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  • ArcticFantasy - Dearborn Farms - We are the only farm having Wensleydale sheep in Alaska. Our two females are currently pregnant and we are waiting to have 67% lambs March 2008. The very first lambs ever born in Alaska! Can you tell we are very proud of our sheep?
    Jayson Dearborn - 980 South Trunk, Palmer, AK 99645
    Phone: (190) 774-5350
    (Added:21-Feb-2008 Hits:1086)
  • Apache Hill Wool and Fiber Company - Raising quality Wensleydale sheep in Southern Arizona! Visit our website for more information on available sheep, fleeces, and products.
    Janet Boursier - PO Box 527, Elfrida, AZ 85610
    Phone: (520) 642-4545
    (Added:13-Apr-2006 Hits:1614)
  • Moonstar Farm - We have a small farm in the Sierra Nevada mountains and breed and raise Wensleydale sheep. We have percentages of 82% to 97%. We sell registered and unresgisterd stock, and fleeces. I am a hand spinner which is why I chose this breed.
    Roberta Burns - P.O. Box 816, Garden Valley, CA 95633
    Phone: (530) 391-0549
  • Carlson Farm - Wensleydale sheep & fleeces. Please refer to our website for more information on available products.
    Sherry Carlson - Loma Rica, CA
    (Added:1-May-2001 Hits:2334)
  • Namaste Farms - We breed/sell top fiber Wensleydale sheep. Lambs available!
    Natalie Redding - Temecula, CA
    Phone: (951) 816-0938
    (Added:16-Apr-2008 Hits:1193)
  • De Goatsnsheep Ranch LLC - We have Wensleydale sheep. Our ranch includes a guesthouse for those who would like to visit and learn about fiber processing. We are members of the North American Wensleydale Association and participate in the upgrade program. Raw fiber, roving and yarn available. Please visit our website for more information.
    Linda Smith - 9397 CR 502, Bayfield, CO 81122
    Phone: (970) 884-0502
    (Added:1-Feb-2009 Hits:1023)
  • Diamond Creek Heritage Sheep - Small flock of Wensleydale sheep raised for breeding stock, fleece, batts, and rovings. Please visit our website for for more information.
    Georgena Yanoff - 343 Diamond Creek Rd, Salmon, ID 83467
    Phone: (208) 756-2248
    (Added:1-Jul-2008 Hits:1133)
  • Windsor Wool Farm - 96% Registered Proven Wensleydale Yearling Ram available. We raise Registered Border Leicester in addition to BFL, Teeswater and Wensleydale cross sheep with an emphasis on premium fleece, health, temperament and mothering ability.
    HF Nilsson - Windsor, KY
    Phone: (606) 706-0886
    (Added:24-Apr-2016 Hits:130)
  • Three Oaks Farm - We have a small flock of wool breed sheep in Southern Maryland, south of D.C. I currently have a 7 year old proven 75% registered white Wensleydale ram, a 38% white Wensleydale ram lamb (crossed with Lincoln, no papers) and Wensleydale cross ewe lambs looking for new homes. If you are interested, contact me for reasonable prices. Excellent stock for upgrading wool quality.
    Alison Bode - Nanjemoy, MD 20662
    Phone: (301) 246-4957
  • Countrywoods Farm - Lusterous Lincoln Longwool ewes crossed on high %Natural Colored Wensleydale ram. I am in the second year of these crosses, Love it! Absolutely wonderful fleece.
    Sunday Miles - Clare, MI 48617
    Phone: (989) 465-9234
    (Added:8-Jan-2007 Hits:1283)
  • Finnish Fiber Farm - We are working with the beautiful Wensleydale, and have two 73% ewes. We are offering percentage lambs and fiber. Also Finnsheep and Cotswolds. Please visit our website!
    Anna Makela - 3660 Olds Rd., Leslie, MI 49251
    Phone: (517) 589-5888
    (Added:17-Sep-2011 Hits:660)
  • Wynsmoor Manor, Neil Kentner - Michigans first Wensleydale Breeder 1718 W. Columbia Road, Mason ,MI 48854 (517) 676-3254. Raising and selling breeding stock, fleeces,wool products all from farm raised percentage Wensleydale sheep. Home of Champions - Michigan Fiber Festival, Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival, and Certified Scrapies Free Flock MI 12. Try the wonderful wool of Wensleydales today!
    Neil Kentner - 1718 W. Columbia Road, Mason, MI 48854
    Phone: (517) 676-3254
  • White Feather Ranch - My flock consists of a purebred white ram and ewes that are 87%, 91% and 93%. I have both white and black ewes. Fleece, washed or raw, yarn and rams are the items I offer for sale. All sale rams are registered.
