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  • L A Farm - St. Croix Hair Sheep Breeder in Texarkana, Arkansas. Scrapie genetic resistance tested Rams. LA Farm sales both breeding and meat consumption lambs. Call/Text 430-200-8170
    Nancy - 824 MC 57, Texarkana, AR 71854
    Phone: (430) 200-8170
    (Added:17-Jan-2013 Hits:524)
  • LA Farm St. Croix Hair Sheep - 100% & Percentage Registered AGSR (*American Goat & Sheep Registry) and Commercial (*unregistered) St. Croix Sheep available. Starting at $400.00. White, Colored and Color Genetics in our herd. Call/Text Nancy at 430-200-8170
    Nancy - Texarkana, AR 71854
    Phone: (430) 200-8170
    (Added:27-Mar-2017 Hits:19)
  • Gordon's Farm - Full Blood Breeding St. Croix Rams for your fullblood flock, or to improve your flock's resistance to parasite infestation and thus lessen your losses from this source.
    Robert Gordon - 283 Heifer Creek Road, Springfield, AR 72157
    Phone: (501) 354-4673
  • LA Farm - Would like to trade ASR purebred/registered St Croix sheep or crossbred Sheep for registered genetic scrapie tested "RR" quality Boer goats. Wanting to diversify to a variety of meat breeds on our farm. In Texarkana, AR. Call/Text 430-200-8170
    Nancy - 824 MC 57, Texarkana, AR 71854
    Phone: (430) 200-8170
    (Added:21-Jun-2014 Hits:170)
  • LA Farm - We raise a small flock of St. Croix Sheep in the rolling hills of Arkansas. Diverse bloodlines - registered with several registries. Lambs for both start-up operations and expanding ones. Meat lambs available on a very limited basis.
    Lance and Nancy Anderson - 824 MC 57, Texarkana, AR 71854
    Phone: (430) 200-8170
    (Added:31-Jul-2012 Hits:394)
  • Howling Oak Ranch - Quality registered St Croix that are maintained in a conservation genetics breeding program. Three distinct genetic lineages available. Rams, ewes, lambs and starter flocks.
    Karen Gerhart - PO Box 344, Dunnigan, CA 95937
    Phone: (530) 724-0389
    (Added:22-Sep-2011 Hits:1955)
  • Walker Creek Ranch - Quality, registered St. Croix sheep from one of the largest, pasture raised flocks in the U.S. Specializing in starter flocks for MiG grazing operations.
    Paul and Kathy Lewis - Orland, CA 95963
    Phone: (530) 865-8666
  • Calovine Farm - Calovine Farm is located in Williston, Florida near Ocala. Our flock numbers 400 with 130 St. Croix ewes. Please visit our website and let us know if we can be of service to you. We take pride in what we do and it shows in the quality of our sheep.
    Ron and Ruth Taber - 15035 W Hwy 316, Williston, FL 32696
    Phone: (352) 528-4843
    (Added:7-Apr-2004 Hits:2271)
  • Rose Creek Ranch - Registered St.Croix Breeding Stock.This is a small farm devoted to our animals.We are developing animals known for great Meat and good Milking capabilities.
    Mary Campbell - Box323 Rose Creek Rd., Worley, Id 83876
    Phone: (208) 660-5615
  • Pitkin Ranch - We have registered St. Croix hair sheep,new spring lambs available in March. Excecelent meat and low maintenance care.
    Joyce Pitkin - 1601 Watermill Rd., Deary, ID 83823
    Phone: (208) 877-7787
  • Rogers Hair Sheep - Located in Southern Illinois. We are focused on raising Registered St Croix. We offer lambs, ewes, rams, and crosses. Always interested in adding to our bloodlines.
    H. Sam Rogers - McLeansboro, IL 62859
    Phone: (618) 214-9113
  • Rogers Hair Sheep - Located in Southern Illinois, we breed two separate herds. We have a herd of Registered St.Croix, and also a herd of Dorper-St.Croix-Katahdin Crosses. We use exceptional rams, and breed for worm resistance and fast growth. We offer rams, lambs, and ewes from both herds.
