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  • Kelpwood Farm - Finnsheep: white ewe, black ram. Three years old. Produced triplets in 2008 and 2009. Ewe has a beautiful udder,lots of milk. 2009: two ewe lambs, one black ram lamb. Purebred, but no papers. All are delightful and tame. Great for soft fiber and meat.
    Louise Black - 300 Dana Street, Fort Bragg, CA 95437
    Phone: (707) 964-6976
  • Crawford Sheep Ranch - We are a small flock in Northern California. Our Finnsheep flock currently contains two ewes and lambs. We also maintain Columbias and crosbred sheep. Our flock is maintained on about fifteen acres of cross-fenced pastures.
    Zeneta Mary Crawford - P O Box 306, Hornbrook, CA 96044
    Phone: (530) 905-3005
    (Added:20-Mar-2006 Hits:1558)
  • Medley Farm and Kennel - We are a family ranch in Northern California. We raise purebred Finns in white, black, brown, grey, fawn and pied. We health test. Breeding animals and fiber pets available. We also sell fleeces for hand spinners.
    Tammi Myers - 13470 Alabama Rd., Galt, CA 95632
    Phone: (209) 748-5046
    (Added:12-Sep-2012 Hits:488)
  • Finnlandia Farms - At Finnlandia Farms we raise purebred, registered Finnsheep as well as colored Finn/Border Leicester crosses. We have purebred and partbred Finns available in white, black, grey and chocolate. Beautiful fleeces and proven prolificacy. Stock for sale at all times. Fleeces for sale as well as freezer lambs.
    Shawna Valenzuela - P.O. Box 159, Winchester, CA 92596
    Phone: (909) 926-9637
    (Added:27-Jan-2001 Hits:3236)
  • Shai-J Criations Alpacas and Fiber - We have alpacas and Finnsheep. We sell breeding animals, fiber animals, and raw and processed fiber as well US made products.
    Shari Carlson - 216 Brick Top Road, Windham, CT 06280
    Phone: (860) 460-7610
  • The Woolery at Palfrey Farm - We have a small herd of docile, friendly, registered (full and partbred) Finn sheep in white, black and piebald (spotted colors.) My flock is selected for lovely wool, maternal traits, docile temperament and good health. Raised on pasture and tons of love and kindness. Adult rams and lambs available any time. We have both fall and spring lambings. Finn sheep are a multipurpose breed and will increase lambing procentages. Our ewes have multiple births, multiple times per year.
    Cecilia Thornton - 733 Dutch Neck Road, Middletown, DE 19709
    Phone: (302) 838-2651
  • Jared M. Bogle - I own a Finnsheep flock with two ewes and a ram. I have two ewe lambs and two ram lambs for sale. These lambs came from a set of quadruplets, which is great for cross-breeding. The main benefits of Finnsheep are great meat flavor and prolificacy. Finnsheep may be the most prolific sheep breed, with several instances of septuplets. They are great animals, wonderful for homesteads, beneficial for large commercial flocks. These are great lambs; I have high hopes for them.
    Jared M. Bogle - 1078 N. Germany Mtn. Rd., Clayton, GA 30525
    Phone: (706) 782-1780
    (Added:29-May-2013 Hits:369)
  • Rising Fawn Farm - Rising Fawn Farm - Finns & Finn X's for sale, ewes,lambs,rams. Beautiful fleece, white or colored. Excellent healthy stock. Market lambs. Handspinners Fleece.
    Brenda Mckaig - Rising Fawn, GA 30738
    Phone: (423) 802-1601
    (Added:30-Jul-2003 Hits:2155)
  • Trousdale Farms - I normally have Finn cross Ile de France ewe lambs and ram lambs for sale. 1/4 and 1/2 Finn.
    Kyle Trousdale - Mason City, IA
    Phone: (641) 430-9680
  • Fuzz N Fluff Farms - A family-run farm in north central Idaho, we raise quality purebred Finnsheep, and Finn/Texel crosses. All of our sheep are grass-raised and friendly, making them great 4-H projects. We breed for quality fleeces with a good crimp, exceptional mothering abilities and large litters. We also raise Maremma sheepdogs. Visitors are always welcome at Fuzz N Fluff Farm! Check out our website for more info.
