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  • Black Butte Corriedales - Small registered flock with recent national champion lines. Breeding and showstock available.
    Nicole Morgan - 6885 Hwy 32, Orland, CA 95963
    Phone: (530) 865-1347
  • Crane Ranch - Top Quality White Corriedale Rams and Ewe Lambs Breeding And Show Stock Available.
    Tom Crane - 5970 Petaluma Hill Rd., Santa Rosa, CA 95404
    Phone: (707) 795-3246
  • Trails End Ranch - Northern California: Small breeding flock of registered white Corriedales. Breeding for fine wool. More lambs available in the Spring.
    Glenda Riddle - 3479 Pleasants Trail, Vacaville, CA 95688-9793
  • Robinson Ranch - Natural Colored Corriedale Sheep and Fleeces. National Natural Colored Wool Growers Association Supreme Champion Ewe, Supreme Champions in Ewe and Ram categories at County and Regional Shows. Sell breeding stock, covered spinning fleeces, USDA lamb.
    Ann & Mark Robinson - 9917 Swigart Road, Montague, CA 96064
    Phone: (530) 459-5051
  • Marble Peaks Ranch - Natural colored Corriedales, NCWGA registered, selected for breed character, excellent conformation, and superior fleeces. Consistent award-winners in both sheep and wool shows including Black Sheep Gathering, Monterey Wool Show, and California State Fair. 2009 lambs available for breeding/show stock. Coated, skirted handspinning fleeces in true blacks and shades of gray for sale. Located 40 minutes from Yreka/I5 in northern California.
    Nancy Burns - PO Box 268, Greenview, CA 96037
    Phone: (530) 467-4077
    (Added:20-Apr-2009 Hits:1166)
  • Wellman Family Corriedales - Breeding true breed character Corriedales since 1976. Maintaining high wool quality, hardy, and producing outstanding mothers is what we focus on in the mountains of Colorado.
    Eric Wellman - 8456 Co. Rd. 45, Hamilton, CO 81638
    Phone: (970) 701-9107
    (Added:2-Jan-2012 Hits:814)
  • Gleason's Fine Woolies - Located in the foothills northwest of Lyons, Colorado, Gleason's Fine Woolies is the home of beautiful black, silver, spotted, moorit, and white Corriedales and Australian Bond Sheep. We offer handmade wool felted pieces, hand spun yarns, Soumak tapestries, covered fleeces, and breeding stock.
    Joanna Gleason - 1553 Stagecoach Trail, Lyons, CO 80540
    (Added:27-May-2002 Hits:2538)
  • Kid's Haven Corriedales - Small flock that's kid-friendly with proven breed characteristics and fleeces. Grand champion ram and reserve champion ewe 2008 Estes Park Wool Festival. Successful show flock at Colorado State Fair and National Western Stock show for the last 7 years.
    Phillip Jahelka - 8005 Westwood Rd, Colorado Springs, CO 80919
    Phone: (719) 599-0231
  • Gann Corriedales - Raising and showing high quality Corriedale Sheep for well over a decade. Home of the 2006 Junior Champion Ewe at the Wisconsin State Fair. Breeding stock available for sale at all times. Check out our website for more information. Feel free to send us an e-mail or to give us a call.
    Ryan Gann - 11578 N. Mt. Morris Rd., Leaf River, IL 61047
    Phone: (815) 738-2320
    (Added:17-Apr-2007 Hits:1497)
  • Moran Sheep Company - Check Out our new website! We would be excited to add you to our satisfied buyers dating back to 1970s! Some of our satisfied buyers include flocks like: Dale and Donna Waddington (The mother of Bodacious was a Moran Ewe), Seals Family, Hoffman's, Statewood"s, Starbuck's, Merlau, Dew Drop Farms and many others.
    Marty Moran, Flock Consultant - 7544 E 400th Ave., Newton, IL 62448
    Phone: (618) 553-7333
    (Added:11-May-2007 Hits:1382)
  • Owl Ridge Farm - Fine breeding and show stock for sale.
