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  • 3 Girl Farm - We raise Dorpers, quality sheep with rapid growth. At this time, we do not register or deal with papers,although our stock all came from registered stocked farms. We are after great meat production and quality. We have some rams for sale but no ewes at this time. We have a nice 2-year old for $350 and some weaned lamb rams for $200. We are located just north of Fayetteville NC (Fort Brag).
    Lane Parker - 2835 Slocomb Rd, Linden, NC 28356
    Phone: (910) 980-0376
  • 3C Ranch Dorpers - We have quality Dorper sheep - commercial fullblood rams, percentage ewes, fullblood ewes and show quality fullblood Dorpers. Can email pictures at your request. We have been raising Dorpers since 1999 with our first imports from Canada and Australian embryos imported 3 yrs ago. We live in arid West Texas where Dorpers thrive in harsh conditions. Call us for your needs 432-395-2304.
    Warren or Darla Cude - P. O. Box 1686, Ft. Stockton, TX 79735
    Phone: (432) 395-2304
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  • 4B FARMS - Breeders of quality Dorper Sheep. Our flock was started with some of the best genetics in the breed, and we continue to diversify and improve our flock. Contact us for your starter herd or replacement ewes.
    Nathan Bloss - 251 Coal Dock Road, Waverly, OH 45690
    Phone: (174) 022-2004
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  • 5 M Farm - Fullblood, 3/4 & 1/2 Dorpers raised in MIG operation. Lambs being born now. Inquiries welcome!
    Cam & Deb Manahan - 29 County Road 1171, Fairfield, TX 75840
    Phone: (903) 389-6526
  • Antelope Creek Ranch - We have a herd of registered black head Dorpers and a herd of St. Croix. My original St. Croix genetics came directly from the island of St. Croix. We have extensive experience exporting sheep to many countries.
    Dr. Fred C. Homeyer - Box 47, Robert Lee, TX 76945
    Phone: (325) 453-2863
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  • Bar Quarter Circle Livestock - We run about 150 commercial Dorper/Katahdin cross ewes. We lamb in March and April, and again in the fall. We will have ewe lambs and possibly ram lambs for sale summer of 2011. We use 100% Dorper and Katahdin rams. Butcher lambs also available. Contact us for more information.
    Sonia Craig - Champion, NE
    Phone: (308) 882-7795
  • Bear Creek Farm - We raise registered percentage Dorper and White Dorper sheep with emphasis on size and shedding ability. We offer percentage ram lambs and ewe lambs. Occasionally we will have mature rams and ewes for sale.
    Blanche Perkins or Larry Terrel - 10450 S Buffalo Trace, Pekin, IN 47165
    Phone: (812) 967-4554
  • Bear Creek Ranch - Currently have 30 fullblood,purebred and percentage Dorpers. All stock is registered and am breeding for easy shedding, maximum growth on grass, parasite resistance and temperament. I have ADG and weight at 100 days on all stock. My percentage ewes are crossed with Katahdins to give ease of shedding, mothering and parasite resistance.
    Bryan Nelson - 626 Hwy 32 W., Bolivar, MO 65613
    Phone: (417) 399-5588
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  • Bear Foot Farm - Registered percentage Dorpers for breeding stock and meat- Registered Maremma Sheepdogs
    Michael and Ellen Boggs - 2922 NC 118, Grifton, NC 28530
    Phone: (252) 524-3714
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  • Big Bend Farm - High percentage Dorper ewes for sale on the east coast. 155 head. 7/8+ Dispersing a farm flock.
    Barbara Ray - Rural Route 1, Millboro, VA 24460
    Phone: (540) 460-0393
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  • Big Turnbull Ranch - We are located in middle Tennessee. Registered white Dorper percentage, purebred, fullblood breeding stock. Enrolled in the voluntary scrapie program since 2001. Currently have 200 ewe flock. 50 percent to full bloods. James Lowery DVM Fairview, TN 615-799-8369
    James Lowery - 7410 Valley Raod, Fairview, TN 37062
    Phone: (615) 799-8369
  • Blue Sapphire Farm - Blue Sapphire Farm is located in La Veta, Colorado, at an altitude of 7000 feet. These sheep are pasture-fed and farm-hay fed, with no antibiotics, steroids, or supplements. I have ewe lambs and ram lambs for sale. Lambs delivered to the locker plant. No live pickup or on-the-farm slaughter available.
    Kerstin Nemitz - 343 County Road 362, La Veta, CO 81055
    Phone: (719) 989-8718
  • Brannon Dorpers - We are a small farm in the the Central Valley of California raising fullblood blackhead Dorpers. They are registered with America Sheep Breeders Society of Colombia, Mo. Breeding is of Karoo genetics and Summa backgrounds. We are enrolled in the scrapie program.
    Richard Brannon - 10324 Victory Ave, Oakdale, CA 95361
    Phone: (209) 847-3268
  • Breychaks Blue Egg Farm - We are a small farm in North East Ohio raising fullblood and purebred Dorpers. For more information, pictures and lambs for sale please visit our website.
    Breychaks Farm - Columbia Station, OH 44028
    Phone: (440) 667-0551
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  • Briar Patch Farm - We have a small flock of fullblood Dorper and Dorper cross. Lambs to arrive this Spring.
    Chris Hall - 4885 Oxford R.D, York Springs, PA 17372
    Phone: (717) 752-4461
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  • Bubblin' Brook Farm - At Bubblin' Brook Farm situated in beautiful picturesque Lancaster County Pennsylvania. We are pleased to own and raise Dorpers, one of the finest breeds of sheep. We have genetics coming from farms such as Blue Egg, Broadmead, Riverwood, Wilson Ranch, and others, including bloodlines from South Africa. All our sheep are registered fullblood or purebred.
    Simon Mast - 728 Stone Hill Rd, Denver, PA 17517
    Phone: (717) 484-4722
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  • Buxton Ranch - I have a small farm with the highest quality White Dorpers ewes that I could find to start my flock in 2012 from Glen Land Farm in California and Lewis White Dorpers in Oregon. They are beautiful, healthy, and graze on rich Potter Valley grasses This year I have very nice purebred ram lambs for sale
    Elaine Buxton - 9751 East Road, Potter Valley, CA 95469
    Phone: (707) 743-1031
  • Buying & Selling Meat Sheep in Ohio - We are a commercial producer in the State of Ohio. Most of our flock is a high percentage of Dorper sheep. Also buying & selling meat goats.
    JB Stamper - PO Box 1037, Wilmington, OH 45177
    Phone: (937) 218-2622
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  • C-Bar Ranch Dorpers - Have percentage and purebred Dorpers available. Prices range from $150 to $400.
    Jeff Covington - 8216 Bluebonnet, Amarillo, TX 79108
    Phone: (806) 433-9981
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  • Cedar Creek Farm - We have 60 pure Texas Dall ewes bred by three registered Dorper studs. Have over 65 lambs now. Lambs will soon began being fed on full feed and alfafa. They will be 5 months old this September. Also have 46 quality Texas Dall rams, varying from 1-3 years old. Also have desert painted rams as well. give us a call.
