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  • Socal Dorper & Romanov's - We have Pure Romanovs and Romanov/Dorper Crosses for availability please call us. We are located in Sunny Southern California...
    Bobby Mir - 15016 El Sobrante Rd, Riverside, CA 92503
    Phone: (951) 768-6741
  • Easterly Romanov Ranch - Featuring purebred Romanovs.
    Tom Easterly - 7580 Meadowlark Lane, Sheridan, CA 95681
    Phone: (530) 633-0622
  • Five Oaks Farms - We are located in north west Georgia and have a good selection of cross bred and purebred registered Romanov ewes and ewe lambs for sale. Also available is a good selection of service age registered Romanov rams and 2004 ram lambs.
    Tom or Mary Ann Miller - 2315 Collard Valley Rd., Cedartown, GA 30125
    Phone: (770) 748-6619
  • Triple Creek Farm - Composite rams and ewes, from a 800+ head ewe flock on accelerated lambing. Romanov X East Friesian and Romanov X Ile De France, out of Polypay and "tough", "old", large framed Rambouillet ewes.
    Wes Moser - 2245 West IA Hwy #9, Lester, IA 51242
    Phone: (712) 478-4622
  • Moore Commercial Breeding Sheep - I am the new owner of the flock from the Iowa State University Sheep Research Farm in Southern Iowa: sold because of budget cuts. I will be breeding the ewes to produce the same Polypay/Fresian/Romanov cross that has been available in the past. I will have twin and triplet born ram lambs available in the Spring. Teasers available also. Contact me with questions. These are proven genetics!
    Chris Moore - 2477 125th Street, Allerton, IA 50008
    Phone: (641) 414-3913
  • Auderer Sheep Farms - We specialize in cross breeding systems. Our genetics include Romanov, Polypay, East Friesian, Columbia and Suffolk breeds. Contact us for availability of percentage ewe and ram lambs.
    Clint Auderer - 21644 Flanagan Road, Holy Cross, IA 52053
    Phone: (563) 552-2217
    (Added:27-Feb-2003 Hits:3552)
  • IronHorse Farms Inc. - IronHorse Farms Inc runs 700 to 1000 ewes in an accelerated lambing operation. We specialize in highly prolific breed types and crosses. Stock presently available include ram-lambs, ewe-lambs and yearlings, breeds available include Romanov, Romanov x Kathadin, and Romanov x Western.
    Tom Schechinger - 816 Ironwood Rd, Harlan, IA 51537
    Phone: (712) 744-3296
  • Petersen Farms - Purebred Romanov rams for sale, different ages available. Many crossbred ewe lambs for sale.
    James Petersen - 907 Quebec St, Knoxville, IA 50138
    Phone: (641) 828-7490
  • Fett Grain & Livestock, Inc. - I started raising Romanovs in 2015. I will have and maintain 3 bloodlines. Breeding stock from Iowa, Ohio, and Minnesota. Will also have crosses with SAMM, Ile-De-France, St. Croix and Katahdin.
    Bill Fett - 18062 Zinnia Avenue, Nora Springs, IA 50458
    Phone: (641) 430-1076
    (Added:30-Mar-2016 Hits:251)
  • Petersen Farms - 2005 Romanov cross ewe lambs for sale. Polypay, Suffolk and Romanov crosses. Many ewe lambs available.
    James Petersen - 907 Quebec St, Knoxville, IA 50138
    Phone: (641) 828-7490
  • Venard Farms - We currently have 80 purebred Romanov ewes. We have Romanov rams and RomanovXDorset ewe lambs for sale. We are located in central Iowa.
    Nathan Venard - Ogden, IA 50212
    Phone: (515) 846-6363
    (Added:28-Jun-2008 Hits:2292)
  • Trousdale Farms - I normally have Romanov cross ewe lambs and ram lambs for sale.
    Kyle Trousdale - Mason City, IA
    Phone: (641) 430-9680
  • Valley Haven Farm - Pure Bred Sheep with objective of 300 % lambing This year crossing Romonov with pure Finnsheep and Pure Polpay
    David H. Witmer - 21275 Buell Road, sterling, IL 61081
    Phone: (815) 336-2014
  • Halici Romanov Sheep Farm - Pure bread Romanov rams available. Lamb rams available and rams (about 1 year old) available. Our farm is located near Winchester, West Virginia For inquiries please contact Faik Halici 301.412.2222
    Faik Halici - Germantown, MD
    Phone: (301) 412-2222
    (Added:26-May-2014 Hits:435)
  • Bisaya Farms - Bisaya Farms - Bisaya Farms Registered Romanovs, Katahdins & Jacobs. Enrolled in Voluntary Scrapie Program. We are located in Northern Minnesota. We have top breeding stock for sale. Taking orders anytime. Call us for more information. Ron & Judy Tel. 218-346-3299/218-298-0909 or email at
    Ron & Judy Monson - 337 1st Av N, #2, Perham, MN 56573
    Phone: (218) 298-0909
    (Added:14-Jun-2006 Hits:2205)
  • Pine Lawn Farms - Romanov and Dorset cross rams and ewes.
