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  • J & C FARMS - We have a small flock of white Texas Dall sheep. Located in the northern panhandle of Florida.
    JERRY SMITH - 4939 Creek Road, vernon, FL 32462
    Phone: (850) 535-4710
  • Cedar Creek Cattle and Sheep Co. - We are located just outside of Chattanooga, Tennessee. We have 80 purebred beautiful Texas Dall ewes. Which are all out of famous blood lines. We also have 28 quality Texas Dall rams from several ranches located in Texas. Some of the best qulity you will ever see. Must see! Will sell. Improve your herd. Give a call!
    Luke Bilbrey - 7330 Whitmire Drive, Cumming, GA 30040
    Phone: (706) 974-8479
  • Berry Branch Game Farm - Berry Branch Game Farm- Breeding Mouflon and Texas Dall sheep. Spring 2003 lambs coming up for sale.
    Roger Barton - 2665 Benton Ave., Mt. Pleasant, IA 52641
    Phone: (319) 258-7022
  • BlueCreeek Livestock - We have Painted Desert, Jacob, Corsican, Mouflon, and Texas Dall. We are providing large horn genetics on all of our ewes & rams. Our animals are bred for maximum horn growth.
    Matt Bates - Saint Anthony, ID 83445
    Phone: (208) 339-1250
    (Added:4-Jan-2009 Hits:2931)
  • Collins livestock - We are a small farm with big dreams and bigger hearts. Started in hair sheep breeds 5 years ago. Have improved our herd every year. Several breeds are being raised. Looking to get the best quality to offer top of the line rams.
    Joe Collins - 11204 St. Rd. 121, Laurel, IN 47024
    Phone: (765) 698-2414
  • Five Turkeys Farm - 35 beautiful acres in Shelby County, Kentucky. Massive Texas Dall, Red Texas Dall, Corsican, Black Hawaiian. all different types of ewes available.
    Eric Swisher - 1430 Little Crooked Creek Rd, Lawrenceburg, KY 40342
    Phone: (502) 738-0113
  • Brindle Ridge Bighorns - We specialize in Rocky Mountain Bighorn Crosses. Our breeding rams are 50% Rocky Mountain Bighorn and our ewes are 25% to 40%. We cross with Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian and Desert Sand.
    Keith - Berea, KY
    Phone: (331) 234-7267
    (Added:28-Mar-2016 Hits:495)
    Phone: (337) 332-4780
  • Trophy Valley Ranch - Welcome to Trophy Valley Ranch and we have been specializing in consistently growing one hundred-inch rams and high quality breeding ewes for over ten years. We have Trophy Texas Dall rams and ewes available at all times. Delivery possible.
    Joshua Strite - 7321 Old Middletown Road, Middletown, MD 21769
    Phone: (240) 674-7656
  • L & L Acres - Breeder of Texas white Dall & red Dall, Mouflon, Black Hawaiian sheep. Located in south central Michigan. E-mail for pictures or call 517-787-7818.
    Andy Lemon - 6496 Benn, Jackson, MI 49201
    Phone: (517) 787-3126
  • Rafter D Ranch - We raise and breed several different stocks of sheep, Texas Dall, Four horn Jacobs, Dorper, Rambouillet, Mouflan, Corsican Barbados, check out are web sites.
    Daniel Lehenbauer - 1664 Co Rd 261, Auxvasse, MO 85631
    Phone: (573) 219-0155
    (Added:15-Oct-2006 Hits:3207)
  • Sun River Whitetails - Sun River Whitetails - We breed Texas Dall ewes to Alaskan Dall, Rocky Mountain and Desert Bighorns. Our cross two-year olds average 31 inches with 12.5-inch bases. We do sell Alaskan Dall, Rocky Mountain and Desert Bighorn semen which is guaranteed. Our Texas Dall herd has 40-inch genetics on both sides of the line. Lambs will be available in 2012 both pure Texas Dall and crosses. Jack Schubarth - 785 1st Rd South, Vaughn, MT 59487 Phone: (406) 467-2910
    Jack Schubarth - 785 1st Rd South, Vaughn, MT 59487
    Phone: (406) 467-2910
  • Sun River Bighorns - We raise New Mexico Dahl here in Montana. These are haired sheep with good body size. We have a breeding flock of these find animals. They are an all around breed good for meat and trophy. Rams are 250 pounds with ewes being 150 pounds. This breed has been in the United States since the 1500 hundreds. It is now a heritage breed of sheep. We raise them out in the open in pastures with sheds for the extreme weather in Montana. They are a very hearty breed of sheep.
