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  • Silveraurora Shetland Sheep - Registered and unregistered Shetland Sheep located 1 hour from Anchorage, Alaska. Most of our sheep are used for stock dog training and as such are required to have good structure, good health, hardiness, and calm temperaments. A number of our ewes that lambed this year are 10-12 years old and still strong! Dog broke sheep occasionally available, unregistered lambs available. Pricing depending on sex, quality, color and fleece. Many blacks and moorits, some spotted creams. Feel free to email us!
    Suzanne - Wasilla, AK
    Phone: (907) 373-2687
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  • Oldesouth Farm - We have a Heritage herd of Registered Shetland Sheep with a focus on fine fleece. We offer UK genetics with a focus on excellence. We are your southern source of this fine wooled breed.
    Terry Babb - 110 Crown Ridge Drive, Selma, Al 36701
    Phone: (334) 327-9252
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  • Wild Rose Meadows - I have a closed flock of 29 Shetlands which have won awards over the years. I have sheep both registered for showing and for fiber pets. I have a wide range of colors including true blacks, grays, browns,and creams. I breed for quality soft, fine fleeces. I also offer fleeces and roving for sale and will be offering natural colored felt sheets soon.
    Rena Cook - 855 So. Taylor Road, Willcox, AZ 85643
    Phone: (520) 665-8713
  • Valiant Farms - Registered, quality blood lines. Farm is located on the outskirts of Tucson, AZ. Breeding for excellant colors and soft fleeces with good crimp... emphasis on polled. We have lambs for sale, as well as small flocks.
    Rena D. Cook - P.O. Box 1408, Cortaro, AZ 85652
    Phone: (520) 975-5045
  • Sheep Thrills Farm & Studio - Sheep Thrills Farm is nestled in the High Country of Arizona at 7,000 ft. elevation near Flagstaff. Our emphasis is on producing quality Shetland sheep with the type of soft fleeces spinners dream about. We sell show quality stock as well as fiber/pet quality animal, plus animals for 4H/FFA projects.
    Kathryn LeFevre - 155 Kachina Trail, Flagstaff, AZ 86001
    Phone: (928) 380-0593
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  • Unique Designs by Kathy - I raise Shetlands, llamas, and Border Leicester. I have a studio in which I teach spinning as an apprenticeship. I specialize in fleeces, rovings, yarns and finished products, which I sell in the shop on my ranch. I am sponsoring the 2005 Tucson Wool Festival on November 5th, 2005.
    Kathryn L. Withers - 4010 W Palo Seco, Tucson, AZ 85742
    Phone: (520) 572-3758
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  • Canyon Creek Woods - I raise breeding sheep. It is difficult to find others that have Shetlands in Northern California and Southern Oregon. Genetic diversity is a very important thing while dealing with some of these rarer breeds. Let me know if you hear of rams available for service or for sale in the North Coast area. Call if you are looking for ewes for sale.
    Karen Ziemer - Fieldbrook, CA 95519
    Phone: (707) 839-1108
  • Windwhistle Farm - We have a small farm in the mountains in southern California raising Shetland Sheep and naturally colored Angora goats.
    Deborah Littell - PO Box 1018, Jamul, CA 91935
    Phone: 619-468-9637
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  • Cascade Nordic Sheep - Our rams have unusually large and widespread horns. Our stock are morrit, black, or fawn. Contact for photos. Lambs are raised on upland pasture & never receive shelter. Exceptionally hardy & cold resistant. No feed other than pasture.
    Ryan Reed - 829 Folsom Ave., Hayward, CA 94544
    Phone: (510) 785-7359
  • Clover Creek Farm - We are a small Shetland Sheep breeder in northern California. Our flock has grown to 33 ewes, 4 rams, with good color selection and excellent wool quality. Please contact us .. lets talk!
    Sharon or Kermit Gayman - 22418 Lone Tree Rd., Anderson, CA 96007
    Phone: (530) 378-0727
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  • Wolf Hollow Farm - Just in the begginning stages of putting together a flock of Shetlands. No stock for sale at this time but might be interested in buying stock. In the So Cal area.
    Kathy Wolf - Frazier Park, CA
    Phone: 661-245-1927
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  • Heart Cross Ranch - We raise Shetland, Rambouillet, and CVM sheep. We sell their fleeces, pelts, lambs, and freezer lambs. I have won a lot of awards at Estes Park Wool Market, our County Fair and the Colorado State Fair. We have currently 22 Shetlands and 14 "big" sheep.
    Hannah Cranor - Gunnison, CO
    Phone: (970) 641-2637
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  • L & M Ranch - Registered Shetland sheep open pasture grazed in the foothills of the Sangre de Christo mountains in southern Colorado. We specialize in black wool but also have almost all the main variations of color.In addition we raise British registered RBST Soay sheep as a conservation herd. Royal White pasture grazed lamb year round available. All natural no fertilized hay feed, steroids, antibiotics or hormones used. Breeding stock also available.
    Marc & Liorah - La Veta, CO 81055
    Phone: (719) 468-7060
  • Dancing Duck Farm - We have a small farm in windswept Eastern Colorado where we raise heritage breeds of sheep (Navajo Churro, Karakul, and Shetland). We also have fleeces available from these breeds in a wide variety of colors
    Anne Moss & Barbara Rush - Burlington, CO 80807
    Phone: (719) 342-1932
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  • Cobblerock ridge fiber farm - We raise purebred registered Shetland sheep spotted, morit, mioget, black and grey, Also Shetland Soay crosses. We hand spin, or mill process and sell the fiber products and yarn from our own animals. We also have animals for sale every summer after May.
    Penelope - 276 Diamond Ledge Road, Stafford Springs, CT 06076
    Phone: (860) 684-2557
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  • Rural Shades Farm - Registered Shetlands from American lines and Shetland progeny from imported British rams. We breed for colors and crimp.
    Debbie Benedict - 1109 Brass Mill Dam Rd, Torrington, CT 06790
    Phone: 860-489-7194
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  • Almost Paradise - Specializing in miniature spotted Shetlands. Also raise Shetloits. easy to handle, small breed of sheep good for pets, homesteading and investment. Bottle-raised lambs available. Proven spotted producing ewes and rams avaliable.
    Hope Bennett - Cleveland, GA 30528
    Phone: (706) 348-7279
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  • Ren Nik Farm - We are located in middle Georgia. We raise quality Shetland sheep along with other miniature livestock. We are the largest breeders of Shetland sheep in the Southeast.
    Darrell Kemp - 714 Isham Springs Rd., Eastman, GA 31023
    Phone: (478) 285-1258
  • Rye Creek Ranch - Rye Creek Ranch is home to beautiful Shetlands and Great Pyrenees for guarding. Everyone lives harmoniously on our 80 acres, nestled in the pineland country of Georgia. Spinning and weaving studio on the premises. Lots of fleeces, yarns and equipment to browse thru as well as classes in fiber arts. Visitors are always welcome.
    Jeanie Curphey - 1861 Archers Pond Road, Adrian, GA 31002
    Phone: (941) 720-6570
  • Buehneman Shetland Sheep - We are located in the southeastern part of Iowa, raising a small flock of NASSA Registered Shetland Sheep, and a few high percentage Shetland crossbreds. Most of the sheep are on the smaller side. Feel free to check my webpage for available sheep!
    LuAnn Buehneman - 13465 - 150th Ave., Keswick, IA 50136
    Phone: (641) 891-8349
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  • Crosswinds Farm - Crosswinds Farm is located in Eastern Iowa where we raise registered Shetland Sheep with fine fleece and excellent conformation. We focus on spotted Shetlands, but we have all colors and patterns. Breeding/show stock, handspun yarn, roving and occasionally raw fleece for sale.
    corinne rasso - 13018 240th st, eldridge, IA 52748
    Phone: (563) 285-8990
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  • Shepherd's Hill Farm - Registered Shetlands. Nice variety of colors. Breeding stock available. Hand spinning fleeces available.
