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  • Monkey Flower Ranch - We are a small farmstead sheep cheese operation located in Royal Oaks, CA. Please contact us if interested in purchasing replacement ewe lambs or ram lambs. We pasture raise/non-GMO supplement our flock and use only non- chemical dewormers. All animals for sale have extensive milking records available of their dams, grand-dams or even great-grand-dams!
    Rebecca King - Royal Oaks, CA 95076
    Phone: (831) 761-3630
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  • Rinconada Dairy - East Friesian ewe lambs and cross-bred Lacaune/Friesian ram lambs and ewe lambs available. Dams are from our 200 ewe milking flock which produce milk for our farmstead cheeses.
    Christine or Jim Maguire - 4680 W. Pozo Rd., Santa Margarita, CA 93453
    Phone: (805) 438-5667
  • Colorado Shepherdess - Friesian and Dorset crossbred ewes and rams. (horned and polled). Raised on pasture in the mountains.
    Mary Ann Gaston - P.O. Box 191, Norwood, CO 81423
    Phone: (970) 327-4444
  • The Living Farm - 20 ewes and 3 rams for sale, ranging from 50-80% East Friesian. The rams are black with white markings, all ranging from 67-83% EF. They are all very friendly, chosen from our best milking lines, and were born in Spring 09. The ewes range in age from 6 months to 2 years. 2 are black, the rest white. Each one has been well-socialized, is fully stanchion trained, and is very easily managed with a little grain as an incentive. Individual pictures, percentages, and prices available upon request.
    Lynn Gillespie - 12506 Crawford Rd., Paonia, CO 81428
    Phone: (970) 527-3305
    (Added:11-Sep-2009 Hits:2439)
  • Small Beginnings Farm - Small Beginnings Farm - We are selling purebred East Friesian rams which were born and raised on our farm in North Florida. They are seven months old and come from the Karras Farms bloodline which originated in Greece on the 1800's. For information about the bloodline, please contact Andy Karras: We are also producing and selling sheep milk. This delicious milk is lighter on the stomach than goat's milk and is easier to digest.
    Lydia W - O Brien, FL
    Phone: (352) 316-4236
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  • Ewe Remembered Dairy Sheep Farms - Diamond JK's Ewe Remembered Dairy Sheep Farm is committed to providing community awareness and frugal marketing of Artesian Sheep Cheeses and dairy products throughout the Southeast. With focus on our thoughtful genetically superior flock cullination, Diamond JK' Ewe Remembered Dairy Farms intends to introduce Dairy Sheep farming as a new agricultural alternative in Central Florida.
    Jeff Earnest - 16172 SE 156th Place Road, Weirsdale, FL 32195
    Phone: (352) 821-0384
    (Added:3-Jan-2006 Hits:3057)
  • Bone Family Farm - Small, family hobby farm. Limited availabilty of East Friesians. Top milk production. Gentle, friendly breed. Raised with personal, tender loving care and children! Please call to discuss availiability, thank you!!
    Leslie Bone - Eastanollee, GA
    Phone: (706) 779-5489
  • Moore Commercial Breeding Sheep - I am the new owner of the flock from the Iowa State University Sheep Research Farm in Southern Iowa: sold because of budget cuts. I will be breeding the ewes to produce the same Polypay/Fresian/Romanov cross that has been available in the past. I will have twin and triplet born ram lambs available in the Spring. Teasers available also. Contact me with questions. These are proven genetics!
    Chris Moore - 2477 125th Street, Allerton, IA 50008
    Phone: (641) 414-3913
  • Auderer Sheep Farms - We specialize in cross breeding systems. Our genetics include East Friesian, Polypay, Columbia, Romanov and Suffolk breeds. Contact us for availability of percentage ewe and ram lambs.
    Clint Auderer - 21644 Flanagan Road, Holy Cross, IA 52053
    Phone: (563) 552-2217
    (Added:27-Feb-2003 Hits:2916)
  • Hickory Ridge Sheep - Specializing in commercial replacement ewes with added prolificacy, fertility, and milk utilizing production Dorsets, Polypay, East Friesian, and Columbias.