    Sam Rogers - RR 1 Box 236, Mcleansboro, IL 62859
    Phone: (618) 214-8608
  • Bedinger Hair Sheep - 100 St. Croix flock, bloodlines originated with import of 40 ewes from Island of St. Croix in 1997. 2005/2006 added 47 ewes from Utah State. DNA tested for R gene. Delivery available.
    Charles Bedinger - 9743 N. 1130 E., Catlin, IL 61817
    Phone: (217) 427-2341
  • Busted Plow Farm - We are liquidating our grass based farm that features a fifty+- head breeding stock heard including one horned ram and one standard ram. We started with all registered stock about five years ago. Very productive commercial flock.
    David Franz - 2811 92nd Rd, Udall, KS 67146
    Phone: (620) 262-1775
  • Kentucky Sheep Farm - As of Oct 2010, 3 rams availabe, 1 has blue eyes, more info at
    Lydia - Milton, KY 40045
    Phone: (502) 663-1732
    (Added:8-Oct-2010 Hits:900)
  • Hemmer Hill Farm - Spring 2009 ram, ewe and wether lambs available. Purebred, registered, beautiful flock. Ewes have multiply births, all raising twins and triplets. We are conveniently located 1 mile off I-71, near Louisville, KY on a Kentucky bluegrass farm.
    Joyce and Gary Keibler - 7401 Old Zaring Rd, Crestwood, KY 40014
    Phone: (502) 228-3860
  • Lenox Ranch - We offer St Croix and Katahdin sheep. We also have Kiko and Spanish goats. Our animals forage for all of their food and are fed hay and forage in the winter.
    Neil and Abbey Lenox - 1523 Cabin Lane, Garrison, KY 41141
    Phone: (606) 757-4271
    (Added:28-Dec-2011 Hits:540)
  • D REINHART FARM - We have many rams and wethers ST. Croix and ST. Croix cross ready to sale. Having raised 4 breeds of hair sheep at one time I have to say "ST. Croix is tops in every area". Call us or just drop in.
    David L. Reinhart - PO Box 342, Simpson, LA 71474
    Phone: (337) 383-6108
  • Traub St. Croixs - Please e-mail or call for availability.
    Adam Traub - 5007 Hwy. 14 E., Iowa, LA 70647
    Phone: (337) 302-4240
  • Christine Roden - A site dedicated to our sheep and helping out any fellow owner who needs information or just someone in need of advice about starting out. We are just begining our St. Croix herd. Check out our pics and get in touch. It is such a rare breed, and we love to meet new people who are also interested in them.
    Christine Roden - Logansport, LA
    (Added:1-Jun-2002 Hits:2266)
  • Reinhart Farms - We have registered St. Croix sheep and St. Croix cross to view and sell. Will deliver.
    David L. Reinhart - 196 Beldon Jackson Road, Simpson, LA 71474
    Phone: (337) 383-6108
  • Reinhart Farms - We have a small farm with lots and lots of sheep. Some St. Thomas and lots of St. Croix. We offer to you registered sheep only. Our goal is 100 breeding age St. Thomas ewes, and we are sure we will be there soon. This breed is fantastic, check us out.
    David L. Reinhart - P O Box 342, Simpson, LA 71474
    Phone: (337) 383-6108
  • HiRize Hair Sheep - St Croix, St.Croix/Dorper cross, Kathadin, and Katahdin/Dorper cross
    Jan Frey - Zimmerman, MN 55398
    Phone: (763) 856-3818
  • Green Pastures Farm - Quality prolific St.Croix lambs and St.Croix cross lambs available in central Missouri. 100% parasite resistant, never wormed. Pasture lambed with no assistance and 100% pasture raised, no grain. Market lambs available from August thru December. Flock numbers 350 head, no nonsense management,sheep must be able to perform on pasture on their own, no exceptions. The lowest maintenence sheep you can ever place on your farm. Electric fence and guard dog broke. Come see us or give us a call.
