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  • Millennial Way Farm & Celestial Studio - We raise Jacob Sheep in Little Rock, Arkansas. Our farm offers breeding stock both lilac and black, 4 horn and 2 horn. Visit our website for more information.
    The Stack Family - 21001 Lake Vista Drive, Roland, AR 72135
    Phone: (501) 868-7299
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  • D & T Exotics - Exotic sheep farm in Arkansas raising 4-horned Jacob sheep amd 4-horned J-Welsh Black Peal sheep.
    Dennis Smithers, Sr. - HC 80 Box 28A, Violet Hill, AR 72584
    Phone: (870) 793-7085
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  • Rookhurst Farm - Primitive Jacobs with fine fleece and good 4 horn confirmation.
    Austin and Diane Roberts - 670 Caverns Drive, Harrison, AR 72601
    Phone: 870-365-2223
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  • Fowler's Food - We produce Registered/Registrable Jacob rams, ewes and lambs. Wonderful intelligent animals selected for quality fleece and confirmation. Email for more details. "Our site is currently under construction". Our convenient location is open for seasonal farm gate sales of AZDA Inspected Lamb. The ranch is just 20 miles north of Bell Rd in Phoenix, AZ. Our animals are fed clean, organically raised grass and alfalfa with no hormones or medication.
    Stephen Fowler - 227 E Mano Dr, New River, AZ 85087
    Phone: (623) 465-0458
  • Dawn Star Ranch - We breed and raise pure bred Jacobs Sheep. All animals that are breed able are sold with JSBA registration/applications for registration. Non-breeding quality ram lambs are sold as fiber wethers or club lambs. We offer many products for sale from our flock including raw fleeces, hand spun yarn, skulls, horns, buttons, combs, lamb skin rugs, and more.
    Shannon - Show Low, AZ 85901
    Phone: (602) 349-1000
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  • New Leaf Farm - Registered Jacob Sheep-lambs and ewes available for sale.
    Sarah McGovern - Box 1104, Oregon House, CA 95962
    Phone: (530) 913-6035
  • Starthist Jacob Sheep - Our flock is small, consisting of about 20 breeding ewes. Breeding decisions are made with the dual goals of improving wool quality and maintaining genetic diversity. The flock has participated in the voluntary scrapie eradication program. Two-horn and four-horn registered breeding stock is available; a few washable lambskins are available upon request.
    Trish Berger - Winters, CA 95694
    Phone: (530) 848-4201
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  • Two By Two Ranch & Petting Zoo - Hobby flock beautiful spotted lambs. Loving raised around people and other animals.
    Tina Cardin - Chico, CA 95973
    Phone: (530) 893-1088
  • Ewe Need Us Jacobs - We are a small family farm with a herd of 20 ewes and two 4-horn blue-eyed rams. Most of our lambs have blue eyes. Our mission is to raise primarily bottle-fed lambs to be wonderful pets. Our lambs are in day cares and petting zoos all over CA & OR. We take them to hospitals, too. Check out our facebook page. We place them in homes after they get their mothers colostrum. Every year we keep 2-4 ewes that are raised in our house in diapers for 2 months. That is what makes them so sweet.
    Kate Loomis - 1235 Third St., Anderson, CA 96007
    Phone: (530) 904-1054
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  • Black Oak Canyon Ranch - Between the incredible 4 horned lilac rams and the romping spotted lambs there is always a passing camera capturing the old historic farm trail ranch. Producing fiber and sustaining a quality breeding program for Jacobs, Karakuls, Angoras and Pyrenees. Providing 4 H, show quality livestock, excellent lawn mowers, weed eaters, coyote chasers and entertainment for passing bicyclists, joggers, organic foodies and weekend fishermen.
    Julieanne Kuroki - Vacaville, CA
    Phone: (707) 815-5965
  • Meridian Jacobs - We maintain a breeding flock of about 50 Jacob sheep and breed to a variety of sires, emphasizing fleece quality. We sell sheep & fiber, as well as yarn & handwoven blankets from our flock. We also weave custom blankets and scarves. Visitors welcome--call ahead.
    Robin Lynde - 7811 N. Meridian Rd., Vacaville, CA 95688
    Phone: (707) 678-5750
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  • Mud Ranch Jacobs - Registered Jacob sheep located in Northern California. Two and four horned available as well as black and white and lilac and white. Locker lamb, breeding stock, fleece, roving, and washable pelts available. Our sheep are raised in large pastures in a mountain valley with lots of grass and browsing year round. They are raised naturally without the use of pesticides or chemicals.
    Simon & Joan Gross - Lewiston, CA
    Phone: (530) 778-0241
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  • Ideal Farm - Our farm is a small family run operation. We have a JSBA regestered flock. Our focus is quality! -wool, conformation, horns, health, and many other desirable traits. Visitors and calls are always welcome.
    Lynette Frick - 9921 DiGiorgio Rd., Bakersfield, CA 93307
    Phone: (661) 845-4137
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  • 123 Farm - We are raising a mix of Dorper, Rambouillet, Suffolk, Hampshire, and Dorset ewes to organic standards. We are offering a ram with 4 horns and crossbred lambs. He is approx. 3-4 years with a good temperament and intelligent eyes. The male lambs have 2 horns and are very beautiful. Female lambs are hornless. All between 4 and 8 months old. If you are looking for nice companions or good meat and black & white wool-contact me. We can ship!
    Jan - Cherry Valley, CA
    Phone: (951) 808-7546
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  • Jacob's Dream - Home, to our JSBA registered Jacobs, is the high desert of northern California. Our beautiful "lawn mowers" are helping to rejuvinate and bring new life to an abandoned old farm, that we are in the midst of restoring. Our vision is restoration of the farm, raising Jacobs, developing a market for and selling unusual "home grown" crafts and items related to our sheep.