    Jessica - Riggins, ID
    Phone: (208) 628-4196
    (Added:8-Sep-2009 Hits:1219)
  • Craggle Creek Ranch - We are a family-run farm in north central Idaho. We are hand-spinners, knitters and crocheters. We have 35 ewes at this time. We have a variety of colors, black, brown, grey, white and everything in between! We also raise Maremma sheepdogs! Check out our website for more info or give us a call we would love to talk to you!
    Jessica Garrett - Lucile, ID
    Phone: (208) 628-4196
    (Added:6-Dec-2010 Hits:615)
  • Walnut Springs Farm - Located in the Heart of Illinois we are dedicated to preserving rare breeds of sheep. We raise registered Finnish Landrace, Cotswold, Border Leicester, and Shetland Sheep. Our concentration is on fiber and physical soundness.
    Elizabeth - Princeville, IL 61559
    Phone: (309) 385-4637
    (Added:10-Aug-2010 Hits:736)
  • Wolf Moon Finnsheep - The home of some very beautiful Finnsheep. Cheryl Medlin 618-623-2628 Lebanon, IL 62254
    Cheryl Medlin - 10304 Julie Lane, Lebanon, IL 62254
    Phone: (618) 623-2628
    (Added:25-May-2011 Hits:698)
  • Rocking A Paints - Wanted: we are looking to buy several breeding animals, mostly colored stock, one white ewe ok but we prefer it to carry color gene. 1 ram/4 or more ewes. Any age, please send photos, location and price. Please keep in mind these are for breeding not for slaughter. They will live in a pet-type setting[spoiled of course]. We are located in southern Illinois but will gladly travel to pick up these sheep.
    Tammy - RT 1, Broughton, IL 62817
    Phone: (618) 647-2562
  • Little LambseyDivey Farm - Small hobby farm located in the rolling hills of southern Indiana. We have Olde English Babydoll Southdown/Finn crosses and Finn/Dorset Crosses. They have wonderful fleeces for crafts and fiber projects. Also coming spring of 2008 Finn/Lincoln crosses. Our Babydoll Southdowns are great show sheep for young 4-H'ers. Email or call for spring reservations.
    janet rhoades - 2241 Little Salt Creek Run, Bedford, IN 47421
    Phone: (812) 834-8547
  • Hillside Farm - We have FBA and IFR registered Finnsheep as well as commerical crosses. Also have roving for sale.
    A. Thayer - Barre, MA 01005
    Phone: (978) 257-5723
    (Added:16-Apr-2014 Hits:211)
  • Stoney Meadow Farm - We raise only purebred Finnsheep and have white, black and a limited number of spotted available. We have breeding stock and fleeces available for sale.
    Susan or Ginger - Mendon, MA
  • Morgan-Tenney farms - Here at Morgan-Tenney farms we offer superior quality larger Finnsheep with emphasis on wool and disease and parasite resistance.Starter flocks in spring. Located in New Windsor Maryland. raw wool and roving and yarn for sale also. Please note i have PA cell but, maryland farm
    Sherry Tenney - 2728 Sams Creek Road, New Windsor, MD 21076
    Phone: (717) 870-4407
    (Added:11-May-2014 Hits:222)
  • Sable Forest Finnsheep - Located in Central Michigan, we have black, brown, white, and badgerface genetics. We offer fleeces and lambs as available, check with us to see what is for sale. Our foundation stock originates from OPP free flocks and is enrolled in the USDA Scrapie program, flock number MI2042.
    Darren and Maggie Cole - 2114 S. Magrudder Rd., Saint Louis, MI 48880
    Phone: (989) 681-0024
    (Added:14-Nov-2009 Hits:941)
  • Bella Vita Farm & Fiber - Finnsheep, both registered and non registered in white, black, gray, brown and piebald patterns. We raise them for quality fiber for handspinners. Lambs for sale and occasionally mature rams or ewes. Please call for availability.
    Diane Lalomia - 16455 Cermak Rd, Bear Lake, MI 49614
    Phone: (231) 864-6455
    (Added:11-Aug-2011 Hits:1104)
  • Bramble Berry Finns - Registered and FinnXCorriedale lambs and fleeces.