    Mike Caskey - Holland, MN 56139
    Phone: (507) 347-3229
    (Added:18-Jan-2006 Hits:2260)
  • Riverdale Farm - We have a few select fullblood Romanov rams and ewe lambs available.
    Mike Berven - Milan, MN
    Phone: (320) 269-8749
  • Rock River Romanov - 450 or more out of 600 ewes bred for a 2+ average, many ewes with a lamb drop rate of 3 and some dropping 4 lambs. We have selected for good mothering instincts and high milking ability as well. Out-of-season lambing is working well. Teaser rams are often available during the year. We have quarter, half-bloods, 3/4, and pureblood ewes, ewe lambs as well as QR and RR rams.
    Aaron Lass - 1644 150th Ave, Luverne, MN 56156
    Phone: (507) 227-3766
    (Added:12-Mar-2010 Hits:1749)
  • Three Oaks Farm - We are located in West Central Minnesota. We raise purebred Romanovs that are large, strong, straight backed with good spring of rib and good flat bone. Excellent mothering and large litters. We are starting our flock on a 8 month lambing schedule. February-October-June. Romanov ram and ewe lambs available at weaning.
    Jerry Fletcher - 5173 Co Rd 22 NW, Garfield, MN 56332
    Phone: (320) 808-8201
  • Red Barn Lamb - 20 Romanov/Dorper ewes for sale. Excellent mothering ability, producing twins and triplets without assistance or milk replacer. They are 2 and 3 yrs old, very friendly, making them easy to work with. Recently relocated and need to down size due to lack of natural forage.
    Pamela Haffner - 8550 Trailwood Dr., Bonne Terre, MO 63628
    Phone: (573) 330-6300
  • Louis Levinson - I have 4 all white Romanov ewes that were developed by Agriculture Canada in Lethbridge. Since we now have horses, we need to find a good home for the Romanovs. All their lambs eat too much of our pasture.
    Louis Levinson - 5313 Meaddowlark, Florence, MT 59833
    Phone: (406) 273-0070
  • Dream Valley Suffolks and Romanov's - I have four all white Romanov ewes that I purchased from Louis Levinson. These ewes are bred to a texel buck. This will add muscle to this already prolific breed and will produce quality commercial ewes and bucks. I have four buck lambs and three ewe lambs available. Pictures are available upon request. Please email if interested.
    Chris Reno - 1115 56th St. West, Billings, MT 59106
    Phone: (406) 652-1099
  • Firs-by-Sagan - We raise Romanov; Romanov/Dorset; and Romanoz/Suffolk to assist in maintaining our pastures. We are located in the Northern mountains of North Carolina between Boone and Asheville. Our sheep operation began in 1994 with a regimented seasonal diet of mountain grasses, forage and sweet feed. February lambing has introduced 10 new additions to our flock.
    Al/Evelyn Sagan - 439 B&B Road, Bakersville, NC 28705-7953
    Phone: (828) 688-4215
    (Added:10-Apr-2006 Hits:1894)
  • NCS Farn - Your opportunity to own an excellent, registered (NARSA) Romanov flock. Family health issues mandate drastic flock reduction, along with recent sale of ranch. One adult ram - seven adult ewes - 36 (2008) lambs. Flock has excellent genetics.
    Santiago - Yanceyville, NC 27379
    Phone: (336) 694-1094
  • Schmeling Farm - We are now breeding purbred Romanov sheep, and we are in the scrapie program. We are taking orders. If you want to increase your numbers in any sheep breed, these are a must! Give us a call! Thank you! Russell
    Russell Schmeling - 12247 Co Rd 55, Walhalla, ND 58282
    Phone: (701) 549-2689
  • Leimer Farms - Our flock consists of purebred and percentage Romanovs, purebred and percentage Dorpers, and cross bred commercial ewes, and a half Polypay-Finn cros ram.
    Reuben Leimer - 110 N Franklin St, Brunswick, NE 68720
    Phone: (402) 842-4815
    (Added:8-Jan-2005 Hits:2437)
  • Prairie Winds Farm - We have Romanov/Rambouillet cross, Dorper and Dorper cross, as well as purebred Romanov. We run a safe and sress free enviroment for our sheep. Our flock consist of about 150 hd., and is still growing. We hope to hear from you and answer your questions.
    Louise Eggerling - 52531 862nd Rd., Brunswick, NE 68720
    Phone: (402) 842-2408
  • RB Livestock and Hay Farm - We have 7/8 romanov breeding ewes available for sale. We also have 1/2 Romanov 1/2 Dorset ewe lambs as well as Dorset Romanov cross ewe lambs for sale.