    Lynn Markman - PO Box 270-365, Susanville, CA 99127
    Phone: (530) 254-1001
  • Sugarpine Farms - Registered Jacob sheep in the Sierra Nevada foothills in Northern California. Although my flock is small, it is with the handspinner in mind as well as preserving the Jacob traits.
    Jaci Siehl - 4120 Jack Dale Way, Yankee Hill, CA 95965
    Phone: (530) 538-9474
  • Moose Mtn. Ranch - Show Quality JSBA registerd Jacobs. Fleeces, hides and other products available!
    Jennifer Tucker - 3890 Converse Rd, Bennett, CO 80102
    Phone: (303) 644-4603
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  • Apple Lane Farm - Breeding stock (some lilac colored) locker lambs & wool available
    Yvonne Morey - Penrose, CO 81240
    Phone: (719) 372-6217
  • Laffing Horse Farm - Our flock is working on JSC registration through progeny testing. We have some registered JSBA and JSC sheep. Our Jacob sheep are bred, fed and kept coated for top quailty handspinning fleeces.
    Jeanette Larson - 20218 State Hwy 10, La Junta, CO 81050
    Phone: (719) 254-3837
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  • Rising Sun Farm - Hobby flock - now up to 40 spotted Jacobs! Specializing in registered breeding stock, freezer lamb, fleeces and roving. Great self-sufficient breed for the working person!
    Marilyn McBirney - 31051 Ford Rd., Pueblo, CO 81006
    Phone: (719) 948-4622
  • Rural Shades Farm - Registered, progeny tested Jacobs of diverse lineages. We are enrolled in the USDA's Voluntary Scrapie Flock Certification Program.
    Debbie Benedict - 1109 Brass Mill Dam Rd, Torrington, CT 06790
    Phone: 860-489-7194
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  • Sovreign Farm - Quality Jacobs from many old Foundation lines. We have lambs available in spring for breeding stock. Occasionally adults. We will have raw fleece, roving and yarn from our flock. Occasionally we have finished pelts available.
    Sharon Lehrke - Myakka City, FL 34251
    Phone: (941) 323-5361
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  • Regular Creek Ranch - Striving to raise quality Jacob four horn sheep in North Florida. We are a small hobby farm operation locate centrally close to nowhere. We have a website coming soon.
    Gale Sisk - 10625 Fl. Power Easement Rd., Perry, FL 32347
    Phone: (850) 672-0624
  • Sovreign Farms - Sovreign Farms is a small Sarasota area (FL)flock quietly preserving this lovable heritage breed for the future. Thank you to Painted Rock Farm & Never Winter Farm for providing some of the breeds most sought after foundation lines for our flock. We will have fleece available, as well as lambs each spring. Please contact us if you have any questions.
    Sharon & Bruce Lehrke - Myakka City, FL 34251
    Phone: (941) 323-5361
  • Big Pine Farm - A small family farm raising Jacobs Sheep, Cashgora Goats and Llamas for fiber and Suffolk Club Lambs for show and meat.
    Robert And Cindy Richardson - 3250 Sale City Road, Camilla, GA 31730
    Phone: (229) 336-5035
  • Peaceful Valley Farm - Located in Northwest Georgia, we raise quality, registered Jacobs. Wool and breeding stock available.
    Mike Hollie - Ringgold, GA
    Phone: (706) 937-4443
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  • LotsAHorns - We raise a small flock of Jacob sheep 2 and 4 horns. We have registered JSBA sheep.
    Ron and Barb Skarin - 34354 308 st., Moorhead, IA 51558
    Phone: (712) 886-5210
  • Krolls Hilly Acres - We operate a petting farm that includes many heritage sheep breeds,that children and adults can see. Our Jacobs are some nice quality; we try for good horns. Our herds are small and we sell lambs in the spring.
    Krolls Hilly Acres - Sioux City, IA 51108
    Phone: (712) 239-4418
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  • Horsesanmore Ranch - Wanted: registered breeding pair Jacobs. I have 2 ewes and one ram now that are not registered. I will give them a good home, I love the ones I have now but would much rather have registered. Please email
    Rebecca - HCR 60 Box 5000, Bonners Ferry, id 83805
    Phone: (208) 267-1969
  • JBNC FARMS - Four and five-horned rams and ewes available. One bottle baby ram with 5 horns also available.
    Rebecca Henslee - 4378 Hwy 1, Bonners Ferry, ID 83805
    Phone: (208) 267-1969
  • Three Fates Farm - We have a small farm in Illinois south of Chicago near the Indiana border. we raise Jacob sheep to promote conservation of the ancient breed providing breeding stock as well as focusing on fleeces for the handspinning market. Most of the time we have lambs as well as raw fleeces available.
    Karen Askounis - Crete, IL 60417
    Phone: (708) 514-4962
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  • Round Barn Jacobs - JSBA Registered Breeding Stock; raw fleeces and roving; pelts; locker lamb. We strive for excellent fleece, strong horns, and good conformation. 2-horn and 4-horn, both black and white, and lilac and white.
    Margie and Jim Schafer - 10123 Freeport Road, Durand, IL 61024
    Phone: (815) 484-9018
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  • Agape Farms - We raise and sell Jacob sheep and sheep products.
    Amy Simmons and Pam VanDeburgh - 14071 W. Milledgeville Road, Polo, IL 61064
    Phone: (815) 946-4099
  • CMK's WonderlandFarm - We are a small family farm located in central Il, along the Mississippi River. Our primary focus is on Jacob Sheep with breed quality and bloodline integrity. We breed both 2 & 4 horns & have lambs for sale each fall. We are attempting to establish our farm as a "petting farm" to educate children on different species of animals other than traditional farm stock.