    Callie Welch - 6861 Old Pipestone Rd, Eau Claire, MI 49111
    Phone: (269) 461-4101
    (Added:13-May-2011 Hits:691)
  • Finnish Fiber Farm - We specialize in purebred natural colored Finnsheep that excel in fecundity, maternalism, milk production, fleece quality, foraging ability, hardiness, and temperament. Our flock is composed of black, gray factor, brown, and piebald genetics. Our ewes can produce and nurse triplets and quads on good forages alone. We offer select breeding stock, sweet fiber pet wethers, fiber, handspun yarn, and woolen items. Mostly NCWGA registered.
    Anna Makela - 3660 Olds Rd., Leslie, MI 49251
    Phone: (517) 589-5888
    (Added:10-Apr-2011 Hits:638)
  • Leeward Acres Sheep Farm - Breed white and colored Finnsheep, have raw fleeces and processed rovings. Also cross Finnsheep with Corriedale and Suffolk. Have mohair rovings, and other wool roving.
    Deborah Knisely Lee - Durand, MI 48429
    Phone: 517-288-3659
  • Borderhauss Kennel/Farm - We have a small flock of colored and white registered Finnsheep. Lambs arriving in Feb.-Apr. Contact for more information.
    Laura Hauss - 7930 Antcliff Road, Howell, MI 48855
    Phone: (734) 717-9083
    (Added:16-Mar-2011 Hits:605)
  • Bella Vita Farm - We are located in Bear Lake, MI, and raise Finnish Landrace sheep.
    Diane Lalomia - 16455 Cermak Rd., Bear Lake, MI 49614
    Phone: (231) 864-6455
    (Added:26-Sep-2006 Hits:1215)
  • WoodSpryte Farm FinnSheep - We have colored and white, registered and unregistered Finns. Chosen for their fleece quality and productivity. Starting our waiting list..1st lambs due March 2010. Hurry while you still can!
    Tiffany Rich - Dimondale, MI
    Phone: (517) 993-8154
    (Added:19-Feb-2010 Hits:815)
  • WoodSpryte Farm Finns - Spring 2010 will have colored and white Finnish Landrace lambs for sale. Registered or unregistered. Bred for fleece and production. Lambs dam-raised, supplemented when needed. Pasture-fed, not FAT lambs. Long lean and mild flavored meat. AVAILABLE NOW: Premium blends of roving made of llama, alpaca, finn, angora, mohair and silk. All natural colors blended to make natural looking yarns. Hand-spun available on occasion.
    Tiffany - Dimondale, MI 48821
    Phone: (517) 993-8154
  • Sugar Creek Ranch - We are new to sheep but have raised other livestock for many years. Our Finn stater flock comes from well known breeders in the mid-west. Lambs should be mostly black & white. Also have a couple FinnX ewes due for nice white wool and market lambs. We do not have a website yet but can email pictures on request.
    Cheryl Sugar - 3401 Lovejoy Td, Byron, MI 48418
    Phone: (810) 397-8257
  • Little Red Oak Farm - At Little Red Oak Farm, we raise purebred Finnsheep in white, various colors and patterns, breeding for friendliness, ease of handling, maternal traits and fine wool. Finns naturally lamb in greater numbers than any other breed. Our flock is inspected annually for scrapie and OPP. Sheep and lambs available each summer--for photos, see our blog at .
    Gail Von Bargen - 14255 Jacob St, Hamburg, MN 55339
    Phone: (952) 467-2305
  • Korkow Ranch - Located in Southeastern Montana. Flock enrolled in Voluntary Scrapie Program (MT30), is certified B Ovis Free by the State of Montana, and whole flock OPP monitored. Breeding stock for sale. Crossbred ewes also available. Delivery may be possible depending on location.
    Julie Korkow - HC 40 Box 28A, Volborg, MT 59351
    Phone: (406) 554-3123
    (Added:1-Nov-2005 Hits:1360)
  • Santa Maria Farm - We are a small farm with around 50 purebred registered Finn sheep, llamas and alpacas. Our Finn sheep are pure white with a great fleece for spinners, the meat is very mild and tasty. The llamas helps us as guards for the sheep. Currently we have spring lambs for sale. We are in North Carolina near Pinehurst.