    Luke Bilbrey - Pikeville, TN
    Phone: (678) 221-7171
  • Cedar Grove Farm - We raise registered purebred and percentage Dorpers and are located in S.E. Kansas. Some are Katahdin crossed. We sell lambs for breeding and meat, and have been in the volumtary scrapie program for 3 years.
    Vickie & Chet Osborn - 506 S. Cypress Box 138, Cherokee, KS 66724
    Phone: (620) 457-8525
  • Chaparral Sheep Ranch - Purebred Dorper, cross bred Dorper and Katahdins. Hardy, healthy, prolific and good hair coats.
    Sue McDaniel - 731 Goat Rd, Niangua, MO 65713
    Phone: (417) 473-6822
  • Chaparral Sheep Ranch - Registered full blood, purebred and percentage Dorper ewes, rams and lambs. Visit our web site for photos
    Sue McDaniel - Niangua, MO 65713
    Phone: (417) 473-6822
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  • Checkered Past Livestock - Checkered Past Livestock is a small livestock producer located 45 miles northwest of Sacramento in Arbuckle, CA. We raise top quality Dorper sheep. We specialize in providing diverse and high quality genetics.
    Curtis Gravance - 6722 Harrington Ave, Arbuckle, CA 95912
    Phone: (530) 476-3845
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  • Choate Valley Ranch - Commercial herd of Katahdin/Dorper ewes with Dorper rams. Herd runs on 160+ acres in hilly and bottom land and guarded by Anatolian/Pyrenees dogs.
    Billy Choate - 201 E Oak, Seminole, OK 74868
    Phone: (405) 382-2280
  • Clear Creek Sheep Ranch - Dorper Breeder located in Central Utah Mountains. On occasion, we have a small number of percentage ewes and rams available for sale. We have a year-round supply of naturally raised lamb for your table. Enrolled in the Voluntary Scrapie Program.
    Robin Benton - PO Box 197, Manti, UT 84642
    Phone: (435) 835-8170
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  • CMP Dorpers - We raise Dorper and White Dorper sheep in the Catskill Mountain area of New York. For more information on our farm and what we have available please check out our web site.
    Jean McCumber - 339 Abe Boice Rd., Sidney Center, NY 13839
    Phone: (607) 865-5150
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  • Cornerstone Farm - Black Head Dorpers, purebred ewes and rams in central Kentucky, located 25 miles from Lexington. Lambs average 95 lbs. at 5 months.
    Melinda Hanley - 3648 Pleasant Springs, Carlisle, KY 40311
    Phone: (859) 588-1575
  • Coy Creek Farms - We have percentage White Dorpers. Registered and commercial sheep available. Many young rams and ewes.
    Julie Owen - 4386 S. Boston Hwy., Ringgold, VA 24586
    Phone: (434) 822-6254
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  • Crane Creek Dorpers and White Dorpers - 1000 fullblood (100%) and purebred Dorper and White Dorper ewes, multiple births, out-of-season breeding, hardy, grazing sheep. Ewes and rams have good size, conformation and shedding. Codon tested. Export and transport services available.
    S Mitcham - 3061 160th Street, Sumner, IA 50674
    Phone: (563) 578-5665
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  • Crow Hollow Farm Dorpers - Veterinarian owned farm Raised Dorper and Dorper/Katahdin cross. Focusing on healthy quality meat and breeding stock. Some rams and ewes available couple of times a year. We are an all natural practice farm. Call or e-mail For availability.
    Ed Powers Valleri Reames DVM - 5606 Hwy 90, Collettsville, NC 28611
    Phone: (828) 758-1166
  • Cub Creek Farm - Registered % White Dorper in Nashville, TN
    Anton Marciuc - 8501 Cub Creek Rd, Nashville, TN 37209
    Phone: (615) 353-5911
  • Debray Dorper Farm - Fullblood and purebred Dorpers since 1999, we were the 77th farm in Ohio to enroll in the Voluntary Scrapie Flock Program on Sept. 18, 2000.
    Chuck White - 1202 Twp. Rd. 249, Toronto, OH 43964
    Phone: (740) 544-5846
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  • DNR Sheep - White Dorper, lambs and adults, percentage.
    Dick Roberts - Rt 1 Box 285, Mullin, TX 76864
    Phone: (325) 985-3657
  • Double C Ranch - Double C Ranch is located in Oakdale, California. Our flock consists of fullblood Dorpers that are registered with the International Sheep Breeders Association or the American Dorper Sheep Breeders Society. Our Dorpers have the confirmation, color, frame and heavy muscle, and we have worked hard to raise the best quality stock that would fit nicely into your breeding program. Visitors are always welcome at our ranch.
    Shelly Coite - 30999 E Grooms Rd, Oakdale, CA 95361
    Phone: (209) 923-7038
  • Du Toit Dorpers - Fullblood/purebred Dorpers for sale, rams and ewes available. Farm visits welcome.
    Johan Du Toit - 7416 Cr 659, Bushnell, FL 33513
    Phone: (352) 348-3963
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  • Dusty Corner Corral - Breeder of show quality Dorper Sheep located in Southwest Idaho. We focus on fullblood breeding for conformation, hardiness, mothering ability, carcass quality. See them at the 2007 Western Idaho State Fair. Call regarding availability of stock for sale in 2008. Watch for our website update in 2007.
    Karen Carloy, Janet Nutting - Emmett, ID
    Phone: (208) 365-4555
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  • Embree Farms - Located in Southern Indiana. Grass based system. Pasture lambing in both Fall and Spring. Fullblood, purebred, and percentage ewes and rans for sale year around.
    David Embree - 505 West Main Street, Campbellsburg, IN 47108
    Phone: (812) 755-4414
  • Everett Ranch - Raise 300 head of White Dorper and St Croix cross grass-fat lambs 65-85 lbs, available in April. Please contact for any questions.
    Clay Everett - Cemetery Rd, Wapanucka, OK 73461
    Phone: (580) 364-2604
  • Farmer Dorpers - Fullblood Dorper quality ewes and rams available for purchase year round. Visit our ranch in Brownwood Texas. Pictures of animals available for sale can be seen Website
    David Farmer - 12525 County Road 225, Brownwood, TX 76801
    Phone: (325) 998-1242
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  • Fergus Farms - Small flock of hand raised registered breeding and show quality full blood and purebred Dorpers. These are regular not white Dorpers.
    Mary Eklund - Beaufort, SC 29906
    Phone: (843) 522-3478
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  • Firethorn Farm - White Dorpers- percentage and full blood breeding stock available. We are in the VSFCP and test for OPP, CL and Johne's. Our sheep are healthy and hardy, breed out-of-season, do not need shearing, are excellent mothers and have super muscling/carcasses. What more could you ask!
