clarkson, NE 68629
    Phone: (402) 892-9871
    (Added:21-Sep-2003 Hits:1293)
  • New Hope Farm - Small flock from diverse genetics, devoted to further development of the border, currently shopping for a new ram in 2004. We hope to see many more sheep in our area of western NY on the much unused former farm lands where the potential growth and benefit to many is certain.
    Robert Barnes - 4820 Riceville Road, West Valley, NY 14171
    Phone: (716) 942-3782
  • Wool-Haven - Located in upstate New York in the Adirondacks. We raise registered white and natural colored Border Leicesters. We have spring lambs for sale when available. We also have some yearlings and two rams for sale. We also have crossbred Polypay/Leicester sheep.
    Kim Roberts or Nancy Hall - 65 Hall Road, Fort Ann, NY 12827
    Phone: (518) 632-5605
  • Silver Mountain Farm - Silver Mtn. Farm is located in the beautiful Hudson Valley in New York. We raise registered white and black Border Leicesters as well as registered Rambouillets. We produce top quality show and breeding stock with exceptional fleeces.Every spring we have a small selection of sheep for sale as well as beautiful handspinning fleeces.
    Krys Schrom - 683 Bangall Amenia Rd., Amenia, NY 12501
    Phone: (845) 868-1706
  • Darling Farm - Darling Farm focuses on beautiful fleeces, great conformation, and nice roman noses on a small, high quality, group of Natural Colored and White Border Leicesters. There is usually some stock available, and the website is generally updated, so check it out and feel free to contact the farm.
    Darling Farm - Groton, NY
    Phone: (607) 351-1017
    (Added:23-Jun-2010 Hits:592)
  • Will-O-Wool Farm - Located in the Catskill Mountains of Upstate New York. We raise registered Border Leicesters and the rare Black Welsh Mountain sheep known for their exceptional natural all black wool. We have white, dark gray, and black raw fleece and roving available. Contact us for more information on quality sheep and fiber for sale.
    Gail Carbone and Douglas Duchesneau - 153 Gabel Road, Callicoon, NY 12723
    Phone: (845) 887-6383
  • Ginlip Farm - We have a small flock of registered white Border Leicesters. Home of the 2002 Big E Ch. Border Leicester ram. We concentrate on breeding for good conformation and quality fleeces. Located in the Fingerlake area of Central NY. We have a limited number of lambs available each spring.
    Noreen Atkins - 1327 Spring St. Ext., Groton, NY 13073
    Phone: (607) 898-4814
  • Burdock Hill Farm - Located in Central NY, Burdock Hill Farm focuses on white Border Leicesters, bred for the beautiful wool that the breed is known for, and solid, large-framed, show sheep. The breeding stock on the farm was carefully chosen, and is high quality, as demonstrated by the show results thus far! The Leicesters on the farm are the friendliest sheep you could meet!
    Erik Jorgensen - Ithaca, NY
    Phone: (607) 351-1017
    (Added:10-Sep-2011 Hits:462)
  • Crow Haven Farm - Family-owned flock of Border Leicesters and cross-breds for spinning quality wool and meat. Colored and white. Located in Medina, OH since 1983, we focus heavily on fleece quality, multiple births and good mothering. Lambs usually available in spring and summer. Some adults also available. Annual shearing November
    Sarah Steiner - 5405 Hamilton Road, Medina, OH 44256
    Phone: (330) 725-1393
    (Added:5-Sep-2001 Hits:1736)
  • Gilkeson Family Farmn - We offer unique, personally handcrafted, wool products for sale and well skirted fleeces (all hand picked by a spinner/felter) from BL, BFL & Romney cross ewes. Inquiries are always welcome.
    Nancy Gilkeson - PO Box 668, Winchester, OO 97495
    Phone: (541) 673-3335
    (Added:24-Mar-2009 Hits:538)
  • Little Creek Lambs - We raise both natural colored and white Border Leicesters in Northeastern Oregon. Our bloodlines include animals from Sudan Farms & Mist O Morn. Breeding stock is usually available; check our website for current listings. We also have blankets, yarn, and roving for sale.
