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  • Red Hill Farm - Located in northeastern Alabama, I have a small farm flock of Navajo-churro sheep. I have sheep and lambs for sale occasionally, and also offer several natural colored raw fleeces, roving, handspun yarn for weaving, and fiber art.
    Laurie Ayer - Somerville, AL 35670
    Phone: (256) 778-0314
    (Added:21-Jun-2007 Hits:1655)
  • Sagebrush Valley Ranch - Navajo-Churro Sheep, wool, lambs, roving for sale from our off-grid ranch in the White Mountains of Arizona.
    Esther Shomper - Snowflake, AZ 85937
    Phone: (928) 229-8579
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  • Grace Lamb Farm - Located in Flagstaff, Arizona, we have great quality breeding stock that are and can be registered. Check us out for this coming breeding season!
    Marissa and Caleb Clemmons - 7910 Hollow Ridge Rd., Flagstaff, AZ 86004
    Phone: (928) 607-9675
  • Nizhoni Heritage Farms - We have a good selection of Navajo-Churro sheep. Our sheep have good lean meat and are naturally grazed and herded on the Navajo Reservation. Our sheep fleece are mostly white with some browns, grays, and blacks. Be sure to check with us every Fall as we will be culling some of our older quality ewes who would make a wonderful addition to any flock. Our ewes have a high twining rate.
    Louise Sheppard - P.O. Box 49, Hotevilla, AZ 86030
    Phone: (928) 313-0238
  • Jay's Navajo-Churro Lamb & Wool - Registered breeding stock-all natural AZ state inspected lamb. wool, roving, pelts and yarn available.
    Jay Begay Jr - P.O. Box 1232, Tuba City, AZ 86045
    Phone: (928) 401-1700
    (Added:27-Jan-2010 Hits:1295)
  • Apache Hill Wool and Fiber Company - Raising quality Navajo-Churro sheep in Southern Arizona! Please visit our website for more information on available sheep, fleeces and products.
    Janet Boursier - PO Box 527, Elfrida, AZ 85610
    Phone: (520) 642-4545
    (Added:13-Apr-2006 Hits:2213)
  • Robbin's Sheep Corral @ Grand Falls AZ - Well documented white and color lines. I have wool, AZ State inspected meat, and quality breeding stock. Active member of the Navajo Churro Sheep Association. My farm is on the rez line and I will trade. Put the Churro back into your flock!
    Robbin Robinson - PO Box 2801, Flagstaff, AZ 86003
    Phone: (928) 607-6266
  • Coyote Springs Farm - Registered/Registerable Navajo-Churro rams, ewes and lambs. Award winning animals and quality fleece. We also do website design, email for more details. *Our site is currently under consruction*
    Nikyle Begay - PO Box 932, Ganado, AZ 86505
    Phone: (928) 755-3577
    (Added:3-May-2008 Hits:2663)
  • Fowler's Food - We produce registered/registerable Navajo-Churro rams, ewes and lambs. Wonderful intelligent animals selected for quality fleece and confirmation. Email for more details. "Our site is currently under construction". Our convenient location is open for seasonal farm gate sales of AZDA Inspected Lamb. The ranch is just 20 miles north of Bell Rd in Phoenix, AZ. Our animals are fed clean, organically raised grass and alfalfa with no hormones or medication.
    Stephen Fowler - 227 E Mano Dr, New River, AZ 85087
    Phone: (623) 465-0458
  • Red Cloud Ranch - Our beautiful 40-acre ranch is located just off the Navajo Reservation in Northeastern Arizona. Raising quality Registered and Registerable Navajo Churro Sheep. Breeding stock and wool available for sale or trade.
    Les & Jane Brown - PO Box 155, Snowflake, AZ 85937
    Phone: (928) 536-3076
    (Added:10-Dec-2006 Hits:1988)
  • Baker's Pine Farm - Located in Klagetoh, Arizona on the Navajo Reservation; Baker's Pine Farm is home to Navajo-Churro Sheep, Pygmy Goats, and Llamas. Baker's Churro Farm strives to offer registered or registerable sheep and Llamas for breeding stock, Navajo-Churro Wool and Meat.
