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  • Black Diamond Ranch - Black Diamond Ranch located in Southeast Arizona. Offering show quality registered Cheviot Sheep, Boer Goats and Suffolk cross club lambs. Visit our website for more information, pictures and animals for sale.
    Rona Searle - PO Box 171, Pearce, AZ 85625
    Phone: (520) 826-4144
    (Added:24-Jun-2002 Hits:3548)
  • Follow Your Dream Farm - Unusual "Cheviot Dolls" We are a small hobby farm in Central California. We bred our black Babydoll ram to our 2 Cheviots ewes. One set of twins - both black rams are for sale - intact or not. The fleece will be magnificent. We plan to continue to breed "Cheviot Dolls". The rams are almost 2 weeks old - will not wean until 3 months. Pictures available.
    Sharon Kinsey - 16400 Bonney Road, Watsonville, CA 95076
    Phone: (831) 761-9876
  • Aggi Cheviots - Small Flock of Registered Cheviot Sheep. Good Quality. Several National Champions, Reasonable prices. Please feel free to call for inquiry as to what our breeding program is about. We are breeding large somewhat extreme beautiful headed sheep for the future.
    Eileen Aggi - 4731 Munjar Rd, Chico, CA 95973
    Phone: (530) 343-0933
  • Tulloch Farms - Located in north San Diego county. Run a registered show flock of 20 ewes from Eldridge and Traglia genetics. Over 15 years of selective breeding for lambing ease, rate of gain, muscle and thickness, and showring success. Breeding stock and freezer lambs available.
    Janet Tulloch - Ramona, CA
    Phone: (760) 789-8163
  • Doubleheart, Parks family farm. - Miniature (traditional) Cheviot sheep, small flock of small size sheep breed primarily for weed/grass control without the damage that goats cause. Easy to handle small multi purpose sheep; pets, wool, dairy, meat.
    Howard Parks - 11600 Joint Rd, Red Bluff, CA 96080
    Phone: (530) 529-2984
  • Kinikin Heights Natural Foods - We raise Cheviot purebreds and crossbred market lambs. Looking to purchase new ram or will trade for one of our big boys. Purebred lambs and ewes for sale.
    Jeff Downs - 71467 R 71 Rd, Montrose, CO 81401
    Phone: (970) 901-9959
    (Added:29-May-2007 Hits:1568)
  • Appalachian Spring Farm - We have a small flock of registered Cheviots here in the rolling foot hills of the Appalachian Mountains. Our first babies are here; one ram lamb and twin ewe lambs. Are we proud? You bet! Our farm is dedicated to preserving rare and endangered livestock.
    Sandy Symonds - 255 Sue Wright Road N. E., Ranger, GA 30734
    Phone: (706) 334-2922
  • Ms Cheviots - Purebred Cheviot rams for sale
    Kevin - Stanhope, IA
    Phone: (515) 450-7333
  • Hale's Acres Cheviots - Cheviot yearlings and breeding stock available. Non-registered, hand raised, great stock.
    Jim Hale - Bondurant, IA 50035
    Phone: (515) 208-3036
  • Shepherd Haven 641-749-2619 - I have 3-year old ram for sale bloodline from Scotland & very beefy. He is bred to everything we own. I would trade for another buck or ewe. Thanks.
    Mark Stegen - 17465 Warbler, Nora Springs, IA 50458
    Phone: (641) 749-2619
  • SM Cheviots - Cheviot rams for sale.
    Sam - 2014, Stanhope, IA 50246
    Phone: (515) 450-3132
  • Heatherhope Farm - We breed registered North Country Cheviots and raise them in a sustainable program with an emphasis on flock health.
    John Seraphine - 22417 Airport Road, Sycamore, IL 60178
    Phone: (815) 895-9736
  • Flying O Livestock - We raise Miniature Cheviots on our small farm near Wichita. We have lambs and ewes for sale. Our sheep are small and very friendly. Please feel free to contact us about our little sheep.