    Christine Humphrey - 665 Hardwick Rd., New Braintree, MA 01531
    Phone: (508) 867-9113
  • Mar-Rita Farm - We have a small Corriedale sheep and wool farm near the city of Hastings, Michigan. Our sheep are jacketed and live in a comfortable environment. We sell fine, clean and heavily skirted jacketed fleeces of white, brown, black and variegated grays as well as many wool related products in our Wool Room store.
    Rita Walters - 576 Hammond Road, Hastings, MI 49058
    Phone: (269) 948-2935
    (Added:27-Aug-2006 Hits:1286)
  • Serenity Farms - We raise Corriedale sheep on our family farm, both natural colored and white, carefully selected for good mothering, quiet temperments, soundness and fantastic fleece! Our sheep are coated year round and we sell both handspinning fleeces and breeding stock. Please stop by our website or if you are in the area, plan to visit the farm...we love talking sheep!
    W.D. & Cary Smith Family - 715 E. Van Buren Rd., Alma, MI 48801
    Phone: (989) 463-5630
    (Added:20-May-2008 Hits:1039)
  • Woolly Bear Farms - A small Colored Corriedale farm that is dedicated to raising happy and healthy sheep. We stay true to the original purpose of Corriedales being a duel purpose breed and raise for both meat and wool. My flock is small but I always have sheep with beautiful fleeces available for sale.Please feel free to check out my facebook page if you would like a closer look at the flock.
    Beth Prough - 5640 Hackman Rd, Mussey Twp, MI 48014
    Phone: (586) 254-6521
    (Added:1-Mar-2017 Hits:15)
  • Collins Farm - A farm flock located in the Eastern Upper Peninsula of Michigan. A portion of the flock are registered Corriedale ewes and the remaining are commercial ewes. These sheep wear coats year round. They are quiet, easy to handle, good moms and produce quality fiber.
    E. Selden Collins - 1628 W. Townline Rd, Pickford, MI 49774
    Phone: (906) 647-2011
  • Darn Ewe Farm - Small farm with the goal of being self-sustaining and having our farm work for us. Soap, cheese, wool, and batting. No animals for sale at this time.
    John and/or Kim Muenz - 5189 Five Lakes Rd., North Branch, MI 48461
    Phone: (810) 688-7945
  • Windy Knob Farms - Windy Knob Farms is a sustainable farm operation in beautiful Leelanau County Michigan. We raise our sheep in a sustainable fashion including grass fed lambs, natural cedar fencing and intensive rotational grazing plans. Our stock includes registered Corriedales (white) and registered Natural Colored Corriedales and Bonds. Please visit our site for information on our wool products and breeding stock.
    Marek Ulicny - 6781 N W Bayshore Dr, Northport, MI 49670
    Phone: (231) 883-3108
    (Added:21-Feb-2010 Hits:834)
  • Sheepstuff at Mt. Bruce Station/Farm Wool Shop - Mt. Bruce Station produce sheep wool products from Corriedale and Jacob sheep also for sale ewes, rams, lambs, yarns, woolen batts, wool fleece, rovings and other sheep products.
    Yvonne Uhlianuk - 6440 Bordman Road, Romeo, MI 48065
    Phone: (810) 798-2568
    (Added:16-Oct-2006 Hits:1065)
  • Irwin Sheep and Wool - Visit our web site and learn about our small flock of Registered Corriedales, our fleeces and our interest in antique sheep memorbilia.
    Lyndon Irwin - 3902 N State Highway, Bois D'Arc, MO 65612
    Phone: (417) 742-4311
    (Added:10-Oct-1999 Hits:2228)
  • 5H Farms - We live on a large sheep ranch in Alzada, MT. Besides our commercial ewes, we raise Reg. Corriedales and Working ABCA Border Collies.
    Gary and Joyce - 411 Black Point ln, Alzada, MT 59311
    Phone: (406) 828-4071
    (Added:22-Nov-2011 Hits:530)
  • Big Sky Black Beauties - A 4-H project gone haywire! We produce high quality breed stock and fleeces. Specializing in Natural Colored Corriedales. Fleeces are coated.
    Jenni Sanders - Missoula, MT
  • Dan-Vir Ltd - Raising Purebred Cormo and Colored Corriedale Sheep for show, breeding stock, and premium fine wool fleeces. All animals are selectively bred for conformation, wool production, hardiness, parasite resistance and mothering ability.