    Jack Schubarth - 785 first Road South, Vaughn, MT 59487
    Phone: (406) 467-2910
  • Half Pint Farm Suffolks - We have a small, family farm where we raise registered Suffolks and market lambs. We strive to produce a sound, healthy animal that will be an asset to most breeding programs. We work with youth to promote the Suffolk breed and the sheep industry in general. Give us a call or drop by. We love to talk sheep.
    Rick and Judy Wilson - 161 Macy Langston Lane, Mocksville, NC 27028
    Phone: (336) 492-5962
  • LNC Livestock & Exotics - Trophy Texas Dall,Desert Paints, Corsican, Mouflon Crosses for sale many 30+ inch rams available.
    Leray Coggins - 291 Lizdon Terrace, Zirconia, NC 28790
    Phone: (828) 692-6512
  • Terra Patre Sheep Ranch - Family farm since 1740; New Mexico Dahl Sheep are a superior combination of the nationĺs oldest heritage hair sheep (O˝ate hair sheep) and the newest breed of sheep to be developed in the USA. We continually generate the finest production sheep for robust adaptability in different geographical regions (ranging from tropical and desert heat to humid northern cold climates), producing the biggest meat carcass, pelt, and trophy horns available anywhere.
    Donald Chavez - PO Box 1351, Belen, NM 87002
    Phone: (505) 550-7569
    (Added:21-May-2007 Hits:2396)
  • Gage Farms - G.A.G.E Farms is a small hobby/micro farm in the mountains east of Albuquerque NM. Now we have added NM Dahl Sheep to the "farm" hoping to become an established breeding operation. Starting off with 5 young NM Dahl's, 1 ram and 4 ewe's, we hope to breed high quality healthy sheep for years to come.
    Gary Gaintner - Tijeras, NM 87059
    Phone: (505) 350-8839
    (Added:15-Oct-2013 Hits:392)
  • Rich Family Farm - This small family farm located in south central New Mexico currently has available 3 Texas Dall weaned ewes, 1 Texas Dall weaned ram, 4 Texas Dall ram yearlings and 1 3-year old Barbados Blackbelly ram. All of these animals have been well taken care of and are in good shape. I can send pictures if interested. Thank You.
    Dennis Rich - PO Box 575, Capitan, NM 88316
    Phone: (505) 354-2163
  • Hickory Hill Ranch Trophy Sheep - Specializing in high Quality Texas Dall and Black Hawaiian rams and ewes. Our animals are bred for maximum horn growth, We have them on a high protein diet and are wormed at regular intervals. We also offer Trophy ram hunts,In the near future we will be offering Trophy wildboar hunts.WEB site under construction. call or E-Mail anytime,
    Chris Cometa - 6745 rt 305, Belfast, NY 14711
    Phone: (585) 365-2908
  • Tri Dd˘l Farm - We are a quaint family-run farm in Southwest Ohio, raising Texas Dall, Painted Desert and American Blackbelly sheep. We are dedicated to raising trophy class horns and beautiful colored hair sheep.
    Mike Rice - Brookville, OH 45309
    Phone: (937) 232-2062
    (Added:22-Aug-2010 Hits:1076)
  • Porter Farms - We are located in Northwest Ohio. On our farm we raise dall sheep. We have ewes, bucks and lambs for sale.
    Mike and Donna Porter - 5734 Road 151, Paulding, OH 45879
    Phone: (419) 587-3648
  • Fortman's Taxidermy & Tannery,Ltd. - We are a small operation and sell different sizes of stock.Mostly Texas Dall with occasionally some Painted Desert and Corsican. Weaned lambs available.