    Chrystal Roberts - PO Box 3904, Quincy, IL 62305-3904
    Phone: (217) 430-3896
  • Sheep Happens! - We are a small Jacob Sheep farm located in in Southern Indiana. We keep a flock of 20 sheep year round. We raise Jacob Sheep for their unique wool and exotic multiple horns. We also have sheep for sale year round, rams or ewes. Our flock comes from many locations around the country to ensure genetic diversity. Give us a call anytime. Thanks
    Mike Barker - New Albany, IN 47150
    Phone: (812) 987-7172
  • KlausFarms - We are a family-owned Jacob farm located outside of Americus, KS. Check out our website for all available products and animals for sale. Thank you.
    Theresa Klaus - PO Box 468, Americus, KS 66835
    Phone: (316) 616-7922
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  • barnhouse farm - We are a family run farm in Taylorsville, KY. We have a variety of purebred Jacob and Jacob/Katahdin sheep.
    Kate and Frank Gorrie - 856 John Henry Road, Taylorsville, KY 40071
    Phone: (502) 492-0180
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  • Cedar Hill Farm - We are a small farm with a beautiful flock of Texas bread Jacob sheep. We relocated from Texas a year ago now living in Kentucky. We will have new lambs for sale.
    Catherine - 395 John Logsdon Cem Rd., Munfordvile, KY 42765
    Phone: (270) 317-9777
  • Barnhouse Farm - We are a small family run farm in Taylorsville, KY. We have a small flock of Jacob and Jacob x Katahdin sheep. We have lambs for sale and are looking for a market for the wool. Most of our sheep are tame, and we do have the occasional one that is bottle-fed that believes it should be a house sheep. Please visit our web page to see more of our farm.
    Kate and Frank Gorrie - 856 John Henry Road, Taylorsville, KY 40071
    Phone: (502) 477-0409
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  • Circle Seven 'M' Farm - We are a small family farm located in Bedford, Kentucky. We raise Jacob and Jacob Cross sheep. We sell breeding rams and lambs year round. Contact us for details on available rams, lambs or to arrange a farm visit. We would love to see you!
    Patti Mitchell - 4009 Hwy 42 W., Bedford, KY 40006
    Phone: (502) 255-3962
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  • Blue Ewe Jacobs - We have a JSBA registered Jacob flock in South Central Kentucky close to the Tennessee border. Our focus is on raising genetically diverse breeding stock with good fleeces.
    Dave and Sally McLaren - Franklin, KY
    Phone: (270) 586-7313
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  • Punkin's Patch at Equinox Farm - We have a small handspinner's flock of Jacobs and two silly Cheviots. We specialize in hand-crafted sheep gifts and collectibles and offer a few select fleeces for sale each year.
    Tim and Sara Dunham - Cynthiana, KY
    Phone: (859) 533-7656
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  • Bluegrass Whitetails and Exotics - We raise a variety of sheep including Jacobs and Texas Dall and Mouflon. Click on the "For Sale" page on the website and check out our rams for sale.
    Eric Swisher - 1430 Little Crooked Creek Rd., Lawrenceburg, KY 40342
    Phone: (502) 738-0113
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  • Stoney acre farm - we have a small farm in the berkshires. we have about 50 jacobs. breeding stock, pets and fiber available at all times.we welcome you to visit us.
    pam & tom brisson - 66 lyon hill rd, Chester, MA 01011
    Phone: (413) 354-0286
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  • Trophy Valley Ranch - Welcome to Trophy Valley Ranch and we have been specializing in consistently growing record four horns and high quality breeding ewes for over ten years. We have rams and ewes available out of the current pending world record. Delivery possible.
    Joshua Strite - 7321 Old Middletown Road, Middletown, MD 21769
    Phone: (240) 674-7656
  • Hill Top Homestead - We have a small flock of Jacob sheep that are JSBA registered. We welcome visitors and sometimes have sheep for sale
    Misty McCarty - 14212 Mercersburg Road, Clear Spring, MD 21722
    Phone: (301) 842-3595
  • Three Pines B&B and Farm - We raise registered Jacob, Shetland, Navajo-Churro, and Soay sheep. Breeding sheep and fleece is available for purchase.
    Edward Curtis - 274 East Side Rd, Hancock, ME 04640-3921
    Phone: (207) 460-7595
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  • Gaelwynne Farm - Jacob and Jacob/Cotswold fleece for sale - excellent quality. Some stock for sale - primarily for pets/fleece, some breeding stock may be available.
    Kelley Rambo - PO Box 41, Freedom, ME 04941
    Phone: (207) 322-5777
  • Creekside Farm - We raise registered Jacob two and four horned. We breed for the fleece for spinning. There are always 2 and 4 horned Rams for sale. We are flock number 25 in the Michigan USDA voluntary scrapie program.
    Ron and Fran Nelson - 7196 Naomi Rd, Eau Claire, MI 49111
    Phone: (616) 944-3503
  • Dandy's Cherry Knoll Farm - We are a 25-acre family hobby farm that mantains a small flock of Jacob Sheep. At this point in the development of our flock we are focusing on color, markings, and physical conformation in our sheep.
    Dan or Sandy Carpenter - Dansville, MI
    Phone: (810) 397-4825
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  • Wild-n-Woolly Acres - We are a small hobby farm located in Mayville, "the thumb", Michigan. We are raising and soon to be breeding Jacob sheep. We hope to have our first lambs spring 2006 and will certainly have some for sale at that time. We have a beautiful flock and hope for some quality lambs. So please roam our web acreage and check back often.
