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  • Carmel Valley Soay - We have North American and British registered Soay on a small farm located on the Central Coast of California.
    Vicki OHara - PO Box 949, Carmel Valley, CA 93924
    Phone: (831) 659-0250
    (Added:11-Aug-2009 Hits:843)
  • Dusty Boot Ranch - Small flock of Soay, Corsican and European Mouflon. We focus on producing the most colorful animals and continually work to improve horn quality. Located in the Tehachapi Mountains "Southern California".
    Joe - P.O. Box 934, Tehachapi, CA 93581
    Phone: (661) 972-0780
  • Rocky Mountain Soay - British Registered Soay Sheep. We fell in love with these historic, primitive treasures while on a visit to St. Kilda in 2000. Our mission, working with others who share our passion, is to preserve and expand the small American flock of these easy to care for, fascinating sheep. We are located east of the Rockies in Colorado.
    Heather McLaren - 17625 Person Drive., Peyton, CO 80831
    Phone: (719) 749-2661
  • Crossroads Ranch - Soay Sheep are a breed that steps back in time, they are small, short tail, no shearing and an absolute delight to watch, they are graceful, elegant and bring a smile to my face on a daily basis. I've chosen to breed British Soays, saving the genetics of this breed is vital to their survival.I practice sustainable management, no chemicals, hormones or herbicides, my pastures are safe for all living creature.
    Elayne Tingey - PO Box 3442, Hailey, ID 83333
    Phone: (208) 788-5644
  • Crossroads Ranch - Soay Sheep are a breed that steps back in time, they are small, short tail, no shearing and an absolute delight to watch, they are graceful, elegant and bring a smile to my face on a daily basis. I've chosen to breed British Soays, saving the genetics of this breed is vital to their survival. I practice sustainable management, no chemicals, hormones or herbicides, my pastures are safe for all living creatures to enjoy.
    Elayne Tingey - PO Box 3442, Hailey, ID 83333
    Phone: (208) 788-5644
    (Added:23-Jan-2008 Hits:1004)
  • Promised Land Family Farm - We raise Soays for the sheer pleasure of it - fun, fiber, & weed management. Hardiness well-suited to Northwest climate. Genetics include true polled, scurred and horned ewes, and wide set rams.
    Karen Weppner - Coeur d'Alene, ID 83814
    Phone: (208) 512-3305
    (Added:18-Apr-2007 Hits:1018)
  • Windridge Farm - We raise Soay sheep using a wildflock system for healthy happy animals.
    Elaine - Science Hill, KY
    (Added:14-Jun-2006 Hits:1378)
  • THree Pines B&B and Farm - We raise registered Jacob, Shetland, Navajo-Churro, and Soay sheep.Breeding stock and fleece is available for purchase.
    Edward Curtis - 274 East Side Rd, Hancock, ME 04640-3921
    Phone: (207) 460-7595
    (Added:5-Jun-2006 Hits:893)
  • The Dickey Farm - My Soay sheep are Registered British Soay, and my goal is to propagate the conservation and heritage of this unique breed. I currently have 37 Soays, and maintain a 40-acre farm in southern Michigan.
    Donna Dickey-Tomenga - 10980 Dennings Rd, Jonesville, MI 49250
    Phone: (214) 616-1612
  • Little Shady Acres - We have SOA and MNSBAR registered Soay Sheep as well as JSBA registered Jacob Sheep. Located in South Central Minnesota. Visit our web site for more info.
    Heather Fogel - Stewart, MN
    Phone: (320) 562-3006
    (Added:5-May-2003 Hits:1564)
  • Circle B Farm - We raise Soay sheep, they are very easy to raise and good for the land. We buy, sell or trade. Always looking to trade Rams to diversify blood lines
    Bob Barreto - 865 CR5070, Salem, mo 65560
    Phone: (573) 247-2994
  • Matthew & Joannie Newsome - Small family shareholding. We breed British Soay Sheep, registered with the Rare Breed Survival Trust. We typically have a few lambs available for purchase each spring.