    Rebecca Robinson - 15232 State Hwy 141, Mapleton, IA 51034
    Phone: (712) 882-9003
  • Shepherdwoods Farm - We raise purebred Shetland Sheep for their hardiness as a breed, their soft wool in many natural colors, their ability to lamb easily and unassisted, and their friendly, tail wagging personalities. We offer raw fleeces or roving for spinners and yarn for weavers, crocheters and kniters. Please check our online store.
    Alan and Chris Greene - 3410 East 2375 Road, Marseilles, IL 61341
    Phone: (815) 496-2628
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  • Little Country Acres - Registered Shetland sheep in N/E Illinois, emphasis on the preservation of rare polled rams. Carefully evaluated breeding stock, pets, fleece in many colors and patterns. Healthy and humanely raised. Enrolled in voluntary scrapie program, USDA inspected.
    Juliann - Wilmington, IL
    Phone: (815) 458-0123
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  • Gnu Hampshire Farm - Registered Shetland Sheep. New, small flock in northeast IL between Rockford and Chicago. Whites, katmogets, moorit, gulmoget, grey. Raised for colorful fleece, various types. Also breed Polish Tatra Sheepdogs for livestock guarding, recapturing this lost tradition from the old country.
    Donna Gnuechtel - Hampshire, IL
    Phone: (847) 683-9183
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  • Animal Instincts - We are a small farm east of Rockford. We have unregistered Shetlands and Shetland/Romanov crosses for sale.
    Patricia - 8178 County Line Road, Garden Prairie, IL 61038
    Phone: (815) 566-4793
  • Little Country Acres - Registered Shetlands in N/E Illinois. Carefully evaluated breeding stock, pets, raw fleece. Healthy and humanely raised. Enrolled in voluntary scrapie program, flock #IL2679F."
    Juliann Budde - Wilmington, IL
    Phone: (815) 458-0123
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  • Sabbath Farm LLC - We maintain lines with a full spectrum of prize-winning fleeces, single, double and intermediate coats in all colors. We have both horned and polled ewes, and specialize sheep with a fine-boned, elegant look. We prefer Shetlands ewes that maintain their intelligent wariness, rams that are well-mannered and calm. Scheduled farm visitors are welcome - we love to show off our favorite breed!
    Gayle Nunez-Gross - Knox, IN 46534
    Phone: (574) 772-5331
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  • ValleView Woolens and Farms - We have a small flock of Shetlands(16) and a small sample of other breeds (Border Cheviot, Border Leister, and Perendale)to total 20 sheep. We breed for the softest fleeces possible, consistent colors and some spots. Available : breeding stock, lambs, fleeces, custom hand-knits, and hand-spun yarns. Knitting kits also available.
    Benita Buck - 15059 Lucas Road, Brookville, IN 47012
    Phone: (765) 647-0603
  • Starvation Ridge - Starvation Ridge is a breeder of NABSSAR registered Babydoll Southdown sheep. We also breed pure-bred Leicester Longwools, and have crossed Shetland and Icelandic ewes with our Babydoll and Leicester rams. More than 15 years experience with sheep.
    Gail Axton - Wadesville, IN
    Phone: (812) 781-0791
  • Rooster's Run Farm - We are raising purebred Shetland Sheep for fleece and show. Please see our website and feel free to email if there is anything we can help you with.
    David and Pam Hoover - 5197 SW Washington School Road, Salem, IN 47167
    Phone: (812) 896-1223
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  • Under The Son Farm - We specialize in 1927 breed std reg. Shetland sheep, with fine, soft, silky, crimpy spinning fleeces, good conformation, and intense natural Shetland colors and patterns. We have for sale: registered breedstock, fiber pets, crossbred ewes for commercial flocks, raw jacketed spinning fleeces, roving, combed top, washable sheepskins, and a variety of millspun yarn in natural colors. Our sheep and products have won numerous awards in shows for Champion sheep, fleeces, yarns, and finished goods.
    Jeff and Theresa Gygi - 729 E CR 400 N, Greencastle, IN 46135
    Phone: (765) 653-2450
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  • Underhill Farm Shetland Sheep, Flock #11 - Nestled in the hills of Southern Indiana, Underhill Farm raises Shetlands in a wide range of colors and fleece types. We strive for diversity in our flock, with both domestic and imported bloodlines available in breeding stock and show stock. We prefer a smaller Shetland, but do maintain some very nice larger brood ewes and rams. Fleeces and roving also available.
    Gail Former - RR5 Box 577, Spencer, IN 47460-9480
    Phone: (812) 829-6051
  • Prairieview Farm - We have a small flock of registered Shetland sheep in a variety of colors and markings. Our goal is breeding for soft, buttery fleeces and good conformation. Breeding stock is available at times and hopefully, in the near future we will have fleeces for hand spinning.
    Ron and Leslie Maher - Redfield, KS 66769
    Phone: (620) 756-4704
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  • Buerer Sheep Farm - I sell fleeces to handspinners and anyone interested.
    George Buerer - 1382 Haynes Cemetery Lane, Irvington, KY 40146
    Phone: (270) 536-3122
  • White Sheep Farm - We are a small farm in the Cumberland Lake area of Kentucky. All our sheep are raised on organic pasture, we feel it makes for healthier livestock.We started out with the Cheviot breed and have had 9 great years with them. They are a wonderful, hearty breed of sheep. Four years ago we added a few registered Shetlands, and love the breed so much that we started breeding the registered Cheviot ewes with the registered Shetland ram.
    Teri - Russell Springs, KY
    Phone: (270) 858-4773
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  • Crimson Clover Farm - Located in Central Massachusetts, we are a small family owned farm specializing in purebred Shetland Sheep in many natural colors. We offer breeding stock, raw fleeces and wool products. NASSA registered flock #1391 and Voluntary Scrapie Program enrolled #MA70.
    Joe Kovacs - Bolton, MA 01740
    Phone: (978) 779-6979
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  • Freddy's Farm - Freddy's Farm in a small but strong farm in the tiny town of Bolton. We have been breeding Shetlands for around 8 years. Our flock started as a 4-H project, and now is a nationally recognized show flock. We breed for confirmation, breed standard, and great fleece. Therefore our flock has a wide range of colors and patterns. We average around 30 sheep, including markets, a few Natural Coloreds, and a Cheviot. We sell show quality breeding stock, raw fleece, fiber products, and more.
    Isabelle Tower - Bolton, MA
    Phone: (978) 779-0403
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  • Swiftriver Farm - Breeders of fine fleeced Shetlands in natural colors located in central Massachusetts. Breeding stock, fleece, roving, and yarn available.
    Bruce Lockhart - 27 Nichewaug Rd, Petersham, MA 01366
    Phone: (978) 724-3525
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  • Ridgeway Farm - Located in central Massachusetts, we are breeders of registered Sheltand sheep, specializing in color diversity, including HST and katemoget patterns. Award-winning fleece. NASSA registered flock #1603. We offer lambs, breeding stock, and fleeces.
    Shula Hougham - Berlin, MA
    Phone: (978) 838-0129
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  • Swiftriver Farm - We are a small farm in Central Massachusetts devoted to raising Shetland Sheep in the full range of colors. We have fleeces and roving for handspinners as well as natural colored and naturally dyed yarns. See our web site for knitting designs using natural colored shetland wool. Breeding stock occasionallyavailable
    Bruce Lockhart and Gus Block - Petersham, MA
    Phone: (978) 724-3525
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  • Feederbrook Farm - Feeederbrook Farm is a small family owned and operated sheep farm in Maryland. We have reg. Shetland Sheep for breeding stock available. We also offer fleeces, roving and yarn.
    Lisa Westra - Freeland, MD
    Phone: (410) 357-5336
    (Added:13-Nov-2008 Hits:625)
  • Pleasant Valley Shetlands - Sheep shearing, specializing in small flocks with in Md, Va, and W. Va.
    Leanne M. Reuter - 3150 Kaetzel Rd, Rohrersville, MD 21779
    Phone: (301) 432-0570
  • Three Pines B&B and Farm - We raise registered Jacob, Shetland, Navajo-Churro, and Soay sheep Breeding stock and fleece is available for purchase.