    Guenther or Evelyn Baerje - 3504 Roseland Rd., Aberdeen, NC 28315
    Phone: (910) 281-4036
  • Little Flock Farm - Purebred registered 95% organic-fed Finnsheep. Small family farm offering breeding stock and fleeces for sale. Fleeces available right off the sheep or gently washed, hand-fluffed and air dried. All of our Finns are white. Also selling various colors of Shetland sheep for breeding stock. Colored Shetland fleeces also available.
    Deana Swanson - 1964 Sheffield Rd., Harmony, NC 28634
    Phone: (336) 492-2641
    (Added:27-Aug-2007 Hits:1158)
  • Apple Haven Ranch - Pure bred Finnsheep and Finn/Romney cross rams for sale. OPP free flock! Like us on Facebook at Apple Haven Ranch.
    Paul T. Mahin - 3960 41st Ave. S.E., Tappen, ND 58487
    Phone: (701) 471-4992
  • Apple Haven Ranch - We have a closed flock of registered Finn sheep that has been tested scrapie and OPP free.We sell Finn and Finn/Romney cross Rams. Like us on Facebook at Apple Haven Ranch.
    Paul Mahin - 3960 41st Ave N.E., Tappen, ND 58487
    Phone: (701) 471-4992
  • Forest Bluff Farm - 2016 Spring lambs for sale (4 rams) (4+ ewes) Finn/Icelandic cross; smaller size; good for pets, fiber, meat; pasture-raised (supplemented with pellets) Family Farm location: 20 Molasses Hill Road, Clinton Township (off Rt 31 near Horseman's Outlet) Alt phone: 908-442-2613
    Suzanne or Chris Bishop - 3 Fawn Ridge Road, Lebanon, NJ 08833
    Phone: (917) 751-4398
  • Bee Skep Ranch - We love our Finnsheep! Colored and white purebred sheep. Also, experimental crossbred Finns: Dolfin (Babydoll X Finn), Chevfin (mini Cheviot X Finn) and MinFin (miniature Finns) Purebred rams for hire.
    Eddie Miller - 403 Cheryl Way, Silver Springs, NV 89429
    Phone: (775) 629-1211
    (Added:30-May-2003 Hits:1469)
  • Lighthouse Farm - We are a small farm with black, white, pied, plus brown and grey genetics. Selection for conformation, fleece softness and colors, milkiness and maternal abilities. Breeding stock, lambs, and fleeces are available currently.
    Mary - Herb Tucker - PO Box 85 8885 County Rd 5, West Clarksville,, NY 14786
    Phone: (585) 928-1721
    (Added:21-Aug-2009 Hits:690)
  • Fossil Creek Finnsheep - White and colored sheep for sale. Fiber and breeding stock our main focus. Currently offering ram lambs, ewe lambs, yearling rams and mature, proven breeding rams for sale until November 1, 2013. Confirmation, temperment, strong maternal abilities, fleece quality, parasite resistance are our breeding goals.
    Kathryn - P.O. Box 24, South Otselic, NY 13155
    Phone: (631) ,25-2,57
    (Added:25-Oct-2013 Hits:271)
  • Ironwood Hill Farm - Ironwood Hill Farm raises purebred, registered Finnsheep and offers high quality breeding stock with diverse genetics. Our flock consists of brown, black, grey, fawn, white, piebald, and badgerface. Our flock is disease free and each sheep is tested annually for OPP. We have breeding stock for handspinners,commercial flocks, family pets, and 4-H members. We also offer lovely fleeces and fiber.
    Teresa Fallon - P O Box 404, Newark Valley, NY 13811
    Phone: (607) 237-1788
    (Added:28-Jan-2013 Hits:366)
  • Hut on the HIll Farm - Working to build a locally adapted flock that is hardy, thrifty, and low maintenance, with a focus on wool and dairy character.
    Mary Scholefield - 2675 Dugway Rd, New Woodstock, NY 13122
    Phone: (315) 662-3212
    (Added:16-Nov-2010 Hits:770)
  • Stillmeadow Finnsheep - Central New York breeding farm with registered Finnsheep since 1993. Flock of 18 in white, black, and piebald (spotted) colors. Selection criteria includes maternalism, docility, fleece quality, and conformation. High health standard results in no footrot, soremouth, or caseous lymphadenitis (lymph gland abcess). Entire flock is OPP tested Negative. Lambs available in July. Fleeces and washed wool for sale.