    Darin Blood - 340148 C.R. K, Minatare, NE 69356
    Phone: (308) 783-5592
  • Hays Sheep Company - We have been crossbreeding sheep for 10 years and now are in the market to sell.
    Larry Hays - 30757 Hwy 71, Scottsbluff, NE 69361
    Phone: (308) 632-5324
    (Added:25-Jan-2004 Hits:2443)
  • Chandler Bros. Romanov - Pure bred registered Romanov.
    Chris Chandler - 2978 Duanesburg Churches Rd., Delanson, NY 12053
    Phone: (518) 864-5234
  • Red House Farm - Red House Farm is proud to have established a pure line of Romanov sheep. Romanov's are known for their durability and fertility. Romanovs add their notable multiple birth habits to mixed breed off-spring.
    Thomas L Drake - P.O. Box 297, Walton, NY 13856
    Phone: (607) 865-5043
  • RPM Farms - We are located in central Ohio and have ewes, rams and lambs year around.
    Don Kirts - 5990 Beecher Road, Granville, OH 43023-9694
    Phone: (740) 927-3098
    (Added:15-Jul-2000 Hits:3316)
  • Jeanette Bowles - We raise Registered Romanov Sheep. We have been raising sheep for over 35 years. We raise registered Romanovs and Dorper cross sheep. We run about 350 ewes.
    Jeanette Bowles - Colbert, OK 74733
    Phone: (580) 283-3939
  • Ok. Mohr Farm - Purebred Romanov sheep registered, scrapie tagged, variety of ages. Located in N.E.Oklahoma City, l.7 miles off I-35. 405-424-7045
    John a/o Barbara Mohr - 5121 N.E. 50th., Oklahoma City, OK 73121
    Phone: (405) 424-7045
  • Ballymena - Small family farm with purebred and crossbred Romanovs in southwest Oregon.
    Michael and Lynn Dieckman - P.O. Box 1573, Myrtle Creek, Or 97457
    Phone: (541) 680-2292
  • Roettele South Dakota Romanov and crosses - I currently raise purbred Romanov ewes crossed with a high percentage "Crane Creek" white Dorper buck. The offspring are 50% Romanov and 43% white Dorper. I have now available 39 ewe lambs, 2 ram lambs, and the balance wethers.
    Adam Roettele - 125 N Lake Blvd., Columbia, SD 57433
    Phone: (605) 396-2428
  • State Line Ranch - We have a flock of registered Romanov sheep. Ewe and ram lambs available.
    Keith and Marlene Sloan - 30395 315th Ave., Millboro, SD 57580-6123
    Phone: (605) 557-3373
  • Roland Gylfe - Purebred Romanov stock. We sell lambs and adult stock.
    Roland Gylfe - 30534 467th ave., Beresford, SD 57004
    Phone: (605) 253-2757
  • Romanov/Dorper cross Ewes and Rams lambs - Romanov/Dorper cross ewes and rams for sale.
    Roland Gylfe - 30534 467th Ave, Beresford, SD 57004
    Phone: (605) 253-2757
  • Ronke Romanovs - We are currenlty running 100+ purebred Romanov ewes and crossing them with Dorper, Dorset, and Romanov rams. We are producing crossbred ewe and ram lambs with the commercial sheep person in mind.
    Warren Ronke - 41061 305th St, Tyndall, SD 57066
    Phone: (605) 286-3839
    (Added:24-Aug-2005 Hits:2823)
  • Tres Amigos Farm - Raising registered Romanov and Dorper in Central Texas. Currently have 1 2006 Registered Romanov Buck out of "Lundblad" and "Hi Lo Hills" lines, for sale $250
    Jarrett Cravey - Lampasas, TX
    Phone: (512) 341-3546
    (Added:11-Mar-2008 Hits:1383)
  • Romanov Sheep of Texas - Your opportunity to own an excellent, registered (NARSA) Romanov flock. Family health issues mandate drastic flock reduction, along with recent sale of ranch. One adult ram - Twenty adult ewes - 30 March/April lambs (15 ram/15 ewe). Flock has excellent genetics. Priced approximately one-half of value. Sorry, no delivery. Please call after 2:00 p.m. (Texas time) for details. Thanks.
    Virginia Naumann - P.O. Box 1509, Leander, TX 78646
    Phone: (512) 259-1295
  • Arborstone Ranch - We are located near College Station, Texas, where we raise healthy, well cared for Romanov sheep with excellent conformation and size. Romanovs are easy keepers that will breed year around and provide multiple births with an average of 3-5 lambs per breeding. We also raise Romanov/Dorper cross and have found them to be very hardy.
    Beti Barron - North Zulch, TX 77872
    Phone: (740) 507-4588
    (Added:12-Nov-2008 Hits:1881)
  • C & S Sheep Company - We raise registered Romanovs. Rams & ewe lambs available. Open or bred.
    Marc Crandall / Sheri Sloan - 226 Chalk Buttes Road, Douglas, WY 82633
    Phone: (307) 358-2788

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