    Edward Curtis - 274 East Side Rd, Hancock, ME 04640-3921
    Phone: (207) 460-7595
    (Added:5-Jun-2006 Hits:737)
  • Insel Lyr Farm Shetlands - We have been raising Shetlands for over 16 years. Shetland sheep in many colors available, as well as Shetland x White Dorpers. Visit our site to view pictures, or to read our blog on sheep raising issues. Located in Menominee county, upper Michigan, near the Wisconsin border.
    Nissa Annakindt - W4213 County Road 360, Daggett, MI 49821
    Phone: (906) 374-0130
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  • Shaltz Farm - Enrolled MSRRP. Raising colored Shetland for handspinners and weavers. Used QR ram in 1999 and have RR & QR for 2000 breeding. Ewe Lambs, rams, fiber and tanned hides available for sale.
    Zachary Shaltz - 05797 Lee Road, PO Box 136, Boyne City, MI 49712-0136
    Phone: (231) 582-3206
    (Added:4-Aug-2000 Hits:1221)
  • Windswept Farms - Registered Shetland Sheep- Breeding Stock and Wethers for Spinning Flocks. Fine Quality Fleeces and Fiber Products
    Heather Ludlam - 3051 130th Ave, Hopkins, MI 49328
    Phone: (616) 793-7311
    (Added:22-Nov-1999 Hits:1490)
  • Ramble N Shetlands - Breeding fine livestock in Michigan. Raising a small flock of 10 ewes and one ram, all colors and patterns. Excellent Morrit ram "Sheltering Pines Shagbark" 21.9 ave, 3.9 std, 16cv. call 810-797-4204 for available sheep or visit our website.
    Sherry Ecker - 4718 Brigham, Metamora, MI 48455
    Phone: (810) 797-4204
  • Four Winds Farm - Registered Shetland ewes and rams. Windswept Farms ancestry. All colors black, white, brown & white and black & white lambs born April 2014. Also raw shetland wool in all white, black, brown and mixed color. Please inquire if interested.
    Gary or Alane Nye - 1040 E Hastings Lake Road, Jonesville, MI 49250
    Phone: (517) 849-2949
  • Sugar Hill Farm - We breed Shetlands for wool. All colors, white, browns, mioget, greys, black. Registered and unregistered available. UK bloodlines.
    Marcia D. Vincent - 1017 E. Spruce Rd., Spruce, MI 48762
    Phone: 517-471-0096
  • Po Boy Forney's Shetland Sheep Farm - We have had our Shetland sheep farm for a year, and we just love it. We are located in Otsego, Michigan. If you are ever in the area, please feel free to look us up. we are breeding for spotted shetlands. this spring we have had 3 black and white lambs and a brown and white lamb along with numerous other colors. we also have fleece and roving for sale throughout the year. we look forward to seeing ya soon.
    Josh and Tonia Forney and Family - 2372 105th Ave, Otsego, MI 49078
    Phone: (269) 692-2734
  • Insel Lyr Farm - Shetland sheep in various colours, raised the natural way without drugs or chemicals. Fleeces and meat lambs available. We also have Kiko cross meat goats. Located in Michigan's upper Peninsula near the Wisconsin border.
    Nissa Annakindt - W4213 Co. Rd. 360, Daggett, MI 49821
    Phone: (906) 753-2315
  • Four Winds Farm - We raise registered Shetland and Suffolk sheep here in southern lower Michigan. The Shetlands produce lamb and wool of all clors each spring. We also have a llama.
    Gary or Alane Nye - 1040 E Hastings Lake Road, Jonesville, MI 49250
    Phone: (517) 849-2949
  • Sugar Creek Shetlands - Registered, pedigreed, top-quality Shetland sheep and wool available.
    Frank Welling - 2021 W. Tyler Road, Alma, MI 48801
    Phone: (989) 466-3798
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  • Sheltering Pines - Sheltering Pines raises fine breeding stock in various colors specializing in spotted and patterned Shetlands. We also have fleeces available at some times of the year and roving for the hand spinner.
    Stephen Rouse - 3031 102nd Avenue, Allegan, MI 490910-9734
    Phone: (616) 673-7419
    (Added:16-Nov-2000 Hits:1364)
  • Romyldale Shetlands - Shetlands are a charming breed, they are of a size and temperment to be easily handled and their fleeces are a rainbow of color, highly prized by handspinners.
    Kathy Belville - 21360 LeRoy Rd., LeRoy, MI 49655
    Phone: (231) 768-5203
    (Added:27-Oct-1999 Hits:1497)
  • Windy Meadows farm - We have a small flock of Shetlands, all different colors and patterns. We are striving for the fine fleece.
    Cathy - 08425 34th St., Gobles, MI 49055
    Phone: (269) 628-5756
    (Added:4-May-2008 Hits:579)
  • Johnson Sheep Farm - I raise registered and unregistered Shetlands. We sell spotted and many other colors. Thanks
    Andrew Johnson - Eaton Rapids, MI 48827
    Phone: (517) 646-0177
  • Homestead Acres - Shetlands and Icelandics available. A variety of colors. Raw and processed fleece also available. We also have alpacas, Dexter cattle and Norwegian Fjord horses. Come to our May 7 Shearing Festival and silent fleece auction. See the sheep "up close and personal".
    Yolanda Blissett, Brad & Linda Sherwood - 6720 Ainsworth Rd., Ionia, MI 48846
    Phone: (616) 527-5910
    (Added:22-Mar-2000 Hits:1514)
  • Willow Pond Farm - We keep a small flock of beautiful registered Shetlands. Wool and roving is available in spring and fall. Registered lambs are available in summer. We raise healthy, show quality sheep!
    Jackie - Ortonville, MI
    Phone: (248) 625-5955
    (Added:27-Apr-2011 Hits:370)
  • Walnut Rise Shetlands - We are located in mid-Michigan and have a moderate-sized flock of Shetland sheep in a variety of colors. We are breeding specifically for fine crimpy fleeces and have been utilizing imported semen from top quality British rams to this end.
    Lee McIntosh - 1830 Barnes Rd, Leslie, MI 49251
    Phone: 517-676-1524
  • River Oaks Farm & Studio - River Oaks Farm and Studio has been raising purebred Shetland sheep since 2001. Our flock is very friendly, and we breed with an eye toward good conformation to the breed standard as well as fine fleece for handspinning and felting. We also cross our Shetland ewes with a Bluefaced Leicester ram to produce Shetland Mules. We sell breeding stock, fiber, handspun yarns in a variety of colors, fiber art, tanned sheepskins and grass-fed lamb.
    Becky Utecht - Mora, MN 55051
    Phone: (320) 679-4117
    (Added:24-Mar-2009 Hits:553)
  • Kimberwood Shetlands - Located minutes south of St.Paul/Minneapolis. Offering quality registered breeding stock in a variety of colors, as well as roving and raw fleece. We have about 30+ registered Shetlands in our flock.
    Kim Nikolai - 19501 Mushtown Road, Prior Lake, MN 55372
    Phone: (952) 447-3511
    (Added:11-Oct-2004 Hits:915)
  • Sheep N Stuff Farm - We are a small farm located in Northern MN. with a small flock of registered Shetlands, along with crossbreds from one each of Freisian and Karakul ewes. Our web site is up and is being updated frequently. Check back often to see what's new!
    Claudia Campbell - 10919 Birchmont Bch. Rd. NE, Bemidji, MN 56601
    Phone: (218) 586-2848
    (Added:14-Jun-2005 Hits:856)
  • Bluff Country Shetlands - Located in the beautiful 'Bluff Country' of Southeastern Minnesota, Bluff Country Shetlands is near the WI., Iowa, and MN. borders. Our goal is to produce top quality breeding stock, and we also breed for unusual markings. Our sheep are friendly, healthy and spoiled.
    NANCY P. KROHN - 11512 Hwy 4, HOUSTON, MN 55943
    Phone: (507) 896-2487
    (Added:22-Jun-2003 Hits:1155)
  • Little Red Oak Farm - On a little farm where the Big Woods meets the Prairie plains, we breed and raise Shetland sheep in all colors and patterns for conformation first, then friendly personality and fine, colorful fleece. We love our flock and handle them often to keep them sociable. NASSA registered flock #1459 and MN Voluntary Scrapie Program enrolled #MN62. Closed in order to maintain their excellent health, we sell lambs, breeding stock, fleece, rovings and tanned sheepskins. Call us to visit!