    Elizabeth Hale Kinne - 5883 Randall Hill Road, DeRuyter, NY 13052
    Phone: (315) 852-3344
    (Added:16-Nov-2005 Hits:992)
  • Point of View Farm - Point of View Farm is home to a flock of purebred registered Finnsheep including naturally colored sheep in brown, fawn, grey, piedbald and badgerface. We sell breeding stock, lambs, fleeces, wool yarns, including handspun and roving from our sheep.
    CaraLeigh Wilson - PO box 535, Bangall, NY 12581
    Phone: (845) 868-7776
    (Added:16-Mar-2010 Hits:652)
  • Eldorado Farms - Small closed flock with a variety of colors. Raised on pasture and tons of love and kindness. Very friendly and easy to handle.
    Terrie Godfrey - 10915 Main Road, Berlin Heights, OH 44814
    Phone: (440) 967-1578
    (Added:7-Aug-2006 Hits:1195)
  • Boulder Ridge Farm - We raise a small flock of Finnsheep as breeding stock. All sheep have tested negative for Johne's and OPP, and we are also part of Scrapie program (currently waiting for vet visit to get assigned number). Flock raised for health, maternal ability, prolifacy and friendliness. Reserve your fleece of natural color for next year.
    Cynthia Smith - Hominy, OK
    Phone: (918) 885-1284
    (Added:9-May-2003 Hits:1603)
  • Devitt Valley Farm - We raise a small flock of purebred, registered Finnsheep for fiber and breeding stock. Sheep are raised on pasture and come in a variety of colors including black, white, gray, brown, and piebald.
    Meg Shaughnessy - Blodgett, OR
    Phone: (541) 456-2266
  • Riyescott Ranch - We are a fiber-producing farm in Brookings, Oregon, on the southern coast. Fine-fibered llamas protect the sheep. Our small herd of Finn sheep are involved in the Gotland sheep upgrade program. Also some have been exposed to a purebred Finn for lambs in the spring. Finn wool is so soft and very crimpy! We have white black and grey Finns.
    Linda Stimson - 20465 Huckleberry Ridge Road, Brookings, OR 97415
    Phone: (541) 469-3065
    (Added:3-Dec-2006 Hits:1047)
  • Ronan Country Fibers - Ronan Country Fibers offers both white and black Finns. Fleeces are also available. Located on 100 acres in scenic southern Oregon. We welcome visitors and have guest accomodations. Stop by on your way to the Oregon Caves or Rogue River recreational areas. We also offer Gotland sheep; rare US Breed featuring the Champion and Reserve Champion ewe and Champion ram from the first Gotland sheep show in the USA.
    Carol Ronan - 4001 Deer Creek Road, Selma, OR 97538
    Phone: (541) 597-4600
    (Added:26-Apr-2008 Hits:890)
  • Hatton Finnsheep - Registered white and colored purebred Finnsheep and fleeces for sale. We have been breeding Finnsheep since 1985, focusing on exceptionally healthy stock. OPP tested negative flock and certified in the scrapie program. No footrot, sore mouth or pinkeye.
    Grace Hatton - 177 Hatton Road, Hawley, PA 18428
    Phone: (570) 775-9136
    (Added:22-Mar-2008 Hits:1083)
  • Hatton Finnsheep - Registered Finnsheep (Magee bloodlines), OPP neg., enrolled Voluntary Scrapie Program. Free of footrot, soremouth and abcesses. Lambing the same ewes twice a year.
    Grace Hatton - HC 8 Box 8151, Hawley, PA 18428
    Phone: (570) 775-9136
  • The Ark farm - The Ark Farm - "Pride of The Breed " -Purebred White Finnsheep - Quality animals proven excellent for foundation stock. Ewes have very productive mothering abilities domesticated herding/flock instinct. Will breed out of season. Rams have proven production records. Also, offering Lacune/East Friesian/Finn crossbred stock. The Ark Farm Certified Status being certified by the Scrapie Flock Certification Board.