    Matt Newsome - Sylva, NC 28779
    Phone: (828) 508-0789
  • LaFour Ranch - British (RBST) sheep available for sale. Flock numbers are growing fast.
    Daryl Riersgard - PO Box 36, Paradise Valley, NV 89426
    Phone: (775) 578-0096
    (Added:16-Jan-2010 Hits:585)
  • Little Heirloom Acres Farm and Preserve - We are a preservation farm which includes many critically endangered livestock breeds. Soay sheep fit in well with our diversified farming goals and conservation programs. We are breeders of registered NA Soay sheep (Johnson line) and British Soay sheep as well as NA/British.
    William and Gabrielle DeSimone - PO Box 181, Garrattsville, NY 13342
    Phone: (607) 965-2351
  • Hermit Thrush Hill - We are a small, diversified homestead specializing in rare and endangered heritage breeds. Our Soay flock consists of about 60 British and N.A./British Soays. All our Soays are registered with the OFP and/or RBST. Our N.A. flock contains standard-, mahogany-, and black-mouflon, tan, self, and spotting. Our Brits display standard-mouflon, tan, and spotting, and possibly self, and contains AI genetics from England. We are accepting deposits on lambs for spring 2013.
    Sean & Melissa Bramble - Fonda, NY 12068
    Phone: (518) 853-1034
    (Added:5-Feb-2011 Hits:605)
  • Living Water Soays - I raise healthy, hardy Soay sheep with a varity of genetics and markings. These lovely little sheep are easy keepers that produce very soft wool and cute lambs! No shearing, tail docking, or disbudding. Soay's thrive on brush. Please enjoy looking!
    Marjorie Millay - 42502 S. Sawtell RD, Molalla, OR 97038
    Phone: (503) 829-9446
    (Added:11-Jun-2007 Hits:742)
  • Mayfield Poultry and Livestock - We have a small flock of American/British Soays. We are located at the base of the blue mountains in Pendleton, OR. We try and raise our animals as organicly as possible. Our flock is primarily used for meat and decorative tanned hides, but lambs from breeding stock are available every spring.
    Shannon Mayfield - 73832 Kelly Lane, Pendleton, OR 97801
    Phone: (541) 278-1726
    (Added:22-Oct-2009 Hits:523)
  • Good Shepherd Soays - My family started to raise Soay sheep because they are wonderful at brush control and will eat things the goats don't like. We love using their wool, and they are just a great breed to have, easy to take care and have fun to watch the lambs run around in the spring. I am only one part of my family raising Soays. I have lambs for sale every year. I go for wide spread of genetics, looks and colors.
    Katie Millay - 42502 S Sawtell Rd, Molalla, OR 97038
    Phone: (503) 829-9446
    (Added:5-Jun-2007 Hits:742)
  • Southern Oregon Soay Farms - British Registered Soay sheep. Our sole interest is the preservation of this flock of historic Scottish sheep. We breed exclusively for genetic preservation and good health. All British (RBST)Soay in the USA have originated from our American RBST foundation flock, USA0001 We are always looking for breeders who share our interest in endangered livestock breed conservation and welcome all inquiries and visitors. Please feel free to write or call.
    Kathie Miller - P.O. Box 1382, Merlin, OR 97532
    Phone: (541) 955-8171
    (Added:8-Dec-2007 Hits:1477)
  • Bramble Ridge Farm - Our farm is on the West Slope of the Oregon Coast Range. We raise SOA and RBST registered Soay sheep. We have a variety for polled, scurred, and horned ewes. We have one ram yearling for sale. He is of RBST bloodline and carries the genes for scurred ewes. Our ewes are breed and getting ready to lamb. We are taking orders for spring lambs at this time.
    Dan & Barbara Ballas - P.O. Box 731, Toledo, OR 97391
    Phone: (541) 336-2184
    (Added:12-Feb-2004 Hits:906)
  • Hope Springs Ranch Soay sheep - We raise the captivating delightful Soay sheep. Beware, these darlings can cause love at first sight! We have horned and polled Soay raised on chemical free pastures. Inquiries invited.