    Nelson Koch - 9233 Locust Rd., Tremont, IL 61568
    Phone: (309) 267-6627
    (Added:30-Apr-2007 Hits:2279)
  • Penquis Valley Shepherds - Starting a flock of Freisian/Katahdin crosses and already have composite milk animals with some Freisian blood mixed with various Texel, Dorset and Romney/Targhee animals. Also manufacture yoke stanchions of my own design. Fresh cheeses available summer 2006, aged cheeses in 2007.
    Wallace Sinclair - 635 Pleasant River Road, Milo, ME 04414
    Phone: (207) 965-8432
    (Added:10-Feb-2006 Hits:1922)
  • Bijan's Potpourri Farm - 75% to 87% ram lambs for sale. Closed flock since beginning flock in 1991. Two sires were embroyos imported from England in 1995, third sire from California of Dutch lines in 1998. Dams polypay selected for prolifacy and weaning weights.
    Jan Brady - 8299 Dove Avenue, Glencoe, MN 55336-5521
    Phone: 320-864-5754
  • Karras Farm - Our East Friesian sheep are bred for extreme milk production. We offer superior milk genetics (rams & ewes). European-raised and hand-milked. Over 75 years experience in raising & milking sheep. Our East Friesian sheep are the biggest, most milk-producing sheep in the U.S. We milk our sheep ten months out of the year! Average milk weight 1,740 lbs. per ewe annually. Must see to respect! Now taking deposits for 2011 lambs. Also, pregnant ewes available for a limited time only.
    Andy Karras - Midland, NC 28107
    Phone: (704) 778-2032
  • Grace Hollow Farm - Small flock of purebred East Friesian Sheep in the mountains of North Carolina. Our sheep are from excellent dairy bloodlines. Limited number of lambs for sale.
    Peggy Meyer - P.O. Box 101, Lansing, NC 28643
    Phone: (336) 384-1940
  • Shepherd's Dairy - Percentage rams & ewes for sale; have a Grade A dairy, have milked for seven years. We record milk weights evey two weeks during season. We are making a wonderful soap from the ewe milk.
    Larry, Kim & Luke Curtis - HC 69 BOX149, Anselmo, NE 68813
    Phone: (308) 749-2349
    (Added:22-Jul-2001 Hits:3770)
  • Valley Shepherd Creamery - Purebred E. Friesian rams for sale from imported AI. $1000 to $1200. nothing but the best - anything else is eaten.
    Flock Manager - 50 Fairmount Road, Long Valley, NJ 07853
    Phone: (908) 876-3200
    (Added:18-Feb-2006 Hits:2457)
  • Wooly Acre Farm - 7 Lines of East Friesian - Precentages from 25% to 100%, 3 Lines of Redaux Arcott - Precentages. Maremma Guard dogs and LLamas.
    Paul or Debbie Dongweck - 1263 Caldwell Hill Road, Lisle, NY 13797
    Phone: (607) 849-4708
  • RhysRook Farms - Rapidly expanding native pasture based dairy/creamery powered by a flock based on generations of exceptional milking lines direct from Karras Farms in NC . Easy lambing, great mothering and extreme milk production all housed in a docile, hardy, people-loving and easy to handle animal. Well-bred and well-handled ram lambs from our best ewes available beginning in 2015. Contact us anytime, we love to talk about our wonderful East Friesian sheep!
    Gary and Leslie Rice - 5180 Garfield Road, Beggs, OK 74421
    Phone: (918) 916-6964
  • KS & A Orchards - KS & A Orchards is a USDA Grade A sheep dairy and cheese process, specializing in bleu cheese, located in southern Oklahoma. Friesian/ Lacaune cross available.
    Lee McGarr - P. O. Box 234, Comanche, OK 73529
    Phone: (580) 475-7815
  • John Yoost - Fresh ewes for sale. Ready to milk in Aug. 2007, taking orders now.
    John Yoost - Klamath Falls, OR
    Phone: (541) 810-3352
    David Isolano - 125 Beaver Slide, Lackawaxen, PA 18435
    Phone: (646) 325-8473
  • Locust Grove Farm LLC - Established dairy genetics with excellent health and lactation records. We will have a limited number of ewe lambs and ram lambs available this spring.
