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  • Circle P Farm - Mouflon lambs are available in the spring.
    Gordon & Candi Powell - 2976 Powell Tanks Loop, Lisman, AL 36912
    Phone: (205) 398-2713
  • Rafter P Farm - Breeding Mouflon, Mouflon Hybrid and Barbado sheep. Our farm is in the rolling hills of NW Alabama where we strive to produce good genetic sheep for breeding, stocking your farm or hunting ranch.
    Bobby Puckett - 7794 Hwy 84, Russellville, AL 35653
    Phone: (256) 332-8226
  • 3E Livestock - We raise only pure European Mouflon.We breed for wide horns and excellent color. We have yearling rams available--34" breeders. We are located in Alabama. Give us a call at 205-296-0062.
    Jason Edmondson - 155 Edmondson Lane, Alabaster, AL 35007
    Phone: (205) 296-0062
  • Rocky Head Rams - We raise pure Mouflon that have top quality genetics and massive horns....we also provide hunts on trophy Mouflon rams as part of our operation. Contact us at for more information.
    Terry Patman - 14622 Highway 51, Ariton, AL 36311
    Phone: (334) 762-3590
    (Added:18-Mar-2010 Hits:3559)
  • Alabama's Finest - We are breeders of Purebred Mouflon. We breed nice Big Wide Horn sheep with bright saddles. Call use any time.
    Joe Headley - Clanton, AL 35045
    Phone: (205) 755-8246
  • Circle P Farm - Mouflon lambs available in the fall. Corsican and Barbado ewes and lambs available now.
    Gordon & Candi Powell - 2976 Powell Tanks Loop, Lisman, AL 36912
    Phone: (205) 398-2713
  • Rafter P Farm - Breeding Mouflon, Mouflon Hybrid and Barbado sheep. Our farm is in the rolling hills of NW Alabama where we strive to produce good genetic sheep for breeding, stocking your farm or hunting ranch.
    Bob Puckett - 7794 Hwy 84, Russellville, AL 35653
    Phone: (256) 332-8226
    (Added:12-Jan-2008 Hits:3823)
  • Camels and Friends - Raising high quality pure European Mouflon. My stock comes from some of the best breeders in the country. I also have available 50% Mouflon hybrids crossed to domesticate sheep. Only breeder of pure Mouflon in the state and my hybrids are beautiful, hardy- the best of both worlds.
    Alex - Tuscon, AZ 85629
    Phone: (520) 282-4070
    (Added:5-Mar-2013 Hits:1074)
  • Tony Brancato - Pure Mouflon Sheep. Raised to be gentle and tame. We are the only breeders of Mouflon sheep in Southern California. Our animals are from the best breeders in the Mid-West and Texas.
    Tony Brancato - 11248 Sunnyslope Ave., Cherry Valley, CA 92223
    Phone: (951) 769-8389
  • Mouflon Sheep - Our Mouflons are all registered and from outstanding breeders in Texas and Wisconsin.We are the only Mouflon breeders in Southern California.
    Tony Brancato - 11248 Sunnyslope Ave., Cherry Valley, CA 92223
    Phone: (951) 769-8389
  • Scenic View Ranch - Breeding Mouflon, Barbado, Corsican, and Dall Sheep in the bluffs of the Yellow River valley in NE Iowa. Always looking for exceptional breeding stock to enhance our herd. We have crossed many of our ewes with Rocky Mountain Big Horn rams to produce trophy hunting rams. Limited hunting on our preserve. Breeding stock is limited but available.
    Lloyd Johanningmeier - 409 Old Sixteen Road, Monona, IA 52159
    Phone: (563) 535-7549
    (Added:11-Jan-2005 Hits:7519)
  • Mose Yoder - These Mouflons were bought from Rickey Hunt (Majestic Mouflons) and Terry Long. These bloodlines are the very best. We presently have ewes and rams for sale. We are located in Centerville, Iowa.
    Mose Yoder - Centerville, IA
    Phone: (641) 658-2389
  • Berry Branch Game Farm - Berry Branch Game Farm- Breeding Mouflon and Texas Dall sheep. Spring 2003 lambs coming up for sale. Roger & Kamie Barton 2665 Benton Ave. Mt. Pleasant, Ia. 52641 (319)258-7022
    Roger Barton - 2665 Benton Ave., Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641
    Phone: (319) 258-7022
  • Clinton's Mouflon Ranch - Breeders of only purebred Mouflon sheep. We have no other type of sheep on our ranch and are very careful about selecting herd genetics. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, or what we will have for sale.