    Carey Shaw - 726 E. Murphy Lake Rd., Mayville, MI 48744
    Phone: (989) 843-0299
    (Added:24-Apr-2005 Hits:1046)
  • Mystery Acres - Mid West Oldest Purebred Flock. Rams/Ewes/Lambs/Wool/Meat. Year Round Sales. Champion Rams/Ewes at MI Fiber Fest 3yrs straight. Premier Breeder. Four and two Horns.
    Neil & Connie Kentner - 10460 Barker Road, White Pigeon, MI 49099
    Phone: 616/483-2059
  • Fat Toaster Farm - Strong bloodlines and quality fleeces, priced to promote and propagate the amazing Jacob breed. Locker lamb & fiber products. Fleece, Roving, handspun dye-free yarn (black, white, gray, swirls). We have a small flock, but take pride in sustainable farming practices and rare breed stewardship.
    Zach Oaster - 4455 13 Mile Rd NE, Rockford, MI 49341
    Phone: (616) 856-2204
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  • Pair-A-Dice Farm - Situated in the beautiful upper penninsula of Michigan on the Wisconsin border. We raise affordable 2 and 4 horn Jacobs registered with JSC and JSBA. We like variety within breed standards with the spinner in mind. Healthy and good mothering a must in our flock.
    Lori Perry - 692 Bates-Amasa Rd, Iron River, MI 49935
    Phone: (906) 265-5975
  • Hillside Jacobs - We have bred and raised Jacob sheep for more than 15 years. Our sheep are registered through the Jacob Sheep Breeders Association. We breed to maintain the primitive appearance of Jacob sheep and also select for excellent wool quality. We offer breeding stock for sale at modest prices to promote breed conservation.
    Gary Anderson - 12250 Phelps Avenue, Sparta, MI 49345
    Phone: (616) 887-6128
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  • Just Jacobs - We are a 30-acre family hobby farm in the beautiful thumb of Michigan that mantains a small flock of Jacob Sheep. We are currently devolping our flock while focusing on color, markings, and physical conformation.
    Michael Craigen - Brown City, MI
    Phone: (810) 705-3502
    (Added:21-Apr-2008 Hits:660)
  • Little Shady Acres - We are located in south central Minnesota and raise JSBA registered Jacob Sheep. We are also getting started with Soay Sheep
    Heather Fogel - Stewart, mn 55385
    Phone: (320) 562-3006
    (Added:22-Apr-2003 Hits:1371)
  • Bisaya Farms - Bisaya Farms - Bisaya Farms Registered Jacobs, Katahdins and Romanovs. Northern Minnesota grower enrolled in Voluntary Scrapie Program. Goal is to raise top breeding stock and using top rams. Taking orders, please call 218-346-3299/218-298-0909 or email at
    Ron & Judy Monson - 337 1st Av N, #2, Perham, MN 56573
    Phone: (218) 298-0909
    (Added:14-Jun-2006 Hits:1018)
  • Morning Glory Guesthouse B&B - MGGB&B is the home of the rare breed, Jacob sheep. A small breeding flock was established in 2005. Two quality rams now available for trade. Fleece also available to spinners. Feel free to contact.
    W.B. - 9192 Ne 264th, Lathrop, MO 64465
    Phone: (858) 200-5219
    (Added:22-Feb-2010 Hits:508)
  • Mossy Springs Ranch - We breed jacobs and other hair sheep for horns as well as a good temperment. Now taking reservations for lambs born Jan-March 2005.
    Tom Richardson - 14481 Monroe Rd. 621, Santa Fe, MO 65282
    Phone: (573) 685-2299
    (Added:17-Jan-2005 Hits:1200)
  • Famous Acres - We emphasize the primitive type Jacobs with nice spotting pattern and great horns. We have JSBA and JSC sheep.
    Mark Essen - 6701 County Road 353, Fulton, MO 65251
    Phone: (573) 642-0350
  • Hanover Park Vineyard - We have a small herd of 25 Jacob sheep, rams, ewes and lambs. We use the Jacob sheep to keep the weeds and grass down in the grape vineyard. Jacobs are a great self-sufficient breed and require little maintenance. We are changing to another breed, because as much as we like these beautiful Jacobs they are not the best for vineyard work. We have proven 4 horn and curled horn rams, sound ewes that usually throw twins, and lambs for sale. I have photographs available.
    Michael Helton - 1927 Courtney-Huntsville Rd, Yadkinville, NC 27055
    Phone: (336) 813-4899
  • Son Rise Farm - Small family farm in Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina. We breed for hand spinning fleeces, good temperament and breed standard.
    Joy Thomas - 2081Winston Rd, Creedmoor, NC 27522
    Phone: (910) 426-4690
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  • It's Always Something! Farms - We are a small farm in Western North Carolina. We are currently starting off with our very first ewe, who may be due in the fall. But we are working toward raising a small flock of all natural Jacob sheep and trying to help rebuild the breed one lamb at a time. We also have a couple of LaManchas for milk, cheese, and soap. We are focused on rearing quality purebred working Anatolian Shepherd dogs, the ever watchful eyes of our property.
    Chris & Jen Strickland - Nebo, NC 28761
    Phone: (828) 803-8728
    (Added:12-Aug-2010 Hits:443)
  • Byland's Barnyard - Small hobby farm in NC raising registered Jacob and Babydoll Southdown sheep. We do not currently have our own webpage, but a friend was kind enough to post pictures of our Jacob breeders on her webpage : We're expecting lambs in early March 2008.
    Lisa Byland - Morganton, NC
    Phone: (828) 432-6415
    (Added:28-Jan-2008 Hits:727)
  • Wiggle Hill Farm - Quality JSBA Jacobs. 2008 lambs and fleeces available now.