    Lance Baker - Klagetoh, AZ
    Phone: (928) 652-2665
    (Added:1-Oct-2006 Hits:1709)
  • Navajo-Churro Project of Mendocino County - We raise good Navajo-Churros in many colors. We also have a county-wide independent youth project that shows the sheep. Our project emphasizes donating free-of-charge good breeding stock to traditional Dineh weavers, mostly from the Black Mesa and Big Mountain areas. We are happy to supply interested youth project lambs and any help and info needed. We are always happy to talk about our sheep and show them off to interested people.
    Debby Bradford - PO Box 495, 2240 Rd 110, Hopland, CA 95449
    Phone: (707) 744-1232
  • Wylecote Farm - Registered Navajo-churro breeding stock usually available. All breeding rams and most ewes are DNA tested for scrapie resistance. We have sheep in a wide range of colors and from many different bloodlines. Skirted raw fleeces and professionally prepared rovings are also available. Members N-CSA and ALBC.
    Anne Marie Ritchie - P. O. Box 263, Knightsen, CA 94548
    Phone: (925) 516-9067
    (Added:6-May-2006 Hits:1125)
  • Greyfaire Farms - Registered Navajo-Churros & Suffolks & Crosses for wool and meat
    Trisha Cavalliere - 7758 Big Horn Street, Inyokern, CA 93527
    Phone: (760) 377-3257
    (Added:9-Aug-2005 Hits:1571)
  • Wind Dancer Ranch - Registered Navajo-Churro sheep raised on natural pastures in the beautiful Capay Valley of California. Breeding stock, quality fleeces, yarn, and meat lambs available. Member of the Navajo-Churro Sheep Association and American Livestock Breeds Conservancy.
    Lisa - Brooks, CA
    Phone: (650) 642-1690
    (Added:8-Feb-2011 Hits:542)
  • Blue Iris Farm - This small flock of Navajo-Churro sheep have been raised to produce lustrous, uniform fleeces. These fleeces come in colors of black, grey/silver, brown and white and are jacketed to protect the fiber against the harsh effects of the sun and wind. Located in the high desert 1-1/2 hours north of Los Angeles.
    Rheba Howell - 41011 158th Street East, Lancaster, CA 93535
    Phone: (661) 264-0094
  • Hussa Ranch - Hussa Ranch is located in beautiful Surprise Valley, on the western rim of the Great Basin, in the Sagebrush Corner the borderlands of Oregon, California, and Nevada. Our ranch flock is unregistered, but of pure Navajo-Churro bloodlines from Navajo flocks. We also offer fine breeding stock, work animals, Navajo-Churro wool products, and locker lamb. Visit our site for more information.
    John and Linda Hussa - Box C, Cedarville, CA 96104
    Phone: (530) 279-6380
    (Added:18-Mar-2008 Hits:899)
  • Hovenweep Sheep - Registered Navajo Churro sheep and fleeces, pelts, skulls, yarn and roving.
    Chuck Wales - 484 CR 220, Durango, CO 81303
    Phone: (970) 739-0550
    (Added:9-Feb-2013 Hits:1095)
  • Patchwork Sheep - Our sheep roam happily over 140 acres of grassy hills. Besides Navajo Churro, we raise Cotswold, Lincoln, Shetland and CVM sheep. We have beautiful, soft and fluffy fleeces in silver black, white and morrit shades. All fleeces are skirted before sale. Remember us for your wool needs!
    Terri Scot - 11434 Hwy 52, Ft. Lupton, CO 80621
    Phone: (303) 857-4414
  • Arriola Sunshine Farm - We raise Navajo Churro Sheep on natural grass pastures. We may have breeding stock, wool and/or USDA inspected meat available. We are dedicated to conserving the character of this breed and supporting our Navajo people in the Four Corners Region.
    Cindy Dvergsten - P.O. Box 218, Lewis, CO 81327
    Phone: (979) 882-4222
    (Added:27-Oct-2006 Hits:1093)
  • Small Acre Farm - We are a small family farm located in northern CO, not too far from the WY border. We have a small herd of Navajo Churro sheep as a part of our larger fiber herd. Our focus is on the fiber, and we offer natural colored raw fleece, great for spinning and outstanding for felting, and hand spun yarn for sale. We usually have lambs for sale in the spring, and occasionally breeding age ewes and rams or small starter herds.