    Diane Thomas-Rupert - PO Box 1856, Hamilton, MT 59840
    Phone: (406) 544-0302
  • North American Wensleydale Sheep Association - The North American Wensleydale Sheep Association is the organization that sets breed up guidelines, issues registration certificates, and keeps track of pedigrees and blood percentages for the American Wensleydale. We have a list of breeders on our website:
    Virginia Scholomiti - 631 Larry Hill Rd, Delanson, NY 12053
    Phone: (518) 380-2726
    (Added:29-Nov-2016 Hits:36)
  • Yellowfarm - At Yellowfarm we breed and raise Wensleydale and Teeswater sheep. These are dual purpose, large, lustrous longwool breeds that produce outstanding fleeces. We participate in the upgrading program for these breeds, using artificial insemination with purebred UK semen. We offer show quality breeding stock for sale and gorgeous fleeces for handspinners. Please stop by to see these wonderful breeds first hand.
    Virginia Scholomiti - 631 Larry Hill Road, Delanson, NY 12053
    Phone: (518) 872-1902
    (Added:22-May-2007 Hits:1426)
  • Lofty Pine Wenslydale,Alpaca, and Llama - We are a fiber producing ranch with wonderful registered stock and fiber pets.
    Deb - 2882 CR 82, Llindsey, OH 43442
    Phone: (419) 665-2697
  • Lofty Pine Wenslydale,Alpaca, and Llama - Registered Wenslydale ram,2 yrs old,great fleece,proven,also registered ewe lamb, black Wenslydale ewe yearling exposted to the ram.
    Deb - 2882 CR 82, Lindsey, OH 43442
    Phone: (419) 665-2697
  • Diamond R Ranch - Wensleydale sheep and covered fleeces.
    Susan Rocklin - Rt. 2, Box 49-45, Sperry, OK 74073
    Phone: (918) 693-0595
  • South Fork Fields: Wallowa Wool - On a small family farm in northeastern Oregon's Wallowa County, June Colony has a 87% Wensleydale/Lincoln cross ram which she has crossbred with her 35 Wensleydale/Lincoln/Targhee cross ewes. She has 61 lambs born in 2010. She has 45 fleeces from her 2010 shearing available for sale. She also will be selling wether lambs and some ewes later this year. June welcomes visitors to her farm.
    June Colony - 67597 Lostine River Road, Lostine, OR 97857
    Phone: (541) 569-2388
  • Blakesley Creek Farm - Breeding Wensleydales for 7 years, we are an active part of the Wensleydale upgrade program in the US and are members of the North American Wensleydale Sheep Association. We presently have 50+ registered Wensleydales, sell lambs, ewes and rams, and are expecting another batch of high % Wensleydales this spring from AI using UK semen. Fiber products that we carry include raw fleeces, roving, yarn and skins.
    Lois Olund - 35768 Blakesley Creek Farm, Philomath, OR 97370
    Phone: (541) 929-6606
    (Added:24-Jan-2008 Hits:1275)
  • Upriver Wool Co. - Percentage Wensleydale sheep and wool. Located in western Oregon.
    Angelique Laskowski - McKenzie Bridge, OR
    Phone: (541) 822-3839
    (Added:31-May-2005 Hits:1298)
  • Riyescott Ranch - Just getting into Wensleydale sheep. We will have fiber from the Spring 07 shearing and lambs available in Summer of 07 from Uk AI. We also have Finn, Shetland and Icelandic sheep. We also raise livestock guardian dogs and llamas. We have roving and hand spun yarns also available. Pelts on limited availability.
    Linda Stimson - 20465 Huckleberry Ridge Road, Brookings, OR 97415
    Phone: (541) 469-3065
    (Added:18-Jul-2006 Hits:1117)
  • Ewesincolor - Percentage Wensleydale sheep, coated fleeces and breeding stock. Also Teeswaters.
    Barbara Burrows/Renfroe - Box 194, Christoval, TX 76935
    Phone: (325) 896-2186
  • Prairie Ranch - Wensleydale Sheep, fleece & fiber. Please visit our website for more information on our Wensleydales.
    Sandi & Larry Hanson - PO Box 1338, Yelm, WA 98597
    Phone: (360) 458-3033
    (Added:4-Sep-2005 Hits:2082)
  • Long Wool Ranch - We sell Schacht spinning wheels, looms, spinning and weaving accessories, and our beautiful Wensleydale fleeces.
    Max Hegewald - Olympia, WA
    Phone: (360) 259-5174
    (Added:25-May-2010 Hits:742)
  • Wild Rose Farm - We are raising registered flocks of Wensleydale, Teeswater and English Leicester Longwool sheep. Sheep are bred for excellent conformation and high fleece quality. These are healthy, happy animals. Breeding stock generally available. Also fleeces, roving, batts and yarn is always availalble. Gorgeous handwoven blankets also available.
    Nanette Leaman - Oak Harbor, WA
    Phone: (360) 678-0258
    (Added:1-Mar-2014 Hits:323)

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