    Todd Fortman - 14496 County Rd.66A, St.Mary's, OH 45885
    Phone: (419) 394-4188
  • Rich's Trophy Rams - We are a small operation. We breed Texas Dahl Sheep, Black Hawaiian Sheep, Painted Desert Sheep, American Black Belly, and Corsican Sheep.
    Ryan Rich - Eaton, OH 45320
    Phone: (937) 477-9186
    (Added:14-Apr-2009 Hits:1823)
  • Fortman's Taxidermy & Tannery, Ltd. - We have a small flock of very good Texas Dall ewes and a ram. Many of the ewes of which are horned ewes. The ram is replaced every couple of years. Horn growth is what we are after. Weaned lambs available throughout the year at $75.00 and up. Many of our ewe lambs have horns started on them also. Some larger males available also.
    Todd Fortman - 14496 County Rd. 66A, St. Mary's, OH 45885
    Phone: (419) 394-4188
  • Comer's Cove - We are a small farm in Southwest Ohio that breeds Painted Desert, Texas Dall, Black Hawaiian and Mouflon Sheep.
    Shane Comer - West Milton, OH 45383
    Phone: (937) 974-4463
    (Added:29-Apr-2009 Hits:1311)
  • Rafter SB - We proudly feature Texas Dall Sheep and Registered Painted Desert Sheep. A small farm in South West Ohio, we are dedicated to raising quality livestock to meet your needs. Please email us with any questions. We are in the process of expanding so please check our website for pictures and updates.
    Bill & Sara Fisher - New Lebanon, OH
    Phone: (937) 835-3006
    (Added:4-Dec-2005 Hits:2749)
  • Swiss Valley Farmette - We have six acres and enjoy caring for our sheep as a hobby. Currently we have some exceptional yearling rams, nice and wide, raising Texas Dalls and Barbados at this time.
    Donald Hochstetler - 9739 Yoder Rd. S.W., Sugarcreek, OH 44681
    Phone: (330) 852-2864
  • United Horned Hair Sheep Association - United Horned Hair Sheep Association and Registry, Inc. is a nation wide Non-Profit organization and registry owned and operated by the members, for the members and the sheep breeds represented. Black Hawaiian, Corsican, Desert Sand, Mouflon, Painted Desert and Texas Dall Sheep. For more information visit Website:
    UHHSA - New Lebanon, OH 45345
    Phone: (937) 835-3006
    (Added:12-Nov-2009 Hits:808)
  • Sexton Ranch - Small ranch family owned raising Texas Dalls and Dall crosses. Rams for sale now. Call for info.
    Joel Sexton - Route 1, Box 732, Coalgate, OK 74538
    Phone: (580) 258-0988
  • Boehme Ranch - We have a small herd of white Texas Dall sheep and have been concentrating on quick horn development through good genetics. Our herd sires in use presently have 100% original "Vernon Theis" blood. It is not uncommon for weaned rams to reach 22-26 inch horns by their 18th month. 32-39 inch rams currently available.
    Bradford Boehme - Castroville, TX
    Phone: (210) 219-9794
  • Martin Family Farm - We have been raising Texas Dalls for 5+ years and been in the sheep business for nearly 10. We have full grown heavy bred ewes and lambs available as well as some great stocker rams.
    Craig Martin - Weatherford, TX 76087
    Phone: (817) 613-8126
  • Rocking P Rams - We have a good selection of Texas Dahl, Corsican, Painted Desert, Black Hawaiian and Barbado.
    C.D. Parkhill - Mineral Wells, TX
    Phone: (940) 328-2286
    (Added:28-Jun-2007 Hits:2472)
  • Bar C - Breeding Texas Dall sheep for over 8 years. Shertz, Wheeler, and Tise bloodlines. Rams over 30" at 3 years. Have excess ewes and lambs for sale.
    George Cooper - Bronte, TX
    Phone: (325) 450-5359
  • Miles Allen Border Collies - We have Painted Desert, Black Hawaiian, Corsican sheep, Mouflon, Barbado,and Texas Dall. We are providing large horn genetics on quality rams. Our animals are bred for maximum horn growth.