    Wayne & Mindy Clinton - 1650 N. Tilton Ln., Ina, IL 62846
    Phone: (618) 437-5561
  • White Eye Ranch - Corsicas, Mouflon, Colorado Bighorn Cross, call 812/839-3420
    Larry Folkner - 5997 E Risk Ridge Rd, Madison, IN 47250
    Phone: (812) 839-3420
  • King of the Mountain Ranch - Pure European Mouflon sheep, the real King of the Mountain. Trophy genetics on both sides. Please check out my website for more info.
    Jason Nunemaker - Bremen, IN
    Phone: (574) 546-3439
  • Rick Sumner - I raise only mouflon sheep I have a small herd of 10 ewes and 1 ram I was told these are out of busch gardens by the man I bought them from.
    Rick Sumner - Garnett, KS
    Phone: (785) 304-0014
  • South Fork Elk Ranch - We raise pure European Mouflon, Painted Desert, Corsican, Blackbelly's and Desert Sand Sheep. Proven genetics and production.
    Kenny Lowe - Garnett, KS 66049
    Phone: (785) 448-3066
    (Added:15-Nov-2009 Hits:2397)
  • Circle S Farm - At Circle S Farm raise trophy Mouflon and all variations of Corsicans.
    Robert Sutton - Damar, KS 67632
    Phone: (785) 839-8069
  • Five Turkeys Farm - 35 beautiful acres in Shelby county Kentucky. We raise quality purebred Mouflon sheep. We have about 31 Mouflon right now. Our breed ram is "Star" who was bottle-raised by Ricky Hunt of Majestic Mouflons. The majority of our ewes are from RBL farms of Texas. We also have stock from the famous Y O Ranch in Texas. We have stock to sell!
    Eric B. Swisher - 1430 Little Crooked Creek Rd., Lawrenceburg, KY 40342
    Phone: (502) 738-0113
  • Broken Arrow Exotics - We have a beautiful farm located in the rolling hills of eastern Kentucky. We border Ohio and West Virginia. At Broken Arrow Exotics, we raise Mouflon, Painted Desert, and Corsican breeds, as well as crosses. We breed for quality and horn mass. Lambs are available in the spring. For any information, please feel free to contact us. Talk to you soon!!
    Duke & Melissa Hutchinson - Louisa, KY
    Phone: (606) 686-2345
  • High Horn Sheep Ranch - Pure European Mouflon bred for horn length and comformation. Stock available now. We are located in Calhoun, LA.
    Jack @ Sue Kent - 199 Dozer Lane, Calhoun, LA 71225
    Phone: (318) 644-0439
  • L & L Acres - Breeders of Mouflon sheep
    Andy Lemon - 6496 Benn, Jackson, MI 49201
    Phone: (517) 787-3126
    (Added:12-Jan-2010 Hits:1612)
  • North Country Mouflons - Breeding pure European Mouflon in central Minnesota. Our foundational breeding stock is out of world class 40 genetics. Breeding fast growing rams that are healthy and full of color.
    Travis Muyres - Isanti, MN 55040
    Phone: (612) 414-6084
    (Added:9-Jul-2012 Hits:1151)
  • Fullcurl Farm - Raising pure Mouflon on free range pasture in the upper midwest. Our Mouflon are raised with very little handling to keep them as close to their natural state as possible.
    CA Blystone - Kingston, MO 64650
    Phone: (417) 669-3053
  • Pogue Farm - We raise Pure European Mouflons, Painted Desert & Desert Dragon sheep on our 80-acre farm in southeast Missouri. We work hard to keep our sheep and our other animals as happy and healthy as they can be.
    Desire & Larry Pogue - 82 Hwy Y, Ellington, MO 63638
    Phone: (573) 689-1347
    (Added:11-Sep-2012 Hits:1132)
  • Double E Mouflon Farms - Mouflon sheep that excell in color and horn shape and length. Great genetics that grow out quickly.
    Earl Garner - 35 county 83, Tishomingo, MS 38873
    Phone: (662) 438-6639
    (Added:23-Apr-2001 Hits:7576)
  • Nelson Mouflon Farm - Pure Eruopean Mouflon - Ram from Mose Yoder in Iowa and ewes from Ron Gleaves in Texas.
    Jane Nelson - 2069 Turtle Pond Road, Highlands, NC 28741
    Phone: (828) 526-3656
  • Noahs Web Ark - If you are interested in raising or photographing Wild Mouflon, we offer for sale or trade pure European Mouflon. We are located in Trinity, NC and raise various exotic animals and plants. Pictures are available for review thru Http://
    Baxter Adams - 4626 Deaton RD, Trinity, NC 27370
    Phone: (336) 861-6526
    (Added:19-Oct-2002 Hits:4033)
  • White Elk Ranch - We raise rare and unusual Wild Sheep from all over the World includig: Pure Transcaspian Urials, Bighorn hybrids. Pure Bighorns, Red Sheep and Stumberg Sheep.