    Gail Von Bargen - 14255 Jacob St, Hamburg, MN 55339
    Phone: (952) 467-2305
  • Wooly Acres Farm - We raise quality Purebred Registered Shetlands, Purebred non-registered Shetlands, and Shetland crosses. They are healty and conformational sound stock. Contact us for more information.
    Dita Gillette - 18088 Two Creek Rd, Brook Park, MN 55007
    Phone: (612) 481-5621
    (Added:14-Aug-2005 Hits:799)
  • White Pine Shetland Sheep - White Pine is part of Ramsay Farms and located on 320 acres in west central Minnesota. We run a flock of registered purebred Shetlands which come in all colors and patterns. We have raw fleeces and breeding stock available most of the year. We strive to produce ultra fine, UK style fleeces, that are true to the standard of 1927. All of our sheep are tested negative for OPP, Johne's, and CL. We are enrolled in the SFCP #MN71. Our sheep are fed on a grass-fed/pasture based idea.
    Garrett - 53149 460th ST, Perham, MN
    Phone: (218) 346-3471
    (Added:31-Jan-2009 Hits:616)
  • Twin Brook Farms - We raise only purebred Shetland sheep and register the best lambs. We offer breeding stock & raw fleeces.
    Karen Byron - 8846 340th Ave., Waseca, MN 56093
    Phone: (507) 835-7194
    (Added:22-Sep-2006 Hits:753)
  • The Three Ring Ranch - A small farm raising Shetland sheep, and Merino crosses. We focus on fine fleeces and breeding for improvement in conformation, temperament and variety within the breed standard. We do have a selection of colors and markings available in fine quality breeding stock. We also carry a nice selection of rovings and fleeces, both Shetland and others.
    William and Allena Jackson - 24600 E 1000 Rd, Humansville, MO 65674
    Phone: (417) 754-1169
    (Added:24-Nov-2007 Hits:750)
  • Century Farm Fiber Co. - We raise colorful Shetland sheep in NE Missouri on a farm that has been in our family for over 100 years. We strive to run our farm with those same old-fashioned values and traditions that our ancestors did. We love farm visitors and so do our sheep so stop by and visit if you're ever in the neighborhood. We offer quality breeding stock, raw fiber and finished products for sale.
    Debbie Taylor - 6735 County Road 258, Hannibal, MO 63401
    Phone: (573) 221-6431
    (Added:3-Jul-2005 Hits:1090)
  • Bay Oak Farm - Bay Oak is owned by a small flock of friendly, tail waggin' sheep. We have many colors to choose from: gray, black, white & moorit. Clean fleeces, lambs, wethers and occasionally adults available for sale.
    Jolene K Bass - 27035 Orbit Rd, Anabel, MO 63431
    Phone: (660) 699-3657
  • Barakel Farm - Registered and part-bred Shetlands available for sale. Special small starter flocks available with purebred ram and part-bred ewes at reasonable prices. We know our sheep personally. Hand spinning fleeces selected by hand spinner for sale. Located in the Missouri Ozarks.
    Nancy Barett - Rt 2 Box 2360, Alton, MO 65606
    Phone: (573) 238-5961
  • Fairlight Farm - Raising and enjoying Registered Shetland Sheep in the rolling hills of Missouri. Shetlands with good temperment, excellent mothering skills, soft fleece, fine conformation and a variety of colors are the goals. Breeding stock, raw fleeces and roving in many natural colors available. Some Merino crossbreds and fleeces available. Happy to answer questions and share experiences about the fun and tail wagging Shetland Sheep breed!
    Tammy Powell - 11 Moon Valley Rd, Windyville, MO 65783
    Phone: (417) 345-5338
    (Added:19-Jul-2007 Hits:794)
  • Little Dixie Fiber Co. - We raise purebred Shetland Sheep and crosses called Shetliots (Mini Cheviot/Shetland). We process their fleeces into yarn that we offer for sale, and we also sell lambs.
    LeAnn Bullard - Ashland, MO
    Phone: (573) 489-8518
    (Added:19-Jul-2016 Hits:91)
  • Big Sky Fiber Farm - We raise registered Shetland sheep, Colored and white Angora goats and Angora rabbits
    Jan Johnson - PO Box 45, Ulm, MT 59485
    Phone: (406) 452-6406
    (Added:24-Jun-2000 Hits:1082)
  • CNC Shetland Sheep - We are a very small breeder of registered Shetland sheep. We are located in beautiful western Montana in the Bitteroot Valley. We will have a few lambs for sale in the spring.
    Christy - 1065 Honeyhouse Lane, Corvallis, MT 59828
    Phone: (406) 207-2601
    (Added:1-Oct-2009 Hits:451)
  • Tramp Family Farm - We raise purebred and cross Shetland and Icelandic sheep primarily for spinning etc, but also sell for meat.
    Dawn Ann Tramp - Rt., 1 Box 2245, Miles City, MT 59301
    Phone: (406) 232-1757
    (Added:24-Jun-2006 Hits:672)
  • Sweet Spring Farm - We raise Shetland sheep. Our goal is to raise animals that produce many natural colors . Currently we have white, black, moorit and musket, but we are working towards all Shetland colors in solids and brokens.
    Norma Sutton - 675 Waters Rd, Bostic, NC 28018
    Phone: (828) 286-9784
    (Added:30-Oct-2005 Hits:942)
  • Rare Find Farm - We produce quality Shetland Sheep. Our stock has won many Champion and Res Champion rosettes at the State Fairs and our fleeces have taken top wins at MD Sheep and Wool. We strive to produce fleeces that handspinners find a joy to work with. We have all colors and both single crimpy and primative dual coats.
    Lynn Michael - New Hill, NC 27562
    Phone: (919) 387-3890
    (Added:26-Jan-2007 Hits:918)
  • Avillion Farm - We offer NASSA-registered breeding stock (OPP-test negative flock) plus raw & washed fleeces. We also sell luxurious blends of shetland wool with angora and mohair from our own rabbits and goats in both rovings and yarns.
    Elaina Kenyon - 1352 Goodwin Rd, Apex, NC 27523
    Phone: (919) 363-0653
    (Added:8-May-2006 Hits:930)
  • Little Flock Farm - Small family farm offering purebred, registered, 95% organic-fed Shetland sheep in a variety of beautiful colors. Also selling Shetland colored fleeces right off the sheep or gently washed, hand-fluffed and air dried. We also have organic fed Finnsheep breeding stock and fleeces available in all white.
    Deana Swanson - 1964 Sheffield Rd., Harmony, NC 28634
    Phone: (336) 492-2641
    (Added:27-Aug-2007 Hits:793)
  • Prairie Rose Ranch - Shetland's form the largest flock of our Heritage Sheep here at PRR. We have been breeding Shetlands for 5 years and have never ceased to be amazed at the color possibilities and personalities of these little creatures. Our flock consists of various types of fleece. All fleeces are heavily skirted. Breeding stock is available.
    Jean - 825 Co Rd K, Friend, NE 68359
    Phone: (402) 947-6221
    (Added:30-Jul-2003 Hits:913)
  • Pike Hill Farm - Pike Hill Farm is renewing a tradition in the foothills of the New Hampshire White Mountains, which was populated by many sheep farms 200 years ago. Perhaps if there had been Shetland Sheep here then, those farms would have survived longer. Shetlands are particularly hardy and efficient grazers, well-suited to our mountain weather and less productive, rocky soils. Our breeding emphasizes a range of vibrant natural colors tones, with exceptionally soft fleece.