    Gretta MacIntyre - 129 Beech Knob, Avella, PA 15312-2630
    Phone: (724) 356-2284
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  • Five Oaks Dorpers - Est 2004 and located 30 miles southeast of St Louis, MO in Freeburg Illinois. We raise/sell fullblood, purebred, and percentage white Dorper sheep.
    Patricia Reichling - 5497 Pleasant Ridge Sch Rd, Freeburg, IL 62243
    Phone: (618) 566-9061
  • Flat Mountain Farms - Flat Mountain Farms is a small family farm located near Austin, Texas. We raise full blood and percentage Dorper sheep. We also have some rams for lease if you are in the Austin area.
    Jason - Austin, TX
    Phone: (512) 694-4916
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  • Fox Hollow Farm - We love our Dorpers for both breeding excellence and the wonderful meat they provide. Lambs are available year-round. Grass-fed, organically raised in a sheep-happy environment. We also offer incredibly soft lambskins for sale.
    Nancy Landis - 3529 Harvest Rd, Elizabethtown, PA 17022
    Phone: (717) 665-5236
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  • Franklins Dorpers and Border Collies - We raise purebred Dorpers. Our flock is closed. Guarantee our sheep to be healthy and up to date on vaccinations and worming.All animals are dog broke to herd easily. Also raise and sell trained border collie sheep dogs.Sanger, California Linda Franklin 559-618-0400
    Linda Franklin - 3257 North Greenwood Avenue, Sanger, CA 93657
    Phone: (559) 618-0400
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  • French Cross Ranch - We raise Dorpers, the meat sheep of the future.
    Shorty and Sherry French - 20720 N F M 709, Hubbard, TX 76648
    Phone: (254) 578-1963
  • Frost-King Dorpers - Full-blood and percentage Dorper sheep - since 2003. Member American Dorper Sheep Breeders Society. Current Dorper flock to be typed by SA judges in October 2004. Goal is to raise quality breeding stock.
    Pamela Frost - 23110 NE Chelatchie Rd., Amboy, WA 98601
    Phone: (360) 247-6567
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  • Glenn Haven Farm - We added a Dorper ram to our flock to add meatiness, shed-ability and temperment. It has been a great success! Our purebred Dorper ewe lambed out twice in 6 months, and this spring our 3/4 lambs reached market weight of 60 lbs in 60-90 days, just in time for Easter! We currently have 2 purebred Dorper ram lambs available, and percentage rams, ewes and wethers.
    Fran or Michael Hoffman - 4026 Glenn Rd, Durham, NC 27704-2443
    Phone: (919) 680-6122
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  • Glenn Land Farm - We pasture-raise our White Dorper sheep in the Sacramento Valley of Northern California. We select for easy care and lambing, productivity and shedding. We have both commercial and registered ewes and rams of all ages available.
    Wes Patton - 6352 Co. Rd. 27, Orland, CA 95963
    Phone: (530) 865-7250
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  • Grants Dorpers - Fullblood White Dorper sheep since 1996 with further importations in '97 and '98 from top South African flocks. Bred, recorded percentage ewes also available. Enrolled in the voluntary scrapie program since 1995. Several different bloodlines represented.
    Darroll and Irene Grant - 10123 Friendly Ac Rd, Aumsville, OR 97325
    Phone: (503) 749-1863
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  • Haddock's Lambs - Haddocks Lambs- We are a family farm in North Carolina. We raise Dorper- Kitadin sheep. Call 252-916-1151 for more information.
    Donnie Haddock - 5980 County Home Rd., Winterville, NC 28590
    Phone: (252) 321-5616
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  • Half-Circle Six Ranches - South African Fullblood Dorpers and White Dorpers for sale. Our flock is enrolled in the scrapie program and we have experience with exporting. Come by the ranch for a visit or see us at the Midwest Stud Ram Show in Sedalia MO.
    Philip Glass - Box 218, Water Valley, TX 76958
    Phone: (325) 465-4267
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  • Hawks Farms - Specialize in registered and commercial white Dorper flock and Dorper flock. Enrolled scrapie resistant since 1995. Good shedding quality and parasite resistant. Call for availability or click "for sale" page on website.
    Zach Hawks - 1215 Seagraves Mill Rd, Hull, GA 30646
    Phone: (706) 248-2856
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  • Hays Sheep Company - We have been crossbreeding sheep for 10 years and now are in the market to sell.
    Larry Hays - 30757 Hwy 71, Scottsbluff, NE 69361
    Phone: (308) 632-5324
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  • Hedgewood Farm Dorpers - 50% - 87% Dorper ram & ewes lambs Several 50% ewes--good mothers 50% Katahdin x Dorper Ewes
    Tim & Sharon Hoober - 9939 Center Road, Fountain City,, IN 47341
    Phone: (765) 886-5893
  • High Hopes Acres, Gene & Nancy Williams - We have Registered Dorpers, 100% fullblood, purebred, and percentage ram and ewes lambs availible now. All our stock are registered. We are located in central Oklahoma and always have time to show our livestock. Give us a call or email, or just stop by to visit.
    Gene & Nancy Williams - R.R.1, Box167, Crescent, OK 73028
    Phone: (405) 969-2284
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  • Hillcrest White Dorpers - We build great sheep! Producing big stout sheep that will improve the profitability of your flock. Come see the best kept secret in the White Dorper breed!
    David S. Redwine, DVM - 3334 Wadlow Gap Hwy, Gate City, VA 24251
    Phone: (276) 386-6101
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  • Hollow Hills Ranch - We currently raise Dorper sheep. Also have Katahdin, St Croix, the colored St Croix called the St Thomas Class A, and the crossbred program for the St Thomas Class B sheep. We offer both breeding stock and market lambs.
    Connie & Amy Wheeler - 12429 S Thomas Rd, Molalla, OR 97038
    Phone: (503) 829-8148
    (Added:28-Aug-2007 Hits:940)
  • Insel Lyr Farm - Percentage White Dorpers from a Shetland x White Dorper breeding. We also raise registered Shetland sheep. Visit our web site to view pictures of our animals and to read our blog on sheep raising issues. We are located in Menominee County, upper Michigan, near the Wisconsin border.
    Nissa Annakindt - W4213 Co. Rd. 360, Daggett, MI 49821
    Phone: (906) 374-0130
    (Added:27-Aug-2012 Hits:1172)
  • IttyBitty Ranch - IttyBitty Ranch is located in beautiful central NE. I raise very high % White Dorpers and usually have a good selection of ewe and ram lambs for sale starting in June.
    Chuck Riggins - 79621 Rd. 460, Arcadia, NE 68815
    Phone: (308) 789-6185
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  • J & K Livestock - We raise hair sheep. We have Dorper, Katahdin and Barbado.
    Jeff Bair - 286 Burn Bowyer Road, Mount Hope, WV 25880
    Phone: (304) 923
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  • Jon Bray Farm - White Dorper sheep raised and for sale on a small farm in Texas near Waco.
