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  • High Castle Traditional Crafts - We raise white and colored registered Cotswold sheep. We sell breeding stock, fleece, carded fiber, handspun yarn, and fiber-related merchandise.
    Diane Braun - 7570 S. Walden Blvd., Wilhoit, AZ 86332
    Phone: (928) 442-9291
    (Added:22-Nov-2005 Hits:1837)
  • Patchwork Sheep - We raise both registered and non-registered Cotswold sheep in black, silver,grey and white: clean covered fleeces for sale: also breeding stock: please contact Terri at 303-857-2840 evenings or write:11434 Hwy 52 Ft. Lupton, CO 80621
    Terri Scott - 11434 Hwy 52, Ft. Lupton, CO 80621
    Phone: (303) 857-2840
  • Menagerie Farms - I am planning on moving and need to sell my entire flock of Black Cotswolds. I have one ram and seven ewes, some already registered and others that can be registered if needed,I will sell them either way.
    Christine Leazer - 2235E 3800N, Filer, ID 83328
    Phone: (208) 326-3267
  • Black Rock Creek Sheep Farm - I have a small farm in south central Indiana, with white and colored Cotswolds and Cotswold crosses. Breeding stock for sale when available. Also raw fleeces and roving for sale.
    Molly Hainey - Spencer, IN
    Phone: (812) 829-0518
    (Added:28-Jul-2008 Hits:1238)
  • Big Springs Farm - Big Springs Farm is located in the rolling hills of southern Indiana near the town of Pekin. Although we have Black Longwool Lincolns and White Romney and crosses, our main focus is Black Cotswold. Cotswolds are a rare and ancient breed, dating back over 2000 years. Cotswolds are a hardy longwool, growing an average staple length of 8-12 inches. Spinners and weavers find the long curls and excellent crimp a delight. The natural luster of the Cotswold gives dyed colors great life and depth.
    Jack Cormack - 7790 S. Big Springs Road, Pekin, IN 47165
    Phone: (812) 883-9292
    (Added:28-Dec-2003 Hits:2037)
  • Mussman Meadows - We are a small farm located just north of Lexington in the middle of thoroughbred country. We have white and colored sheep, Cotswolds and Cotswold crosses, available now several rams(1 yearling and 2 lambs)and some ewes.
    Jenny Mussman - 412 Collins Rd, Paris, KY 40361
    Phone: (859) 987-8128
  • Cedar Wool Farm, joint venture - Purebred white and natural colored. Home of 2002 National Cotswold Breeders Assoc. overall Reserve Champion ewe and Reserve Grand Champion Fleece (ewe), both natural colored. Crosses: Wensleydale-x, Leicester Longwool, BFL-x, Border Leicester and Lincoln. Stunning fleeces. Lambs, breeding stock, raw fiber, roving and select samples for santa beards and crafts available. Small flock emphasizing quality.
    Sydney Keller - 4931 West Feeser Road, Taneytown, MD 21787
    Phone: (410) 756-9665
    (Added:27-Jan-2002 Hits:2145)
  • Richards Family Farm - We are a breeds conservancy and organic farm located in southern Michigan raising Cotswold(ACRA registered) and Corriedale sheep. The wool shop has sheepskins, roving, handspun, dyed and beaded yarns and curly locks year around. Occasionally, Cotswold lambs are available.
    Sandra Richards - 3600 Blue Ridge, Clarklake, MI 49234
    Phone: (517) 784-1553
    (Added:8-Mar-2009 Hits:822)
  • Nine Oaks Farm - We raise purebred Black Cotswold sheep; registered stock is occasionally for sale. Our white and natural colored roving, combed top and washed locks are purchased by fiber artists and doll makers. 2-ply yarns in sport and worsted weight are also available in white and natural colors.
    Gracie Dailey - 3045 West B Ave, Plainwell, MI 49080
    Phone: (269) 382-6026
    (Added:11-Mar-2007 Hits:953)
  • Finnish Fiber Farm - We raise ACRA and BCS registered Cotswold sheep, and focus on the traditional profit-making traits such as easy births, twinning, milk production, easy keeping, wool quality, and carcass quality. We offer breeding stock and fiber. Join our 2012 no-obligation waiting list! We also raise Finnsheep and Wensleyydales. Please visit our website!