    TeDi Jansen and Toot Gradisar - 6347 NCR 19, Fort Collins, CO 80524
    Phone: (970) 224-4213
    (Added:21-Jan-2012 Hits:472)
  • Alamo Grande Ranch - Located in southwestern Colorado, we offer Navajo-Churro breeding stock in a wide range of colors from our award winning flock. Fleeces, roving and meat packages and locker lambs available.
    Chris and Stephanie Ribera - Ignacio, CO
  • Dancing Duck Farm - We have a small farm in windswept Eastern Colorado where we raise heritage breeds of sheep (Navajo Churro, Karakul, and Shetland). We also have fleeces available from these breeds, in a wide variety of colors.
    Anne Moss/Barbara Rush - Burlington, CO 80807
    Phone: (719) 342-1932
  • Dancing Duck Farm - We have a small farm in windswept Eastern Colorado where we raise heritage breeds of sheep (Navajo Churro, Karakul, and Shetland). We also have fleeces available from these breeds in a wide range of colors.
    Anne Moss and Barbara Rush - Burlington, CO 80807
    Phone: (719) 342-1932
    (Added:15-Nov-2008 Hits:1119)
  • Prairie Rose Woolen Works - Navajo Churro, Shetland, and Llamas. Breed stock and gaurd llamas.
    Patricia Burch and Jill Koenig - 44860 CR 95, Briggsdale, CO 80611
    Phone: (970) 302-2693
  • Dragon's Lair Farm LLC - We are a small farm in Eastern CT. We have registered Navajo-Churros. We carry breeding stock, raw fleece, yarn and roving.
    Cathy Andresen and Dan Finn - 27 Harris Road, Salem, CT 06420
    Phone: (860) 639-9196
  • Birch Pond Farm - We are dispersing our flock. 2 rams, 7 adult ewes, 6 ewe lambs. Packages available.
    Carol & Chris - 391 Westchester Road, Colchester, CT 06415
    Phone: (860) 267-8628
  • Navajo Churro Sheep - Quality traditional Navajo Churro sheep with excellent dairy qualities and wool.
    Jauson King - 603 B street, Corning, IA 50841
    Phone: (641) 322-4802
    (Added:11-Nov-2012 Hits:463)
  • Spencer Sky Farms- Navajo Churro Sheep - We raise about 60-90 Navajo Churro lambs a year with a focus on traditional type, dairy and wool.
    Jauson - 603 B street, Corning, IA 50841
    Phone: (641) 322-4802
    (Added:11-Feb-2013 Hits:411)
  • Shepherd's Whistle Farms - A small farm in Idaho raising registered Navajo-churro sheep. These sheep are direct descendants of the original sheep discovered by Dr. McNeal in the four corners region. Will sell or trade breed stock.
    Rosemary and Michael Wells - 444 North Main St., Malad, ID 83252
    Phone: (208) 766-5452
  • Lil' Bit Farm - Lil' Bit Farm is dedicated to the preservation of the Navajo-Churro breed. We are members of the Navajo-Churro Sheep Association, and Kentucky Sheep & Wool Society. Registered Navajo-Churro breeding stock available in 2007, and grease fleece available.
    Jim Dunn - 433 Harrods Creek Road, Paris, KY 40361
    Phone: (859) 362-7719
  • North Face Farm - Navajo-Churro fleeces and breeding stock.
    Maria Amodei - Dunstable, MA
    Phone: (978) 649-6736
    (Added:2-Mar-2006 Hits:885)
  • Black Mesa Weavers for Life and Land - Nonprofit grassroots enterprise of the Dine' (Navajo) of Black Mesa, Arizona, working to save the people's traditional culture and the rare and unique genetic heritage of the churro sheep upon which it depends. Weavers receive a fair price for their wool and weavings, and buyers make a tax-deductible contribution to a general fund. Superb white, deep rich brown, and multicolored fleece, washed wool and carded roving.
    Carol S. Halberstadt - Migrations, P.O. Box 543, Newton, MA 02456
    Phone: (617) 332-0290
    (Added:30-Apr-2001 Hits:1405)
  • Three Pines B&B and Farm - We raise registered Jacob, Shetland, Navajo-Churro, and Soay sheep.Breeding stock and fleece is available for purchase.