    Jon Bray - Lorena, TX
    Phone: (254) 666-4314
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  • JW TOSCO - We are breeders of full blood and purebred registered and commercial Dorper and White Dorper sheep, and also bred great Pyrenees sheep dogs.
    John Le Bleu - 1000 Lake View Rd, Orofino, ID 83544
    Phone: (208) 582-1053
  • Kahlden Farms Inc. - Full-blood registered Dorper Sheep, a meat sheep from South Africa. Good shedders, increase the weight of your market lambs. Exceptional hardiness, and growth, as well as good mothering ability.
    Otto Kahlden - 1800 CR 201, Weimar, TX 78962
    Phone: (979) 725-8010
  • Karoo Genetics LLC - Fullblood Dorper and White Dorper ewes and rams available for purchase year round. Purebred and percentage White Dorper/Katahdin cross ewes and rams available. Enrollment in Voluntary Scrapie Program since 1995. Visits to ranch and annual production sale welcomed. Pictures of animals available for sale can be emailed. Website
    Christo Visser - 6499 N. Fort Grant Road, Willcox, AZ 85643
    Phone: (520) 390-8661
  • Kiel Farms - Specializing in percentage Dorper sheep and purbred and full blood as well. Selling lambs and breed stock year round.
    Larry KIel - Route #1 Box #30, Shobonier, IL 62885
    Phone: (618) 780-0078
  • KJH Dorper Sheep - Located 16 miles north of Fort Worth, Texas, in Azle, Texas, KJH Dorper Sheep provides Registered Dorper Sheep breeding stock, Commercial sheep and Dorper Lamb meat for sale. KJH Dorper Sheep breeds Registered Fullblood Dorper Ewes and Commercial Ewes to our Registered Fullblood Dorper Bucks, producing Registered breeding stock meeting ADSBS standards, as well as prime meat lambs for butchering.
    JL Hutchings - PO Box 1371, Azle, TX 76020
    Phone: (602) 460-0850
    (Added:26-Jul-2016 Hits:97)
  • Korf Farms - Located in Western Nebraska. White Dorper Rams available most of the time. High percentage. Pictures avilable on the web site.
    Dan Korf - Rt 1 Box 44, Haigler, NE 69030
    Phone: (308) 297-3318
    (Added:28-Oct-2004 Hits:2260)
  • Ksbopeep Farms - Percentage, purebred, and fullblood registered Dorper sheep. Member of voluntary scrapie program and American Dorper Sheep Breeders Society.
    Jan Graves - 31850 W. 89th Street, De Soto, KS 66018
    Phone: (913) 583-1926
  • KY Grassland Dorpers - We got our first Dorpers in 1998. Added White Dorpers in 2000. Currently have 60 Dorper ewes and 300 White Dorper ewes. Currently have a good crop of early spring rams available. Most of the ewe lambs have been sold, but a few April lambs are still available.
    Phillip G. - PO Box 2189, Elizabethtown, KY 42702-2189
    Phone: (270) 765-9067
    (Added:20-Oct-2011 Hits:1341)
  • L & R Farm - Pure Breed White Dorper & % White Dorper & Kat.
    Rodger - 3093 Moorefield Mem. Hwy., Pickens, SC 29671
    Phone: (864) 878-4838
  • Lambert White Dorpers - Fullblood and purebred white dorper sheep. Ewe lambs and ram lambs usually available for sale. Can email photos upon request. Located in Stephenville, TX. (Approximately 60 SW of Fort Worth).
    Barry Lambert - 5360 County Road 242, Dublin, TX 76446
    Phone: (254) 485-5328
    (Added:15-Apr-2014 Hits:259)
  • Lazy J Ranch - Registered Dorper sheep for sale, black heads
    Judi Mault - 647 Mundy Gulch Road, Indian Valley, ID 83632
    Phone: (208) 256-4409
  • Leimer Farms - Our flock consists of purebred and percentage Dorpers, and purebred and percentage Romanovs, and cross bred Commercial ewes, and a half Polypay-Finn cross Ram.
    Reuben Leimer - 110 N Franklin St, Brunswick, NE 68720
    Phone: (402) 842-4815
    (Added:7-Jan-2005 Hits:1981)
  • Liberty Dorpers - Registered and percentage Dorper and White Dorper Sheep for breeding stock and meat.
    Alison Peeler - PO Box 710, Snow Camp, NC 27349
    Phone: (336) 376-0254
  • Little Blue River Farms - We are a family farming business located in Central Indiana.
    Mike Hallgarth - 3450 W 600 N, Carthage, IN 46115
    Phone: (765) 565-6374
  • Locust Creek Dorpers - Fullblood White Dorper breeding stock. At stud: Riverwood Farms 3492 QR - 2005 Reserve National Champion. Home of the 2008 and the 2009 TN State Fair Grand Champion TN Ewe - AOB Meat. We strive to produce breeding stock capable of enhancing both commercial and registered flocks. Fullblood rams and ewes available. Located 40 minutes southwest of Nashville.
    Daniel Rivers - 9390 Old Locust Creek RD, Bon Aqua, TN 37025
    Phone: (615) 354-3731
    (Added:3-Oct-2009 Hits:1089)
  • Locust Creek Dorpers - Current flock of 50 producing White Dorper and White Dorper x Katahdin ewes. Focus on continued upbreeding using registered 100% fullblood White Dorper ram. Breeding rams, butcher lambs and commercial ewes available.
    Daniel Rivers - 9356 Old Locust Creek Road, Bon Aqua, TN 37025
    Phone: (615) 354-3731
    (Added:26-Apr-2007 Hits:1636)
  • M&M Hobby Farm - Young rams and ewes for sale to custom clients. Superior quality stock. Quality dairy calves with correct colostrum before weaning. All stock handled daily and halter broke for easy movements. Will deliver in reasonable driving range for reasonable rates.
    Mike carter - Cobbtown, GA 30420
    Phone: (912) 684-3184
  • McLeod Dorpers - Fullblood and purebred Dorpers with an emphasis on multiple births and out-of-season breeding. Also Dorper x Romanov crosses.
    Malcolm McLeod - College Grove, TN
    Phone: (615) 368-2397
  • Medlock Farms - We raise and sell fullbloods, purebreds & percentage Dorper rams and ewes.
    David & Carol Medlock - 2541 Deloach Medlock Road, Glennville, GA 30427
    Phone: (912) 654-3410
  • Midshore Meadows - We have full blood dorper, 50% dorper/katkahdan,dorset,kathadan,st.croix. We are only registered fullblood breeders in state of Maryland and we take pride in top quality sheep.
    Robert or Mandy Fletcher - 9437 Athol Rd., Mardela Springs, PA 21837
    Phone: (717) 880-6679
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  • Mills Family Farm - Full Blood White Dorpers from South African embryos, Registered Katahdins and percentage Katahdins/White Dorpers. Located in central part of Texas.