    Lillian Royal - 489 Huie Rd, Hays, NC 28635
    Phone: (336) 902-8655
    (Added:7-Jul-2008 Hits:648)
  • Perfect Spot Farm - Perfect Spot Farm is located in western North Carolina near Forest City. We have raised Jacob sheep for ten years, and sell registered breeding stock as well as wool in all forms...raw fleece, roving, yarn. Our breeding goals include diversity, hardiness, excellent fleece quality. Our flock matriarch is 23 years old in 2008!
    Cathy Robinson - 176 Bronze Circle, Forest City, NC 28043
    Phone: (828) 248-9533
    (Added:16-Jun-2008 Hits:727)
  • ISeeSpots Farm - We raise lovely handspinning fleeced Jacob stock that is registered with both JSBA and JSC organizations. Also to be found are Shetland sheep registered with NASSA.
    Mary Ellen Hansson - Greensboro, NC
    (Added:21-Nov-1999 Hits:1517)
  • Prairie Rose Ranch - Jacob Sheep are the new addition to the heritage flock at Prairie Rose Ranch. We have a limited number of fleeces available. No breeding stock available at this time.
    Jean - 825 Co Rd K, Friend, NE 68359
    Phone: (402) 947-6221
    (Added:30-Jul-2003 Hits:938)
  • Kreutzer Farms - We are a family farm raising Jacob sheep in central Nebraska. Quality breeding stock (2 horn and 4 horn) always available. Some family groups also available. Beautiful fleece for spinners; natural colors, white, black, and lilac with many color variations possible. Member Jacob Sheep Breeders Association.
    Kay Kreutzer - 15165 Hwy 10, Kearney, NE 68847
    Phone: (308) 237-5713
    (Added:17-Apr-2003 Hits:1283)
  • Creaganlios Farm - JSC and JSBA Registered Jacobs for breedstock and fleece. Raw Wool and rovings available by animal name and/or by natural color from both Jacob and Jacob X Shetlands bred specifically for handspinning quality.
    Thom Simmons - P.O. Box 60, Westmoreland, NH 03467
    Phone: (603) 357-2623
  • Swayze Inn Farm - Investing In Our Future to Better Preserve The Past...We've Moved...To a 38-Acre Farm in Historic Hope, New Jersey. A Village Settled by the Moravians in 1769. One of the largest breeders of Jacob Sheep on the East Coast With 40 Breeding Ewes In Our Flock. Our Flock Contains Diverse Bloodlines From Breeders All Across the United States.
    Bob May - 1199 Route 591, P. O. Box 349, Hope, NJ 07844
    Phone: (908) 459-5395
  • Stargazer Farm - Quality Jacob Sheep Available. JSBA registered. Also available: Roving, Yarn, Fleece, Locker lamb, sometimes pelts
    Suzan or Ken Rutter - 824 Bridgeton Avenue, Millville, NJ 08332
    Phone: (609) 760-1297
    (Added:27-Sep-2014 Hits:136)
  • Jenny Jump Farm - We raise a small flock of 20 registered Jacob sheep located in NW New Jersey. Focus on fleece quality and breed diversity. Enrolled in the Voluntary Scrapie program since 1999. Please visit our website for more information.
    Joan Schnieber - 668 CR 519, Belvidere, NJ 07823
    Phone: (908) 475-5109
    (Added:15-May-2003 Hits:1101)
  • Ridgecroft Farm - Breeders of reg. Jacob Sheep. We are enrolled in the USDA Voluntary Scrapies Program. Our farm is located in NW New Jersey by the Delaware Water Gap. Please visit our website for additional information about our flock.
    Marguerite E. van Beek - 31 Sunset Lake Rd, Hardwick, NJ 07825
    Phone: (908) 362-9028
    (Added:5-Jun-2003 Hits:1087)
  • Fiber Friendzy - JSBA registered Jacob sheep, both 2-horn and 4-horn. Specializing in excellent handspinning fleeces, and the color lilac! Breeding stock, fleeces, hand-spun yarn, hand-woven and hand-knitted treasures available.
    Jacquee' Gillespie - PO Box 482, Mora, NM 87732
    Phone: (505) 387-6675
  • Seymour Farms - Seymour Farms is an Historic Farm in Western, NY where we raise Jacob Sheep. We have both two horn and four horned stock. Lambs available in Spring of 2003. American Jacob Sheep Registered. A non-political registry for serious breeders who seek the best bloodlines without hassle. We breed top quality animals true to breed type.
    Gayle Seymour - PO Box 268, Stow, NY 14785
    Phone: (716) 789-5555
    (Added:19-Feb-2003 Hits:1096)
  • Gentle Shepherd Farms - We have a small flock of Registered Jacob Sheep in Upstate, New York, about 60 miles South of Buffalo. Farm tours are available. We also raise Border Collies.
    Kim Chase - 7056 Rt. 16 South, Franklinville, NY 14737
    Phone: (716) 676-2226
    (Added:14-Nov-2001 Hits:1215)
  • Southwind Farms - We have been breeding JSBA registered Jacob sheep since 1989. We concentrate on sheep with four or more horns. We breed about 30 ewes a year and keep about 5-10 nice 4-horned rams available for sale thoughout the year. We were the breeders of the 2006 Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival Champion ram shown by Royal Unzicker.
    Laura Burnside - PO Box 55, Gilbertsville, NY 13776
    Phone: (607) 783-2491
    (Added:20-Jan-2007 Hits:785)
  • Burdock Hill Farm - I currently have a small flock of Jacobs. I live on a small 2-acre property, and started as a 4-H project. I keep all my ewes at a friend's property during the summer on a rotational pasture. I show my sheep in 4-H at county and state level. I also raise high quality llamas. All my animals are raised first and foremost as a hobby in a loving home. My llamas are excellent guards, and I never lose any sheep.