    Jackie Lissolo - Andale, KS
    Phone: (316) 650-7118
  • White Sheep Farm - Small farm located near Lake Cumberland. We raise registered and purebred Cheviots as well as registered and purebred Shetlands. We also have a few Border Leicester ewes. I also sell raw fleece from all my breeds. We also sell breeding stock and meat lambs.
    Teri MacIntosh - Russell Springs, KY 42642
    Phone: (270) 858-4773
    (Added:14-Jan-2012 Hits:1016)
  • Deer Orchard Farms - We have a small flock of Cheviot sheep of Judy Moore bloodline. We are breeding for hardiness, show and ability to produce on grass.
    James Tedford - 6698 SR 297, Marion, KY 42064
    Phone: (270) 965-3733
  • Johnson Sheep Farm - I raise purebred Border Cheviot and Border Cheviot x Blue-faced Leicester = Cheviot mules, and we sell Cheviot wool.
    Andrew - Eaton Rapids, MI 48827
    Phone: (517) 646-0177
    (Added:16-Feb-2012 Hits:521)
  • Triple A Ranch - Registered North Country Cheviot sheep. Quality rams, ewes, and lambs. Tested flock.
    anna hawkins - 15309 270th PL, Isle, MN 56342
    Phone: (320) 676-3359
  • Silver Wind Farm - Raising quality North Country Cheviot's selected for health, size, and easy lambing.
    Margaret Johnson - Shakopee, MN
    Phone: (952) 445-3233
    (Added:13-Feb-2009 Hits:1379)
  • Star Lake Ranch - North Country Cheviot Sheep. Lambs are born late March. Our goal is to raise quality lambs for breeding.
    Michelle Gallmeier - 38726 Beaver Dam Road, Dent, MN 56528
    Phone: (218) 758-3727
    (Added:10-Mar-2003 Hits:2906)
  • Show-Me-Sheep Farm - We raise registered miniature Cheviot sheep. They are very gentle. Located in south central Missouri.
    Russ & Gwen Jackson - 5159 County Road 2320, Pomona, MO 65789
    Phone: (417) 469-1837
  • Divine Sheep Farm - We have a top quality flock of miniature Cheviot sheep.
    Pam Keaton - 120 Sims Thornhill Rd., Tylertown, MS 39667
    Phone: (601) 303-0643
    (Added:3-Mar-2012 Hits:727)
  • Divine Sheep Farm - We have a nice flock of top quality registered miniature Cheviot sheep.
    Pam Keaton - 617 Franklinton St., Tylertown, MS 39667
    Phone: (601) 876-6155
    (Added:8-Sep-2010 Hits:546)
  • Elk Mountain Farm - We are a family farm in the Blue Ridge mountains of North Carolina raising North Country Cheviots and North Country/Suffolk crosses.
    Logan Burleson - PO Box 623, Newland, NC 28657
    Phone: (828) 387-1200
  • Elk Mountain Farm - We are a family farm in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina raising North Country Cheviots and North Country Crosses. We also raise working Border Collies.
    Logan Burleson - PO Box 623, Newland, NC 28657
    Phone: (828) 387-1200
    (Added:8-Dec-2011 Hits:589)
  • Marjohn's Farm - Cheviot and Cheviot cross lambs born in late March and April. Crosses are mixed with a black breed (origin unknown). We have some nice purebred Cheviot lambs on our small operation in northern Nevada (north of Reno off of U.S. 395). Inquiries are welcome evenings and weekends.
    John Sharp Sampaga - 11509 Deodar Way, Lemmon Valley, NV 89506-9476
    Phone: (775) 972-8915
  • American Miniature Cheviot Sheep Breeders Association - AMCSBA is the largest association and registry for owners of American Miniature Cheviot Sheep. Pedigrees from 1992; closed flockbook since 2007; over 950 sheep on record; Visit our website for breed standards, association by-laws, articles, membership info, breeder ads, and more.
    Eddie Miller - 403 Cheryl Way, Silver Springs, NV 89429
    Phone: (775) 629-1211
    (Added:13-Feb-2012 Hits:507)
  • Weston Hill Farm - Breeders of quality Cheviot Sheep and beautiful Shetland Sheep.