    Debbie Millard - 345 Rock Creek Rd, Gold Hill, OR 97525
    Phone: (541) 855-1053
    (Added:31-Dec-2008 Hits:537)
  • Santiam Valley Soay Farm - We breed and sell Soay sheep and raw wool on a small farm near Salem, OR. We do not use hormones, pesticides or herbicides in raising our sheep. Soay are a hardy breed, resistant to foot rot and other common sheep ailments. Because of this and their small size they are ideal for novice sheperds and small farms.
    Scott Hadden - Salem, OR 97301
    Phone: (503) 749-4025
    (Added:8-Jun-2005 Hits:824)
  • Free Soay Sheep Classified Ads - Free classifieds listing for Soay Sheep; wanted, for sale or trade: Rams Ewes Lambs Wethers Services/Equipment Livestock Guardians
    Jeanine Rachau - La Grande, OR
    Phone: (541) 963-5497
    (Added:10-Jul-2009 Hits:575)
  • Alder Creek Soays - Breeding Soays mainly to help diversify bloodlines but, to a lesser extent, for wool and meat. We never use hormones,only use wormers when necessary, and mainly grass feed our sheep. We are located in Coquille, Oregon, between Coos Bay and Bandon.
    Bob/Sylvia Smith - P.O. Box 426, Coquille, OR 97423
    Phone: (541) 260-7566
    (Added:21-Jul-2008 Hits:579)
  • J D'S livestock - Have 2 soay ewes and 4 soay rams.
    Jack Daniel - 21650 NE butlern MKT RD, Bend, OR 97701
    Phone: (541) 388-0473
  • Saltmarsh Ranch Soay Sheep - Our large flock of authentic British (RBST) Soay sheep derives both from the original imported flock in Athelstan, Canada, and from the addition of new genetics using AI and donor rams in the U.K. We provide starter flocks, additional breeding ewes, and replacement rams of maximum genetic diversity. Our focus is on the conservation of this heritage breed on our farm and across the continent, including Canada.
    Steve & Priscilla Weaver - PO Box 900, Jacksonville, OR 97530
    Phone: (541) 899-1672
    (Added:5-Jan-2014 Hits:543)
  • Shadowcross Mini-Ranch - We raise Registered British Soay sheep on a small hobby farm in rural northeast Pennsylvania. Please feel free to call and inquire about these delightful small sheep. Visitors are always welcome!
    Nicole Shultz, VMD - 482 Ridge Road, Benton, PA 17814
    Phone: (570) 925-5887
    (Added:11-Dec-2011 Hits:503)
  • Avon Grove Charter School Micro-Farm - The Avon Grove Charter School operates a Micro-Farm in West Grove, Pennsylvania which features student-raised British Soay sheep and registered Shetland sheep.
    Kevin Brady - 110 East State Road, West Grove, PA 19390
    Phone: (484) 667-5000
    (Added:22-Dec-2014 Hits:171)
  • Oak Knoll Farm - Conserving rare sheep-we raise British and American Soay sheep to conserve them for future generations. Located on the East Coast.
    Virginia Vaughn - PO Box 1297, West Union, SC 29696
    Phone: (864) 718-8781
    (Added:9-Mar-2009 Hits:719)
  • Winslows Australian Shepherds and Soay Sheep - Ewe and Ram lambs available. British and North American Soay. Typical brown mouflon, some light faced and dark faced (black/tan). My goal is to move over to full British lines. Traditionally raised for meat, pasture conservation and stockdog training as well as just watching them because they are so cute! As close to organically-raised as possible. No hormones or pesticides. Soay are like Lays potato chips - you cannot have just one - they are addicting! RBST/SOA/MSNBR/OFP registered.
    Margi Floyd - Olympia, WA
    Phone: (360) 259-9089
    (Added:12-Aug-2011 Hits:423)
  • Audacious Acres - I conserve and breed American Soay sheep, specializing in solid black Soays, but also keeping ewes from a variety of unrelated bloodlines, and have access to the many rams in our parent flock. My Soay sheep are registered with Soays of America, Inc.