    Erik Jorgensen - 313 Ellis Hollow Creek Rd, Ithaca, NY 14850
    Phone: (607) 351-1017
    (Added:24-Jan-2010 Hits:531)
  • Deep End Alpacas & Llamas - Breeding purebred Jacob and Jacob/Black Finn sheep. We focus on wool quality and personality. Raising mostly for the small flock owner and handspinner. Easy to handle animals.
    Debbie Whatley - 16 Mill St., Candor, NY 13743
    Phone: (607) 659-3312
  • Spot Hollow Farm - We have a small flock of 19 head of sheep, and we are located in upstate NY. Our lambs are left on the ewes and not docked. We have two ram lambs for sale, more info on the website. We also have some fleeces and roving (black, gray and white) for sale. We will have lambs for sale in spring 2007.
    Marie Roenke - 2586 Agard Road, Trumansburg, NY 14886
    Phone: (607) 387-5494
    (Added:4-Sep-2006 Hits:941)
  • Spahr Farm - Spahr Farm has been raising Jacob sheep for 14 years. We have both 2 and 4-horned rams and ewes available, as well as lovely spinning fleeces, roving, and yarn. Our sheep are very hardy and lamb unassisted.
    Mary Spahr - 5275 Spahr Rd., Jamestown, OH 45335
    Phone: (937) 675-2960
  • Funny Farm - We currently own a flock of over 40 Jacob Sheep in the Central Ohio Area. Very uniquely marked and extremely tame. Over a dozen newborns. We own lots of exotic animals. Looking to educate people on these wonderful animals, can also sell to interested parties.
    Dan Devers - 23745 Kinney Pike Road, Richwood, OH 43344
    Phone: (740) 943-3457
  • Locust Valley Farm - Our lambs are born in March/April
    David Dickson - 10074 Blade Rd, Minerva, OH 44657
    Phone: (330) 868-3356
  • Moonstruck Jacob Sheep - I have a small flock of JSBA registered Jacob sheep including both lilac, black and mostly 4 horned individuals. I am breeding for nice handspinning fleeces as well as for correct breed characteristics. I have raw fleeces for sale. I have 2 very nice 2004 ram lambs, 3 wethered lambs and a few ewes, both lambs and mature, for sale. My current ram is a 4 horned lilac ram from Hatch lines. He has a nice temperament and produces nice babies for me. He may be for sale or trade in 2005.
    Heather and Kelly Hettick - 9874 Cleveland Rd, Creston, OH 44217
    Phone: (330) 435-6669
    (Added:25-Apr-2004 Hits:1658)
  • Daisy Mae Ranch - We raise Dorper. We are breeding out of our ennobled "Renoir's Codi" straight codi bred. He is the youngest ennobled buck on record and according to Paul Hamilton of Australia, "He is one of the top four herd sires in the country". A true..Masterpiece.
    Malcolm H. Branch - P.O.Box 88, Beggs, OK 74421
    Phone: (918) 267-4967
    (Added:20-Jan-2007 Hits:714)
  • Sherack Farm - Registered Jacob and Natural Colored Sheep. Breeding Stock, Show Stock, and Fleeces usually available.
    Jack Anthony - 8335 15 St., Beggs, OK 74421
    Phone: (918) 267-5037
  • Timber Acres - Registered Jacob Sheep, roving, yarn and pelts. We use a rotational grazing system.
    Lisa Stirnemann - Philomath, OR
    Phone: (541) 929-4343
    (Added:29-Feb-2008 Hits:505)
  • Kenleigh Acres Farm - Registered Jacob Sheep. We have beautiful 2 & 4 horn sheep to choose from. Our sheep are grazed on pasture all year, by using a rotational grazing system. We also have washable sheepskins and USDA inspected lamb available upon request.
    Tony & Shannon Phifer - Dexter, OR 97431
    Phone: (541) 747-6149
    (Added:14-Mar-2006 Hits:674)
  • Langbank at Ewetopia Farm - 2-4 horned JSBA registered sheep. Award winning Jacob Sheep and fleeces for sale.
    Samantha and Becky Cowan - 91006 S. Willamette St., Coburg, OR 97408
    Phone: (541) 343-1383
  • Schefflin Farms Jacob Sheep - A small flock of JSBA registered sheep. We have been breeding Jacob sheep since 2002 & are rather proud of our boys & girls. We have one main 4-horn ram, Waylon & five breeding ewes. Our 2006 lambs are beautiful & wanting to visit other places. Email us for pictures & other info. All our lambs come with a pedigree chart & registration application. We would love to have you visit our site. As it is our first website and we want to hear what you think of it. Thanks.
    Kris or Char Spegel - 35795 NW Zion Church Rd., Cornelius, OR 97113
    Phone: (503) 648-9052
    (Added:13-Jun-2006 Hits:666)
  • Ruby Peak Farms - Fine fleeces for hanspinners, roving, yarn, professionally tanned sheepskins, quality registered Jacob Sheep breeding stock, naturally delicious grass-fed lamb.
    Kate Barrett - 78466 Caudle Lane, Lostine, OR 97857
    Phone: (541) 561-1005
    (Added:28-Sep-2011 Hits:403)
  • bide a wee farm - Registered Jacob and Navajo-Churro breeding stock from diverse bloodlines. All lambs are sold with a registration guarantee. Also available, award winning fleeces, along with roving, yarn and colorful pelts
    Karen Lobb & Doug Montgomery - 19562 NE Calkins Lane, Newberg, OR 97132
    Phone: (503) 538-7987
    (Added:18-Jul-2002 Hits:1034)
  • Puddleduck Farm - Continuously owned Jacob flock since the early 1970's. We breed for good wool, good horn conformation and nicely patched black and white sheep. We offer raw fleece, roving, yarn, felted sheets and, of course, breeding stock. View our website for more information.