    Allen and Kay Mills - Box 805, Goldthwaite, TX 76844
    Phone: (915) 648-2692
    (Added:10-Aug-2002 Hits:2504)
  • Missouri Dorpers - We have fullblood, purebred, and percentage Dorpers that come from some of the best stock in the business. Crane Creek, Half Circle 6, and Antonio Juarez are some of the contributing flocks. Rams for sale always and ewe lambs often. New in 2012, we are adding White Dorpers as well. Check back for availability on them. Located in NW Missouri.
    Kerry Paul - 1608 E. Hwy 136, Albany, MO 64402
    Phone: (816) 392-0048
    (Added:27-Oct-2011 Hits:1064)
  • Monster Dorpers - We raise purebred and full blooded Dorper rams for people that are looking to start their own flock with top quality Dorpers. We also sell Dorper rams all year long.
    Chepo Garcia - 749 E Stuhr, Newman, CA 95360
    Phone: (209) 585-6418
  • Moonlit Meadow Farm - Moonlit Meadow Farm is tucked away in the quiet countryside of Thomasville, PA. Conveniently located along Route 234 in York County (just minutes away from Route 30), this quaint little homestead is less than 15 miles from York and Hanover, and just 22 miles from Gettysburg. Begun in 2008, we currently raise and sell Dorper sheep.
    Vicki - 4976 E. Berlin Rd., Thomasville, PA 17364
    Phone: (717) 968-5026
    (Added:5-Feb-2010 Hits:923)
  • Mountain Creek Dorpers - We raise and sell Dorper and Dorper crosses. We have rams for sale, and we are curently taking orders for spring lambs.
    Jason Poole - 19557 Butler Lane, Ola, ID 83657
    Phone: (208) 584-3284
    (Added:6-Dec-2003 Hits:2313)
  • Mountain Creek Dorpers - We raise percentage, purebred and full blood Dorper sheep. We also have butcher lambs available.
    Amanda Poole - 19557 Butler Lane, Ola, ID 83657
    Phone: (208) 584-3284
    (Added:7-Mar-2005 Hits:1704)
  • Mzuri Ranch - Raising fullblood, purebred, and percentage Dorpers. Specializing in breeding stock; a good selection of rams & ewes (of various ages) always available. We have 500+ sheep: they are fat, slick, & healthy; we worm & vaccinate regularly. We are conveniently located near I-20, about midway between Ft. Worth & Abilene (and just 20 miles west of Stephenville, TX - "Cowboy Capital of The World) Call or visit us anytime! (We give 24/7 "Sheep Support")
    Bre Lillie - P.O. Box 333, De Leon, TX 76444
    Phone: (254) 485-1469
    (Added:4-Dec-2005 Hits:2342)
  • North Run Dorpers - We breed Registered Purebred White Dorpers of high quality. Excellent dispositions and good mothering ability. Rams and young stock usually available. Our prices are down to earth. Young and old, our sheep have received excellent care including supplemental feed, shelter and vaccinations. We participate in the voluntary scrapie program.
    Bill and Linda Lehman - 6450 Delp Road, Muscoda, WI 53573
    Phone: (608) 739-4055
  • O-H Farms White Dorper Stud - We specialize in raising A.D.S.B.S registered White Dorper Sheep. We have both percentage and pureblood White Dorpers (Fullbloods rams coming soon!). Our flock is vaccinated against CD&T and has healthy hooves.Please visit our website for more information.
    Jessica - West Plains, mo 65775
    Phone: (417) 274-8402
    (Added:31-Jan-2014 Hits:360)
  • Oak Creek Dorpers - Registered Dorper sheep were added to our animal mix of cattle and Boer goats. We have quality animals purchasing our initial herd from Crane Creek in 2002. We are located just off I-70 in central Kansas.
    Max and Mary Heim - 3745 191st Street, Russ, KS 67665
    Phone: (785) 483-2921
  • Old Colony Dorpers - Fullblood Dorpers
    Ramona & James Howard - P. O. Box 233, New Kent, VA 23124
    Phone: (804) 966-2038
  • Old Creek Ranch - We are a small organic family farm in central California. We raise organic Dorper sheep for direct marketing. Farm has been in the family since 1949. We have 150 young, range-raised Dorper ewes ready for a new home.
    Terri Blanchard - 12520 Santa Rita Road, Cayucos, CA 93430
    Phone: (805) 995-1164
    (Added:7-Jul-2011 Hits:1064)
  • Open Skies Farms - We run about 150 ewes and have purebred commercial Dorper and Katahdin ewes as well as Katahdin/Dorper cross ewes. Ewe lambs, ram lambs, and wethers for sale.
    Aaron Fintel - 6391 Lincoln RD, Alliance, NE 69301
    Phone: (308) 760-1193
    (Added:7-May-2014 Hits:319)
  • Owen Dorper Sheep - At Owen Dorper Sheep we are striving to raise quality dorper sheep by utilizing rotated pastures and a well-managed maintenance program.
    Ty and Trace Owen - 2829 Hwy 12 N, Chapmansboro, TN 37035
    Phone: (615) 792-6035
    (Added:23-Feb-2005 Hits:2666)
  • Pace Ranch - Offering quality Dorpers to the southern midwest, fb registered breeding stock, commercial, percentage, Dorper/Katahdin hybrids registered, and commercial.
    Stan Pace - Tecumseh, OK
    Phone: (405) 760-6428
    (Added:19-Jan-2008 Hits:1564)
  • Pace Ranch Dorpers - Full-blood, purebred, and percentages. Rams, ewes, lambs, Karoo Genetics herd sire. Starter packages, meat lambs
    Stan Pace - 25887 Hwy 102, Tecumseh, OK 74873
    Phone: (405) 760-6428
  • Prairie winds Farm - We raise percentage and purebred Dorpers. We have 75% Dorper on up to purebred. The other crosses we carry are Romanov and Rambouillet. They all enjoy a healthy, happy life.
    Louise Eggerling - 52531 862nd Rd., Brunswick, NE 68720
    Phone: (402) 842-2408
  • Rainbow Meadow Farms - Dorper and White Dorper fullbloods and percentages. Several bloodlines. New bloodlines imported from South Africa, summer '2000. Top honors in the White Dorper ram and ewe lamb classes, National Dorper Show and Sale.
    Genell Pridgen - 3181 Gray's Mill Rd., Snow Hill, NC 28580
    Phone: (252) 747-5000
    (Added:10-Aug-2000 Hits:3515)
  • Ramziswatfarm - I have two nice fullblooded ram lambs for sale, born 2/14/05.
    Ramzi Abuhaidar - 1159 Shunpike Road, Millbrook, NY 12545
    Phone: (845) 677-3783
    (Added:15-Jun-2005 Hits:1664)
  • Rancho San Francisco - We have farms in Del Rio, Texas and Monterrey, Mexico. 20 yrs experience with sheep, 6 with Dorpers. Striving to make the Dorper a world-reknown breed, and making it available to low-income people to increase family income.