    Aynn & Brian Lackey - La Grande, OR 97850
    Phone: (541) 663-8349
    (Added:27-Sep-2011 Hits:1456)
  • Double Z Ranch - We live on 120 acres in the Willamette Valley. We raise and show Cotswolds, Jacobs, North country Cheviots, and Border Leicesters. We have been raising Cotswolds and Jacobs for about 18 years and have recently added the Border Leicesters and Cheviots. We believe in raising quality sheep that don't require a lot of pampering. Check our website for sheep and fiber for sale
    Sheryl Zettle - 83576 Rattlesnake Rd, Dexter, OR 97431
    Phone: (541) 726-6505
    (Added:4-Sep-2006 Hits:822)
  • Mist O Morn Farm - This flock of Border Leicesters has been in existence for over 25 years here in the Pacific Northwest. This flock is strong with New Zealand bloodlines. This year we have a nice selection of lambs sired by one of the leading sires in New Zealand. We strive for big framed, good boned animals with strong Border Leicester character to the fleece. The flock is culled heavily for lambing and mothering ability.
    Diana Waibel - P. O. Box 947, Canby, OR 97013
    Phone: (503) 266-7156
  • Shady Pines Farm - Border Leicester sheep are a very versitale breed. Their wool is great for hand spinners, commerical yarn, felting, and crafts. The ewe's make good mothers and usually have twins. Please feel free to visit our website for our products.
    Debbie Mancuso - 12637 Mt. Olivet Road, Felton, PA 17322
    Phone: (717) 244-8353
    (Added:8-Nov-1999 Hits:1713)
  • Persimmon Tree Farm - Show quality Border Leicesters since 1990. White and natural colored. Champions in the show ring up and down the East Coast and Mid-West. Breeding stock and show animals available.
    Greta Dise - 12901 Pleasant Valley Road, Glen Rock, PA 17327
    Phone: (717) 235-5140
    (Added:18-Dec-2000 Hits:1562)
  • Maybe Tomorrow Farm - Located in Northwestern Rhode Island, am third generation sheep raiser; have owned sheep since 1965 when I joined 4-H. Now raise & show Border Leicesters & Natural Coloreds(medium) with a few Cheviots & Southdowns thrown in. I support 4-H & FFA projects. Registered stock, fleeces, roving and handspun yarn usually available.
    Polly Hopkins - 494 Evans Road, Chepachet, RI 02814
    Phone: (401) 949-4619
    (Added:22-Mar-2006 Hits:912)
  • Rosemary & Ashley Jones - Ashley our 12 year old daughter is the Shepherdess of a flock of Border Leicesters. We are building a significant breeding program for showing in 4-H and Wool shows. Our fleeces have won awards at many shows. The fleeces are a byproduct of our program. Our farm is located in Eastern Tennessee; 30 minutes form Knoxville.
    Rosemary Jones - 255 Loop Hollow Road, New Tazewell, TN 37825
    Phone: (423) 626-0690
  • J and D ranch - Registered Border Leicester ewes, rams, and lambs located in the lush green hills of west Tennessee. fleeces and hand spun yarn also available Registered breeding stock available for sale 901 238 1900
    Stuart Cadieu - Middleton, TN 38052
    Phone: (901) 238-1900
  • Blue Goose Glen Farm - We specialize in Border Leicester sheep that produce excellent fleeces on fast-growing, muscular bodies. We cull heavily to insure that our breed traits are maximized and that productivity of our breeding stock is enhanced. Our colored ewes are bred to the great Braemore New Zealand ram using AI. We have three white Australian rams that are used exclusively with our white ewes. All ABLA registered Border Leicesters at Blue Goose Glen have 50% imported genetics.
    Perry or Glenda Burrows - 207 Sidney Baird Road, Bradford, TN 38316
    Phone: (731) 742-4536
    (Added:2-Jul-2002 Hits:1583)
  • Faith Hill Farm - We raise happy, smiling Registered Border Leicesters. This gentle breed is a pleasure to own due to their gentle disposition and loving personalities. Our Border Leicesters greet us each day with their friendly chatter and curious nugges. They are a joy to share, and produce an excellent fleece for spinning. Come see our newest arrival Bella. Currently available for sale.