    Miles Allen - 901 County Road 229, Florence, TX 76527
    Phone: (512) 630-1074
    (Added:7-Aug-2005 Hits:2766)
  • Coastal Texas Dahls - We breed Texas Dahl sheep and are located near the shore of San Antonio Bay, just south of Seadrift, Texas. Our Nance/Theis bloodlines are producing 40"+ horns at 3 1/2 years old.
    John O. Terrell, Jr - 6442 Longpoint Suite 200, Houston, TX 77055
    Phone: (713) 569-9131
    (Added:20-Oct-2009 Hits:1516)
  • Southern Dahls - We raise white Texas Dall Rams they are well nourished along with good genetics and great horn size what beautiful creatures!
    Rafael Vera - 10623 Green Arbor, San Antonio, TX 78223
    Phone: (210) 782-3229
  • Oasisfarms Trophy Sheep - Raising pure European Mouflon, Black Hawaiian, Texas Dall, and Corsican (Barbado). Our breeding goals are for sheep with fast, uniform, and large horn growth, as well as impressive coloration and markings. Located on the South Plains of Texas. Check our web site.
    Cliff Babbitt - Rt 1. Box 56, Idalou, TX 79329
    Phone: (806) 892-3485
    (Added:19-Nov-2001 Hits:7075)
  • Trophy Hair Sheep of America - Trophy Hair Sheep of America registers Texas Dall, Desert Sand, Black Hawaiian, Corsican, Mouflon, Desert Dragon (multi horn) and other hair sheep breeds and crosses of this type, including Bighorn. Construction on the new website will be finished soon. Please contact the registrar for more information and registration forms. Ask about the "Gold Star Ram" award!
    Anita Garza, Registrar - 11819 Puska, Needville, TX 77461
    Phone: (979) 793-4207
    (Added:17-Sep-2009 Hits:1302)
  • A & J Zinsmeyer Farms - We have a small breeding herd including; White Texas Dalls, Black Hawaiians, and Blackbelly Barbados. Our sheep are bred for maximum horn growth. Our White Texas Dall Herd Ram is a 40", 3yr old, Vernon Theis Ram. 24-28 inch 18-month rams, and 28-33 inch 2yr old rams are not uncommon. Bred ewes are available. See website for pictures and prices. We have updated our web site.
    Anthony Zinsmeyer Jr - LaCoste, TX
    Phone: (210) 414-6186
    (Added:1-Feb-2013 Hits:2295)
  • Three C's Ranch - Three C's Ranch has been growing Texas Dall rams for the past 14 years. Our goal is to buy young good genetic rams and grow them to their full potential before selling them. We also have a few Black Hawaiian and Painted Desert. All of our rams will measure over in the mid 30-inch range before selling.
    Johnny - Boerne, TX 78006
    Phone: (830) 928-0609
  • 3V Dalls - Breeding quality Texas Dalls. Our herd is mostly white, but we do have some paints and are currenty working on adding some black color to our herd. We would like to have a little of every color, but horn growth will always be our top priority.
    Jennifer or Shawn Vogel - Hwy 82E, Saint Jo, TX 76265
    Phone: (940) 841-3578
  • Dan's dall sheep farm - All white purebred herd, raising for 15 years, rams, ewes available, call or email.
    Dan Nelson - 3444 Davidge Dr., Marshall, TX 75672
    Phone: (903) 926-4593
  • Cascabel Painted Desert Sheep - Texas Dall of all ages are available year round at Cascabel. Our Texas Dall flock sire is a gold medal class ram siring excellent lambs. We breed for quality and horn mass. For the real scoop on these sheep, check out the article coming soon to my website.
    Anita Garza - 11819 Puska, Needville, TX 77461
    Phone: (979) 793-4207
    (Added:22-May-2002 Hits:6737)
  • Texas Dall - We have several small breeding herds with a 33" 3-year old and a 35"+ 3.5-year old rams. Bred ewes available!
    Craig Martin - Weatherford, TX 76087
    Phone: (817) 613-8126
  • Texas Rams - Texas Rams is located about 45 minutes west of Ft.Worth, TX,in Mineral Wells and Poolville, Texas. We raise, buy and sell Mouflon, TX Dahl, Black Hawiian, Painted Desert and Barbadoe rams and ewes. We are now stocking some exotics. If we do not have what you are looking for, we can find it for you. All of the sheep we sell are wormed regularly and are healthy. We do not sell sick or injured animals.