    Fernando Fernandez M. - 304 Bolner Lane, Del Rio, TX 78840
    Phone: (830) 774-2242
    (Added:8-Aug-2005 Hits:1629)
  • Rayland - White Dorper/Katahdin crosses. Scrapie program. Flock of 50 ewes. Ram and ewe lambs available beginning 2006. 3 1/2 year old purebred ram available now. No footrot, lambs vaccinated with Ultrabac 7. Bred for meat, shedability and good mothering ability.
    Pearl J. Ray - 991 Tidline Road, Traphill, NC 28685
    Phone: (336) 957-4014
  • Red Barn Lamb - 20 Romanov/Dorper ewes for sale. Excellent mothering ability, producing twins and triplets without assistance or milk replacer. They are 2 and 3 yrs old, very friendly, making them easy to work with. Recently relocated and need to down size due to lack of natural forage.
    Pamela Haffner - 8550 Trailwood Dr., Bonne Terre, MO 63628
    Phone: (573) 330-6300
  • Red Lake Sheep Co. - 2500 head of White Dorper ewes.Buck lambs are left intact and marketed for slaughter, consequently we always have a good supply of ram lambs to choose from if you need some good replacement bucks.Also usually have a good selection of ewe lambs for sale also. We select for thrifty good doing sheep that are able to make a living under less than optimum conditions.
    Doug Mortensen - Manassa, CO
    Phone: (505) 220-9456
  • Riverdale Farm - We have 1/2 Dorper 1/2 Romanov ewe lambs. Also 1/2 Dorper 1/4 Polypay 1/4 Romanov ewe lambs and ram lambs. Give us a call and come check them out.
    Mike Berven - 9030 40th St. NW, Milan, MN 56262
    Phone: (320) 269-8749
  • Riverwood Farms - We are one of the top flocks in both Dorsets and White Dorpers. We have been raising Dorpers since 1996. Would love to have you visit.
    Ron Guenther - 1000 W. Powell Rd, Powell, OH 43065
    Phone: (614) 216-6268
    (Added:25-Aug-2006 Hits:2052)
  • Rockin Lazy J Ranch - We are California breeders of Registered Dorpers ranging from top quality show lambs to basic meat suppliers. Our goal is to provide fullbloods, purebreds, and percentage Dorpers to meet your every need. Vaccinations and worming done on a scheduled basis. Inquiries and visits are always welcome!
    Lisa and Jason Jones - 4573 Dale Road, Oakdale, CA 95361
    Phone: 209/847-5423
  • Rockin T Ranch Dorpers - Located in the California central valley full-blood and percentage Dorpers. Mzuri ranch breeding stock available. Start your Dorper flock with percentages , full-bloods or up grade your flock with a full-blood ram.
    Frank and Cindy Toste - 4575 Dale Road, Oakdale, CA 95361
    Phone: (209) 847-1480
  • Rocky Top Farm VA - VA farm raising quality Katahdin, Dorper, and commercial cross sheep (100 head breeder ewes) raised using sustainable practices. Multiple colors-multiple birth ewes, pasture-lambed and raised from top bloodlines out of KY and NC (Padgett, Cundiff, and Rainbow Meadow Farms) and familair with guard dogs. Offering non-papered breeding stock, lambs, and meat. Also, we raise AKC/ASCA registered Australian Sheperd Dogs.
    Kelly Bailey - 11348 Drogheda Mountain Road, Rixeyville, VA 22737
    Phone: (540) 825-3335
    (Added:8-Mar-2010 Hits:957)
  • Roettele South Dakota Romanov and crosses - I currently raise purbred Romanov ewes crossed with a high percentage "Crane Creek" white Dorper buck. The offspring are 50% Romanov and 43% white Dorper. I now have available 39 ewe lambs, 2 ram lambs, and the balance wethers.
    Adam Roettele - 125 N Lake Blvd., Columbia, SD 57433
    Phone: (605) 396-2428
  • Rogers Hair Sheep - Located in Southern Illinois, we breed two separate herds. We have a herd of Registered St.Croix, and also a herd of Dorper-St.Croix-Katadin Crosses. We use exceptional rams; and offer: rams, lambs, and ewes from both herds. We breed for worm resistance and fast growth.
    Sam Rogers - RR 1 Box 236, Mcleansboro, IL 62859
    Phone: (618) 214-8608
  • Schmitz Dorpers - Percentage, purebred, and fullblood registered Dorper sheep(black heads). Individual animals and starter flocks almost always available. Worming done on a regular basis. Visitors always welcome. See website
    Steve Schmitz - 7990 Central Ave., Gerber, CA 96035
    Phone: (530) 385-1681
    (Added:16-Oct-2007 Hits:3430)
  • Shady Acres Sheep - We run 30-50 purebred and percentage White Dorper ewes, bred to full-blood ram. We sell breeding stock as well as market lambs. Visit our web page for more information and pictures.
    Paula McCaleb - Duck River, TN 38454
    Phone: (931) 729-0213
    (Added:15-Dec-2009 Hits:1185)
  • Shelby Acres - Dorper and White Dorper rams, ewes and lambs available. Our farm participates in the scrapie program. Our sheep are a healthy well-maintained flock. We encourage farm visits, and will provide education to newcommers to the breed.
    Robin Rau - 774 Springhead Road, Colquitt, GA 39837
    Phone: (229) 723-9194
  • Shenanigan Farms - We have a small flock of fullblood registered Dorpers in Northern Arizona. We are part of the scrapie free program. We are new to Dorpers, but have fallen in love with them. We also raise ABCA Border Collies. Our lines are Karoo Genetics.
    Kelly Selzle - Kingman, AZ
    Phone: (928) 757-5225
    (Added:13-Jun-2009 Hits:2265)
  • Shepherd's Dream - We have purebred & percentage White Dorper rams, ewes and lambs. We are located in Central Kentucky and enrolled in the VSFCP. Photos available and visitors welcome.
    Martin & Stacia Padgett - Rineyville, KY 401612
    Phone: (270) 737-8412
  • Shiloh Sheep Co. - We raise Dorper and Dorper/Katahdin cross sheep. We have ewe lambs and ram lambs available.
    Don or Kathi Martin - 70029 Yarnell Dr, Scottsbluff, NE 69361
    Phone: (308) 220-0505
  • Shimmel's RockyTop Farm - Small family farm in Ohio. We raise registered Dorpers fullblood breeding stock with South African bloodlines. We emphasize at lambing twins and triplets. Will be lambing in spring so check out our web site.
    Bob Shimmel - 437 Township Road 286, Richmond, OH 43944
    Phone: (740) 765-5626
    (Added:10-Nov-2004 Hits:2192)
  • Shimmel's RockyTop Farm - Located in Richmond, Ohio, we are a family operation including Bob, Susan, and our kids: Vicky, Brenden, Tabitha, and David. Our farm is the place to find Dorper sheep for sale in Ohio and surrounding states. We are striving to develop a strong ewe flock-base with exceptional maternal instincts, parasite resistance, and early lamb growth. We are testing for codon 171.