    Tad Puckett - 36606 Old Hwy 34, Trenton, NE 69004
    Phone: (970) 641-4425
    (Added:4-Jun-2010 Hits:1964)
  • Western Wings - Rocky Mountain Bighorn, Alaskan Dall,Texas exotic, and crossbred sheep.
    Herb Wellnitz - 6917 370th Trl, Rushville, NE 69360
    Phone: (308) 327-2523
    (Added:19-Jan-2007 Hits:3540)
  • Caliche Flats Mouflons - We are striving to raise trophy quality Mouflons in South Eastern NM. We purchased our first breeding flock from Highlonesome Mouflons last summer with more to come. We may have some lambs for sale this summer.
    Les Boxley - 1323 E. Harrison, Lovington, NM 88260
    Phone: (575) 704-0177
  • Big Creek Ranching - We breed only the purest Trans Caspian Sheep
    Bob Weaver - 6688, Breezewood Rd, OH 44077
    Phone: (440) 350-0127
  • Comer's Cove - We are a small farm in Southwest Ohio that breeds Painted Desert, Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian and Mouflon Sheep.
    Shane Comer - West Milton, OH 45383
    Phone: (937) 974-4463
    (Added:29-Apr-2009 Hits:1828)
  • Filly's Run Ranch - We have a very selective breeding program that promotes horn growth and sound solid genetics that get the job done for the hunting and breeding community. Every year we have a select number of breeding stock that are available for sale. Call or e-mail for availability.
    Rex Martin - Coleman, OK
    Phone: (972) 839-0699
    (Added:29-Mar-2008 Hits:3511)
  • Topshelf Whitetails - 1 yearling ram, 2 three yr old ewes, one yearling ewe, 1 ram lamb, and 1 ewe lamb. all are pure blood european
    lee peters - r2 box 278, nowata, ok 74048
    Phone: (918) 282-9528
  • Persimmoncreek - We are offering pure bred Mouflon sheep. They all have excellent bloodlines and references are available,(ewes only).
    Lon Parsons - Woodward, OK 73801
    Phone: (580) 334-9521
  • Glessner's - I have mouflon and some Rocky Mountain bighorn cross ewes.
    Brad glessner - Somerset, PA
    Phone: (814) 289-5365
  • Mike Ciancitto - Breeder of purebred Mouflon northern raised Audad and Blackbelly Barbados. All breeds are true and pristine examples. Mouflon sheep of wide genetics, call 570-686-3480
    Mike Ciancitto - 122 Genesis Dr, Milford, PA 18337
    Phone: (570) 686-3480
    (Added:24-Feb-2010 Hits:1557)
  • Double D Mouflon Farm - Breeders of 100% Pure European Mouflon Sheep "only" nice wide horn sheep, with very short tails, and big bright saddles check it out for yourself. Thank you. Larry
    Larry Dowell - 214 Perrysmith Lane, Rogersville, TN 37857
    Phone: (423) 921-2218
    (Added:14-Oct-2007 Hits:4219)
  • Majestic Mouflons - We have been breeding pure European Mouflons now for 16 years. In our new website you will find 3 galleries with almost a 100 pictures of pure Mouflons. We also offer a book on raising European Mouflon sheep.
    Rickey Hunt - 1603 FM RD 1326, Avery, TX 75554
    Phone: (903) 684-3234
    (Added:10-Apr-2007 Hits:3089)
  • Pintail Ranch - We are selling our entire herd of purebred Mouflon. Excellent genetics, horn growth and bright colors! Pictures and price list at
    Patrick - Fort Worth, TX 76107
    Phone: (214) 288-5214
  • Miles Allen Border Collies - We have Painted Desert, Black Hawaiian, Corsican sheep, Mouflon, Barbado,and Texas Dall. We are providing large horn genetics on quality rams. Our animals are bred for maximum horn growth.
    Miles Allen - 901 County Road 229, Florence, TX 76527
    Phone: (512) 630-1074
    (Added:7-Aug-2005 Hits:2743)
  • Trophy Hair Sheep of America - Trophy Hair Sheep of America registers Texas Dall, Desert Sand, Black Hawaiian, Corsican, Mouflon, Desert Dragon (multi horn) and other hair sheep breeds and crosses of this type, including Bighorn. Construction on the new website will be finished soon. Please contact the registrar for more information and registration forms. Ask about the "Gold Star Ram" award!