    C.D. Parkhill - Mineral Wells, TX
    Phone: (940) 328-2286
    (Added:1-Apr-2009 Hits:1551)
  • Heart of Texas Dall Sheep - We have been raising Texas Dalls for 8 years. I have straight Y O genetics. I have about 70 head of ewes. I breed my sheep to have the deep, wide curl to the horns. I have several yearly rams available at this time. Will have ram and ewe lambs available in the spring as we are lambing now (January). Email us or come by anytime to see the sheep. Thanks. God Bless.
    Jody and Kim Lewis - 10739 W. Hwy 190, Richland Springs, TX 76781
    Phone: (325) 452-3323
  • 3V Dalls - Raising Texas Dalls for trophy rams and breeding stock using 32+ inch herd sires. Located about an hour from Fort Worth.
    Jen Vogel - Saint Joe, TX
    Phone: (940) 841-3578
    (Added:30-May-2009 Hits:1466)
  • Hubbard Exotics - Breeder of quality Texas Dall, Blackbelly Barbado, Black Hawaiian, and Mouflon. Web site under construction at E-mail for pricing and availability.
    Reece Hubbard - Well, TX 75976
    Phone: (936) 414-6474
    (Added:23-Jun-2003 Hits:5384)
  • Rockin H Bighorns - Our Texas Dall sheep come from 40"+ genetics. Our rams consistently reach 30" by their 2nd birthday. Right now we have approximately 50 extremely well bred ewes for sale. They will be available for pickup after 8-20-10. We also raise pure European Mouflons, Stumberg, and Rocky Mountain Bighorn crosses.
    Will Harvey - Georgetown, TX
    Phone: (512) 636-9688
    (Added:14-Jul-2010 Hits:1590)
  • Lone Star Dahl Sheep Farm - We have been breeding Texas Dall sheep for over 10 years. Our Texas Dalls thrive on 28 acres of woods and pastures, their diet of graze and browse supplemented with high protein feed and vitamin tubs.The Anderson line has produced rams with over 30-inch horns; now we are proud to have the Nance bloodline added, with their 40 plus inch horns. Call or e-mail us for photos of available rams ranging in age from weanlings to 5-year olds.
    Patty & Rex Anderson - Willis, TX 77378
    Phone: (936) 767-8493
    (Added:4-Dec-2007 Hits:3709)
  • Wylie Land & Cattle Co. - I have a Trophy Texas Dall Ram with 30 plus inch horns for sale. He is one that would look great on your wall or in your herd. Save money and buy one to hunt and keep from having to pay big money on a hunt. He is truly a amazing ram with huge horns. We are asking $1850. 903-267-4742
    Jessica - Hubbard, TX
    Phone: (903) 267-4742
  • Rapid River Big Horns - We raise Barbado and Mouflon and also have Texas Dall,Black Hawaiian and Corsican. Rams available at all times. Located 50 miles West of Fort Worth.
    JH. Richardson - Santo, TX 76472
    Phone: (940) 682-1451
  • J-Bar Texas Dalls - Raise trophy quality sheep since 2001. Herd made up of Shertz, Thies, and Wheeler bloodlines. Consistantly have 2 year old rams around the 30" mark.
    Jared Cooper - 3561 Grandview, San Angelo, TX 76904
    Phone: (325) 245-0535
  • R&S Texas Dall Farm - We have a small tract of land east of san marcos,texas, and we only breed texas dall sheep. We have dalls from 4 years old to 4 months of age. We have three rams ready to hunt and some good breeder rams ready to go.
    robert hernandez - P.O. Box 153, Prairie Lea, TX 78661
    Phone: (512) 488-2460
  • J & D Rams - Specializing in high quality Painted Desert, White Dall, Black Hawaiian, & Barbado rams and ewes. Our animals are bred for maximum horn growth and body size, they are on high protein diets and wormed at regular intervals. You won't find better sheep anywhere! Give us a call for more details.