    Mary Leigh Brewer - 2004 Carolina Rd., Chesapeake, VA 23322-1410
    Phone: (757) 204-4317
  • Rhymney Run Farm - Rhymney Run Farm is home to a small flock of registered white and natural colored Border Leicesters. A small flock of Cheviot and hair sheep ewes also call Rhymney Run Farm home. We have breeding stock, fleeces and freezer lambs available.
    Emily Adham - 6890 Lost Country Lane, Richmond, VA 23231
    Phone: (804) 506-4015
  • Wits End Farm - On our family farm in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia, our flock of white and natural-colored Border Leicester sheep have good structure, a 200+% lambing percentage, excellent mothering ability and efficient lamb growth on grass and minimal grain. Outstanding lambs and yearlings available for sale, plus raw and washed fleeces and designer hand-dyed and hand-painted yarn and delicious, mild-tasting meat.
    Dave & Cathie Shiff - 369 Hinson's Ford Rd., Amissville, VA 20106
    Phone: (540) 937-5438
    (Added:5-Jan-2009 Hits:652)
  • Brigid's Farm - white and natural colored sheep. Small organic farm with focus on healthy sheep and high quality handspinning fleeces.
    Jane Woodhouse and Bob Joly - PO Box Slack St., Peacham, VT 05862
    Phone: 802-592-3062
  • Rowdy Rooster Ranch - Small scale high quality focused on registered Border Leicester's.
    Scott - 4339 Bay Rd, Blaine, WA 98230
    Phone: (360) 319-0625
  • J & T's Ranch - Lambs white and colored; Suffolk and Finnsheep, too.
    Joanna Martinez - 1946 Addy-Gifford Rd, Addy, WA 99101
    Phone: (509) 935-0873
    (Added:3-Oct-2007 Hits:2887)
  • AJ's Flock - Located in the northeast region of Wisconsin we raise registered white and natural colored Border Leicester. We raise Border Leicesters due to their mild temperment and wonderful wool. They also make nice crossbreds.
    Andrea Staskal - 18433 Saxonburg Rd., Two Rivers, WI 54241
    Phone: (920) 776-1676
  • J&L farm - We have been raising sheep for the better part of twenty years. We strive to raise sheep in the most natural way that is financially possible here on the shores of Lake Michigan. We have had some fair champions, but it is the quaility of life that promotes preformance.
    Jerry and lora Valenta - 10017 Ravine Dr., Two Rivers, WI 54241
    Phone: (920) 901-4063
  • T and J Farms, Inc. - Breeding quality Border Leicesters, featuring Brianair Leicesters. We have white and natural colored ewes and rams. We also have a small flock of Cormo ewes and a large commercial Suffolkx flock for meat production. Website:
    Chelsey Carlson - 6224 S Eastman Rd, South Range, WI 54874
    Phone: (715) 399-8994
  • A Grace Haven Acres - Our small flock is located in the beautiful rolling hills of southwest Wisconsin. We are breeding for structurally correct white and natural colored Border Leicester with uniform, hand spinning, high lustrous fleeces and lean muscular carcasses. Our focus is to raise lambs that can be efficiently raised on pasture while using the least amount of grain as possible. Limited number of sheep available and raw fleeces.
    Tony and Cindy Schulze - 24420 County Hwy D, Richland Center, WI 53581
    Phone: (608) 647-4352
  • Beauty Mountain Farm - Border Leicester sheep selected to do well on grass, birth and raise nice babies, and grow beautiful fleeces.
    Laura Davis - Box 697 Buckhorn Rd, Edmond, WV 25837
    Phone: (304) 228-9911
  • Sheeps and Peeps Farm - We are a fifth-generation family farm located on windy Lantz Ridge in West Virginia. We have a small spinners' flock of reigstered Border Leicesters, Lincoln Longwools, Coopworth crosses and Wensleydale crosses. We sell white and colored raw fleece (professionally sheared). We have some very nice Wensleydale-Coopworth X Border Leicester white ram lambs available. They are pictured on our website.
    Sharon Mersing and Anita Fleming - HC 82, Box 29D, Aurora, WV 26705
    Phone: (304) 735-5410
    (Added:5-Oct-2006 Hits:860)

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