    Greg Judy - 21975 Devils Washboard Road, Clark, MO 65243
    Phone: (573) 874-1816
  • Away2Me Farm - Quality St. Croix hair sheep and St. Croix/Dorper crosses. At Away2Me Farm, located in Puxico, Missouri, we also breed and train Border Collies suitable for both farm work and for trialing.
    Debbie George - Puxico, MO 63960
    Phone: (573) 222-6083
    (Added:27-Feb-2006 Hits:1683)
  • Charette Creek Sheep - Rams and ewes available, imported bloodlines.
    Scott Hedrick - 17268 Hwy 47, Marthasville, MO 63357
    Phone: (636) 433-2668
  • PersimmonCreek - We are a family farm with Registered St Croix sheep and Akbash livestock guardian dogs. Our flock has not been wormed for years. They are good mothers, prolific,and good natured. Check out our website to see what all we have for sale!
    PersimmonCreek - West Plains, MO
    Phone: (417) 293-4031
    (Added:3-Apr-2011 Hits:720)
  • Five Ponds Farm - We specialize in heritage breeds and have a small flock of these wonderful, gentle, carefree sheep that thrive on the daily hugs and scratches we enjoy giving them. Please visit our website for "personal" stories of some of our flock members and to check on availability.
    Marian - Birth Tree, MO 65438
    Phone: (417) 764-3641
    (Added:5-Oct-2010 Hits:670)
  • Crabby Creek St Croixs - Small farm in western North Carolina with purebred registerd St. Croix sheep. We hope to have lots to choose from by Spring 2006
    Billy James - 81 Aldens Way, Clyde, NC 28721
    Phone: (828) 648-6125
  • Wolf Farm - Purebred herd of St Croix located in south central North Dakota. We have spring lambs and adult ewes and rams for sale. Email us at or call at 701-332-6794
    Kyle or Larry Wolf - 5482 25th Ave Se, Kintyre, ND 58549
    Phone: (701) 332-6794
  • Thomsen Farms - We raise beautifull St.Croix hair sheep, most all are triplets, and some with blue eyes. If your are interested please call or e-mail us any time.
    Carrie Thomsen - 1961 Norman Ln., Battle Mountain, NV 89820
    Phone: (775) 635-5650
  • Surtsey Kennels - St. Croix srping lambs purebred and Barbados St. Croix cross lambs. Small friendly hair sheep can be dog broke if desired.
    Diane Chisholm - 14666 Durkee Rd, Burton, OH 44021
    Phone: (440) 834-4029
  • High Hill Farm - 2 yr old St Croix ram for sale in Okla City I have raised quality registered stock for 15 years. I have sold out of sheep and have only a few left. This ram has consistently thrown large lambs and he is ready to work. Gentle, easy keeper.
    Eileen Lieberz - 11721 N Douglas Blvd, Jones, OK 73049
    Phone: (405) 399-2362
  • Ringtail Enterprises - We have been raising registered St.Croix hair sheep since 1994. We are located in southern Oklahoma. We have worked hard to add several different bloodlines to our flock. We have blood from Oregon, California, Arkansas, and some direct imports from the Virgin Islands. We would love to visit with you about our sheep.
    Bob or Vanessa Harris - Comanche, OK 73529
    Phone: (580) 439-6560
    (Added:17-Feb-2005 Hits:1593)
  • OKIE S A BoerGoats and ST Croix Sheep - Hi I Have reg s a boer goats top bloodlines and st Croix sheep will have several for sale Thanks Jerry
    Okie s a reg boer goats and St Croix sheep - Rt 4 box 125, Marolw Okla, ok 73055
    Phone: (580) 658-3630
  • Whispering Pines Farm - We raise registered St. Croix sheep, no crosses. We are a grass-fed operation supplementing with alfalfa, hay & beet pulp when needed. We use no pesticides since our sheep are parasite resistant. We sell rams for breeding and grass-fed lamb. Call for availability.