    Doug Heimer - 115 Koehler Rd, Marion, TX 78124
    Phone: (210) 872-6907
  • The Martin Family Farm - We have three small breeding and grazing areas for our sheep that include pureblood Mouflon, Corsican, Painted sheep, Barbadoe, Texas Dall and Black Hawaiian as well as some pygmy goats.Come by and see us!
    Craig Martin - Weatherford, TX 76087
    Phone: (817) 613-8126
  • Saddlehorn Ranch Trophy Sheep - All of our sheep are pasture raised and bred for maximum horn growth. Trophy rams, young rams and bred ewes for sale.
    Dan Nigh - P.O. Box 84, Harper, TX 78631
    Phone: (830) 866-3519
  • Coastal Texas Dahls - We breed Texas Dahl on the shore of San Antonio Bay south of Seadrift, Texas. Our Nance/Theis bloodlines are producing 40" plus horns at 3 1/2 years. Visit our website for link our RAM Raffle to benefit St. Patricks Catholic Curch in Seadrift.
    John O. Terrell, Jr - 6442 Longpoint Suite 200, Houston, TX 77055
    Phone: (713) 569-9131
    (Added:7-Oct-2009 Hits:1213)
  • 4g sheep - 10 Texas Dall rams 15 to 24 inches. $2,500
    Richard - Poolville, TX 76487
    Phone: (817) 599-0727
  • 4GRAMS - Dall, Black Hawaiian, Corsican, Barbadoe rams for sale
    Richard Garvin - 1551 Red Top Rd, poolville, tx 76487
    Phone: (940) 445-0208
  • A & J Zinsmeyer Farms - We have a small breeding herd, 20 ewes, of White Texas Dalls. Our sheep are bred for maximum horn growth. We have Theis blood in our herd. Our herd sires have included Pure Vernon Theis rams. Ram lambs are 20+" at 12 months and can reach 28" - 30" at 18 months.
    Anthony Zinsmeyer Jr - LaCoste, TX
    Phone: (210) 414-6186
    (Added:8-Apr-2010 Hits:1451)
  • Mission Valley Exotics - We breed quality sheep to produce great horn size. Specializing in Texas Dalls and Black Hawaiians.
    Jason Krug - 408 T-bar-M Ranch, New Braunfels, TX 78132
    Phone: (830) 708-9571
  • J Bar Texas Dalls - Great selection of big horned rams. Dalls of all ages available for purchase. Several gold Medal rams ready for hunting!
    Jared Cooper - 3903 Driftwood, San Angelo, TX 76905
    Phone: (325) 450-5359
  • 4grams - Texas Dall rams for sale 200.00 ten months old
    Richard Garvin - 1551 Red Top Rd, Poolville, TX 76487
    Phone: (940) 445-0208
    (Added:7-Jan-2008 Hits:2121)
  • Whimsy Hill Farm - We are just weaning young rams right now and wow do they have some wonderful horns! We also have young females from ewes that have twins and triplets!
    Catherine H Dixon - 60 Arrington Mountain Rd, Haywood, VA 22722
    Phone: (540) 923-4096
  • Dixie Meadows Farm - The largest herd of Texas Dall Sheep in Virginia, and always have some for sale. We are currently using rams with good horn growth and spread. All of our females have either 2 or 3 lambs each time.
    Helen L. Dixon - 37 Viewtown Road, Viewtown, VA 22746
    Phone: (540) 937-5186
  • Beaver Creek Full Curl Ranch - We have 50 % purebred Alaskan Dahl sheep. We also have Red and White Texas Dall sheep. We have body size and outstanding horn genetics.
    Paul Canik - Butternut, WI
    Phone: (715) 769-3938
    (Added:18-Dec-2008 Hits:1622)
  • Beaver Creek Full Curl Ranch - We offer some of the finest Texas Dall found in the United States. Our sheep have large bodies and outstanding horn genetics.
    Paul Cabik - N. 16733 Venz Rd., Butternut, WI 54514
    Phone: (715) 769-3838
    (Added:30-Aug-2010 Hits:853)

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