    Scott Bailey - Plymouth, NH
    Phone: (603) 536-1451
    (Added:12-Apr-2006 Hits:885)
  • Painted Knoll Farm - Here in the Lakes Region of New Hampshire, we breed and raise Shetland sheep for their engaging personalities and incredible fleeces. We consistantly place in judged wool competitions, scoring especially high in color, uniformity and cleanliness. We handle our flock extensively to produce a calm, friendly animal who enjoys human contact. NASSA flock #747. VSCP #NH09. OPP and foot rot free. We sell lambs, breeding stock, fleeces and rovings. Call for a visit!
    Nadine Chounet - 750 Coolidge Woods Road, New Hampton, NH 03256
    Phone: (603) 744-3851
    (Added:20-Mar-2004 Hits:802)
  • River Bend Farm - We have Shetland and Tunis yearlings & lambs for sale, several different colors. Have a great transport guy if need be (reasonably priced). For more information contact me, pictures available upon request.
    Marjorie - Farmingdal, NJ
    Phone: (732) 539-7111
  • River Bend Farm - We have friendly, quality registered sheep. They are straight and correct to the breeds standards. We are also breeding for Gotlands-fine crimpy fleeces and small flock discounts on Shetlands.
    Shelley Nussbaum - 200 Casino Drive, Farmingdale, NJ 07727
    Phone: (732) 539-5101
    (Added:6-Feb-2009 Hits:513)
  • Laurie's Lambs - Our flock is bred for color, softness and conformation. True winners, they are grass fed for ease of care. Located in Central NJ, we are close to all major highways. Also located on our farm are Tunis. Member of the NTSRI and NASSA. Visitors are always welcome. Call or write for more information.
    Laurie Andreacci - 98 Sykesville Road, Chesterfield, NJ 08562
    Phone: (609) 324-0487
    (Added:8-Feb-2005 Hits:776)
  • Alamo Farms Registered Shetland Sheep - Beautiful registered Shetland sheep. Both ewe and ram lambs available in black, moorit, fawn, white, and many shades of grey. Several with katmoget markings. I will soon have Shetland roving available as well. You can call or email for additional photos.
    Antje Postl - 533 Lake Drive, Santa Rosa, NM 88435
    Phone: (505) 472-0167
    (Added:11-Aug-2007 Hits:769)
  • Hyer Shetlands - We breed for spinning suppliers. We keep a variety of colors and fine fleeces. Shorn only with blades, ewes, rams, wethers, lambs are usually available. New Mexico's climate ensures the sheep are rarely medicated and grass-fed. Flock numbers 30-60.
    Kerry Mower - 33 County Rd 28, Stanley, NM 87056
    Phone: (505) 470-3819
  • Wild Rose Meadows - 2006 Lambs: 6 ram-true blacks, fawn, light gray with dark gray spots. 1 ewe-true black-all fine fleeces. Reg.Spinners flock. $150 each.
    Rena Cook - P.O. Box 8, Luna, NM 87824
    Phone: (505) 547-2403
  • Desert Peach Farm and Fiber - Registered Shetland Sheep- Breeding stock and wethers for spinning flocks. Our Shetlands are raised for their soft long silkie fleece plus correct conformation for maximum meat production.
    Mimi Bullard - 455 Thoroughbred Cir, Reno, NV 89508-9554
    Phone: (775) 969-3249
    (Added:7-Jan-2009 Hits:471)
  • Weston Hill Farm - We strive to produce quality Shetlands that are true to the standard. Lovely little sheep that are wonderful mothers ,easy lambers and produce gorgeous handspinners fleeces.
    Eileen - 133 C.R 412, Westerlo, NY 12193
    Phone: (518) 797-9252
    (Added:31-Jan-2007 Hits:762)
  • Rod and Staff Farm - Small Family Farm with fleeces, roving and registered breeding stock for sale
    June Bartos - 6489 County Road 30, Bloomfield, NY 14469
    Phone: (585) 657-7215
  • Stone Ridge Farm - A small farm in New York's Hudson Valley, raising Shetland sheep.
    William R. Mordhorst - P.O. Box 452, Garrison, NY 10524
    Phone: (845) 424-4871
    (Added:8-May-2002 Hits:1314)
  • Lighthouse Farm - Family-owned and operated sheep farm producing a wide selection of colors and marking patterns in our Shetland sheep. We raise Shetlands, Icelandics, Finnsheep and Dorsets to meet the needs of both meat and fleece markets.
    Mary - Herb Tucker - PO Box 85, West Clarksville, NY 14786
    Phone: (585) 928-1721
    (Added:1-Jul-2008 Hits:636)
  • High Bid Farm - From our small farm we offer breeding stock, fleece, roving and yarn. Our flock has a variety of colors. Our goals are simple to raise the best Shetlands we can and to have them pay their way.
    Bob and Linda Geiger - 550 Beadle Rd, Brockport, NY 14420
    Phone: (585) 637-0656
  • Mapleton Farm - A small flock of Shetland sheep with focus on fleece, personality, and confirmation. A variety of colors, markings, and patterns. Started out as a hand spinner's pet flock and grew into a small breeding program. Lambs due every April: can be registered with NASSA and/or NCWGA, a few cross bred lambs from spinner's flock (Corriedale and Cheviot). Searching for breeding, pet, or hand spinner homes.
    Kara Mapstone - Geneva, NY 14456
    Phone: (315) 243-2048
  • weston hill farm - A terrific breed for those interested in a sheep that is small and easy to care for, gorgeous fleeces that give you a wide variety of colors and textures for many different projects. but most important a breed that is self sufficent with great mothering ability and ease of lambing!traits that should not be forgotten!We raise quality shetlands, call us 518 797 9769 , or email with any questions you may have WE do DNA testing for scrapie resistence.
    Patrick and Eileen Testo - 133 C.R 412, westerlo, ny 12193
    Phone: (518) 797-9252
  • Trinity Farm - Registered Shetland sheep pastured with a view of Cayuga Lake in central NY. Many colors and patterns. Breeding for fleece, milk, personality and intelligence. Selling quality breeding stock, wethers for fiber flocks, fleece, hand-carded roving and batts, and handspun yarn in natural colors and hand-dyed with natural dyes.
    Margaret G. Flowers - Box 372, Aurora, NY 13026
    Phone: (315) 246-1178
    (Added:24-Apr-2010 Hits:483)
  • Grateful Hearts Farm - We have a small fiber farm in the Fingerlakes region of New York State where we raise Registered Shetland Sheep. We hand shear our own animals and process their fleeces ourselves. We sell fleeces, carded fiber, finished yarn, and finished products. We occasionally sell animals to "fiber homes" only.
    Skip and Jen Adams - 8060 East Main Street, Lima, NY 14485
    Phone: (585) 624-4156
  • Sheltie Meadow Farm - Sheep n' Organics - We are a small family-run farm presently in upstate NY. We have several of our breeding stock with Maple Ridge Lineage. We raise only Shetland Sheep. We are working towards spotted sheep. We sell wool, breeding rams and sometimes ewes. If you are interested, please email at Have a happy healthy day!
    Miana Ruiz-Ryan & Tim Ryan - 15 Pulcher Avenue, Hudson, NY 12534
    Phone: (518) 312-1482
    (Added:23-Mar-2009 Hits:537)
  • Wild Geese Farm - Wild Geese Farm is located in the town of Rushford, NY (50 minutes southeast of Buffalo). Our 52-acre farm is home to a growing flock of Shetland Sheep.
    Lynn Bliven - 8499 Agett Rd, Franklinville, NY 14737
    Phone: (716) 244-0290
    (Added:9-Jun-2009 Hits:527)
  • Whispering Pines Farm - Nestled along the historic Erie Canal in Western New York State, Whispering Pines Farm is home to a small flock of tiny and colorful Registered Shetland Sheep. Breeding stock is occasionally available.
    Rich & Jennifer Johnson - 4720 Jackson Road, Middleport, NY 14105
    Phone: (716) 735-6032
    (Added:8-Sep-2004 Hits:903)
  • Heritage Homestead Sheep Fold - Heritage Homestead Sheep Fold is run by our family in Ohio. We strive to raise our small flock of Shetland sheep in the most natural way as we possibly can. We have several different colors in our flock and have both registered and unregistered Shetlands. We also have several meat cross lambs.