    Jeannette Sharp - 40387 S. CR 4565, Keota, OK 74941
    Phone: (918) 966-3307
    (Added:24-Aug-2012 Hits:451)
  • High Hill Farm - Small 12-acre farm east of OKC. Raise St Croix and St Croix cross sheep. Have full blood and cross rams available. Grass-fed lambs available at various times.
    Eileen Lieberz - 11721 N Douglas Blvd, Jones, OK 73049
    Phone: (405) 399-2362
  • Hollow Hills Ranch - We currently raise St Croix, the colored St Croix called the St Thomas Class A, and the crossbred program for the St Thomas Class B. Also have Katahdin and Dorper sheep. We offer both breeding stock and market lambs.
    Connie & Amy Wheeler - 12429 S Thomas Rd, Molalla, OR 97038
    Phone: (503) 829-8148
    (Added:28-Aug-2007 Hits:846)
  • Two Bow Peeps - Two grandma's working hard to raise top quality St. Croix sheep for your starter flock. We're in So. Oregon and usually have reasonably-priced critters of all ages available.
    Lynne Vanderlinden - 8025 Takilma Rd., Cave Junction, OR 97523
    Phone: (541) 592-3444
    (Added:14-Feb-2004 Hits:1206)
  • River Bend Ranch - Registered St. Croix breeding stock. Pasture-raised, grass-fed. Selected for conformation, parasite resistance, foot rot tolerance, disposition and mothering excellence. 2008 and 2009 Oregon State Fair Premier Exhibitor. Come see us!
    Richard and Kathy Bennett - 15863 Tiller Trail Hwy., Days Creek, OR 97429
    Phone: (541) 825-3750
    (Added:11-Oct-2009 Hits:550)
  • Lackadaisical Lambs - Small homestead with a few registered ewes and a ram to keep the grass down. St. Croix because they are hardy, polled, and easy, I can add to the breeding stock, and because I like this endangered breed. A few lambs available each year.
    Kelley - Redmond, OR
    Phone: (541) 504-1520
  • Desert Star Farm - We raise a small flock of Reg. St. Croix in Grants Pass and started in the breed just three years ago. So easy to care for. Give me a call if you are interested in adding to your flock.
    Joan Bleasdell - 4311 Azalea Drive, Grants Pass, OR 97526
    Phone: (541) 956-1247
  • Dorsey-Lee Farm - Breed and raise quality St. Croix sheep for show stock, breeding stock and the lamb meat market. Visit our web site for pictures and general information about St. Croix Hair Sheep.
    Dr. Edward D and Linda Barnes - 16529 NW Pauly Rd., Portland, Or 97231
    Phone: (503) 629-5587
  • Flying Eagle Acres - St Croix and Katahdin Meat lambs for sale
    Roxy Loop and Patrick Courtney - 20267 S Hwy 211, Colton, OR 97017
    Phone: (971) 338-3943
  • The Swan Ranch - A St Croix breeder in Madera,CA, since 1991, we have recently moved to Glide,OR, with our flock of 30+ ewes and several outstanding herd sires. We aim for high quality, lambing in January, September and May. We usually have ewes, rams & starter flocks available.
    Steve & Jo Swan - 21034 N.Umpqua Hwy, Glide, OR 97443
    Phone: (541) 496-4242
  • Chamber's Mill Farm - Spring 2001 St. Croix ram lambs for sale. Stephan Wildeus breeding.
    David M. Weir - 52 Fish Hatchery Rd., Shippensburg, PA 17257
    Phone: (717) 530-8372
  • Turner Farms - Registered St. Croix and St. Croix cross sheep for sale.
    Alex Turner - 130 Church Street, Honea Path, SC 29654
    Phone: (864) 369-2444
  • Cloverland Farms - Registered St Croix and St Croix cross hair sheep available. Our sheep are pasture based, checked for worm resistance by fecal egg count and OPP neg.
    Bill Mason - 3950 Brints Chapel Ln, Middleton, TN 38052
    Phone: (731) 376-8001
  • Eagle Farms - We have St Croix ,Dorper or, St Croix/Dorper cross.Grass fed. All are registered unless customer wants otherwise.