    Edward Curtis - 274 East Side Rd, Hancock, ME 04640-3921
    Phone: (207) 460-7595
    (Added:5-Jun-2006 Hits:774)
  • Five Ponds Farm - Registered breeding stock; wool and other items as available. Please visit website for details.
    Marian - HC 3 Box 148, Birch Tree, MO 65438
    Phone: (417) 764-3641
    (Added:27-Oct-2007 Hits:786)
  • Quiet Waters Farm - Quiet Waters Farm is located in Northwest Missouri. We have a beautiful flock of Navajo-Churros in diverse colors and from diverse stock from across the country. Breeding stock is available. Navajo-Churros is now the only sheep we raise at Quiet Waters farm so we can concentrate on this breeds execellant qualities. Fleeces and fiber available.
    Jean - 40565 Iris Trail, Barnard, MO 64423
    Phone: (660) 652-3700
    (Added:3-Nov-2007 Hits:1563)
  • All Smiles Navajo-Churro Sheep - I have a small, registered flock of Navajo-Churro sheep in Montana. I try to have a lot of rams to keep genetic diverstity in my flock. Many beautiful colors avaiable. Wool, rams, ewes, and lambs available for sale.
    Josh Pecukonis - 49 Cove Lane, Great Falls, MT 59404
    Phone: (406) 727-7230
    (Added:28-Apr-2009 Hits:686)
  • Montana Mules and More - Navajo-Churro, rams, ewes, lambs, and wool for sale.
    Jody Sept - Miles City, MT 59301
    Phone: (406) 234-3135
    (Added:12-Jan-2008 Hits:852)
  • Prairie Rose Ranch - Navajo-Churro are the newest additions to the Heritage Flock at Prairie Rose Ranch. We have black, white, spotted and morrit members in our flock. Heavily skirted fleeces will be available. Watch our daughters 'senior project' as it unfolds on our web site! Breeding stock is available.
    Jean - 825 Co Rd K, Friend, NE 68359
    Phone: (402) 947-6221
    (Added:30-Jul-2003 Hits:1299)
  • Absent JackAcres - Our flock of Navajo Churro enjoy our small acreage located in Central Nebraska. We sell lambs during the summer months.
    Shannon - Bellwood, NE 68624
    Phone: (402) 270-8994
    (Added:11-Feb-2010 Hits:514)
  • Absent Jack Acres - As of 8/2012 We have been raising pure bred Navajo Churro sheep since 2008. To our knowledge we are the only registered flock in the state of Nebraska. This spectacular breed caught our attention and has captured our hearts. Medium size and easy to manage. We offer lambs and raw wool for sale each spring. Feel free to contact us for more information. Or visit our website.
    Shannon - Bellwood, NE
    Phone: (402) 270-8994
    (Added:9-Aug-2012 Hits:413)
  • Peg DeLong - We raise polled heirloom Navajo Churro sheep on our small farm in the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Fleeces, batts, and yarn available at the farm or the Tamworth Farmers Market.
    Peg DeLong - PO Box 67, Tamworth, NH 03886
    Phone: (603) 323-8335
    (Added:27-Jun-2009 Hits:586)
  • Jersey West - Navajo Churros and crossbreds for meat and breeding. Fleeces available. Lambs, ewes, rams, starter flocks available. All colors. Large flock.
    Rebecca Gunther - 1140 River Rd, Hillsborough, NJ 08844
    Phone: (908) 369-4088
    (Added:18-Oct-2009 Hits:527)
  • Emory Oak Farm - We are a small farm in Southwest New Mexico specializing in Churro and Churro cross sheep. We raise our sheep for their fine wool for spinning and weaving. For the 2009 season, we have 4 young rams for sale, ranging in age from 6 months to two years. We are also interested in possible trades with other farms.
    Jennifer Douglass - 144 Armijo Rd., Silver City, NM 88061
    Phone: (575) 388-8766
  • Kyea Ranch - Raising Navajo Churro sheep
    Lani or David Kyea - 217 Kyea Rd, Clayton, NM 88415
    Phone: (575) 374-2939
  • Emory Oak Farm - We are a small breeder of Navajo Churros and Churro-x sheep specifically bred for their wonderful fleeces. We are located in Silver City, New Mexico in the foothills of the Gila Wilderness. We sell breeding stock and raw fleeces from our herd.
