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  • The Fry Farm - Registered Scottish Blackface sheep. Small flock concentrating on improving the quality of the breed and increasing public awareness of these wonderful sheep. Will be importing rams from Oregon this year so as to create new bloodlines. Breeding stock and fleeces available.
    Susan Fry - 147 Loomis St, North Granby, CT 06060-1206
    Phone: (860) 413-9060
  • Shepherd's Haven - We have 25 registered ewes in our small flock.
    Mark Stegen - 17465 Warbler Ave, Nora Springs, IA 50458
    Phone: (641) 749-2619
  • Shamrock Ranch - A small flock of Unregistered Scottish Blackface. Still our lambs are good looking with all the correct breed points. We have lambs for sale most of the year. We also have registered Romanovs.
    Chris & Wendy Donahoo - 320 Connelly Road, Rising Sun, Md 21911
    Phone: 410-658-2517
  • Shamrock Ranch - A small flock of unregistered Scottish Blackface. Still our lambs are good looking with all the correct breed points.
    Wendy Donahoo - 320 Connelly Road, Rising Sun, MD 21911
    Phone: (410) 658-2517
  • Down East Sheep - We raise Scottish Blackfaced Sheep. Lambs, Rams and Fleece for sale.
    Nina Fuller - 335 Little Falls Rd, Hollis Center, ME 04042
    Phone: (207) 929-5459
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  • Wildwind - F-1 tups for sale LAI'd from Blackface Elite (Scottish SBF sire reference scheme) bloodlines including: Gilmanscleugh, Mossfennan, Allanfauld, and Remony. Dams are raised on Maine islands and are bred for extreme hardiness, mothering ability, and profitable performance on grass.
    David and Rhonda Craven - 50 Pettegrow Point Rd., Bucks Harbor, ME 04655-9618
    Phone: (207) 255-4224
  • The Painted Shepherdess - We raise hardy, selectively bred tups and ewes; Small flock with previous generation coming from island habitats off the coast of Maine. Gentle flock handling, good mothering ewes, and excited to expand. We sell roving and various gauges yarn when available. Some registered, some not; All purebred.
    Jennifer & Scott Heidrich - 127 Norris Hill Road, Monmouth, ME 04259
    Phone: (207) 890-1453
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  • Irish Acres - Breeding and raising quality Scottish Blackface since 1996....breeding for width of horn, fineness and length of wool, mothering ability, hardiness, and an all around animal that meets the breed standard....
    Rusty Hart - 2531 Vance Road, East Jordan, Mi 49727
    Phone: (231) 497-4386
  • Dalwhinnie Farm - We maintain a small flock of registered Scottish Blackface as well as a few Jacob/Blackface crossbreds. Lambs for sale in the spring and sometimes breeding age ewes.
    Laura Salomon - 8336 Davison Rd., Davison, MI 48423
    Phone: (810) 653-6884
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  • Mirror Lake Organics - We have 36 bred ewes available for sale. We raise our sheep organically. We have been averaging 176% during lambing season, which will start in February. If you are interested we need to act fast. Half of our genetics are from European Scottish lines. $200 per ewe. If you purchase 20 or more you receive a free guard llama that has grown up with our girls. We sell our market lambs for $275 including processing every fall.
    Paul Weideman - 8839 Petz rd, Imlay City, MI 48444
    Phone: (810) 338-7109
  • Dutchman Farms - We have a registered flock of Scottish Blackface Sheep. All our Ram lambs are production tested through the Montana State before they are sold. Only the top 20% are used for breeding.
    Bert Jager - PO Box 1390, Havre, MT 59501
    Phone: (406) 395-4615
  • ThistleCroft - We are breeding Scottish Blackface sheep to populate a small flock for our hobby farm. We have as many as we need this year and are selling the surplus ram lambs (born Spring '07) and possibly a few ewes. The parent stock are registered. We will have a few surplus available each year.
    Cherie Mascis - Waynesville, NC
    Phone: (828) 400-9830
  • Howard Farm - We have a small flock of registered Scottish Blackface. We sell breeding stock when available. We also have pure and crossbred market lambs.
    John and Donna Howard - 1085 2nd Crown Point Rd., Strafford, NH 03884
    Phone: (603) 335-5806
  • Creaganlios Farm - JSC and JSBA Registered Jacobs for breedstock and fleece. Raw Wool and rovings available by animal name and/or by natural color from both Jacob and Jacob X Shetlands bred specifically for handspinning quality. Moderator of Blackface e-list ( serving as a network for sharing information and announcing stock availability.