    Patrick & Eileen Testo - 133 CR 412, Westerlo, NY 12193
    Phone: (518) 797-9252
    (Added:15-Jan-2005 Hits:1767)
  • Netters Mini Chevoitdoll Sheep - Chevoitdoll lambs are here. These lambs sure are playful! We have a small flock. Lambs are 2 weeks old and will be weaned in 3 months. We have 2 set of twins. The ewes were bred with a white Old English Babydoll, very small. The lambs are small. Cannot get any cuter than that!
    Annette - PO Box 43, Clinton, NY 13323
    Phone: (315) 790-9658
  • M&T Farm Jim and Linda Wilson - Medium-sized flock of fully registered Cheviot sheep high quality from a well-recognized farm.
    James Wilson - 14975 Van Wert Mercer Co Rd., Venedocia, OH 45894
    Phone: (419) 795-6462
  • Double Z Ranch - We live on 120 acres in the Willamette Valley. We raise and show Cotswolds, Jacobs, North country Cheviots, and Border Leicesters. We have been raising Cotswolds and Jacobs for about 18 years and have recently added the Border Leicesters and Cheviots. We believe in raising quality sheep that don't require a lot of pampering. Check our website for sheep and fiber for sale
    Sheryl Zettle - 83576 Rattlesnake Rd, Dexter, OR 97431
    Phone: (541) 726-6505
    (Added:4-Sep-2006 Hits:1363)
  • Rising Sun Sheep - Rising Sun Sheep is nestled on 44 acres in the beautiful town of Schnecksville in the Lehigh Valley area of Pennsylvania. Rising Sun has been in operation for over 23 years breeding both Cheviot and Dorset sheep. We believe that high quality sheep take a very hands-on approach to raising by selecting top genetics and improving the ewe family.
    BettyJane Koehler - 3061 Neff-Laury's Rd, Schnecksville, PA 18078
    Phone: (610) 799-2235
    (Added:30-Aug-2006 Hits:1600)
  • Shepherd's Croft - We have a hobby farm in scenic Bucks County, Pennsylvania, with 3 flocks - Brecknock Hill Cheviots, Registered Shetlands, and crossbreds. Our prize-winning sheep and fleeces have become popular for those who are looking for "lawn ornament" sheep, but are especially desirable for handspinners. The crossbreds have the good qualities of both breeds and come in many colors.
    Toni Kellers - 721 Cedar Lane, Perkasie, PA 18944
    Phone: (215) 795-2548
    (Added:22-Mar-2005 Hits:1493)
  • Arie's Zoo - I have a collection of breeds. I am trying to get rid of one of two of my Cheviot ewes, one is 2 years old and the other is 4. They are not registered. They are halter-broken. Prices would vary.
    Emma Hopkins - 365 Newtown Rd., Warminster, PA 18974
    Phone: (717) 677-9571
  • Bearlin Acres - We specialize in Cheviot breeding stock bred for fine hand-spinning/felting fiber. We also raise Leicester longwool/Cheviot crosses, Registered Nubian goats and cashmeres. Our small farm focus is fiber and soaps. We have lamb available as well.
    Linda Singley - 180 Mt. Ash Lane, Shippensburg, PA 17257
    Phone: (717) 530-3605
    (Added:19-Dec-2003 Hits:1866)
  • Diamond C Farm - Breeder of nationally competitive Cheviot sheep.
    David Clyde - 95 N. Maysville Rd, Greenville, PA 16125
    Phone: (724) 588-8831
    (Added:4-May-2011 Hits:561)
  • Golder Hill Farm - Registered North Country Cheviot. A 7-month old ram lamb placed as Grand Champion Ram is his class.