    Bob and Susan - Richmond, OH
    Phone: (740) 275-2985
    (Added:12-May-2009 Hits:1022)
  • Sierra Farms - We raise White Dorpers on our ranch in the Foothills of Northern California. We use stewardship principals including rotational grazing, perennial grass species renewal and animal adaptation selection in a non-irrigated, principally forage-based regimen.
    Mel and Mary Thompson - 2360 Cox Lane, Oroville, CA 95966
    Phone: (530) 532-4226
    (Added:24-Jul-2008 Hits:1843)
  • Smith Tree Farm - Fullblood Dorper Sheep. We have 5 fullblood dorper ram lambs for sale and more on the way.
    Steve Smith - 1010 S. 80th St., Harrisburg, PA 17111
    Phone: (717) 877-7968
  • Socal Dorper - Socal Dorper we specialize in Dorper and Dorper Cross Breeds...
    Bobby Mir - Riverside, CA 92506
    Phone: (951) 768-6741
    (Added:1-Feb-2013 Hits:564)
  • Socal Dorper - We have Dorper and Dorper Crosses For Sale. Please check out our website for our stock
    Bobby Mir - Riverside, CA 92506
    Phone: (951) 768-6741
    (Added:7-Feb-2013 Hits:609)
  • Sooner Ranch - We raise Registered fullblood and percentage Dorper show and club lambs. We are located in Oklahoma City, OK.
    Tom Dugas - Oklahoma City, OK
    Phone: (405) 550-5587
    (Added:30-Aug-2010 Hits:1126)
  • Square K Ranch - Percentage Dorper and Katahdin sheep.
    Kyle Kirkpatrick - 730 Morris Drive, Somerville, TN 38068
    Phone: (901) 896-4783
  • Stein Ranch - Fullblood White Dorpers and White Dorper/Katahdin or White Dorper/Columbia crosses. We are selecting for fertility and ability to gain well on Western pastures.
    Steve & Sue Weih - 222 Hwy 96, Douglas, WY 82633
    Phone: (307) 358-399
  • Still Water Farm - We raise White Dorpers X Katahdin. Out Ram is 100% registered White Dorper and ewes are 3/4 White Dorper and 1/4 Katahdin. Our sheep are grass fed and our lambs are not cut or altered unless requested otherwise.
    Matthew and Deborah Adkins - 15690 Hwy 167, Monticello, KY 42633
    Phone: (606) 340-9647
    (Added:31-Mar-2016 Hits:118)
  • Stone Axe Farm - We have carefully selected well built, meaty, good shedding sheep for our small flock. We occasionally have purebred and percentage Dorper sheep available that show the results of our improvement efforts.
    Martha Howell - 7422 FM 380, San Angelo, TX 76905
    Phone: (325) 659-2257
    (Added:16-May-2003 Hits:1865)
  • Sugar Valley Farm - We have a flock of White Dorper built on the top genetics in the US. All sheep are registered with the American Dorper Sheep Breeders Society. We usually have quality animals of all ages for sale. Shipping can be arranged if needed. Please visit our web page to see the kind of animals we are producing. Feel free to call or e-mail with any questions.
    Justin Smithey - 2992 Resaca-Lafayette Rd, Sugar Valley, GA 30746
    Phone: (706) 537-6294
    (Added:12-Jun-2013 Hits:598)
  • Sun Rise - Have percentage Dorper sheep and will have fullbloods next lamb crop. For meaty, breeding stock or training stock dogs.
    Sharon Elkins - 12770 Ellicott Hwy., Calhan, CO 80808
    Phone: (710) 347-2627
  • Suncity farm - Commercial ewes and purebred ram
    Ppedro Macias - 38880 Washington, Iindio, CA 92234
    Phone: (760) 567-5079
  • Sundance Ranch - Small scale Dorper Breeder in Southern California. Raised to be tame, people loving pets. Dorper sheep are gentle, smart and loving. They make excellent pets and are great lawn mowers.
    Rick Dawes - 40601 Norman Road, Cherry Valley, CA 92223
    Phone: (909) 769-9550
  • Sunny Spring Farm - We have a growing flock of purebred Dorpers: 30 ewes and 3 breeding rams. We also have ewe lambs and ram lambs for sale. Our farm is located in north central Kentucky in the beautiful bluegrass region. We can produce pictures of lambs upon request.
    Dustin Mitchell - 5192 Piqua Kentontown Road, Mount Olivet, KY 41064
    Phone: (606) 724-2280
  • SunRazed Farm - Registered Dorper Fullbloods, purebreds,percentages,using the Katahdin/Dorper cross for shedding abilities. Inquires for availabilty welcome ~ Contact Kathy or Steve at We are located 30 miles from Traverse City. 231-879-4351
    Kathy or Steve - Fife Lake, MI 49633
    Phone: (231) 879-4351
  • Sweatranch - We are a small ranch in northern Wyoming. We have blackhead and white Dorper ewe lambs, that will be ready to go the first part of June 2009.
    Sweat Ranch - Box 25, Deaver, WY 82421
    Phone: (307) 664-2241
    (Added:24-Apr-2009 Hits:898)
  • Sweet Seasons Farm - %White Dorper Ewe Lambs ready now. 75% White Dorper-25%katahdin. Priced according to number taken.
    Richard Manning - 2339cr608, Valley Head, AL 35989
    Phone: (256) 635-6791
  • Tally Ho Farm - Fullblood white Dorpers + % white Dorpers. Scrapie program. Menber of the American White Dorper Association. Have registered stock. We are a small scale White Dorper breeder. Jessica Paxton 131 Ehler Rd, Monticello, FL 32344 850-445-0259
    Jessi Paxton - 131 Ehler Rd, Monticello, FL 32344
    Phone: (850) 445-0259
  • The Henry Ranch - We are a family farm in southern Ohio. We raise and sell Dorpers-crossbreds, percentages, & white Dorpers.
    Gary & Dorothea Henry - 5768 Brier Ridge Road, West Union, OH 45693
    Phone: (937) 373-2405
    (Added:28-Jul-2007 Hits:1550)
  • Thoreson Sheep & Goat Company - We have approximately 2000 Dorper/Katahdin/Romanov cross ewes. We feed out all of the ram lambs and offer the ewe lambs for sale.
    Ted Thoreson - P.O. Box 334, El Dorado Springs, MO 64744
    Phone: (417) 876-7979
  • Three Springs Farm - Full-blooded Dorper sheep and full blooded Karakul sheep available. Will be producing Dorper/Karakul cross for the commercial market beginning 2006. Both flocks come from scrapies free stock and were selected for type and health.
    Lori - Castleton, VA 22716
    Phone: (540) 937-3917
  • TNT Dorpers- Travis Rinehart - We raise White Dorper sheep. They are easy keepers and are not selective grazers. With this breed multiple births are very common. We occasionally have ewes and rams for sale. Once you have Dorpers you will never look back.