    Thom Simmons - P.O. Box 60, Westmoreland, NH 03467
    Phone: (603) 357-2623
  • Hollyfield Farms - We are a growing flock of 50+ blackface sheep (before lambing)Currently located 10 min east of albany NY
    Mike Parmelee - PO Box 3, Guilderland Center, NY 12085
    Phone: (518) 588-6296
  • Moonrise Farm - We are a small family farm located in the hills above the Schoharie Valley. We have a small flock of 26 Scottish Blackface sheep. All our breeding animals are registered or registerable. We currently have 3 ram lambs and one 3 year old ram available as breeding rams. We also sell yarn for rug making. Products, such as pillows, can also be ordered.
    Marybeth Phillips/Charles Shoemaker - P.O Box 988, Middleburgh, NY 12122
    Phone: (518) 827-7627
  • The Rams Horn at Thistledown Croft - We run a small flock of Registered Scottish Blackface Sheep and sell breeding stock when available. We also offer a full line of Scottish Blackface and Border Collie jewelry. Our farm is located in Western NY not far from Lake Erie.
    Beth Maxwell Boyle - 3680 Panama-Stedman Road, Mayville, NY 14757
    Phone: (716) 789-5804
    (Added:9-Oct-2000 Hits:2587)
  • Tidewater Farm - Thriving under adverse conditions, Scotties are well known for their outstanding milking and mothering abilities. This hearty breed exemplifies low-impact pasture improvement and reclaimation while producung a lean, consumer-size lamb with a distinct, gourmet flavor. Coarse wool for rug, tweed or craft production. Lustrous pelts, trophy style horns on rams. Registered stock produced for breed character and handling ease.
    Marion Painter - 87396 Hwy 202, Astoria, OR 97103
    Phone: (503) 325-4025
    (Added:4-Feb-2002 Hits:2833)
  • Pennefeather Farm - Nestled in the hills of central Pennsylvania along Warroir Run Creek, we focus on breeding correct, lean, hardy sheep. Selected young breeding stock available.
    Faye and Bill Stein - 495 Schell Road, Turbotville, PA 17772
    Phone: (570) 428-2765
  • Meadowset Farm & Apiary - On the banks of the White Clay Creek in southern Chester County sits the 250 year old stone farmhouse. Meadowset Farm home of registered Scottish Blackface Sheep & Leicester Longwool Sheep. We focus on breeding a hardy, correct and vigorous sheep, raising most of the feed on the farm following guidelines for sustainable agriculture. Selected young breeding stock and freezer lambs available most of the year. Local comb honey and beeswax complete our home grown crop. Visitors welcome.
    Thomas P. Schaer, VMD - 210 North Creek Road, Landenberg, PA 19350
    Phone: (610) 274-8320
  • Sycamore Spring Farm - We have been raising sheep for 20+ years and Scotties for 10 of those. We have a small flock of registered ewes and lambs are usually available in July. We are in our fifth year with the USDA scrapie program (PA-85)and are located in south-central Pennsylvania.
    Stan and Danette Laucks - 2463 Freysville Road, Red Lion, PA 17356
    Phone: (717) 246-0706
  • Hyssop Farm - Scottish Blackface Sheep. Small flock of Scotties. Fabulous mature ram. Horns well outside face. One ram lamb with great horns. Six mature breeding ewes with wonderful horns. Two ewes ready to breed for first time. Ewe and ram lambs born in April, ready to go with all shots. All with exceptional markings. Sheep are located in Buckingham PA.
    Dona Griffin - 1311 Creek Road, Furlong, PA 18925
    Phone: (215) 598-0185
  • Jackson Family Farm - We have a small flock of registered Scottish Blackface Sheep located in Central PA. We usually have a few spring lambs for sale in September. We recently received Reserve Champion in AOB Wool at the PA Farm Show.
    Rod & Amy Jackson - Carlisle, PA
    Phone: (717) 243-0716
  • Higrove Farm - Registered Scottish Blackface Sheep,10+ breeding stock with lambs avail. in spring. Located in Smithfield Ham country, southeastern Virginia.
    Robert Musgrove - Smithfield, Va
    Phone: (757) 279-8262
  • Satyr Fen Farm - Registered Scottish Blackface sheep. Will sell breed stock when available. Breeding for increased hardiness and milking ability. Ram breedstock readly available.
    Paul Grochgowski - 152 Harris Hollow Rd, Floyd, Va 24091
    Phone: (540) 239-1001
    (Added:2-Jul-2013 Hits:618)
  • Braeburn Farm - Braeburn Farm, Registered Scottish Blackface sheep. We have been breeding top quality Scottish Blackface for more that ten years. We keep a flock of 40-50 sheep. Beautiful, hardy, rams and ewes are always available for sale. We lamb in March each year and have lambs ready for sale by June. Scottie fleece, horns and washable sheep skins are also available. Located in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.