    Jennifer Davis - Walhonding, OH
    Phone: (614) 551-7739
    (Added:5-Aug-2013 Hits:240)
  • Harvest Thyme Homestead - A small hobby farm in Northeast OH. Breeding Shetlands for polled, spotted lines.
    Kristi - 4606 Bryenton Road, Litchfield, OH 44253
    Phone: (440) 221-8240
    (Added:23-Aug-2008 Hits:607)
  • Filska Shetlands - Registered Shetland Sheep and Fine Quality Fleeces and Rovings.
    Jennifer Houser - 5970 Cat Run Road, Granville, OH 43023
    Phone: (740) 587-2465
    (Added:27-Jun-2012 Hits:328)
  • Amazing Grace Farm - Registered Breeding Stock with luxurious, colorful fiber. Our 30+ lambs will begin arriving in late March 2004. Starter flocks available. Our reasonably priced sheep are Scrapies Certified--enrollment date of 12-30-98.
    Jackie Deems - P.O. Box 96, Perrysville, OH 44864
    Phone: (419) 938-3475
    (Added:19-Feb-2004 Hits:1076)
  • Lamb'z Own Acres Shetland Sheep and Nubian Goats - Spinners Flock of registered Shetland Sheep in Holmes County, Ohio. We breed for lovely fleeces with lots of variety. We are enrolled in the voluntary scrapie certification program and strive to breed healthy, sound, quality animals, with excellent fleeces. We offer custom shearing locally, and handspun, handwoven, custom shawls as well as raw fleeces and breeding stock.
    Dave and Rachel Gunther - P.O. Box 381, Nashville, OH 44661
    Phone: (330) 378-5150
    (Added:15-Sep-2001 Hits:1166)
  • Wee Middlebranch Farm - Wee Middlebranch Farm Located in NE Ohio near Canton. I have a small flock of registered Shetland sheep. As a spinner, I am very interested in soft, kindly Shetland fleece. Sheep are micron tested yearly. Breeding kindly animals utilizing stock with strong English genetics. Breeding towards a polled line with gentle rams. Breeding and spinning stock available occasionally. Finished products also available.
    Dave Lewis - Canton, OH
    Phone: (330) 499-1245
    (Added:14-Aug-2011 Hits:443)
  • Amazing Grace Llamas & Shetland Sheep - Our 150-year-old Stone Cottage is nestled in the midst of 30 acres near Mansfield, Ohio. Our Shetland Flock consists of 20 adult ewes, 4 adult rams, and their offspring. We breed for exquisite fiber in a rainbow of colors. Reasonably priced breeding stock available. We also raise gentle Llamas with wonderful fiber--a spinner's delight! Breeding stock, small livestock guards, pets and companions are available. Fine fleeces, roving, and yarn also available.
    Chuck & Jackie Deems - P.O. Box 96, Perrysville, OH 44864
    Phone: (419) 938-3475
    (Added:9-Jun-2002 Hits:1192)
  • La Brise Shetland Sheep - Registered purebred Shetland Sheep for handspinning fiber, pets, and herding (with dogs). Farms in Ohio & Maryland; MD stock is certified organic. Bred for temperament, conformation, and quality.
    Patricia Princehouse - 9573 Mentor Road, Chardon, OH 44024
    Phone: (440) 286-7431
    (Added:17-Apr-2007 Hits:663)
  • Petticoat HIll Farm - Registered Shetland lambs and mature sheep. Closed flock. VSCP. Many colors to choose from.
    Karen Gaietto - Tiffin, OH 44883
    Phone: (419) 447-8539
    (Added:26-Apr-2004 Hits:868)
  • DLS SHETLANDS - We have a flock of 50 Registered Shetland Sheep in a variety of colors and patterns. Sheep are micron tested yearly. Shetland fleeces are a handspinners delight. Occasional breeding stock and fleeces available. Breeding for both polled and horned genetics. Email to inquire about availability.
    Diane Schrader - 2330 Freedmont Rd SE, Paris, OH 44669
    Phone: (330) 205-5209
    (Added:12-May-2016 Hits:112)
  • Wild Wooly Farm - Top-notch breeding stock. Specializing in the katmoget color pattern.
    Rebecca Highlander - 592 Latigo Ranch Rd., Williams, OR 97544
    Phone: (541) 846-0327
    (Added:25-Apr-2010 Hits:483)
  • Shady Oaks Shetlands - Traditional Shetlands in wonderful colors and fleece types. We take great pride in producing lustrous densely fleeced sheep with correct conformation and sweet personalities. Our rams are gentle, even tempered lads with great horn sets and superb fleeces. Shady Oaks sheep have won numerous awards and lots of hearts! Call or e-mail for information on sheep and fleeces for sale.
    Marybeth Bullinton - Creswell, OR 97426
    Phone: (541) 895-2119
  • Ginger's Woolies - We have a small herd of unregistered Shetland sheep kept for spinning purposes. Lambs may be available at times for pet or wool production, we also sell processed fibers from our own animals and blends. Also raise Angora and Jersey Wooly Rabbits and Bantam Wyandotte Chickens.
    Deidra MacKimmie - POB 684, Woodburn, OR 97071
    Phone: (503) 634-2836
    (Added:29-Mar-2004 Hits:1095)
  • Ronan Country Fibers - Ronan Country Fibers offers single and double coated Shetlands in a large variety of colors. Fleeces are also available. Located on 100 acres in scenic southern Oregon. We welcome visitors and have guest accomodations. Stop by on your way to the Oregon Caves or Rogue River recreational areas.
    Carol Ronan - 4001 Deer Creek Road, Selma, OR 97538
    Phone: (541) 597-4600
    (Added:26-Apr-2008 Hits:580)
  • Riyescott Ranch - Breeding registered friendly Shetland Sheep on the coast in Southern Oregon. The fiber to be added to llama and Angora goat to make interesting mill spun and hand spun yarns for knitting and weaving. Also some fleeces and roving for the hand spinner. A select few 2005 lambs will be for sale.
    Linda Stimson - 20465 Huckleberry Ridge Road, Brookings, OR 97415
    Phone: (541) 469-3065
    (Added:23-Mar-2005 Hits:844)
  • Stargate Shetland Sheep - Stargate Ranch is located in the high desert of central Oregon, at the foot of the Three Sisters, Mount Bachelor and Broken Top Mountains. My lovely Shetlands come in many colors and are very sweet natured. I am striving for spinning fleeces, lovely temperaments and true Shetland characteristics. I look forward to your visit to the ranch. Come and see the lambs!
    Dana Wellock - 8451 S Hwy 97, Redmond, OR 97756
    Phone: (541) 788-0831
  • Stonehaven Farm - Our flock of Shetland sheep consists of approximately 75 adult ewes and rams, with the full spectrum of Shetland colors. We offer quality breeding stock, soft handspinner fleeces and roving, and "in your pocket" sheep for spinner's flocks and pets. We also offer our Stonehaven blankets, woven from the wool of our flock. Our farm is at the foot of the beautiful Wallowa Mountains in Eastern Oregon; plan to visit us, our Shetlands.
    Brook & Lois Moore - 47631 Holbrook Creeek Road, Halfway, OR 97834
    Phone: (541) 742-5548
    (Added:9-Jun-2005 Hits:893)
  • Honey Lane Farm - Here in the Willamette Valley we raise Shetlands for their lovable personalities, and soft, silky fleeces. We do our best to socialize our girls, and train the rams to behave as gentleman. We keep several rams for servicing small farms who are unable to keep a ram of their own. I enjoy spinning and knitting with their natural colored wool. Our lambs this year are especially friendly.
    Jack and Sandy Lyda - Newberg, OR 97132
    Phone: (503) 538-6675
  • Twin Springs Farm - Friendly flock of Shetlands in Western Pa. Wide variety of fleeces from the wavy primitive to the very crimpy English type. Wide variety of colors and markings. Also Dailley katmogets. All our lambs are halter trained for easy handling. Breeding stock and fleeces available.