    Anita Garza, Registrar - 11819 Puska, Needville, TX 77461
    Phone: (979) 793-4207
    (Added:17-Sep-2009 Hits:1691)
  • T&J Ranch - Purebred Mouflon sheep. San Diego Zoo stock. No other sheep on the ranch. Ewes and 1 to 2-year old rams available. Breeding Mouflon since 1987.
    Thanos - 2536 Reservation Rd, Harper, TX 78631
    Phone: (830) 864-5271
  • Hi Lonesome Mouflons - We have 3 breeding herds of some of the best and most diversified genetics to be found. We breed for color and type as well as wide, deep horn growth. Visit our newly updated website, call or come by. We would love to show you around and 'talk sheep'.
    Casey and Liz McGlaun - 229 Lakota Lane, Lone Camp, TX 76484
    Phone: (940) 329-8641
    (Added:28-Oct-2010 Hits:1199)
  • East Texas Mouflons - Purebred Mouflon sheep in the heart of the Pineywoods of Texas.
    Craig Teer - 9720 E State Hwy 103, Lufkin, TX 75901
    Phone: (936) 632-1714
  • Rapid River Big Horns - We raise Barbado and Mouflon and also have Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian and Corsican. Rams available at all times. Located 50 miles West of Fort Worth.
    JH. Richardson - Santo, TX 76472
    Phone: (940) 682-1451
  • Hi Lonesome Mouflons - We raise World Class Pure European Mouflon Sheep in the "North Texas Hill Country" our Main Herd Sire measures over 40" as a 5-year old! We have some of the best and most diversified genetics to be found. Visit our website, call or come by, take the scenic drive on Highway 4 just off the Brazos River Bluffs. We would love to show you our herd and "Talk Sheep"!
    Casey and Liz McGlaun - 229 Lakota Lane, Palo Pinto, TX 76484
    Phone: (940) 329-8641
    (Added:2-Feb-2011 Hits:1416)
  • Joe E. Hoover - We raise Pure European Mouflon Sheep 40 miles NE of Georgetown, Texas. We regularly produce 34" horned rams in just over 3 years growth. I have 2 males and 2 females born in 2004 left. The males have over 20" horns. We promote fast growth with excellent genetics, heavy mineral supplements, and high protein feeders in addition to heavily fertilized pastures. 512-863-9574
    Joe E. Hoover - 4207 Val Verde Drive, Georgetown, TX 78628
    Phone: (512) 863-9574
  • RJ Farms - Breeders of Pure European Mouflon. Website is in development.
    Ron Gleaves - 648 E Tripp Rd., Sunnyvale, TX 75182
    Phone: (469) 744-4547
    (Added:29-Aug-2010 Hits:935)
  • Jared Springs - Selling flock of Pure European Mouflons. 20 Rams and 20 Ewes of all ages. Rams are up to 32 1/2 inches. Bloodlines can be traced back at least 2 generations. Call or email. Thanks
    Jared Springs - 753 Koepp Street, Seguin, TX 78155
    Phone: (830) 534-8594
  • The Martin Family Farm - We have three small breeding and grazing areas for our sheep that include pureblood Mouflon, Corsican, Painted sheep, Barbadoe, Texas Dall and Black Hawaiian as well as some pygmy goats.Come by and see us!
    Craig Martin - Weatherford, TX 76087
    Phone: (817) 613-8126
  • Texas Rams - Texas Rams is located about 45 minutes west of Ft.Worth, TX, in Mineral Wells and Poolville, Texas. We raise, buy and sell Mouflon, TX Dahl, Black Hawiian, Painted Desert and Barbadoe rams and ewes. We are now stocking some exotics. If we do not have what you are looking for, we can find it for you. All of the sheep we sell are wormed regularly and are healthy. We do not sell sick or injured animals.
    C.D. Parkhill - Mineral Wells, TX
    Phone: (940) 328-2286
    (Added:1-Apr-2009 Hits:1848)
  • Titopa Farms - Mouflon sheep raised in rotation pastures. Sheep available.
    Tom Schwartz - 1110 Doss Road, Millsap, TX 76066
    Phone: (940) 682-4090
  • RJ Farms - Breeders of pure European Mouflon sheep, we are located in North Texas. We are focused on a breeding program to produce superior Mouflon out of the best genetics. We focus on producing the most colorful animals and continually work to improve horn quality.