    Virginia McGuire - 2100 Island Ford Rd, Mooresboro, NC 28114
    Phone: (828) 657-9271
    (Added:26-Nov-2007 Hits:870)
  • ABCwoolies - We breed Large Scopy Corriedales with excellent fleeces. As a handspinner we cover all of our flock and will soon be offering fleeces and lambs for sale. These lambs are quick to reach competitive weight, and are great show prospects. We also specialize in sheep jacket patch repair kits, and English angora rabbits.
    Melissa Gray - 176 Dail Lane, Richlands, NC 28574
    Phone: (910) 324-7665
  • Long Haven Corriedales - Visit our website for information regarding our breeding stock, lamb and wool products, and where they can be found.
    Lynn or Donna Long - Chapel Hill, NC
    Phone: (919) 967-5496
    (Added:14-Oct-1999 Hits:2303)
  • Friesz Corriedales and Suffolks - Raising regeistered Cooriedales since 1974. Have been using Phillippi rams in our 60 head flock fro the last 10 years. Big, Growthy sheep, with a lot of style and great confirmation. Corriedales are great mothers, lambs gain quickly, and they have great disposition.
    Joana K. Friesz - PO Box 67, New Salem, ND 58563
    Phone: (701) 843-8750
    (Added:5-Dec-2000 Hits:1898)
  • Yanez Farms - We are a small family farm in the heart of Nebraska. We raise Corriedale sheep for their wool for hand spinners and fiber artists. We also have a small fiber mill, and we clean the fiber and the fleeces we sell if the customer wishes.
    Jody Yanez - 222 S Douglas St, Ansley, NE 68814
    Phone: (308) 872-1134
    (Added:5-Oct-2010 Hits:581)
  • Clymer Family Corriedales - Small flock of white Corriedales in Southeast Nebraska. Purebred stock available on a limited basis. Commercial purebred and Corriedale crossbred stock available. Lambs available for custom processing at a local meat locker. We have very lightly skirted fleeces available to spinners.
    Wayne Clymer - 4071 H Road, Dunbar, NE 68346
    Phone: (402) 259-3860
    (Added:16-Sep-2006 Hits:1045)
  • Country Dream Acres - We, Country Dream Acres, are living our dream on 7 acres of beautiful Nebraska land! Sitting on the side of a foothill bluff, we can see forever! When you look at our acreage you'll see happy 100% Corridale sheep (black and white) grazing on the lush grass! We sell prime covered fleece and breeding stock as well as hand-spun yarn and wearables.
    John and DiAnn Boehm - Ames, NE
    Phone: (402) 618-7264
    (Added:10-Jul-2007 Hits:904)
  • Westfarthing Farm - We raise Corriedale, Lincoln, and Shetland sheep. We sell stock, raw wool, and processed products.
    Bob or Sharry Bone - 29C Northview Trail, Edgewood, NM 87015
    Phone: (505) 281-6582
    (Added:16-Jun-2009 Hits:612)
  • Ewes Full Acres - Covered Corriedale handspinning fleeces in white, shades of gray and variagated. Quality breeding stock, lambs, pelts, yarn.
    Lee MacKay - RR 1, Box 10, Maxwell, NM 87728
    Phone: (505) 375-2740
    (Added:25-Apr-2006 Hits:924)
  • Pennington Sheep - A very nice, small flock of naturally colored Corriedales for breeding or club. Will have lambs in the spring of 2005. Call or email for more info!
    Rebecca Pennington - Battle Mountain, NV 89820
    Phone: (775) 635-2697
  • Lauridell Acres - Lauridell Acres breeds Naturally Colored Corriedales and Cheviots. We sell fiber, breeding stock, and market lambs.
    Ryan Laurie - 5935 Stockton Hartfield Road, Dewittville, NY 14728
    Phone: (716) 785-4191
    (Added:13-May-2013 Hits:529)
  • Lauridell Acres - Lauridell Acres is a small farm in western NY raising naturally colored (moorit and black) corriedales and cheviots. We work hard to raise healthy happy sheep with a minimum of chemicals. All lambs are raised on pasture with mother's milk and grass.