    Jennifer Douglass - 144 Armijo Rd., Silver CFity, NM 88061
    Phone: (575) 388-8766
  • Flint Run Farm - Flint Run Farm is dedicated to the preservation of the Navajo-Churro breed. We are members of the Navajo-Churro Sheep Association and American Livestock Breeds Conservancy. Registered Navajo-Churro breeding stock and grease fleece available. Contact us for free fleece samples
    Tim Birkeland - 2731 Righteous Ridge Rd., Waterford, OH 45786-9777
    Phone: (740) 984-2665
  • Liongate Farm - Navajo Churro Sheep, Tibetan and Pyrenean Mastiff livestock guardians. We offer a wide variety of products from our sheep. Hides, raw fleece, washed fleece, roving: natural and dyed, yarn: natural and dyed, felted items and other specialty craft items. We also offer custom embroidery and digitizing-so if you need your farm logo, rare breed logo etc., customized on anything!
    Karen Szewc - 14314 East Evans Creek Road, Rogue River, OR 97537
    Phone: (541) 582-2431
    (Added:27-Jun-2009 Hits:575)
  • Maple Tree Farms - Located in the Willamette Valley of Oregon, we offer registered Navajo-Churro breeding stock in a wide range of colors from our award winning flock. Fleeces and roving are also available.
    Peggy Miller - Salem, OR
    Phone: (503) 749-4101
    (Added:2-Aug-2005 Hits:1019)
  • bide a wee farm - Registered Jacob and Navajo-Churro breeding stock from diverse bloodlines. All lambs are sold with a registration guarantee. Also available, award winning fleeces, along with roving, yarn and colorful pelts.
    Karen Lobb - 19562 NE Calkins Lane, Newberg, OR 97132
    Phone: (503) 538-7987
    (Added:30-Apr-2005 Hits:1255)
  • Puddleduck Farm - A breed worthy of conservation! The meat is excellent tasting, the ewes are fantastic mothers, healthy, easy keepers not requiring huge amounts of high protein feed. Their specialty wool spins into yarn suited specifically for traditional Navajo rugs and other hard wearing garments, felt and needle art. We have raised this breed for 40 years ... and I love them! Contact us for information on breeding stock and products.
    Ingrid Painter - Brownsville, OR
    Phone: (541) 466-3203
    (Added:29-May-2014 Hits:167)
  • Dot Ranch - Dot Ranch is a small ranch in Scio, Oregon, dedicated to the preservation of genetic diversity in Navajo-Churro Sheep. We produce breeding stock, grass-fed lamb, and fiber products. All of our animals are pasture-raised and grass-finished on 40 acres of sustainably managed mixed timber and prairie range.
    Mickey Clayton - PO Box 3, Scio, OR 97374
    Phone: (503) 575-8489
    (Added:21-Feb-2012 Hits:369)
  • Dynamites Trophey Sheep - We have 20 beautifull acres in Pennsylvania and raise purebred Mouflon. Our pens are all single sired with ewes and rams with both 30" genetics. Our pens are no-tilled with alfalfa, chickory, and clover for fast horn growth and healthy animals. Herd sires are Terry J.Long's Cooter,and Bruce Randall's Canadian ram Toro. 30" rams available now. Please call us anytime. We love to talk about sheep.
    Aaron Violet - RD 2 Box 192A, Martinsburg, PA 16662
    Phone: (814) 793-9684
  • We 3 Ewes - We are a small farm producing raw wool & roving for sale. Occasionally hand-spun yarn & other finished products are available.
    Ewe - Dallas - Ft. Worth, TX
    Phone: (ple) ase-emai
  • Wise Woman Ways Farm - Located in the Texas Hill Country, Fredericksburg, Texas. I specialize in crossing Navajo Churro and East Friesian dairy sheep. My crosses are producing a hardy milking animal I have named 'Churesians'. Visit my website for more information.
    Dr. Darlene Two Trees Cannon - 3982 Keese Road, Fredericksburg, TX 78624
    Phone: (432) 413-3412
    (Added:18-Jul-2008 Hits:871)
  • Ewetah Fiber - We raise quality Navajo-Churro ewes, rams and lambs with polled,2,4 and 6(rare) horned examples. The ewes have good milking abilities and are a designated milk breed. We breed for beautiful fleece color combinations and texture. Discounts for Native Americans of the southwest tribes. Also for sale Llanacos! These are crosses between the endangered Guanacos and llamas. AMAZING fiber.