    Ron Gleaves - 648 E Tripp Rd., Sunnyvale, TX 75182
    Phone: (469) 744-4547
    (Added:2-Feb-2011 Hits:1023)
  • RBL Farm - RBL Farm is owned and operated by Larry and Bobby Wick of Weimar,TX.We are located half-way between Houston and San Antonio on IH-10. We have been in the Mouflon business for ten years. During this time we have bred record book quality rams and ewes. We also have red sheep and black Hawaiians. Visit our website for more information and pictures.
    Larry Wick - 2122 FM 155, Weimar, TX 78962
    Phone: (979) 725-8770
    (Added:14-Mar-2006 Hits:2860)
  • Rockin H Bighorns - Our Mouflons are pure and top quality genetics. Our primary breeding ram is Mojo who is a son of Rickey Hunt's Massive Mo. We also have Stumberg, Bighorn crosses, and some of the best Texas Dalls around.
    Will Harvey - 1351 CR 251, Georgetown, TX 78633
    Phone: (512) 636-9688
    (Added:13-May-2010 Hits:1878)
  • Majestic Mouflons - We have been raising pure European Mouflon sheep now for over 18 years. Our rams have been known to exceed over 38 inches. They are also known for their bright white saddles. We also have wriiten a book on Mouflons titled "Mouflon World". Our website contains 3 galleries of pictures of Mouflon sheep for you to enjoy.
    Rickey Hunt - 1603 FM 1326, Avery, TX 75554
    Phone: (903) 684-3234
    (Added:18-Jun-2009 Hits:1837)
  • 4g sheep - Mouflon ewes
    Richard Garvin - 1551Redtop Rd, Poolville, TX 76487
    Phone: (817) 599-0727
  • Black Orchid Farms - Mouflon, Mouflon Hybrids, Corsican, Painted Desert and Texas Dall.
    Lee Glenn - P.O. Box 412, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482
    Phone: (903) 885-4096
  • P.W. Rams - We raise and breed Corsican, Barbados, Texas Dall, and this summer we will begin raising purebred Mouflon. We have several rams available with horns over 30".
    C.D. Parkhill - Mineral Wells, TX 76067
    Phone: (940) 328-2286
  • Paloma Blanca Ranch - Pure European Mouflon sheep for sale. Rams and ewes of all ages. Excellent horn and color. New crop of lambs arriving in March. Call the ranch for details. See price list on web site.
    Terry Hutzell - 1800 Hwy 479, Harper, TX 78631
    Phone: (830) 864-5283
  • Fallow Creek Ranch - We have multiple Trophy Mouflon rams, majority over 30 inches, and we have mature and youg rams for sale. All sheep have been protein-fed and wormed. Please call for prices, email me for pictures, or additional information.
    Nic Mitchell - Industry, TX 78944
    Phone: (713) 829-9647
  • 2 Brothers Farms - Been in business since 1996 raising pure European Mouflon sheep for breeding and hunting in Georgetown, Texas. 6 young rams less than 1 year old and 4 females for sale @ $300 each.
    Joe E. Hoover - Georgetown, TX
    Phone: (512) 863-9574
  • Rocky Mountain Painted Sheep - Rocky Mountain Painted Sheep are domestic hair sheep that can have an array of colors, patterns and horn characteristics. Rams are encouraged to have large handsome racks with the exotic and occasional buck with 3 and 4 horns. These sheep are bred for size, horn and color and will make any landscape extraordinary with their splash of color and wild stature. Be sure to visit our website for more information.
    Admin - Salt Lake City, UT
    Phone: (801) 601-8333
    (Added:10-Mar-2008 Hits:1948)
  • Trailside Exotics - Breeding trophy class pure European Mouflon and registered British Soays. Photos of our Mouflon and Soays have been featured in SHEEP! magazine. We are located 45 minutes north of Green Bay Wisconsin.
    Bob Waschbisch - 8159 Beaver Lake Road, Oconto Falls, WI 54154
    Phone: (920) 619-7210
    (Added:8-Aug-2010 Hits:1057)
  • Trailside Exotics - Breeding trophy class pure European Mouflon and registered British Soays. Photos of our Mouflon and Soays have been featured in SHEEP! magazine. We are located 45 minutes north of Green Bay Wisconsin.
    Bob Waschbisch - 8198 Meetz Lane, Coleman, WI 54112
    Phone: (920) 619-7210
    (Added:6-Mar-2012 Hits:1147)
  • Wisconsin Mouflons - Raising Mouflon sheep in Northeastern Wisconsin for over 15 years
    stephen kovnesky - W7881 County Park Rd, Amberg, WI 54102
    Phone: (715) 759-5112
    (Added:8-Dec-2015 Hits:2259)

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