    Sarah Laurie - Dewittville, NY 14728
    Phone: (716) 499-1312
    (Added:2-Nov-2015 Hits:87)
  • Sixth Day FArm - We have beautiful dark colored corriedale lambs and fleeces available, and soon will have registered cormo sheep as well.
    Wayne Jarvis - Holley, NY 14470
    Phone: (585) 638-8572
    (Added:13-May-2003 Hits:1330)
  • Robinson Farms Corriedales - Hi, I am a 3rd generation Corriedale lover. My family has 67 head of registered Corriedales. I grew to love Corriedales with my grandfather Fostor Sherman as a child. I have raised Corriedales my entire life. Those Corriedales really get in your blood.
    Kathy Robinson - 7451 co. rd 121, Fredericktown, OH 43019
    Phone: (419) 768-2047
  • Meadow Mere Farms - Corridale Sheep Rams, Ewes & 4-h lambs
    Doug Wargo - 11119 Aquilla Rd., Chardon, OH 44024
    Phone: (440) 286-6211
    (Added:23-Oct-2002 Hits:1560)
  • Peters' Corriedales - Home of the 2004 National Champion Ram "Nucleus". We have been in the business of raising Corriedales for over 40 years and have just started into our 3rd generation of Peters in the showring. We select for strong breed character, great attention to structural correctness, and a good Corriedale fleece. Visit our website to see some of our offerings or feel free to stop by for a visit at the farm anytime. We are located near the Ohio-Indiana line just North of Dayton, Ohio.
    Scott Peters - 9225 Union Church Rd., Covington, OH 45318
    Phone: (937) 473-3594
    (Added:20-Jun-2006 Hits:1505)
  • Bar-S-Ranch - Natural colored corriedales: Lambs and breeding ewes. Very nice ram lambs.
    Johnathan Stalcup - 1435 S Sumner Rd, Coos Bay, OR 97420
    Phone: (541) 269-1318
  • Wool-N-Wood - We have two black ram lambs for sale. One was Reserve Champion at Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. Also, three registered Corriedale ewe lambs for sale. All from 150 ewe flock.
    Ben and Mary Bow - 100 Clear Springs Road, Annville, PA 17003
    Phone: (717) 867-1305
  • Wooly Acres Corriedales - We have a small flock of Corriedales that we raise for meat and wool. Our ram, who is the sire of all our lambs, won the first prize Corriedale fleece and all-around winner Best Spinning Fleece of all white breeds in 2008 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. We often have lambs available in the summer. Fleeces are also available and must be reserved by April 1st. Please email or call with inquiries.
    Julie Helms - 25 Ridge Road, Dillsburg, PA 17019
    Phone: (717) 432-9947
  • Parfitt Corriedales - I keep a small flock of purebred, registered Corriedales. I have decided to sell my flock before begining my college education. At this time, the animals for sale include one aged ewe, one yearling ewe, three ewe lambs, and one ram lamb. All of these animals are healthy and true to breed standards. For more information please contact me on weekday evenings or anytime on weekends.
    Stephen Parfitt - Perkasie, PA
    Phone: (215) 257-4557
  • MAR-Q Corriedales - Pure bred registered Corriedale sheep for sale. My flock includes a wide line of genetics from flocks throughout the US.
    Dennis Marquis - 5090 Durham Rd, Gardenville, PA 18926
    Phone: (2150 766-0477
  • Winterside Farm - We have a small flock (25 ewes) of nice corriedale sheep. Breed character and fleeces are qualities that we try to emphasize. The farm is located in Berks County,Pa along Interstate 78, 20 miles west of Allentown. We have been showing our sheep and wool fleeces competitively for several years. Breeding stock, wool fleeces, 4-H club lambs, and yarn are our primary products.
    Roger and Nancy Bowman - 1402 Old Rt. 22, Lenhartsville, PA 19534
    Phone: (610) 562-4875
  • Hoffman Corriedales - Tradition and quality run deep in our purebred Corriedale flock. We raise sheep that compete year after year at the national level in the show ring including several National Champions. Plus, we always keep in mind important performance and stoutness traits required to meet the needs of commercial producers. Breeding stock always available.