    Ingrid Painter - Brownsville, OR
    Phone: (541) 466-3203
    (Added:28-May-2014 Hits:158)
  • Double Z Ranch - We live on 120 acres in the Willamette Valley. We raise and show Cotswolds, Jacobs, North country Cheviots, and Border Leicesters. We have been raising Cotswolds and Jacobs for about 18 years and have recently added the Border Leicesters and Cheviots. We believe in raising quality sheep that don't require a lot of pampering. Check our website for sheep and fiber for sale.
    Sheryl Zettle - 83576 Rattlesnake Rd, Dexter, OR 97431
    Phone: (541) 726-6505
    (Added:2-Sep-2006 Hits:675)
  • Old Orchard at Stockdale Farm - Long time heritage flock. Over 20 years in Jacob and Tunis sheep. We are one of the original founders of JSC. Excellent breed type, longevity, and productivity. We also manage a longwool/Cotswold X commerical flock - white and colored
    Jessica Read - 415 RT 231, Claysville, PA 15323
    Phone: (724) 663-5832
    (Added:26-Jan-2004 Hits:1069)
  • Shadycreek Farm - We have a small flock of Horned Dorset and Jacob Sheep, and sell skirted raw fleeces and some breeding stock and locker lambs. Currently, we are working to improve fleece quality in our Jacob flock. All sheep are registered with their respective associations. We are located in NW Pennsylvania.
    Nathan - 12663 Hatch Hill Road, Meadville, PA 16335
    Phone: (814) 724-8225
  • Highland Ranch - We raise Jacob sheep organically as pets and interesting lawn mowers. Flock size is 30 to 50 animals, with about 15-25 lambs each spring. Our ewes range from 2 to 6 horns and we breed for two kinds of Rams, 2-horn and 4-horn with two up and two around the face. Highland Ranch is on 32 acres located on a hilltop near Punxsutawney, PA (Groundhog Day). We raise Bouvier des Flandres dogs, Jacob sheep, beef cattle, emus, and American Miniature Donkeys. Photos at site.
    John McCormick - Highland Ranch, RD4, Punxsutawney, PA 15767
    (Added:15-May-2002 Hits:1439)
  • Painted Meadow's - Please visit my small but growing flock of Jacob Sheep. We thrive for superior fleece for our hand spun and hand woven products.
    Daisey Ema - 1260 Greenridge Rd., East Berlin, PA 17316
    Phone: (717) 259-7771
    (Added:8-Apr-2006 Hits:791)
  • Rise 'N' Shine Farm - Rise 'N' Shine Farm is located in East Berlin,Pennsylvania. The Cival War log and Mortar home is surrounded by ever increasing flock of exotic fiber animals. Rise 'N' Shine Farm sells registered Jacob sheep, exotic professionally milled roving, hand-spun yarns, handcrafted oak and cherry spinning stools and a variety of hand crafted hats, purses, & baskets.
    Cheryl Bresin - 1260 Green Ridge Rd, East Berlin, PA 17316
    Phone: (717) 259-7771
    (Added:26-Oct-2008 Hits:505)
  • Barking Rock Farm - Breeders of top-quality, well-marked registered Jacob sheep with wonderful handspinners fleeces since 1985.
    Colleen - Girard, PA 16417
    Phone: (814) 474-3503
    (Added:17-Apr-2007 Hits:676)
  • Hollow Hill and Broken Ewe - Dedicated to the traditional Jacob sheep breed. We raise the smaller more primitive looking Jacobs, We specialize in all around color including lilacs.
    Kimberly & Martin Unger - 1120 Peevy Road, Eastgreenville, PA 18041
    Phone: (215) 541-9176
  • Jacob's Closet - Registered Jacob Sheep, wool and wool- related products. Visit Jacob's Closet.
    Cheryl Bresin - 1260 Greenridge Rd., East Berlin, PA 17316
    Phone: (717) 259-7771
    (Added:8-Apr-2006 Hits:786)
  • Rise - Rise - Rise "N" Shine Farm is nestled outside of East Berlin, Pennsylvania, along the historic Connewago Creek. Our flock is JSBA registered and lambs are available in the spring. Our sheep are covered after shearing to insure the finest quality of clean and unbleached raw wool and roving. Beautiful washable skins are availible. USDA inspected cut, wrap and frozen lamb is available upon request.
    Cheryl Bresin - 1260 Greenridge Rd., East Berlin, PA 17316
    Phone: (717) 259-7771
    (Added:8-Apr-2006 Hits:647)
  • Chicory Lane Farm - Our flock of 20-30 breeding ewes and several rams enjoy pasture year around. 4 and 2 horned. Nice handspinning fleeces. Members JSC and JSBA. Breeding stock, raw feece, roving, skins and locker lamb available.
    Katrina and Dave Oberholtzer Lefever - 687 Oxford Ave, Hanover, PA 17331
    Phone: (717) 637-6670
    (Added:9-Jul-2003 Hits:1194)
  • Fierce Horn Farm - My Jacobs are pastured on several acres of lush green grass throughout the year and then brought in the barn to lamb during harsh weather. I always have stock for sale, and focus on breeding for exceptional fleeces and temperment. I keep a few rams and use them on their own groups of ewes.