    Bill and Sandy Truckner - 100 Twin Springs Lane, Avonmore, PA 15618
    Phone: (724) 697-4930
    (Added:13-Feb-2002 Hits:1153)
  • Ewe Can Do It Shetland Sheep Farm - We are a small farm in Bucks County, PA. We raise our sheep for their fleece and personalities. All our sheep have names, come when called and wag their tails when petted.
    Judi Lehrhaupt - 1 Mount View Court, Newtown, PA 18940-2711
    Phone: (215) 321-9159
    (Added:15-Dec-2005 Hits:883)
  • Always Somethin' Farm - We are a small farm in North-central PA specializing in handspun yarns and wool products, goat milk soap and lotions, and breeding and show animals. We have a flock of Shetlands with amazing fleeces and colors, and a few registered Coopworths.
    Chester Family - 825 Newtown Hill Road, Mansfield, PA 16933
    Phone: (570) 662-1082
    (Added:8-Apr-2007 Hits:686)
  • Celtic Herd - Shetlands for sale. Nice ram well-proven beautiful markings! Asking $100. Lots of nice lambs with colors. Sheepskins, meat and fleeces all colors, ScottishBlackface/Shetland crosses!
    Roxanne Dean - 6585 Steltz Rd, Glen Rock, PA 17327
    Phone: (717) 235-0342
    (Added:23-Oct-2010 Hits:532)
  • Potosi Sheep Farm - Located in Southern PA near the MD border, Potosi Sheep Farm offers beautiful Shetlands with soft easy to spin fleeces. Roving is also available.
    Kathleen Davidson - Glen Rock, PA 17327
    Phone: (717) 235-6036
  • Plum Creek Ranch - One of the largest and longest standing flocks of Shetlands in North America. We have both the American and the British with several blood lines in each group. With over 100 head, we have every color and many patterns. Our flock has won numerous prizes at area sheep shows. We pride ourselves on top quality,
    Carol Arthur - HC 48 Box 250, Provo, SD 57774
    Phone: (605) 745-4370
    (Added:10-Oct-1999 Hits:1049)
  • Three Creeks Farm - Three Creeks Farm is a working farm located in Middle Tennessee just west of Nashville. We raise Shetland, Icelandic and Icelandic crosses, all with the hand spinner in mind. We also sell wool and spinning and felting supplies. We select for hardiness,and wool quality.
    Steve Shafer - Charlotte, TN
    Phone: (615) 789-5943
    (Added:27-Mar-2006 Hits:787)
  • Anvo Acres - I presently have some unregistered Shetland sheep now but will be adding some registered stock this fall. Plan on bringing a polled ram into my herd to start breeding for some polled lambs here in the south. Your welcome to visit my website. We also have 2 Great Pyrenees dogs for our sheep. Thanks for visiting.
    Voni Anderson - P.O. Box 536, Coalfield, TN 37719
    Phone: (865) 250-9455
    (Added:19-May-2009 Hits:530)
  • Fire Ant Ranch - Registered Black Welsh Mountain and Shetland Sheep. Livestock, Grease Fleeces, Fibers, Yarns and Finished Goods. Also Fiber Equipment. All home raised and home processed! Since 1992 in Elgin, Texas, on the web, and at various fiber festivals.
    Suzanne Correira - 2646 FM 1704, Elgin, TX 78621
    Phone: (512) 281-4496
    (Added:1-Feb-2005 Hits:882)
  • Sun and Wind Shetlands - Our vision is to preserve this heritage breed with a premium on correct conformation, good temperament and colored wool that will produce lovely fleeces for fiber artists. NASSA Flock #1825.
    Frances and John Granatino - 2305 Marshall Road, Waxahachie, TX 75167
    Phone: (610) 662-0748
    (Added:21-Apr-2009 Hits:579)
  • Foggy Hollow Ranch - Foggy Hollow Ranch has a flerd (flock and herd) of sheep and cattle, a pecan grove, muscadine grapes, and a Shetland Sheepdog who plays with sheep more than she herds them. All of this is in Hungerford, Texas, only 55 miles Southwest of Downtown Houston. Foggy Hollow Ranch offers registered Shetland Sheep (lambs, yearlings, breeding stock), fine, natural colored Shetland Sheep raw fleeces and grass fed freezer lambs.
    Lynda Davies - 5911 County Road 225, East Bernard, TX 77435
    Phone: (281) 381-4311
    (Added:15-Jan-2014 Hits:196)
  • Foggy Hollow Ranch - Foggy Hollow Ranch offers natural Shetland Sheep fleeces and grass-fed freezer lambs and calves. Our goal is to grow beautiful Shetland sheep fleeces in a wide variety of colors while providing a peaceful life for our sheep. FOR SALE: Grassfed Shetland Sheep wethers born 3/19/13 and 4/23/13. Beautiful moorit colored fleeces are great for hand spinners. Lambs are very healthy, easy to handle, and tame. Make excellent pets because they are polled, so they will not grow horns.
    Lynda Davies - East Bernard, TX 77435
    Phone: (281) 381-4311
    (Added:10-Jan-2014 Hits:199)
  • Tiny Tykes Ranch - We are a small ranch in east Texas that raises several breeds of miniature livestock for the small and hobby rancher,including shetland sheep.
    Sandy Renko - P O Box 62, Canton, TX 75103
    Phone: (903) 896-1145
    (Added:20-May-2005 Hits:895)
  • Spittin' Image Alpacas and Woolie Fibers - We pride ourselves on our continued efforts to raise the most desirable alpacas and Shetland sheep. Our main focus is on luxurious fiber and the handcrafted items created from that fiber. We love talking alpacas and sheep so feel free to contact us at anytime.
    Jodi Anderson - Cedar Creek, TX
    Phone: (512) 559-5116
    (Added:6-Jun-2010 Hits:523)
  • Benjamin Farms - We have a good varity of colored Shetland sheep. We also raise Jacob sheep, colored angora goats, guard llamas and we are a rescue for LGD dogs. Please feel free to contact us.
    Karen Sigler - 8297 South 3200 West, Benjamin, UT 84660
    Phone: (801) 794-2586
    (Added:28-Apr-2004 Hits:743)
  • Little Hill Farm - Little Hill Farm is our homestead, where we are working to raise a Shetland flock with a wide variety of colors and patterns, while striving for a soft hand and maintaining the breed standard for conformation. As of 2005, we are still keeping all our ewe lambs, but have occasional rams and some wethers available for sale. Our flock colors presently include black, grey, white, Moorit, Mioget, and Musket. Patterns in this year's lamb crop included Flecket, Gulmoget, Sponget, and Blaget!
    Felicity M. Lien - Buckingham, VA
    Phone: (434) 969-2284
  • Mountainspun Shetland Sheep Farm & Fiber Arts Studio - Organic shetland sheep, lambs, ewes, rams & starter flocks for sale by appointment. We don't ship sheep. Online fiber arts supply, pvt lessons in fiber arts by appointment. VT Maple Triangle Looms and tools, niddies, spindles, handspun, organic fleece, exotic blends for spinning, knitting , weaving. Wilmington VT USA by appointment only.
    Mountainspun Farm & Fiber Arts Studio - wilmington, VT
    Phone: (802) 000-0000
    (Added:23-Oct-2003 Hits:748)
  • Maybelle Farm LLC - We are raising registered Shetland sheep on the farm that I grew up on and my 2 yr. old grandaughter is the seventh generation on our farm. We currently have 37 sheep and sell breeding stock, raw fleeces, roving and yarn. Our animals are wonderful pets and very loved. We are located in a very small town in Vermont Please call or e-mail us for more information. Thank you
    Kathleen Meeks - 14 Melbourne Rd., Wardsboro, VT 05355
    Phone: (802) 896-6218
  • Mountainspun Shetland Sheep Farm - NASSA registered Flock, located in southern VT. Offering breeding stock, lambs, fleece, handspun yarns, VT Maple triangle Looms and tools, Handspinning and Fiber Art instruction by appointment. Our sheep are Our Life! Small friendly flock, great breeding rams for sale, ewes and lambs too. I am a handspinner, and raise sheep for fiber quality, NASSA standards, and sweet personalities. NO Rude Rams Kept or sold. email us for appointment and availabilty info.