    Charley Hightower - 5335 FM 124 W, Beckville, TX 75631
    Phone: (903) 646-3791
  • Walker Texas Ranch - Walker Texas Ranch is American Grass-fed Certified (AGA) and Animal Welfare Approved (AWA). We raise St Croix sheep. We sell breeding stock as well as grass finished meats. Our animals are raised under the AGA. Visit us at our facebook page Walker Texas Ranch.
    Sandra Walker - Douglass, TX 75943
    Phone: (936) 645-5224
    (Added:4-Sep-2010 Hits:700)
  • Sloans Creek Farm - St. Croix Hair Sheep= A parasite resistant, maternal, hardy, docile, heritage breed hair sheep bred to thrive on low-input grass-based systems! Registered yearling rams currently available. Transport can be arranged for a fee. Grass-based, non-certified organic, family farm raised.
    Cathy &/or Nathan Melson - 3385 E. St. Hwy 56, Dodd City, TX 75438
    Phone: (903) 583-4951
    (Added:12-Nov-2004 Hits:1469)
  • LJ Ranch - Registered and non-registered St. Croix ewes and rams. 2004 non-registered rams for sale.
    L.R. Phillips - 12264 F.M. 79, Sumner, TX 75486
    Phone: (903) 785-0517
  • Blackland Ranch - We raise our sheep naturally, so they are very good eating. They are very healthy, and prolific breeders.
    Lanita Sene - 445 FM 71, Commerce, TX 75428
    Phone: (903) 886-6232
  • HeimannHair Sheep - Low maintenance sheep for the small rancher. Lambs are now available for purchase.
    James Heimann - 5165 Center Point Road, Fredericksburg, TX 78624
    Phone: (830) 997-3783
  • Womack Farm - Quality St. Croix hair sheep. Excellent mothers, multiple births, and parasite resistant. Ewe and ram lambs ready to go.
    Marsha Womack - 200 CR 4809, Sulphur Springs, TX 75482
    Phone: (903) 335-0731
  • Milfont - Hair sheep, both sexes, naturally polled, very high parasite resistance; prolific nonseasonal breeders; lamb crop 200%.
    Linda O'Neill - 101 Clover Lane, Suffolk, VA 23434
    Phone: (757) 986-2731
  • Lester Farms - Two registered 3 year old St. Croix rams for sale!
    Carl Lester - 2019 Ramsey Memorial Road, Penhook, VA 24137
    Phone: (540) 576-1676
  • Hope Meadow Farm - St. Croix breeders in Vermont. Meat and breeding stock available. Docile breed, including rams, easy to manage, good mothers.
    Deb - PO Box 4561, White River Junction, VT 05001
    Phone: (802) 356-1683
  • Black Pack Ranch - Sell Alfalfa, St. Croix & Katahdin sheep.
    Jo Van Hoy - 1040 Hoctor Rd, Goldendale, WA 98620
    Phone: (509) 773-5988
  • Kurly Cue Korner's - St. Croix, St. Thomas [new all colors St. Croix], and Katahdin crossbreds. Secretary-Registrar for the St.Croix-St.Thomas Hair Sheep Breeders of North America
    Lisa Grimes - PO Box 1439, Goldendale, WA 98620-1439
    Phone: (509) 773-2232
    (Added:24-Jan-2005 Hits:1163)
  • CMB Animal Menagerie - Healthy,quality St.Croix sheep. Registered and non-registered. Wonderful,quality to breed and for market.
    Carmeen Buchanan - 178 Newman Rd., Kalama, WA 98625
    Phone: (360) 910-7243
  • Red Meadow Ranch - Quality, registered St. Croix sheep. We breed and raise quality St. Croix sheep for show stock, breeding stock and the lamb meat market. We aim for high quality, lambing in January-February.
    Andrew & Amy Wirth - Everson, WA 98247
    Phone: (360) 410-9103
    (Added:17-Nov-2008 Hits:673)

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