    Dale & Martha Livermore - 1094 -Allens Mills Road, Brookville, PA 15825
    Phone: (814) 328-2720
  • Trimbur Field Farm Finnsheep - High-quality breeding stock and fleeces. We have whites, blacks, greys, browns, fawns and heathers. Well-handled, friendly healthy sheep for hobby farmers, spinners, 4-H projects, breeders and felters. Super-clean fleeces. Our sheep are impeccably cared for on lush, rolling pastures and immaculate barns to provide you with the absolute best in healthy, quality stock. Champion ewes are in our production program and all stock must meet our rigid standards!
    Heidi Trimbur - 58 Bitting Road, Alburtis, PA 18011
    Phone: (610) 845-3607
    (Added:8-Oct-2008 Hits:952)
  • Circle M Farm - We raise purebred Finnsheep in the beautiful mountains of East Tennessee. Our focus colors are white and brown based. We offer breeding stock, fiber pets, and fleeces.
    Megan Pennington - Huntsville, TN
    Phone: (423) 215-2637
    (Added:14-Jun-2013 Hits:326)
  • Anzar Finnsheep - Top quality registerd purebred white Finnsheep. Enrolled in VSFCP (VA18). Recently imported semen from Finland and selected ewes AI this season. Ram & Ewe lambs, semen & some wool for sale.
    Grant W. Blackburn - 143 Gravel ln, Lexington, VA 24450
    Phone: 540 463-4594
  • Misty Mounatin Farm - Raising purebred Finnsheep, white and colored, since 1983. Handspinning fleeces, rovings and batts available. Breeding stock for sale. Scrapies negative flock VA26
    Linda and Leanna Witt - PO Box 133, Amissville, VA 20106
    Phone: (540) 937-4707
    (Added:1-Aug-2012 Hits:448)
  • Muddy Pig Ranch - Breeding stock from the east coast.
    Anne-Marie Elkins - 110 W. 6th Ave, #318, Ellensburg, WA 98926
    Phone: (425) 444-6051
    (Added:7-Mar-2016 Hits:335)
  • Solace Farm - Small family farm specializing in raising registered Finnsheep and Finn commercial crosses for quality fiber and meat. We have colored and white animals, breeeding stock and fiber pets as well. Solace Farm is located in the Inland Northwest just a few miles North of Spokane, WA.
    Robert Willford - 30119 N. Spotted Rd, Deer Park, WA 99006
    Phone: (509) 276-7160
    (Added:3-Apr-2007 Hits:1124)
  • Triple L Finnsheep - We have raised quality Finnsheep since 1982. We have black, white, gray, brown, fawn, and pied animals. We are OPP free, and are in the Washington State voluntary Scrapie program.
    Leanne Hughes - 89202 N. Harrington Road, West Richland, WA 99353
    Phone: (509) 967-3975
    (Added:23-Oct-2005 Hits:1799)
  • Wee Croft Finnsheep - I maintain a flock of 15 white, black and brown registered Finn ewes. I am currently using imported Finn semen from Finland to expand my flock genetics. Selection criteria include: prolificacy, maternal traits and wool quality. Finn X Clun Forest ewe lambs also available - they make great commercial ewes! Jacketed fleeces, roving and yarn for sale.
    Sandy De Master - N 7087 Hillside Dr., Watertown, WI 53094
    Phone: (920) 699-7420
    (Added:23-May-2002 Hits:1955)
  • Firefly Fields Finnsheep - Docile, friendly, registered Finnsheep in white, black, gray, brown, and spotted colors. My flock is selected for lovely wool, maternal traits, docile temperament and good health. (First fleece from each sheep in my flock Yocum-McColl tested.) Taking reservations for registered breeding stock, fiber pets and handspinning fleeces. Certified scrapie-free flock - WI 1990.
    Tracy Sengupta - 4110 W. Plymouth Church Road, Beloit, WI 53511
    Phone: (608) 361-1446
    (Added:9-Oct-2004 Hits:1534)
  • Sims Sheep Co. - Finn x Targhee lambs wool is great for spinners. these lambs produce on the range or on the farm. will have about 40 rams and 40 ewes every june for sale these sheep are really good producers. The finn rams are out of the old Cornell lines.
    Steve Sims - 545 Almy Rd. 107, Evanston, Wy 82930
    Phone: (307) 679-1540

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