    Joshua Bourget - 140 John Steere Road, Chepachet, RI 02814
    Phone: (401) 824-9906
    (Added:8-Mar-2011 Hits:388)
  • Rocky Lane Farm - Our farm is located on top of Dayton Mountain in Evensville, Tennessee. We raise Jacob sheep. They are very unique in color. They are white with black spots and may have two or four horns. Our ladies will be lambing in early to late March. If all goes well we should have 8 lambs in the Spring. For more information and pictures please contact me.
    Alice Lenning - 6320 Fairest De, Harrison, TN 37341
    Phone: (423) 421-2950
  • Lenning Falls Farm - Our farm is located on top of Dayton mountain in Evensville, TN. We currently are raising Jacob sheep and have 3 ram lambs for sale. they were born March 2007 and a beautifully marked. For more information please contact us.
    Alice Lenning - 6320 Fairest Dr, Harrison, TN 37341
    Phone: (423) 421-2950
  • Texas Jacob Sheep - We are breeders of registered Jacob sheep located in South Texas. We strive to preserve the unique, ancient characteristics of the Jacob sheep as well as educate others about the breed.
    Amanda Cochran - La Vernia, TX 78121
    Phone: (210) 846-6020
    (Added:10-Jun-2014 Hits:230)
  • 4 K Ranch - At 4K Ranch, we work hard to produce quality rams and ewes through good breeding, nutrition and care. We have Barbado, Jacob, Black Hawiaan cross, and Dahl crosses. We focus mainly on the industry for exotic hunters. We are working on a website to include pictures soon.
    Jamie and Stacy Trotter - 4258 Lakewood Drive, Kountze, TX 77625
    Phone: (409) 246-3605
  • Benjamin Farms - We have Jacob and Shetland sheep, colored angora goats, guard llamas and are a rescue for LGD breed dogs. Our product line includes various natural colored wools and mohair, and sheep skins.
    Karen Sigler - 8297 South 3200 West, Benjamin, UT 84660
    Phone: (801) 794-2586
    (Added:28-Apr-2004 Hits:1053)
  • Dixie-Does Dairy Goats - We have a small farm in Evington, VA. We just added Jacob sheep in 2004, and will be having our second crop of lambs in February 2006. We breed for breed character and quality fleece, but also put a high focus on a high standard of health. Thanks for your interest!
    Becky DiLella - Evington, VA 24550
    Phone: (434) 821-2713
  • J & M Farm - We are a small family farm located in the Green Mountains of Vermont, maintaining a small herd of Jacobs(approx. 14 head) and Navajo-Churros(approx. 20 head). We offer reg. breeding stock, lambs and wool products.
    Melissa A. Fallot - White River Junction, VT 05001
    Phone: (802) 295-5940
    (Added:13-Aug-2009 Hits:425)
  • Shadow Mountain Jacobs - Shadow Mountain Jacobs is located in scenic western Washington state. We raise only one breed of sheep, Jacobs. We have brought in bloodlines from all over the country and our registered breeding stock meet all the J.S.B.A. requirements. Top quality fleece, horns and conformation is our focus.
    Mary Tonkin - 21920 106th St E, Buckley, WA 98321
    Phone: (253) 891-1042
    (Added:6-Jan-2007 Hits:622)
  • Green Water Farm - 2 horn and 4 horn JSBA and JSC registered sheep. Fleeces and skins available.
    Dennis and Barbara Schultz - 250 N Jacob Miller Rd, Port Townsend, WA 98368
    Phone: 360-379-0338
  • Flying Coyote Farm - Lovely Jacob fleeces, prepared roving in various shades, occasional sheepskins! We also have a few Jacob/Romney/Columbia crosses with fleece and roving available. Call or email for more details or orders.
    Patty Berke & Georgia Sabol - 8713 Libby Rd NE, Olympia, WA 98506
    Phone: (360) 705-2090
    (Added:12-Sep-2005 Hits:786)
  • Michaels-Exotics - We raise Jacob, Black Welsh, and Navajo Churro sheep. We invite you to view our website.
    Arlene Vasquez - 30608 56th Ave S., Roy, WA 98580
    Phone: (253) 843-0560
    (Added:5-Sep-2006 Hits:764)
  • Swallow Lane Farm - Jacob breeding stock selected for quality fleeces and conformation. Diverse bloodlines.
    Mark and Cathie Williams - 8323 SE Millihanna Rd, Olalla, WA 98359
    Phone: (253) 857-2669
    (Added:2-Mar-2002 Hits:965)
  • Smokey Valley Farm and Kennel - We actually raise the minis and toys! The best of the breed and all the same things you love just in a smaller size the ONLY thing that changed! We have both the black and lilac spotted as well as two and hour horned sheep in our flock. All our sheep are purebred and registered with up to three registries! Many in the MNSBAR, the Miniature and Novelty Sheep Breeders Assoc. and Registry for the small rare sheep breeds. we raise 7 other rare small sheep breeds.
    Rick and Michelle Shannon - 113 Blake Road, Toledo, WA 98591
    Phone: (360) 864-6116
    (Added:6-Nov-1999 Hits:1067)
  • Wee Wonders Farm - Breeding pair of two year old registered miniature Jacob sheep. Male has set of four horns, female is small. $500 for pair.
    Amy Lewis - Chattaroy, WA 99003
    Phone: (509) 238-4435
  • Painted Rock Farm - Raising quality breeding stock since 1999! Excellent genetic diversity, starter flock availability; conservation breeding practices; breeding stock, locker lamb, raw fleece, fiber goods, tanned pelts and MORE!
    Cheryl or Mike Terrano - Buckhannon, WV 26201
    Phone: (304) 457-6620
    (Added:10-Jan-2016 Hits:1466)

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