    Anna Makela - 3660 Olds Rd., Leslie, MI 49251
    Phone: (517) 589-5888
    (Added:17-Sep-2011 Hits:501)
  • Rock'n G Acres - Our main focus is registered Cotswold sheep. Some advantages of the Cotswold, sometimes called "Gentle Giants", are: large-framed, lean heavyweight lambs, excellent mothers, lamb crops = 160%, calm,long lustrious fleece, widey preferred meat flavor, ability to grow well without large quantities of grain. We also have Cotswold X and fleeces for sale.
    Horace Gunter - 1755 SW 214th Street, Plattsburg, MO 64477
    Phone: (816) 930-3535
  • Blue Sky Farm - We raise both white and natural colored Cotswold sheep, registered and some crosses. Cotswolds have beautiful, lustrous fleeces which are great for spinning and dyeing. We strive to maintain a healthy flock. We offer breeding stock, roving and raw fleeces.
    Kathy Garmon - 2962 Corriher Farm Rd., Lincolnton, NC 28092
    Phone: (704) 736-4151
  • Critter Crossing Farm - Critter Crossing is dedicated to raising and preserving the rare breed of Cotswolds, often referred to as "The gentle giant." We offer white and natural colored Cotswolds. We maintain a healthy flock with a diversity of genectics. We also offer raw fiber, roving, yarn and curly santa beard wool. We are located near Asheville, N.C.
    Debbie Trantham - 199 S. Morgan Br. Rd., Candler, NC 28715
    Phone: (828) 665-1360
  • Sonnenbloom - We have a very small flock of 3 ewes, 2 rams and 4 young lambs(3 ewe lambs, 1 ram lamb) All are ACRA registered, friendly and beautiful. We will be selling the whole herd, together or separate.
    Kelli Castro - 347 Flat Creek Valley Road, Lake Toxaway, NC 28747
    Phone: (828) 884-6497
  • Bayfield Farm - A small breeding operation, wanting to introduce the public to this unique breed.
    Wayne Moore - 6025 HWY 96 N, Oxford, NC 27565
    Phone: (919) 693-4789
  • Twin Maples Farm - Beautiful white and natural colored lambs, fleeces and yarns.
    Cindy Gamble - 6406 Monnett Road, Climax, NC 27233
    Phone: (336) 674-8638
  • Windy Acres Fiber Farm - We are located outside of Asheville, N.C., in a beautiful valley of mountains. We raise registered cotswold sheep, both white and natural. We also have crosses of cotswold/Romney. We have available, raw fleece and roving.
    Dawn Church-Smith - 194 Curtis Creek Rd., Candler, NC 28715
    Phone: (828) 670-9661
  • Wesson Farm - We are a small family farm loving our sheep just like family in the small town of Mills River, NC. We are only 10 minutes from the WNC Ag Center in Asheville. We have natural colored and white Cotswold sheep. We have raw fleece for sale and sometimes lambs or yearlings for sale.
    Danette Wesson - 111 Bridlewood Trail, Mills River, NC 28759
    Phone: (828) 890-2386
  • Desert Jules Sheep Ranch - We raise productive, beautiful fleeced Cotswold Sheep for fun and profit. Home of 1998 National Champion Cotswold Breeders Association Ram. Our fleeces are very popular with handspinners, handweavers, doll makers and Santa folks. Our ewes are tall, broody and raise excellent lambs for show and breeding purposes. Purebred ewe and ram lambs for sale. Cotswold millspun yarn or Cotswold white and natural colored silver roving for sale
    Terry & Julie Mangnall - 11936 79 st se, Stirum, ND 58069
    Phone: (701) 678-2168
  • Juniper Hill Farm - Purebred Costwold stock. Heritage Breed farm in Southern, NH.
    Joe/Paula Valentine - PO Box 113, Francestown, NH 03043
    Phone: (603) 547-3528
  • Thistle Hill Farm - Our Farm name is Thistle Hill Farm, and we are located in Sussex County NJ. We have a medium-sized flock. We have Cotswold, Cotswold crosses, Suffolks, Hamps, and Dorsets. We are selling some. Make an offer.