    Sam - *, UT
    Phone: (please-email)
  • Gnat Ranch - We are a small ranch located in the Henry Mountains in southeastern Utah where we raise about 50 head of Navajo-Churro sheep. We have registered and registerable breeding stock, meat lambs, and raw fleeces available.
    Roger Randolph - P.O. Box 2193, Ticaboo, UT 84533
    Phone: (310) 683-2736
    (Added:25-Nov-2007 Hits:785)
  • The Navajo Sheep Project; Serving People, Preserving Cultures - The Navajo Sheep Project (NSP) is the oldest, largest flock, and only gene pool with it's origins to true Navajo Reservation rescued churros. The NSP is an IRS registered non-profit, and was founded in the 1970's to save the Navajo-Churro from extinction. The NSP must sell registerable breeding stock, wool, and receive charitable donations to survive. Usually sheep and wool are available year round.
    Dr. Lyle G. McNeal - PO Box 4454, Logan, UT 84323-4454
    Phone: (435) 753-7950
    (Added:17-Sep-2000 Hits:1686)
  • Benjamin Farms - We are rasing exotic and rare breed sheep. We currently have Navajo-Churro and Jacob sheep. We hope to be adding Karakul in the spring. We also raise guard llamas, pygora goats, milking goats and bees. We specialize in wool, goat's milk and honey products.
    Charlie & Karen Sigler - 8297 South 3200 West, Benjamin, Ut 84660
    Phone: (801) 794-2586
    (Added:24-Nov-2002 Hits:1252)
  • J & M Farm - We are a small family owned farm in the Green Mountains of Vermont, maintaining a small flock of reg. Navajo-Churros (@ 20 head) and reg. Jabobs (@ 14 head). We offer reg. breeding stock, lambs, and wool products.
    Melissa A. Fallot - White River Junction, VT 05001
    Phone: (802) 295-5940
    (Added:13-Aug-2009 Hits:500)
  • The Land and Lamb Co. - Purebred Navajo-Churro breeding stock, grease fleece, roving, yarns, woven & knit clothing (socks, sweaters, vests), comforters and more
    Marian White - 37 Ordway Road, Tunbridge, VT 05068
    Phone: (802)889-3417
    (Added:10-Oct-1999 Hits:1244)
  • Mountain Niche Farm - We raise Navajo-Churro and crosses for fiber and grass-fed meat. We have lovely fleeces, shear 2X per year usually and have yarns from our flock. Yarns are millspun for either weaving (tapestry single ply) or knitting (looser 3ply) in natural colors. The single ply may be available by the ounce in dyed colors. Our breeding stock is registered with Navajo Churro Sheep Association and we have a variety of colors.
    Kimberlee Kerley - Chehalis, WA
    Phone: (360) 740-4667
    (Added:22-May-2011 Hits:386)
  • Mountain Niche Farm - We have a large selection of breeding stock available, as well as fleeces and fiber. Please see our Navajo-Churro page on our web site (
    Kimberlee Kerley - Chehalis, WA
    Phone: (360) 740-4667
    (Added:21-Jun-2003 Hits:1066)
  • Drycreek Ranch - Quality Breeding stock in many colors. We breed for 4-H horns. Ewes, Rams, Lambs. Fleece, Yarn.
    Michel Jones - 1029 Zelinski Rd, Goldendale, WA 98620
    Phone: 509-773-3671
  • Union Valley Sheep - Our purebred Navajo-Churro breeding stock is the result of more than 10 years of breeding. We specialize in maintaining the variety of colors, horns and wool of the old-type sheep raised by the Navajo Indians. Breeding stock (O.P.P. free) and fleece in various colors available. Visit our web site for more information on Navajo-Churros.
    Hal Burdsall - 9350 Union Valley Rd., Black Earth, WI 53515
    Phone: 608-767-3930
    (Added:10-Nov-1999 Hits:1664)
  • French Creek Hill Farm - Breeding stock, fleeces, and yarn available. Two Grey Hills stock. We are located in the Coulee region of western Wisconsin, not far from the Mississippi River. We have been OPP free for the last several years.
    Dave Vind - N26992 Tolokken Road, Arcadia, WI 54612
    Phone: (608) 525-2103

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