    Alissa Stackhouse - 1115 Elk Grove Rd, Elk Grove, PA 17814
    Phone: (570) 441-8110
  • Valley View Farm - We are a small farm located in Southeastern South Dakota. We have Brecknock Hill Cheviots,in both black and white color. We also raise quality Miniature Horses. all colors including Appaloosa. Roger Leeper - 3300 N. Ellis Rd., Sioux Falls, SD 57107 Phone: (605) 331-2141 (
    Roger Leeper - 3300 N. Ellis Rd., Sioux Falls, SD 57107
    Phone: (605) 331-2141
    (Added:12-Mar-2003 Hits:1642)
  • A&M Cheviot Farms, Llc. - A&M Cheviot Farms is located in Jonesborough, TN. Our flock currently consists of 35 Border Cheviots and Minature Cheviots. Many of our ewes and rams are registered. We look forward to Spring 2009 and will have lambs for "harvest", show quality ewes and lambs available. We provide wool for crafters and handspinners. Minature Cheviots, ewes and rams for purchase this Spring. We also offer "stud" ram services to those interested in starting or adding to their flock.
    Misty Patrone - 309 Jim Ford Rd, Jonesborough, TN 37659
    Phone: (423) 477-8509
    (Added:5-Jan-2009 Hits:945)
  • Fly Creek Farm - Located in the hills of southern, middle Tennessee, we have a small flock of registered and crossbred Miniature Cheviot sheep.
    Laurie Popp - 166 Hardy Rd, Pulaski, TN 38478
    Phone: (931) 363-3459
    (Added:22-Sep-2010 Hits:593)
  • Whipporwil Pond Farm - We have imported Welsh Kerry Hill sheep semen from two UK 'Oak Tree' rams for breeding up on outstanding TJA border Cheviot ewes (AI). We have 2 50% Kerry Hill rams for sale (3-year olds, twins, proven breeders). As well as 25% ewe lambs, and 3 registered Cheviot ewes for sale this year(all have had 3 rounds of lambs as 4-year olds). Please inquire if you are interested in semen for breeding up on your own (we have a limited number of straws that we can part with).
    Rick Farnsworth - PO Box 7, Rochelle, VA 22738
    Phone: (540) 661-1145
    (Added:22-May-2010 Hits:729)
  • Follow Your Dream Farm - Beautiful registered black miniature Cheviots. Also unusual Cheviot Dolls-cross with registered Southdown Babydoll and Border Cheviot.
    Sharon Kinsey - 1175 Aarons Creek Road, Virgilina, VA 24598
    Phone: (434) 572-9876
    (Added:13-Aug-2009 Hits:744)
  • Smokey Valley Farm - The tinyest of all the small sheep breeds, they are known to be as small as 16" and 17" when full grown!!! The tails are left in the natural state. Their wool has a quite nice spring to it and has some luster. The lambs must be seen to be believed! One look at the photos above and you are sure to think you are seeing things! The above two lambs are NOT day olds, more than one week old. No matter if the size is the miniature or the toys you are sure to be hooked on these tiniest of all sheep.
    Michelle Shannon - 113 Blake Rd., Toledo, WA 98591
    Phone: (360) 864-6116
    (Added:20-Mar-2004 Hits:1454)
  • Skeeter Creek Farm - We have sold sheep from coast to coast. We have nominated several ewe lambs in the futrity program winning one year, and in the top 5 the other years. We usualy have sheep to sell off the farm. And consign at the Ohio Classic and National Sale in Springfield, IL.
    Rory Bodey - 6849 State Rd 140, Clinton, WI 53525
    Phone: (608) 676-5691
  • Littledale Farm - Purebred North Country Cheviot sheep with Scotish genetics as a result of AI in 1998 and 1999. We have half Scotish purebred stock available.
    Graham & Margaret Phillipson - 21925 County Hwy ZZ, Richland Center, WI 53581
    Phone: (608) 647-7118
    (Added:31-Jan-2004 Hits:1868)
  • Lone Pine Cheviots - Young elite set of Cheviot ewes built around the very best Bill Lawter and Judy Moore genetics. We have also added elite ewes from Sue Tralia. Home of the 2003 National Champion Ram at NAILE, "J.J." Moore 500. We are also the breeder of the Res. Champion Ewe at the 2003 All American Junior Show.
    Richard or Judy Schambow - 2417 W. Stark Rd, Janesville, WI 53545
    Phone: (608) 743-1473
    (Added:7-Jun-2005 Hits:1907)

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