    Karen, Alyssa Graham - Newton, NJ
    Phone: (973) 579-2094
  • Nistock Farms - We raise white and natural colored Cotswold sheep with a focus on fleece quality, health and productivity. We have breeding stock, fleeces, dyed roving, washed curls for Santa beards, tanned sheepskins and freezer lamb for sale. Our flock is OPP free, in the voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program, and has no history of hoof rot or pink eye. We love to talk about our Cotswolds! Please contact us before planning a visit.
    Robin Nistock - 10137 Mattoon Rd., Prattsburgh, NY 14873
    Phone: (607) 522-4374
    (Added:24-May-2004 Hits:1677)
  • Yancey Wool & Weaving Co. - We are located in Croghan, New York which is in Northern New York State. (not far from Canada and the Thousand Islands) We raise and show ACRA registered Cotswolds at local, state, and national shows. We sell breeding stock and fleeces, and also do custom weaving. Visitors are always welcome, a call ahead is best.
    Pat Yancey - R.D. 1 Box 130, Croghan, NY 13327
    Phone: (315) 346-6817
  • Tassel Hill Farm - We have Cotswold, Southdown, Romanov and market lambs for sale. We are located in Hamilton, New York, and we currently have a flock of about 65 sheep.
    Meg Parfitt - 2927 Smith Rd, Hamilton, NY 13346
    Phone: (315) 824-3468
    (Added:27-Jul-2009 Hits:697)
  • Hot Rod Ewe Suffolks & Cotswolds - registered cotswold: long wooled sheep. located in lower new york
    Valary Gugala - middletown, NY
  • Wooly Comforts - Black Cotswolds - multiple colored producing varigated wool fibers of black, silver, tan, and white. Produce wonderful doll hair fibers.
    Dave Gigley - Box 2038, Chillicothe, OH 45601
    Phone: (740) 775-1916
    (Added:10-Jun-2005 Hits:1332)
  • Dozen Acre Farm - We have a lovely flock of registered ACRA Cotswold sheep - gorgeous fleeces and wonderful docile personalities! A must for spinners and weavers. E-Mail us for availability.
    Halle Luxmore - 11718 Udall Road, Hiram, OH 44234
    Phone: (330) 554-4992
    (Added:8-Jan-2009 Hits:813)
  • Blackstarr Ranches - I have a Cotswold ram, I have two Romney ewes and a cross bred long wool sheep, bred especially for felting. They are due in March. Most or all of thier offspring will be for sale. They will make great 4-H market lambs or breeding stock to produce excellent wool/meat sheep. Come take a look at my herd and see what you think. Let me know if you have ewes available as I am looking to add onto my herd this summer.
    Kelsey - Contact through email, John Day, OR 97845
    Phone: (000) 000
    (Added:8-Feb-2005 Hits:946)
  • High Desert Farm - Breeding both colored and white cotswolds. Fleeces, breeding stock and market animals available.
    Heather McLoren - 30087 Three Mile Ln, Hermiston, OR 97838
    Phone: (541) 561-5326
    (Added:21-Feb-2008 Hits:777)
  • W2 Sheep Company - Registered Cotswolds available, both white and colored. Fleeces available. We also have registered California Red sheep.
    Lynn Wilkins - PO Box 22, Condon, OR 97823
    Phone: (541) 384-3699
  • Talon Farms - We are located in Lebanon,Oregon. We raise white and colored registered Cotswolds and Wensleydale sheep and have started upgrading our Cotswolds with imported British Cotswold semen. Breeding stock and fleeces available.
    Heather Carter - 40345 Linnhaven Lp, Lebanon, OR 97355
    Phone: (541) 405-8372
    (Added:19-Jul-2012 Hits:386)
  • Double Z Ranch - We live on 120 acres in the Willamette Valley. We raise and show Cotswolds, Jacobs, North country Cheviots, and Border Leicesters. We have been raising Cotswolds and Jacobs for about 18 years and have recently added the Border Leicesters and Cheviots. We believe in raising quality sheep that don't require a lot of pampering. Check our website for sheep and fiber for sale
    Sheryl Zettle - 83576 Rattlesnake Rd, Dexter, OR 97431
    Phone: (541) 726-6505
    (Added:4-Sep-2006 Hits:1047)
  • Pheasant Hill Farm - We raise registered white and natural colored Cotswold sheep. We sell breeding stock, fleeces, roving and pelts.