    Bruce Hoffman - 36231 US Highway 212, Rockham, SD 57470
    Phone: (605) 472-0856
  • Cherry Farms - We have a beautiful flock of Corriedales with excellent fleeces and wonderful conformation. The girls have had the best show year yet with top honors in all 13 shows! We raise Suffolk, Natural Color also. Will have spring lambs for sale in 06. The best in the South! Call us!
    Cathy Cherry - P O Box 356, Halls, TN 38040
    Phone: (731) 836-5218
    (Added:9-Nov-2005 Hits:1166)
  • Jadewood Farm - We are a small farm with fiber sheep and goats. Currently we have Corredale/Rambouillet cross, Navajo/Churro/East Fresian cross and Corriedale/Cvm cross sheep. Registered Colored Angora goats for mohair
    Diann Hill - P.O. Box 44, Lexington, Tx 78947
    Phone: (979) 716-1380
    (Added:10-Apr-2013 Hits:319)
  • Saville Hill Farm & Studio - Welcome to our Corriedale sheep farm and fiber arts studio, nestled here in the heart of Virginia's scenic Shenandoah Valley. The farm is built along a mountain ridge with panoramic views of the Allegheny Mountains and the Jefferson National Forest, just a short twelve miles southwest of the historic college town of Lexington.
    Ron or Elizabeth Jackson - 140 Lacy Lane, Lexington, VA 24450
    Phone: (540) 463-5471
    (Added:29-Jan-2006 Hits:885)
  • Wooly Hill Farm of Vermont - A sheep farm featuring breeding stock,organic meat and wool with a gift shop and farm tours. Questions welcomed.
    Nancy Low - 2695 Rattlin' Bridge Road, Bridport, VT 05734
    Phone: (802) 758-2284
    (Added:10-Oct-1999 Hits:1540)
  • Crossfire Hill Farm - We are located on Whidbey Island in Western WA. We raise ACA Registered White and NCWGA Colored Corriedales. Corriedales are a calm friendly breed that make great 4H projects as well as highly productive farm and range animals. All of our fleeces are sold to handspinners. Our Colored lambs are available in several fancy colors as well as black.
    karen hallett - 3537 Day Rd, Greenbank, WA 98253
    Phone: (360) 678-5625
    (Added:20-Mar-2002 Hits:1485)
  • G.O. Corriedales - Small farm flock of white and natural colored Corriedales
    Gail Oneal - 3716 N Westwwood Lane, Spokane, WA 99224
    Phone: (509) 838-7418
    (Added:15-Nov-2006 Hits:854)
  • Whitefish Bay Farm - Breeding stock available from our closed flock of registered white Corriedale and purebred natural colored Corriedale sheep. We breed for fine quality fleeces especially suitable for handspinning. Jacketted, heavily skirted fleeces also for sale.
    Dick and Gretchen Regnery - 3831 Clark Lake Road, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235
    Phone: 920-743-1560
    (Added:22-Oct-1999 Hits:1610)
  • Observatory Hill Farm - Located in southern Wisconsin, our closed flock consists of natural colored and white Corriedales, jacketed year-round for handspinner's fleeces that are nearly VM-free. We select for fine fleeces, good mothering, excellent conformation and a friendly disposition. Flock is healthy and free of footrot, soremouth, and OPP. Breeding stock are available to enhance the genetics of your flock.
    Cindy and Mark Mackenzie - 1017 Observatory Hill Road, Belleville, WI 53508
    Phone: (608) 424-1581
    (Added:30-Jul-2013 Hits:348)
  • Federer Corriedales - Breeders of "Cowboy",the 2007 National Show & Sale Champion Ram . Our family received "2008 Outstanding Corriedale Breeder of the Year." We have won Best Fleece 4 times in the last 3 years in the Jr Show and 2 out of the last 3 years in the Open Show at Nationals. We also have won Best Headed several times. We strive to breed Corriedales that are structurally correct with excellent breed character and lustrous fleeces.
    lBryan and Gina Vining - Cheyenne, WY
    Phone: (307) 634-6304

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