    Anne and Richard Gentry - P.O. Box 147, Roseland, VA 22967
    Phone: (434) 277-8801
    (Added:29-Mar-2007 Hits:1641)
  • Baire's Choice Farm - We have a small flock of registered Scottish Blackface sheep. Beautiful new lambs this year by AI ram from imported Scottish bloodline. By June/July 2009, we'll offer market lambs as well as registerable ram and ewe lambs.
    Rodney or Sally Ireland - P.O. 86, Burr Hill, VA 22433
    Phone: (540) 854-7762
  • Braeburn Farm - Braeburn Farm - Registered Scottish Blackface sheep. We have been breeding top quality Scottish blackface sheep for more than ten years. We keep a flock of 45-50 sheep. Beautiful,hardy rams and ewes are always available for sale. We lamb in March each year and have lambs ready for sale by June. Fleece,horns and washable sheep skins available. Located in the Blue Ridge mountains of Virginia.
    Anne and Richard Gentry - P.O. box 147, Roseland, VA 22967
    Phone: (434) 277-8801
  • Twin Moons Grange - We specialize in registered Scottish Blackface and Scottish Blackface & Dorset crosses. Twin Moons Grange emphasizes conservation, pasture rotation, in-house composting using farm produced materials, and fully responsible utilization of the environment.
    Brett or Marguerite Brunner - 154 Warren Ferry Road, Scottsville, VA 24590
    Phone: (434) 286-2723
  • Shadyhill Farm - We have a small flock of registered Scottish Blackface sheep. Our flock is enrolled in the Scrapie Flock Certification Program ID VT-10. We usually have breeding stock for sale and in the fall the market lambs are available for sale.
    Ed or Barbara Kulzyck - 232 Hackett Hill Rd., Bradford, VT 05033
    Phone: (802) 222-5123
  • Valhalla farm - We have a small flock of 25 breeding sheep. We breed for breed-type and marketability of lambs. We show at sheep shows and fairs, and sell only the best as sale lambs for breeding. The rest go as private market lambs. We have lambs for sale starting in Sept. Pictures of sale lambs available upon request. All of our ewes produced twins or triplets this year.
    Valerie or Torine Antijunti - 50 Ranchette Lane, Selah, WA 98942
    Phone: (509) 697-6049
  • Valhalla Farm - Here at Valhalla Farm, we work to raise the best sheep we can. Our sheep are pasture-raised and hay-fed. We breed for late March,early April. This way the ewes can lamb on pasture. We show our sheep, so we try for the best standard, with a nice mix of black and white on the face, good confirmation and a nice horn spread. We think they are a good choice due to their mild flavor, ease of lambing, and resistance to footrot and disease.
    Valerie or Torin Antijunti - 50 Ranchette Lane, Selah, WA 98942
    Phone: (509) 697-6049
  • EverRanch Farm - EverRanch Farm in Western Washington has a small registered flock of these strikingly beautiful and hardy sheep. We offer a limited amount of breeding stock, locker lambs, wool, pelts and other farm products for sale.
    Dave Lawniczak - Auburn, WA
    Phone: (253) 939-7984
    (Added:7-Dec-2002 Hits:2031)
  • Country Haven Farm - Purebred Scottish Blackface Sheep. Raising animals for breeding and meat production on grass system.
    Charles Maenner - 211 Canal Road, Waterloo, WI 53594
    Phone: (920) 253-8515
    (Added:4-Dec-2012 Hits:548)
  • Wildwood Farms - We have a small farm in New Glarus, WI where we raise Hamp/Suffolks and Shetland/Scottish Blackface crosses as well as Greater Swiss Mountain Dogs
    Jason Brown - N9055 County Road O, New Glarus, WI 53574
    Phone: (608) 345-5905
    (Added:2-Apr-2015 Hits:122)
  • Littledale Farm - Purebred, registered Scottish Blackface. We breed Scottish Blackface ewes to a Bluefaced Leicester ram to produce Hexham Mules - the superior commercial ewe. We are currently using an English Suffolk terminal sire to produce excellent market lambs. We also breed North Country Cheviot sheep with Scotish genetics.
    Graham & Margaret Phillipson - 21925 County Hwy ZZ, Richland Center, WI 53581
    Phone: (608) 647-7118
    (Added:31-Jan-2004 Hits:1793)

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