    Brenda Leppo - 13741 NW Jackson Quarry Rd., Hillsboro, OR 97124
    Phone: (503) 647-5710
    (Added:8-May-2004 Hits:1381)
  • Half Acre Hollow - If you blink you'll miss us, but we're worth a second look. CBA and ACRA ewes, rams, yearling sheep and lambs. Sheep, fleece, and roving available available; white and natural color.
    Sandra Yecker - Lancaster, PA
    Phone: (717) 569-0178
  • Munford FFA - I am a sheep exhibitor for Munford High School FFA. I have six Cotswold sheep that I desperately need to sell. I have two Jan-Feb rams, two Feb-March ewes and two yearling ewes. I used them for show this past year and need to sell them to pay off a loan. They are all registered, and I have all papers on them. White with full fleece on now; had all shots, etc. If interested email I am asking $1000 for all six.
    Jake - Munford, TN 38058
    Phone: (901) 830-6747
    (Added:2-Nov-2007 Hits:690)
  • Davlin Farm - We are a small family dedicated to raising and preserving this wonderful rare breed. We have a registered flock of white Cotswolds. Breeding stock is available. We also have raw skirted fleece, roving, and curly santa beard wool. We are located in Purcellville, Virginia.
    Lynne Updegrove - PO Box 196, Lincoln, VA 20160
    Phone: (540) 338-5964
  • Meadow Lake Farm - A family farm in Eastern Washington. We raise Cormo and Cotswold sheep for fiber. Fine wool breeds are coated year around. We pursue natural management practices.
    Syrie Barsness - 8818 S Frutvale RD, Cheney, WA 99004
    Phone: (509) 455-6818
  • Acorn Spring Cotswolds - Yearling white Cotswold ram for sale. Showed at NAILE in November 2012. See photo in show results. Full sister won Grand Champion Ewe at NAILE in 2011. CBA registered $200
    Jan Hodnet - PO Box 730, Lynden, WA 98264
    Phone: (360) 966-7098
  • Windridge Fiber Farm - Windridge Fiber Farm is located in the SW Wisconsin Driftless region. We raise registered white and colored Cotswold sheep and blue-faced Leicester crosses. High quality fleece and breeding stock are our top priority. We have raw fleece, rovings, lock wool, yarn, and handmade wool items for sale. Visit our website for a complete listing.
    Tami Bowser - 7370 Urness Road, Hollandale, WI 53544
    Phone: (608) 967-2297
    (Added:30-Apr-2010 Hits:1356)
  • Cobblemead - Unpampered flock; rarely grain-fed (yet non-gamy meat, lustrous wool/pelts). All Amer. Cotswold Record Assn. (ACRA) registered so no "short pedigrees." 20+ yrs linebred for calmness, twins, milking, size (ewes often 230+ lbs.), long body, deep chest, tight udder, small head, top health. Outdoor-kept; 160% lambing; losses rare. No show flock, yet our sheep show well for buyers. Photos--see ACRA website. Cotswolds only; no Black Cotswolds.
    Nathan & Eva Griffith - 3831 Trout Rd., Williamsburg, WV 24991-7227
    Phone: (304) 645-7434
    (Added:2-Nov-2009 Hits:671)
  • Oh My Farm - I am moving and need to place my flock of 4 ewes (3 white and one black) and one black ram with one white wether. All six must go together, no exceptions. All are two years and under. I will take an offer for all six, but will need vet references to place them. I will not place them for meat or to be resold. All are registered with CBA and two are double registered.
    Denise - Lindside, WV 24951
    Phone: (304) 646-6704
  • Oh My Farm - This flock is no longer for sale!
    Denise - Lindside, WV 24951
    Phone: (304) 646-6704

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