    Sheri Palko - Knoxville, TN
    Phone: (865) 388-4123
    (Added:26-Nov-2010 Hits:1482)
  • Wise Woman Ways Farm - Located in the Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg, Texas. I specialize in crossbred East Friesian sheep. My crosses are with the wonderful Navajo Churro producing a hardy milking animal I have named 'Churesians'. Visit my website for more information.
    Dr. Darlene Two Trees Cannon - 3982 Keese Road, Fredericksburg, TX 78624
    Phone: (432) 413-3412
    (Added:18-Jul-2008 Hits:2460)
  • Schaeffer Valley farms - Purebred East Friesian breeding rams for sale. We have 10 available this season, ranging in ages from newborn (available in 3-5 months, call to put on hold)to 1-year olds and one 4-year old. Colors range from pure white to pure black to a mix in between. All are gentle. Call for prices. MC & VISA accepted.
    Raymond or Cindy Schaeffer - 3408 Lead Mine Rd, Hiwassee, VA 24347
    Phone: (540) 392-4967
  • Evefrona Dairy - Small active milking herd from Wisconsin/Canadian foundation; making aged sheep's milk cheese.
    Pat Elliott - 23246 Clarks Mtn. Rd., Rapidan, VA 22733
    Phone: 540-854-4159
  • YamLamb Sheep co LLC - Cross bred sheep parasite/disease resistant, good milking lines, good wool, better carcass, a farmstead sheep.
    T Yamamoto - PO Box 13115, Burton, WA 98013
    Phone: (206) 463-9113
  • Jump River Shepherd's Dairy - Jump River Shepherd's Dairy is located in Wisconsin. We milk East Friesian and Lacaune cross ewes since 2000. Extensive milk records are available.
    Rich Toebe - N3584 County Road I, Catawba, WI 54515
    Phone: (715) 474-3485
  • Deb Bender - High percentage East Friesian breeding stock including ewe/ram lambs. Mature rams may also be available. Excellent dairy genetics. Flock is very healthy, easy to handle, prolific, excellent for milk & lamb production and quality fleeces. Reputable breeder has sold quality breeding stock, throughout the U.S. for many years. Please email for additional information.
    Deb Bender - Deerfield, WI
    Phone: (608) 219-8802
  • promised land farm - East Friesian/Lacaunne Dairy sheep - replacement ewes available as well as rams and ram lambs. 10 years experience in breeding sheep. Other crosses also available. North Country Cheviot purebred and crosses also available. Toll free 1-877-248-3003, ask for Steve
    Steve Schotthofer - Cochrane, WI
    Phone: (608) 248-3003
    (Added:28-Mar-2004 Hits:3008)
  • River Ridge Stock Farm - River Ridge Stock Farm is a commercial sheep dairy in Wisconsin milking 400+ percentage Lacaune and East Friesian dairy ewes. Buy your dairy breeding stock from one of Wisconsin's largest commercial sheep dairies. "Real" dairy sheep from a "real" sheep dairy. Visit our web site of the Wisconsin Sheep Dairy Cooperative.
    Larry Meisegeier - N6430 Hwy 40, Bruce, WI 54819
    Phone: (715) 868-2285
    (Added:26-Jan-2006 Hits:3829)
  • Pleasant Ridge Farm - Pleasant Ridge Farm is focused on producing quality milk, meat and wool through quality Friesian, Lacaune, and Coopworth sheep. We strive to produce ewes that are not only productive but hardy, too.
    Jacob Moldenhauer - 16120 Pleasant Road, Maribel, WI 54227
    Phone: (920) 901-2772
  • Rainbow Homestead/NatureWool - Our sheep are bred for milk, meat and wool using Friesian, Coopworth, Icelandic, Romney and Tunis. Our flock is 100% grass fed and raised to organic standards. We direct market all products, and consistently market 2-3 lambs/ewe at 50-70lb hng.wts with no grain. These are healthy, heavy milking ewes, OPP tested neg. We supply quality animals to other shepherds looking to increase profits from pasture. Purebred Icelandics available.
    Virginia R. Goeke - E8303 Hwy SS, Viroqua, WI 54665
    Phone: (608) 637-2544

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