    Travis Rinehart - Onida, SD
    Phone: (605) 973-2345
  • Top O' Hill Acres - Spring lambs available 4/13/07. We have 50% and 75% Dorper ewe- and ram-lambs out of Katahdin/Dorper crosses. Please see our site for prices/pics.
    Cathy Stahlman - Ames, IA 50014
    Phone: (515) 232-5772
    (Added:24-Mar-2007 Hits:2722)
  • Tower View Dorpers - Raising percentage White Dorper Sheep in the mountains of Southwest Virginia. We are focusing on conformation, frame, and well-defined, heavy muscle. We produce lambs for the lamb meat market, with select rams and ewes sold as breeding stock.
    John Redwine - 3115 Nickelsville Hwy., Gate City, VA 24251
    Phone: (276) 708-1878
    (Added:2-Nov-2008 Hits:990)
  • Tri State Animal Health - Raising droper crossbreds and providing another source for quality sheep medicines at a reasonable cost to all sheep producers. Also providing range bred ewes on a partnership basis. E mail at Managed by Dr. John E Radosevich
    Dr. John E Radosevich - 876 Grange Road, Wheatland, WY 82201
    Phone: (307) 322-3328
  • Triple Cross Farm - Dorper % ewe and ram lambs available starting 1/30/2003. Located in Southern California. We have recently changed from Finn/Dorset/Rambouillet to a Dorper to decrease expenses, increase weight gain.
    Linda Moore - PO Box 391698, Anza, CA 92539
    Phone: (909) 763-0026
  • Triple Cross Farms, Inc - Finally made the higher % stock. Now reducing 83% and lower ewes(some bred to a Type 5 Fullblood ram. Over 20 ewes for sale starting at 43% and up. Some registered as purebreds. Color and some perfection.
    Linda Moore - PO Box 391698, Anza, CA 92539
    Phone: (951) 763-1000
    (Added:25-Oct-2005 Hits:2710)
  • Twin Ridges - Fullblood, purebred, and percentage registered and commercial Dorpers available. We are dedicated to produce excellent quality Dorper breeding sheep based on productivity, conformation, and shedding. Codon testing and scrapie program.
    LeAnn Winters - RR 3 Box 65B, Kahoka, MO 63445
    Phone: (573) 881-2073
    (Added:5-May-2011 Hits:1054)
  • Valley Sheep Farm - Purebred and fullblood white Dorpers. Member of scrapie program. We run a closed flock and a member of the American Dorper Association.
    Nick and Loraine Venter - 10172 Sugar Creek Road, Bentonville, AR 72712
    Phone: (479) 271-6334
  • Van Vliet Livestock - Our Dorpers are hand picked from the well known Mzuri Ranch in Texas and raised here at Van Vliet Livestock Ranch. All animals are range raised here and are producing beautiful offspring that can be used for a solid breeding foundation. We have registered stock in both the International Dorper Breeders' Society (I.D.S.B.A) and the American Dorper Sheep Breeders Society (ADSBS).
    Jake Van Vliet - 19441 Milton Rd., Farmington, CA 95230
    Phone: (209) 605-4682
    (Added:2-Feb-2008 Hits:2406)
  • Van Well Dorpers - We raise Purebred and percentage Dorper in the Loess Hills of Western Iowa. In our percentage flock, we emphasize size by crossing with commercial ewes as well as reinforce lambing out of season by crossing with Polypay.
    Doug Van Well - 3676 240th St, Portsmouth, IA 51565
    Phone: (712) 743-1214
    (Added:20-Jul-2002 Hits:3548)
  • Walker Creek Ranch - Purebred and percentage White Dorper sheep. Registered St. Croix hair sheep. Commercial white hair rams. Starter flocks.
    Paul and Kathy Lewis - 6352 County Road 27, Orland, CA 95963
    Phone: (530) 865-8666
    (Added:19-Aug-2001 Hits:3997)
  • Wild Diaomond Acres - We have various crosses including Barbados, Dorper and Katahdin crosses all crossed with Dorpers, both for meat and agility. Let us serve you with the meat for all occasions.
    Kade Goebel - 75469 Upper Diamond Lane, Wallowa, OR 97885
    Phone: (541) 886-6494
  • Wilson Farms - I have white Dorper and Dorper cross sheep. I sometimes have livestock guard dog puppies.
    Gary Wilson - 194 Old Glimp Rd, Ripley, TN 38063
    Phone: (731) 635-8186
  • Wilson Farms - Dorper cross lambs for sale on small west TN farm.
    Gary Wilson - 194 Old Glimp Rd, Ripley, TN 38063
    Phone: (731) 635-8186
  • Wilson Ranch - Fullblood Dorpers ewes amd rams. All visitors welcome at the ranch. We strive to breed and sell the best quality animals. Enrolled in the scrapie program since 2004. Lifetime ranching family.
    Tina Wilson - P.O. Box 896, Sterling City, TX 76951
    Phone: (325) 378-2789
    (Added:5-Jul-2007 Hits:1450)
  • Windy Hill Farm Dorpers - We have been breeding Dorper cross sheep for 4 years and have some 75% & 88% ewe and young buck sheep for sale. Our farm is located in the beautiful hill country of Texas. Prices starting at $75.00. Go to our web page for more info and pictures.
    Barbara or Ken Carter - 286 Linda Lane, Valley Spring, TX 76885
    Phone: (325) 622-4696
    (Added:3-Aug-2009 Hits:1187)
  • Windy Ridge Dorpers - We have a flock of 30 ewes in the blue grass region of Kentucky with lots of fast growing lambs that were born in Feb and will be weaned soon. This year we will also have some nice ewes and rams for sale. Because of uncontrollable dog and coyote trouble, we are forced to reduce our flock. All of our lamb are 100% and the ewes will be from 93%-100%.
    Darrell Layne - Carlisle, KY 40311
    Phone: (859) 473-2061
  • Wolf Creek Acres - We raise percentage and purebreed Dorpers in central Iowa. Please check out our website for more details.
    Brian Dilly - 1724 Hwy T47, Gladbrook, IA 50635
    Phone: (641) 473-2244
    (Added:2-Jan-2008 Hits:2032)
  • Woodbury Ranch/Joleo Dorpers - We raise fullblood, purebred and percentage Dorpers and percentage White Dorper breeding stock. Seasonally available.
    Leo Woodbury - 879 Trabing Road, Buffalo, WY 82834
    Phone: (307) 684-0219
    (Added:30-Sep-2005 Hits:1556)
  • Yucca Lily Ranch - Over 800 Registered Fullblood and Percentage Dorper and White Dorper Sheep located on our families 6th generation ranch in Southwest Texas between Ozona and Sonora on Interstate 10.
    Mike Sudderth - 1008 Buckeye Rd, Fredericksburg, TX 78624
    Phone: (830) 990-8486
    (Added:27-Aug-2002 Hits:2790)

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