    Mountainspun Shetland Sheep Farm - Wilmington, VT 05363
    (Added:31-Dec-2002 Hits:864)
  • Blue Hays Shetlands - Blue Hays Shetlands breeding stock is available year round. For the handspinner or fiber artist who desires spotted or solid richly colored fleeces in fine, crimpy or long, silky wool, we have what you're looking for! For the traditional Shetland sheep breeder, we have selected our award-winning flock to closely follow North American breed standards. Come visit us on our Island farm, located in Central Whidbey Island, Washington State.
    Jan Dodge - Coupeville, WA
    Phone: (360) 678-8069
  • Mountain Niche Farm - Beautiful Registered Shetland sheep in a variety of lovely colors, short crimpy fleeces and long silky fleeces. Rams with wide horns and good temperment.Ewes are good mothers. They can end up with the pet personality and come when you call! Fleeces, processed fiber and yarns also available.
    Kimberlee Kerley - 397 Deep Creek Rd., Chehalis, WA 98532
    Phone: (360) 740-4667
    (Added:24-Nov-2002 Hits:1357)
  • Schoonover Farm - We raise Shetland sheep on our farm in Skagit County, WA. We strive for various colors and patterns in our sheep with an emphasis on wool quality.
    Donna Schoonover - Woolley, WA
    Phone: (non) e
    (Added:20-Feb-2008 Hits:1097)
  • River Bend Ranch - 3 yearling wethers, 6 ram lambs and 2 ewe lambs for sale. A variety of colors. I am not in the business to raise and market sheep. My ram which my son wanted to keep for show, just happened to break through the double fences this year. I no longer have the ram and plan to have no virile males on the property! I need to reduce herd to prevent over grazing on my land.I did not plan to have this batch of animals this spring!
    Saundra Weaver - 5300 U Street, Washougal, WA 98671
    Phone: (360) 210-5052
  • Primolana Shetland Sheep - Purebred registered Shetlands, all colors. Both silkier long fleeces and "British" style. Check out the website for lots of color genetics information! Clun/Shetland crosses and unregistered healthy Shetland ewes sometimes available, reasonable :-)
    Lanette & Jim Scapillato - 103 Mauerman Road, Chehalis, WA 98532
    Phone: (360) 291-3922
    (Added:10-Oct-1999 Hits:1400)
  • Pacific Farm - We are located near Portland, Oregon and have a small flock of registered Sheltands in many colors. We also raise Miniature horses and Cardigan Welsh Corgi dogs.
    Kathy Fish - Camas, WA
  • Memengwa Hill Shetlands - Located on the bluffs of the Mississippi river in west-central Wisconsin, we have chosen our blood-lines especially for "spotting" and rare markings. This year (2002) we had over 50 lambs born and are working to supply starter flocks. We are always happy to help answer questions for new shepherds, and can provide links for other local Shetland breeders.
    Mary Ellen Kelly - Church Road, Hager City, WI 54014
    Phone: (715) 792-2793
    (Added:4-Aug-2002 Hits:1188)
  • Psalm 23 Farm - I've been breeding registered Shetland sheep since 2003 focusing on fine, crimpy UK style fleeces-long, silky primitives in all the colors including white. I use UK genetics in my flock and breed for easy management on a grass-based system. I am also crossing some of my Shetland ewes for Shetland/BFL mules and Shetland/Cheviots (these lambs out grow their dams). I have raw jacketed fleeces, roving, yarn, sheepskins and breeding stock available.
    Laura Matthews - 12223 Lax Chapel Rd., Kiel, WI 53042
    Phone: (920) 273-1849
  • Yuletide Farm & Apiary - Yuletide is a small sheep and honey farm nestled in the rolling hills of south central Wisconsin. We offer registered Shetland Sheep breeding stock, quality sheep for spinning flocks, and hobby farm "pet" stock in a variety of colors and patterns.
    Robert Suchor - Belleville, WI
    Phone: (608) 527-2876
  • BrambleWool Farm - 10th registered flock of Shetlands in North America; flock size: 50. Breeding Shetlands since 1990, our program is a balancing act between conservation and improvement. We strive to maintain their primitive characteristics and the genetic variations while selecting for physical soundness and wool quality. Breeding program includes use of imported British semen. OPP tested negative flock (tested in 1996, 97, 98). Flock enrolled in Voluntary Scrapie Certification Program.
    Julie Guilette - 265 Truway Rd, Luxemburg, WI 54217
    Phone: 920-837-2167
    (Added:12-Oct-1999 Hits:1347)
  • OK Acres Shetlands - We have a small flock of approx. 25 Shetlands, and our emphasis is on polled genetics and fiber quality. We have white, black, gray, moorit and some spotted. We also have a small flock of Texel and Texel X sheep. We have a few breeding prospects each year as well as a pet animal. We also offer tanned pelts, raw wool, roving and yarn for sale each year. Please visit my site at for all my sales listings of fiber.
    Kelly Bartels - W7505 Highway, Monroe, WI 53566
    Phone: (608) 558-5099
  • Hopping Ewe Farm - Spotted and solid Shetlands. Breeding stock, pets, and fleeces.
    Harris Family - Orfordville, WI
    (Added:30-Jun-2007 Hits:692)
  • Highland Hollow Farms - We raise Shetland Sheep and Highland Cattle in the rolling hills of west central Wisconsin. Visitors are always welcome.
    John and Jane Eager - w2083 570th ave, Elmwood, WI 54740
    Phone: (715) 639-3409
  • Sommarang Farm Shetlands - We are located in south central Wisconsin. Our goal is to raise fine fleeced Shetlands in all 11 colors, while maintaining strict attention to comformation and breed characteristics. Our animals are raised organically with only miminal intervention to maintain health. Come visit, all are welcome.
    Lori Stephenson - N80 W34386 Petersen Rd., Oconomowoc, WI 53066
    Phone: (262) 966-2021
    (Added:23-Feb-2009 Hits:603)
  • Sheepy Hollow Shetlands - We breed quality Shetlands, here in Iola, Wisconsin since 1994. Iola is located in centeral Wisconsin, Shetlands are our only breed. Our stock is OPP tested negative. We have been breeding for spotted animals, and also have all other colors. We offer breeding Shetlands, fleeces, and roving.
    Nancy Larsen - N9166 Hwy J, Iola, WI 54945
    Phone: (715) 445-3737
  • Painswick Farms - Our farm is located in beautiful Door County, NE Wisconsin, on a peninsula between Lake Michigan and the Bay of Green Bay. We take our sheep and fiber very seriously and have registered breeding stock, fleeces, rovings, handspun yarn and hand-made items available. Breeding stovk sales come with complete support. Fiber sales come with a satisfaction guarantee.
    Lynne Luker - 763 Europe Bay Road, Ellison Bay, WI 54210
    Phone: (920) 854-5741
  • Stone Soup Farm - Like Old MacDonald, we have a variety of animals on our small old fashioned farm in western WI. Our favorite is the flock of ~30 Shetland sheep. We can help you put together a starter flock or spinning flock. We also have fleece, and sheepskin rugs available.
    Laura Buchal - 214 310th Street, Wilson, WI 54027
    Phone: (715) 772-4452
  • Crestwood Farm - We have a flock of 30+ purebred Shetlands. We sell only our best lambs and offer a wide range of natural colors, to include spotted. We also offer a full refund policy: if for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, we will give you a full refund for the return of the animal. We have registered and non-registered stock available for sale. Our registered stock is only the absolute best of our lamb crop for that year, so you are guaranteed quality purebred stock.
    Kate Goebel - Watertown, WI 53094
    Phone: (920) 206-0839
  • Whippoorwill Farm - We are a family farm located in the beautiful mountains of West Virginia, raising quality registered Shetland sheep in a wide array of colors and markings. We offer professionally processed roving and raw fleeces. Occasionally, Shetland/Blueface Leicester lambs and fiber are also available.
    Mike/Karen Simms - PO Box 135, Scarbro, WV 25917
    Phone: (304) 465-0225
    (Added:27-Sep-2011 Hits:415)

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