    Ethan Schulze - Camas, WA 98607
    Phone: (360) 833-1917
    (Added:17-Apr-2006 Hits:713)
  • Heirloom Heritage Farms - We have expanded our rare breeds farm to include sheep. We have a wonderful foundation flock of RBST Soays as well as North American Soays so as to conserve both "countries of origin". Our first NA Soay lambs are due 2007. We also have registered and non-registered Katahdins; we are working toward the breed-up program with that flock. For 2007, we have a limited number of mixed meat-breed (Romney/Suffolk/Dorsett) lambs available for flock or table.
    Dawn Turbyfill - Spanaway, WA 98387
    Phone: (360) 271-4690
    (Added:16-Mar-2007 Hits:729)
  • Mutiny Bay Farm - Dedicated to open spaces, forests, and organic fields and raising endangered breeds of sheep. Soay sheep managed in a wild environment on 80 acres overlooking Mutiny Bay cliffs on Whidbey Island off of Seattle coast. I try to keep them as they were on Soay. I have limited number available each year because of this special Open space breeding. I encourage visits to farms. OPP inspected and scrapie inspected.
    Claudia Pettis - 8222 Overlake Dr. W., Medina, WA 98039
    Phone: (425) 455-8601
    (Added:18-Sep-2005 Hits:715)
  • Bouncing Birch Farm - At Bouncing Birch Farm we opperate on an organic sustainable level producing grass-fed lamb and Registered American Soay breeding stock in Battle Ground, WA.
    Dinah Jo Brosius - 5901 N. E. 289 St., Battle Ground, WA 98604
    Phone: (360) 263-6263
  • Blue Mountain Soay Sheep - Soay Sheep date from the Bronze Age. Small, shades of fawn, brown, and black. Agile, deer-like and aloof. Shed their wool naturally. Quality breeding stock and lambs for sale, MNSBAR registered.
    Kate and Bob Montgomery - 4925 Blue Mountain Road, Port Angeles, WA 98362
    Phone: 360-452-2919
    (Added:29-Oct-1999 Hits:1233)
  • Woodland Creek Farm - Woodland Creek Farm raises and sells Soay sheep. We have both North American and British genetics in our flock.
    Gevan Marrs - 9011 72nd Ave E, Puyallup, WA 98371
    Phone: (253) 848-5755
    (Added:7-Aug-2005 Hits:761)
  • Greener Pastures Farm - Cascade Farmstead sheep are a smaller breed with excellent meat and fleece production value and low maintenance for the small or sustainable farmer, along with the exquisite flavor renowned in the small Northern Short Tail breeds. No shearing; this new breed naturally sheds the fleece each year. High production in a small package, large variety of color and markings.
    Ronda Jemtegaard - PO Box 344, Camas, WA 98607
    Phone: (360) 833-1917
    (Added:12-Jan-2010 Hits:1112)
  • Sound Soays - Soay sheep are a rare, small, colorful, graceful and ancient breed just right for today's smaller farms and ranches. Soays are very hardy and birth easily producing vigorous lambs. Soays shed annually, are disease and pest resistant making them easy keepers.
    Nancy Hibbing - Gig Harbor, WA 98335
    Phone: (253) 318-2691
    (Added:21-Nov-2005 Hits:788)
  • Narnia Farm - We raise and breed British Soay sheep. All our sheep are RBST registered. Our prime focus is conservation of British Soay sheep. We work with other Soay breeders to promote and support conservation efforts and provide quality, diverse starter flocks. All sheep have documented lineage and are registered with the Rare Breeds Survival Trust. The first gathering of the Mid-West Soay breeders will be on Sept. 11, 2010. British Soay Sheep.
    Kathy Comeau - Monroe, WI 53566
    Phone: (608) 325-4362
    (Added:30-May-2010 Hits:603)
  • Trailside Exotics - we have added a small flock of registered British Soays to our operation. They are small, gentle and fun to raise. We also have Purebred European Mouflon available.
    Robert Waschbisch - 8159 Beaver Lake Road, Oconto Falls, WI 54154
    Phone: (920) 619-7210

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